LXY Book 7: Chapter 51


Book 7: Chapter 51 – Teaming Up

“I’ve also received a tip regarding the mission this time around,” said the handsome teenager.

The purple-robed teenager Sword Devil listened attentively to what he had to say.

The members of the Temporal Temple traveled to millions of different worlds, facing different dangerous situations each time. Heading out on a mission without any tips would be like going in blind—completing it would be extremely difficult. As for those with high status and combat power, the Temporal Church did not wish for these members to die so easily. Instead, they groomed them, providing suggestions during their missions.

The fact that the Temporal Temple bothered to provide this handsome teenager with tips… represented that he was indeed someone extremely powerful!


“The tip provided this time is… that Xia Clan’s Transcendent Dong Bo Xue Ying has grasped hold of the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing!” The handsome teenager revealed a grin. The name ‘Dong Bo Xue Ying’ arose from the heart, yet it had been the same as the name fixed by the Deity World.

“Extreme Piercing? Is it related to the legendary grade one True Meaning of Extremity?” asked the purple-robed teenager.

The black metal construct-like male beside him snorted. “Of course they are related! This Extreme Piercing is a branch of the True Meaning of Extremity! Not only that, it’s a grade two True Meaning that’s completely focused on attack power! If our big brother wasn’t here, I’m afraid that all of us would die during this mission! It’s impossible for us as Saint Transcendents to survive against the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing.”

“Is it that formidable?” the purple-robed teenager Sword Devil asked, full of suspicions. “How formidable?”

He had never heard of the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing before.

“Extreme Piercing is even faster than teleportation itself, so don’t try to use it to escape!” the black metal construct male coldly said. “It can easily destroy space and physical materials—they don’t even count as obstacles. It can pierce your body even if you’re wearing Demigod grade battle armor! That means that any defence is absolutely useless when faced with it! Furthermore, because it is a completely offensive True Meaning, the might of its attack power is much more formidable than any ordinary grade two True Meaning!”

“If we were to fight against him, it’s possible that this Dong Bo Xue Ying will just teleport in front of us and crush our bodies with a simple move! It’s useless even if we have an undying body. This sort of destruction happens on the most fundamental atomic level! Even an undying body can’t block more than several of his moves.” The black metal construct male looked towards the purple-robed teenager Sword Devil.

“This, this…” Sword Devil was stunned.

It was too frightening.

Grade two True Meanings were spoken of only in legends, and they were, of course, extremely terrifying! As for a grade two True Meaning that focused purely on offensive power, it was most certainly even more frightening!

The handsome teenager said, “We have already paid a price to prepare an array that will prevent this Transcendent of the Xia Clan from forcibly piercing through. If we do not stop his invasion… we’ll only be destroyed one by one. We’ve already planned every aspect of this mission, so when it’s time to carry it out, you should just act as opportunities arise! The time for preparation is ending soon, so Ji Er Luo should discover us any moment now.”

Weng ~

The surrounding time and space started producing waves. This area around them began joining with a zone in the external world via the confluence of time and space.


In the Demon Palace.

Ji Er Luo had a sudden change in expression. He could feel a powerful disturbance in a certain area of the Demon Palace.

“There are invaders!”

“Enemies incoming!”

“It must be a Xia Clan Transcendent!”

The ones who discovered the intruders were the two rank three demons tasked with monitoring the arrays covering the entire Demon Palace, as well as large areas outside of it.

The news was immediately transmitted to the Heart-Linking Demon.

A fat demon was currently eating and drinking as he liked, but upon receiving the news, he had a shock.

“Enemies?” The fat demon immediately operated his Demonic Energy to arouse the Secret Seal imprinted in his soul, weng—at that moment, the response from his soul rapidly rose in strength until it reached another Heart-Linking Demon beside the general. Without hesitation, he reported, “There’s a Xia Clan Transcendent attacking us!”

As soon as the Heart-Linking Demon’s report arrived—

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Ji Er Luo immediately turned into a stream of particles before rushing over to the origin of that wave disturbance. A few kilometers away, he noticed the five presences standing on the plaza and the auras they emitted.

With a single gaze, he was shocked.

“Mn? Magic demon? There is even a member of the Metal Construct Clan?” Ji Er Luo discovered that amongst the five figures, one of them was actually a magic demon from the Dark Abyss. There was also a black metal construct male who was an extremely rare existence even amongst the millions of millions of worlds—someone from the Metal Construct Clan.

Regardless, since they appeared in his base, Ji Er Luo did not hesitate in releasing his punch.

Hong ~

His fist was dazzling—countless golden particles of lights concentrated on it, causing a mysterious transformation! This single punch was given a terrifying destructive might that tore through all obstacles at a shocking speed. In a fleeting moment, it reached the five people. Such powerful might was certainly comparable to that of the Demigods!

“Ji Er Luo, don’t be so hasty. We aren’t your enemies!” A strange wave immediately transmitted into the mind of Ji Er Luo.

At the same time, that handsome teenager smiled and smashed out with his fist in return.

Black fiery Qi flew out from it, clashing directly with Ji Er Luo’s terrifying strike.


The two mighty powers clashed, creating a shockwave that spread in all directions. The surface was shattered, and the walls of the surrounding halls started crumbling apart.

The handsome teenager received the bulk of the impact as he was too close, though he was only pushed back gently.

