LXY Book 7: Chapter 46


Book 7: Chapter 46 – Kill!

I’m here! Appearing in the extravagant main hall, Xue Ying’s eyes were filled with killing intent. Without any hesitation, he immediately displayed the True Meaning of Star’s Gravity Domain! The Laws of Profound Mysteries inherent to the True Meaning of Star instantly produced a frightening level of gravity.

With Xue Ying as the center, in an area with a 50 kilometers radius, whether above or below him… 


The frightening gravitational force descended!



Within one of the secret rooms of the demon palace, two rank three demons were currently stationed. This room was being used to monitor any activities on the arrays. Every single day, there would be other rank three demons coming to take over the shift! This elite demon team could be considered quite prudent. During the long-term monitoring of the arrays, any slight disturbance would be immediately reported upwards.

“Mn?” The moment Xue Ying first displayed his Extreme Piercing in forcibly barging his way into the arrays, these two demons felt something.

“What is happening?”

“There’s been a disturbance?”

The two of them did not have time to investigate further. Before they were able to report upwards to the rank five demons or tell the Heart-Linking demons, the frightening Gravity Domain started! There was an extremely short period of time that passed between Xue Ying’s double display of Extreme Piercing and the time when the Gravity Domain of the True Meaning of Star descended!!

According to the Demon Army’s inner regulations… 

The moment they confirmed an invasion or attack, they would immediately report to the higher-ups and to the Heart-Linking demon. The Heart-Linking demon would then directly inform the other generals!

In reality, Xue Ying’s actions were too fast, not giving those two demons in charge of monitoring the arrays any time to contemplate over what to do. After that… they would never get the chance to think again!


The frightening gravitational force immediately enveloped the entire demon palace, including the area covered by the array.

Peng! The entire demon palace exploded and collapsed immediately. Those extremely hard stone materials and the spell-refined palace were completely demolished. Under this sort of gravitational force, any ordinary mortal material would not be able to maintain its original material properties, breaking its most fundamental structure into pieces.



The eyes of those two demons in charge of monitoring the arrays were wide-open. Their demon bodies were quite tough, with the integrity of their external scales intact. Yet from their mouths spurted large volumes of blood, and from the gap in between their scales, something akin to mist was spraying out. The most frightening part, though, was that their insides had already become paste under the frightening gravitational power.

Even though the two demons had died immediately, their figures still flew upwards towards Xue Ying under the aid of gravity.

“This is—”



In various places within the demon palace, there were demons sleeping, eating, drinking, cultivating and sparring. All of them, even the weak, small Heart-Linking demon… had been affected by the incoming gravitational force. Their external demon bodies were tough enough to withstand even attacks from Saint rank weapons. Their inner flesh and organs, including their brains, were also quite tough, but compared to their scales, these parts could not withstand the terrifying Gravity Domain!

Their flesh shattered into pieces, fresh blood immediately spurted out from their bodies as their brains turned into paste.

And now, all of the bodies started leaving the ground with high speed under the attraction forces, heading straight towards Xue Ying!


Xue Ying originally stood on the main hall’s floor, but his collapsing surroundings forced him to fly upwards.

In the surrounding 50 kilometers of radius, the many treasures used to set up their arrays also started collapsing. Some of them remained whole, but those ordinary items made from mortal grade quality materials such as soil and stones completely shattered. Demon bodies after demon bodies continued on their flight towards Xue Ying. Those demons who could remain whole were at least rank three. As for those weaker demons, their entire bodies had already shattered into pieces.

“Transcendent of the Xia Clan!”

Amongst those demons who were being attracted towards Xue Ying, there were five who survived. Currently, they were standing in mid-air, trying to withstand the gravitational force. They had already trained their bodies to the upper limit, gaining an undying body! For humans, training to the stage of having an undying body would be extremely difficult. Even Demigods of the Xia Clan could not attain that stage easily. But demons were different. Their innate talents were too great—their fleshy bodies surpassed even those of people with Primordial Bloodlines! In the Saint realm, some of them could reach the undying body stage. Under the powerful gravitational force, even if their brain had suffered damage, they would still begin recovering immediately thereafter.

Several Transcendent materials and demon bodies flew rapidly towards Xue Ying.

Xue Ying was located right in mid-air at the center of the domain.


