LXY Book 7: Chapter 48


Book 7: Chapter 48 – This is Extreme Piercing (II)

After the attack, a hole appeared in the Demigod rank robe, damaging the lines of symbols that made up the arrays and drastically dropping the robe’s defensive capability. With a peng, the Transcendent Qi on his spear erupted with force, causing the robe to explode outward, and  the demon’s weakened fundamental particles  frantically attempted to reconstruct its body.

“Escape?” Xue Ying did not care about the black-robed demon any longer. Instead, he looked towards the current escapee—Wu Lang—who was teleporting away as fast as he could. The surrounding space was, however, under Xue Ying’s Gravity Domain which could even cause space to distort. In this situation, teleporting was an extremely arduous task to accomplish. Furthermore, any normal teleportation had a limited distance. Teleporting tens of kilometers at once already showed he was an expert. Yet in this current environment, Wu Lang could merely teleport two to three kilometers every time.

Previously, after that attack with a wide area of effect…

Xue Ying did not hesitate to use Extreme Piercing to pierce through space, arriving in front of the black-robed demon before attacking him with just two spear attacks! The second spear strike actually managed to pierce through his Demigod rank robe.


How much time would this take?

In this short amount of time, Wu Lang could only teleport six times, escaping about 15 kilometers away!


With a single step, Xue Ying arrived in front of Wu Lang. Using his Extreme Piercing, he could travel up to 50 kilometers at a time. At the same time, he brazenly stabbed his spear out!

Facing the terrifying spear…

Wu Lang was dazed.

There wasn’t enough time for him to ponder over the terrifying technique displayed by Xue Ying, considering the short distance between them! He immediately teleported away!


Chi! Xue Ying’s spear kept advancing towards the place the demon teleported from.


As Wu Lang disappeared from mid-air and reappeared about a meter away, his head had already been pierced through!

How is this possible! Wu Lang’s eyes were wide-open.

Teleportation might seem very fast…

But in reality, it still required a certain amount of time to activate. If this period of time became negligible, as it was for Chi Qiu Bai and Chao Qing when they were saving the Transcendents of the Xia Clan, then he would not be tearing through space to make a passageway. Instead, he would teleport continuously without any break!

The logic behind teleportation was to reach a resonance between their body and space itself. They would then follow the intended space wave out of the countless others before teleporting to another position!

Thus, the speed of teleportation was equivalent to the speed of the space waves.

But Extreme Piercing… meant being able to pierce through anything. It would similarly penetrate forcibly through the space wave itself! Since it could penetrate through it, then the velocity it could reach would naturally transcend the speed of the space waves.

Hong~ Wu Lang’s body was completely destroyed, with even the elementary particles shattering into pieces. Regardless, his body still started recovering.

Xue Ying stood by the side before casually stabbing out with his spear!

Every time these particles started reforming, Xue Ying would once again stab outward, causing these particles to shatter. The life force of Wu Lang’s undying body was being rapidly depleted.

How, how could this be possible? I’d already entered the void, yet he could pierce through it and kill me? His soul was latched onto every single particle, so he could still think even while he was in this state. This, what exactly is this True Meaning?

Even though he was an extremely formidable rank five demon…

In the vast Abyss, he was merely a small character. The resources he could attain could not compare with those given by the Temple of the Earth God or that of the Xia Clan with their long history of ancestors building a firm foundation! He was, after all, surviving on a piece of land while fighting wars against other armies. His combat experience was mainly with other demons at a similar level. Thus, he had never interacted with those truly formidable demons at the peak.

I, am I truly going to die? Wu Lang could feel the most fundamental construct—the life force of the particles that made up his body—diminishing rapidly.

The young Transcendent would stab out with his spear every time his life particles started recovering!

I would never have thought that I’d die in the mortal world at the hands of a Saint. I think he was called Dong Bo Xue Ying? Wu Lang’s life force continued diminishing.


Those countless particles were trying their utmost to condense back into the body of the demon. At that point, a vague sound transmission filled with unreconciled fury arrived. “What is this True Meaning? Just what exactly is it?”


Xue Ying’s eighth spear stabbed outwards in an attack unlike the previous ones which spread out over a wide area. This time, he used a focused attack with the True Meaning imbued into his spear techniques. Every single technique was extremely powerful. Once that attack came down, the life force in the particles was finally depleted completely. In that moment, the demon’s body completely disappeared out of existence, with only his Demigod treasures left behind.