Ji Er Luo groaned. After falling backwards, he held onto his chest in pain. A trace of blood flowed down from the edge of his mouth. Shocked, he couldn’t help but stare in shock at that handsome teenager. Having attained the stage two realm of his True Meaning of Golden Brilliance, his body had become truly tyrannical. Any ordinary rank five demon would be unable to cause him any injuries no matter how they attacked his body.

Yet just a simple exchange had caused him injuries? Of course, his undying body allowed him to recover immediately. This sort of injury did not concern him too much.

“Kill!” After this brief exchange of moves, the other two rank five demons and the many more demons immediately came charging over.

“Hmph!” The red-robed female who was standing beside the handsome teenager snorted. At that moment, a mighty spell appeared along with an endless amount of World Energy. The other demons could control the World Energy as well, but they could not compete against this red-robed female. In the blink of an eye, red lotuses began blooming across the palace which occupied a total area of 50 kilometers. These red lotuses abruptly bound the incoming demons.

In a single moment.

The two rank five demons and all the other demons had been bound by the red lotuses, unable to even struggle to get free.

“So formidable!” Ji Er Luo had a slight change in expression seeing the scene in front of him. That red-robed female was a Transcendent mage! And a terrifying one at that. Her combat power should not be any weaker than his!

“If we were to act, Ji Er Luo, you might be able to struggle for a move or two. But I’m afraid that all your underlings will be dead by then.” The handsome male smiled before extending his arms, revealing a shiny forearm. On a small part of the skin, there was a mystical pattern that could cause anybody to feel as if they were sinking into an endless space-time whirlpool.

“Temporal Temple?” Ji Er Luo was stunned. “You guys are the Reincarnators of the Temporal Temple?” His hostility had dropped drastically.

In the countless worlds, including the Dark Abyss and the Deity World…

There existed several superpowers!

For instance, the Temporal Temple, or the Bloodshed Tavern. The existences backing these organisations were the strongest in all of the worlds.

Backing the Temporal Temple was an existence believed to be the strongest in the control of time and space! Even the laws of the material worlds could not restrict the existence of time and space. That was why he could grasp hold of countless people and train them. He would eliminate the weak. He would also prepare several valuable cultivation methods and a good training environment for them.

Those who were chosen were called Reincarnators for the single fact that all of their missions had a high risk of them dying. Some of these missions would see only one living out of ten! Thus, every single mission was akin to a reincarnation, which led to their naming as such.

This sort of selective process… 

Naturally allowed the Temporal Temple to become the peak superpower amongst countless of worlds!

Actually, other than the Temporal Temple and the Bloodshed Tavern that had comparable power, there were also several other powerful organisations… which had their own unique, terrifying aspects.


In the mortal worlds, these other superpowers were greatly disadvantaged. These mortal worlds were considered as material worlds, and Deities were unable to descend into them. Depending on their World Projections? That would be too weak! Their Doppelgangers? The price paid would be too great! Even sending several treasures into the mortal worlds was too difficult a task.

As for the Temporal Temple, they could instead easily enter any of the mortal worlds…

Of course, under the tacit understanding amongst the organisations, the Temporal Temple was forbidden from building their own Deity Temples in the countless mortal worlds! Also, the Bloodshed Tavern might have their branches in various mortal worlds, but they were forbidden from spreading their religion!

“Since you guys are part of the Temporal Temple’s Reincarnators, what are you even barging in here for?” Ji Er Luo frowned. The Temporal Temple’s Reincarnators undertook missions for the sake of filtering them out via life and death situations. Sometimes, they would help a faction. At other times, they would help the opposing faction. There were even situations when the Reincarnators were assigned to help two different, opposing factions.

“To help you, of course!” The handsome teenager sneered. “You can’t understand that even now? If we wanted to act, we would have already acted long ago! You should understand that you aren’t our match!”

Ji Er Luo had a change in expression before he nodded slightly. “I believe you. But help me? What do I need your help for?”

“Hong Ye, is the array fixed in place?” The handsome teenager looked towards the red-robed female. She had a combat power similar to his, and he trusted her the most.

“The array to prevent Extreme Piercing from entering has been set,” the red-robed female replied. Borrowing the reach of the red lotuses all around the Demon Palace, she had long since started setting up the array secretly. “The other arrays still need some more time.”

“Quickly. Dong Bo Xue Ying is going to reach here soon,” the handsome teenager urged.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying?” Ji Er Luo had some uncertainty. “Do you mean the Xia Clan Transcendent, Dong Bo Xue Ying?”

“That’s him.” The handsome teenager nodded.

“But he has at most the combat power of a rank five demon, is he really coming over?” Ji Er Luo frowned.


In the void layer between space.

Xue Ying, Chi Qiu Bai, Mountain Lord He and Si Kong Yang penetrated through the void before arriving outside the membrane of a Minor Transcendent World.

“This is the third world.” Xue Ying looked ahead at the vast world membrane. He had just swept through the second demon base not long ago, and everything had gone according to plan. Even though a rank five demon had wanted to escape by tearing through space itself, the corresponding area outside the world had been guarded by Chi Qiu Bai and the other three Demigods, so he had walked right into their trap!

“I’ll be entering now.” Xue Ying smiled before tearing through the world membrane.

“Be careful,” Chi Qiu Bai reminded. “Don’t be too careless because of how smoothly the last few missions have gone.”

“I understand.” Xue Ying took a step, entering the Minor Transcendent World and disappearing from the vision of the three Demigods.


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  1. The name ‘Dong Bo Xue Ying’ arose from the heart
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