Xue Ying spoke in a cold tone. Transcendent Qi started streaming upward from his figure. This fiery-red Qi started forming a spherical cover! The True Meaning of Star was imbued on the surface of this spherical cover, causing this seemingly weak Qi cover… to be as hard as a Star’s.

Even with the countless bodies of the dead demons and Transcendent goods clashing against the spherical cover, it did not even shake from the impact.

“Collect.” Xue Ying waved his hand, causing the Transcendent goods to fly into it. These goods were materials used for constructing an array. Some of them were the weapons and storage treasures of those demons.

Glancing at the broken corpses, Xue Ying snorted. The original gravitational force immediately turned into a repulsion force!

Hong hong hong!

Those corpses were like explosives, flying away from him at a rapid speed.

The True Meaning of Star’s Gravity Domain only had two directions. One was an attractive force towards Xue Ying! And the other was a repulsive force away from him!

“So formidable.” Standing far away in space, whether it was the attractive or repulsive forces, these five demons only had their bodies shake from the forces.

“I had not thought that he could instantly destroy the array, and with just a single move, every single demon without an undying body would die!” The black-robed demon transmitted his answer over. “Everyone, please be careful. We cannot belittle this Transcendent of the Xia Clan!”

“Such a pity that even Bi Lin has died!” The crimson-horned demon transmitted. “Bi Lin was a rank five demon, yet his body had not attained the undying stage. This time, his death was really regretful!”

Originally, there were three rank five and three rank four demons… 

With just a single use of the Gravity Domain by Xue Ying, he immediately exterminated them all, with only two rank five and three rank four demons left alive.


“It’s just the five of you left!” Xue Ying swept across them with his eyes. A fiery-red spear appeared in his hands. The spear body was akin to revolving clouds of fire, and the spearhead was as bright as the stars. This was none other than the Demigod weapon Stellar Fire-Cloud Spear! To Saints, Demigod weapons provided a huge amount of help. However, right now, with Xue Ying’s Demigod-like combat power, this weapon did not provide as much aid as before. Only with a Deity weapon could his combat power reach an even higher level! He continued using this Stellar Fire-Cloud Spear as, after all, he quite liked its sharpness!

“You must be Dong Bo Xue Ying?” The crimson-horned demon stood away from him. He was already wearing a pair of claw-like weapons on his hands.

“Wu Lang?” Xue Ying’s vision landed on him. “You must be the one who killed my Sister Ling Shu, am I right?”

“Your Tranquil Sun Province’s Chen Ling Shu?” Wu Lang sneered. “That’s right, it’s me. I was the one who killed this Transcendent of your Xia Clan! She was a Transcendent mage and had almost escaped successfully from me! Regardless, I still killed her. Today, you will also die right here, right now! Just now, you displayed the True Meaning of Gravity, am I right? And for you to barge into this place, you should also have grasped hold of another sort of strange True Meaning?”

True Meaning of Gravity was a grade three True Meaning! It was a branch lower than the True Meaning of Star.

“So much nonsense. The five of you must die today.” Xue Ying wielded his spear, sweeping across the five of them with his eyes. These five demons had an undying body. He could not kill them with his flying darts. Instead, he had to enter close-combat with them! The other three rank four demons were not worth mentioning. It was merely the two rank five demons whom he had to spend a bit more time on.

“Kill!” Another black-robed demon had a back full of sabers lined up in a fan-like formation. There were a total of 19 sabers. With a wave of his hand, hua hua hua ~ Saber after saber came flying out. These sabers brought with them a strange sort of wave, their path of motion being quite unpredictable. These sabers went against the law of motion and were flying at an extremely terrifying speed!

Right now, that black-robed demon was like a large spider, with those sabers akin to webs being shot out at Xue Ying.

Thereafter, with a movement of his hand, the other four demons also surrounded Xue Ying.

“Hmph!” Xue Ying snorted. His Gravity Domain once again descended! The surrounding space started distorting!

Shua! That crimson-horned demon suddenly appeared beside Xue Ying. The array that sealed space had already been broken. Even though the surrounding space was distorted, the strongest demon within the palace, Wu Lang, could still teleport! With his enormous claw-like weapon, he swiped right at Xue Ying. Everywhere that claw passed through shattered the space itself.


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