Every time Xue Ying stabbed his spear into the demon, he had to wait a moment for those particles to recover and use up life force. Thus, it took a much longer period of time—approximately one second—to kill Wu Lang.

Hu~ That earth-shattering, fiery-red Transcendent Qi returned at this moment to Xue Ying. Because of the previous large area of effect attack, his Qi would require some time to travel back to him.

He runs quite fast, eh? Xue Ying looked towards the distant black-robed demon who turned into a stream of light as he tried to escape from his predicament. Even under my Gravity Domain, he actually reached a distance of 15 kilometers?

If he were able to teleport, one second would have sufficed to escape out of the Gravity Domain’s 50 kilometre radius!

However, that black-robed demon could not teleport within this Gravity Domain and had to resort merely to flying in desperation! Despite the terrifying gravity’s suppression, he could still travel a shocking 15 kilometers in a single second. Still… that did not serve much purpose! Xue Ying would be able to control the entire battlefield as long as his enemy did not escape from his domain’s 50 kilometers radius. If his enemy had escaped out of his domain, then he would have long since thrown out several flying darts at him!

Wu Lang is dead. Wu Lang actually died just like that? His True Meaning is too terrifying. At the very least, it should be a legendary grade two True Meaning! But even still, a grade two True Meaning shouldn’t be that terrifying, right? The black-robed demon was escaping in a panic, his heart full of terror. Wu Lang actually died from that single spear attack which followed him even after entering the void! My Dark Abyss Demigod robe was also pierced through? This, what exactly is this True Meaning? Could it be a grade one True Meaning? If that’s the case, then I have no grievances over dying!

Grade one True Meaning.

Such a thing was legendary amongst the legendary! Even with so many outrageous abilities, the Extreme Piercing Xue Ying possessed was merely a single aspect of the grade one True Meaning of Extremity! If he actually displayed the Piercing after grasping hold of the True Meaning of Extremity, the current Xue Ying would have been even more terrifying. Previously, Xue Ying had fused the Profound Mystery of Earth into the Extreme Piercing that had been created using water, fire and wind to increase its might by three times.

Thus, it could be said that there was still room for improvement in the Extreme Piercing.

This Piercing was merely an aspect of the complete True Meaning of Extremity! There were still many other aspects! Yet it was simply too difficult of a task to comprehend it. Supposedly known as the final destination of everything and the origin of everything, trying to grasp hold of this True Meaning of Extremity… was also a legend in countless worlds!

Of course—

Amongst the many grade two True Meanings, the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing was an entirely offensive True Meaning, and indeed, it was terrifying in this aspect! However, one could not look down on any other grade two True Meaning. Every one of them had their own unique traits!

“You still want to escape?” Xue Ying’s voice resounded suddenly.

The black-robed demon turned around, only to see Xue Ying appearing behind him. The savage look on his face contorted in terror. This terror had long seeped into his heart and mind.


With just a thrust of the spear, the black-robed demon’s body immediately shattered.

Xue Ying once again stood calmly in mid-air. Once the particles fully recovered, he would once again stabbed out!

Every stab had killing intent and fury imbued in it.

Sister Ling Shu, brother Zong Tu, senior brother Ba Ming, I’ve finally brought justice for you all! Xue Ying was boiling up over the memories he had of his friends, causing his eyes to moisten. These close friends of his had all been assassinated. These rank five demons whom he just killed were those located in the five northern provinces. Other than sister Ling Shu and the other two, there were still many other good friends whom he had drank together with.

Even though his feelings with sister Ling Shu did not reach an intimate stage, those times when they drank wine, chatted and laughed together were etched into his heart. The memory of a Transcendent… was powerful enough to allow Xue Ying to clearly recall every single word he spoke with all of them, and the expressions they had during those times.

My Xia Clan will never forget your contributions. After the final spear attack, the black-robed demon’s body disappeared completely, never again to recover!


Si La

The space membrane was torn apart, allowing a black-robed teenager to step into the chaotic void in between space. Si Kong Yang, Chi Qiu Bai and Mountain Lord He came rushing over.

“How was it; were you discovered?” Chi Qiu Bai immediately asked. If he had been revealed to the Demon Army, then the other four bases would have retreated by now.


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