LXY Book 7: Chapter 50


Book 7: Chapter 50 – Temporal Temple

Deep within the recesses of a vast demon palace, there was an extravagant hall with its doors closed shut.

On the floor of that hall, a demon with golden armour was sitting cross legged.. His golden armour covered the crimson scales underneath. He was also wearing golden sabatons! Eyes closed, he was glowing dimly in blood-coloured light. He had a crimson horn on his forehead with an unmatched sharpness that seemed like it could even pierce the heavens. At that moment, he was quietly cultivating in the hall. Other than him, there were two other rank four demons waiting for his orders. These two demons didn’t dare make any noise at all.

After all, the status of Ji Er Luo was so high that even Demon Generals would adopt an equal position when communicating with him.

He was someone who comprehended two different grade three True Meanings!


And one of them had actually reached the stage two realm! Thus, it was almost certain that as long as he spent a little bit of his time, he would certainly become a Demigod! Furthermore, with his talent, he would certainly be able to match the might of other Demon Generals the moment he became a Demigod! As soon as one of his True Meanings reached the stage three realm, he would become the strongest amongst all the Demon Generals.

After all, there was a huge difference between grasping hold of a single grade three True Meaning and two separate grade three True Meanings!

As long as he had time, he would most certainly become an existence standing at the peak of all the Demon Generals! Naturally, his status was unique, with even other rank five demons having to treat him respectfully. At that very moment, he held a combat power that could match other Demigods!

Ji Er Luo opened his blood-red eyes which had a terrifying killing intent imbued within. He stood up.

“How boring it is for me to stay in this minor Transcendent World.” Ji Er Luo impatiently swept across this empty hall with his gaze.

He understood why they were there.

The five Demon Generals requested for him to wait in this minor Transcendent World, fearing that he might get killed by one of the Demigods of the Xia Clan in the mortal world! After all, the demons were considered to be at a disadvantage in this war, which meant they had to treasure every single power they held. Ji Er Luo was definitely going to become a Demon General in about 100 to 200 years; thus, it was safer for him to remain in the minor Transcendent World.


At a distance of about 2.5 kilometers away from Ji Er Luo, within another ordinary hall in the Demon Palace, there were currently no demons inside.

Since the Demon Palace, which covered a distance of 50 kilometers, only had a total of ten demons, there were naturally plenty of empty spaces.


A mystical mighty power descended.

Even though the space in this location was sealed by their arrays, in front of this mighty, mystical power, those supposedly mighty demon arrays were just like ants in front of a Deity. The gap between them was so immense that it was hard to imagine. Nothing the latter did could affect this power at all.

Suddenly, five different figures appeared.

“There’s actually a rookie? That’s so troublesome! Adding a rookie to this already very difficult mission…!” A figure with a body seemingly made up of black metal glanced at the corner of the hall before sending a sound transmission over to a handsome teenager by the side. “Big brother, should we get rid of him first? Our current mission is already so dangerous. I’m afraid that this rookie who doesn’t know anything might impede our movements. Even though getting rid of him might cause the shrine to incur punishments on us, that’s something we can accept!”

At the same time, the other two partners received his sound transmission.

“This rookie seems quite handsome. I feel quite unwilling to do it.” An extremely beautiful girl licked her scarlet lips.

“I disagree!” The red-robed female transmitted. “The mission is extremely dangerous! This rookie was actually sent over via the Temporal Temple to join our team, thus ensuring that his combat power should be quite formidable. As long as we utilise him well enough, he will be a boon to us! You all should understand… if we aren’t careful enough, more than half of us will die right here.”

“Big brother, what’s your opinion on this?” The male with the figure seemingly made of black metal looked towards the handsome teenager.

“After he appeared, this rookie didn’t panic and has only been calmly observing us. With such composure… I think that he should join our team temporarily,” the handsome teenager replied.

This small team soon arrived at a decision.

Only now did that handsome teenager start smiling. “You can call me Lie Huo. I trust that you have already received the information given to you by the Temporal Temple. That’s right, you have been chosen by the Temporal Temple. From now on… you will be part of the Temporal Temple, journeying through the billions of worlds.”

“Temporal Temple?” The rookie had long and narrow eyes. He was currently wearing purple robes. Grinning, he said, “I didn’t know that I would be so fortunate that the Temporal Temple would forcibly take me here. From what I’ve heard, the members of the Temporal Temple may walk across the many worlds, including that of the Deity World and the Dark Abyss. But still, I don’t feel really comfortable being chosen.”

“Right now, time itself has been locked down. We have a period of time to make our preparations. During this time, we are definitely safe. Currently in our location, time flows really quickly. The outer worlds could be considered to have come to a standstill by comparison!” The handsome teenager said, “Let’s cut the nonsense. Tell us your name or codename if you must first!”

“Name? Even if I was chosen by the Temporal Temple, my name is part of my past life. Anyway, you all can just call me… Sword Devil!” the purple-robed teenager said.

“Sword Devil?”

The handsome teenager nodded slightly. Usually, the members of the Temporal Temple would use codenames, very few of them ever use their real names. That was because of a certain legend that spoke of a powerful Devil who could use other people’s true names to discover information regarding them. Having walked through countless worlds, they had experienced many dangerous situations, thus making them even more alert—using a code name did not create much trouble for them.

“I won’t question your combat power,” the handsome teenager spoke candidly. “I doubt you will just honestly tell us all your methods. Since you have the qualifications to join us on this mission, your combat power is certainly powerful enough. When the time comes, just act when the opportunity is ripe. After all, you are a rookie without any Spacetime points. The moment we fail the mission, you will fall into hell and then have to undergo three punishment Hell rank missions in consecutive order! By then, you will have to succeed in all your missions. Upon failure or death,  your soul will truly be extinguished!”

“I understand. I’ll definitely try my best to help you guys,” said the purple-robed teenager Sword Devil. “The current mission is of a Hard difficulty, but the one above it—Hell rank—is not something that I, as a rookie, want to try, and neither do I want to do it three times consecutively!”

The Hell rank missions had a death rate of 90%.

Doing it three times consecutively… 

Just thinking about it, he could feel a chill settling in his heart.

“Very good,” the handsome teenager continued. “We’ll first tell you the fundamental situation of our current mission.”

“Mission difficulty, Hard! A difficulty below that of Hell rank. Under ordinary circumstances, half of us will die! However, we’ve already done our preparations. As long as we team up well enough, there’s certainly a chance of survival.”

“Mission target—Protect demon Ji Er Luo from the hands of Xia Clan Transcendent Dong Bo Xue Ying for a single day and send him in one piece into the Xia Clan’s mortal world!”

“Mission background: Rank five demon Ji Er Luo is in command of two rank five demons and other elite demons. They have built a demon base in the minor Transcendent World, sending their Demonic Avatars to assassinate Transcendents in the Xia Clan’s World. As for the Xia Clan’s Transcendent Dong Bo Xue Ying, he would kill his way independently into this minor Transcendent World, killing every single demon inside!”

The handsome teenager continued, “This mission might seem simple, but you must remember this. According to the description… Ji Er Luo is leading two other rank five demons! And combat power comes before anything else in the Dark Abyss! Ji Er Luo could lead two other rank five demons, showing that his combat power… must surpass that of any ordinary rank five demon. From my estimate, he should be able to match the might of a Demigod.”

“His combat power might even surpass that of any Transcendents who just recently had their breakthrough to the Demigod rank.” The beautiful girl at the side smiled. “I’ve lived in the Dark Abyss. Thus, I know that rank five demons are all extremely powerful. There are many who could reach the doorstep of a Demigod in combat power. For him to lead them? I’m afraid that there should be a gap between his power and that of other ordinary rank five demons!”

The handsome teenager nodded. “He is very powerful himself and has command of so many demons. He is also located in his own base. Even so, this mission of protecting him is of a hard difficulty… which means that this Transcendent of the Xia Clan called Dong Bo Xue Ying is extremely terrifying!”


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