LXY Book 7: Chapter 52


Book 7: Chapter 52 – Attack!
In a desert.

Xue Ying walked out from a crack in space. He closed his eyes and continuously swept the area outside his domain using his enhanced senses endowed by the True Meaning of Star… 

It’s about 3,000 kilometers away! Xue Ying thought as he immediately determined the location. The space within that area was sealed, and he was able to detect a dead zone.

At the same time, the Qi Avatar in Snowrock Castle immediately transmitted news of the location over to Chi Qiu Bai, Si Kong Yang and Mountain Lord He who were located in the void layer in between space. They immediately rushed over to the corresponding void position where the demon base was located and stood guard.



Xue Ying immediately went underground and rushed towards his destination with great speed.

To the current Xue Ying, a distance of 3,000 kilometers was not even worth mentioning. Considering the great speed he had while travelling underground, as well as the improved control over earth granted by the True Meaning of Star, any subterranean obstacle stopped being an issue for him. In fact, they served to augment his speed.

I’ve arrived!

The stream of light travelling underground turned back into a black-robed teenager.

Mn? Xue Ying carefully sensed the space of his destination ahead of time using his True Meaning of Extreme Piercing and discovered some extremely powerful obstacles sealing the area. They initially did not concern him very much, but soon, his expression changed. What is going on? Why is there such a mighty power within?

There were seven different powers fused together like ropes intertwining, making the space tough and impenetrable.

Even he could not penetrate through it!

How can there be such an array? In the previous two demon bases I’ve been to, they did not have such arrays. Xue Ying frowned. And furthermore, the Demon Army shouldn’t have many uses for arrays like these when engaging in war.

Xue Ying had a feeling that he was being led into a trap.

Weng ~

A wave suddenly emitted outwards from the Demon Palace, into the sky and deep underground. Naturally, it passed through Xue Ying’s position.

I’ve been discovered? Xue Ying was calm. That’s strange. I’ve actually been discovered in advance. Furthermore, this array setup is targeted at my Extreme Piercing?

Since I’m unable to penetrate through it, I’ll suppress it directly instead!

Sou sou!

His figure flashed twice, teleporting up towards the surface.

The desolate surface was littered with weeds. The area ahead of Xue Ying was thickly shrouded by a black fog. The demon palace that occupied an area of 50 kilometers in radius was at times visible and at other times hidden. After all, a mighty, invisible power surrounded the demon palace. It was precisely this force that prevented Xue Ying from forcibly penetrating into the array.

“I’ve been discovered in advance. Furthermore, there is an array that specifically inhibits my Piercing,” Xue Ying immediately transmitted the message to Palace Head Chen, Chi Qiu Bai and the others. “There is something amiss, but as I’ve been discovered anyway, I’ll just attack them directly!”

“There is an array meant to restrain you?”

“After we exterminated the previous two demon bases, we immediately rushed over to this location. Even if they were to send over arrays meant to restrain you, I doubt it would have happened so quickly!”

“How could this be?”

“Unless, it’s because this demon base is more unique?”

All of them had deep-seated suspicions.

“Xue Ying, you must be careful. Your safety comes first. We’ve already finished most of the missions. Killing a few more demons is just a small matter!” Palace Head Chen finally reminded him. Chi Qiu Bai and the others also agreed. Right now, they were unable to provide any help. Within the minor Transcendent World, Xue Ying had to depend solely on himself. “Since you’ve been discovered, I’ll immediately send over several Demigods to help you!”

After a brief exchange.

A group of Demigods were standing guard outside the palace, but Xue Ying was not worried about them; he knew that his true targets were inside the demon base in front of him.

Since I’ve been discovered, I have no reason to rush into action. First, I’ll have to probe deeply and understand the situation before acting. Xue Ying used the True Meaning of Star  to carefully investigate the 50 kilometers area around him.


“What?! The Xia Clan’s Transcendents are attacking, and the Temporal Temple has sent over people to protect you all?”

The five Demon Generals received the information from Ji Er Luo, giving them all a shock.

The Temporal Temple could pry into space-time to understand what had happened in the past. One must know that the past could never be tampered with. It was only the future that had not been set in place! Thus, any matter which occurred in the millions and millions of worlds… could be uncovered as long as the Temporal Temple was willing to investigate! Since they were willing to arrange this mission for them, the Temporal Temple naturally affirmed… that the Xia Clan’s Transcendents had an absolute advantage in this war!

They immediately contacted the other demon bases.

“No replies here.”

“There are two bases that have not replied, meaning the Transcendents have already quietly exterminated them.”

The results of this probe shocked them.

They had dispatched a total of five teams into five different minor Transcendent Worlds! Furthermore, each team contained three rank five demons as well as some arrays which the Demon Army brought with them! Yet the Saint Transcendents of the Xia Clan were actually able to destroy two of the demon bases without leaving the Heart-Linking demons with any time to transmit any information? That was absolutely terrifying!

“Escape, escape, quickly escape!” the five Demon Generals immediately ordered.

Two teams of demons acknowledged the order and began to retreat. With the large size of minor Transcendent Worlds and only a few Demigods available to the Xia Clan, it was impossible to completely seal a single minor Transcendent World. Chi Qiu Bai could only follow the information provided by Xue Ying and stand guard in the void layer at the corresponding locations of the demon bases.

When chased by Xue Ying, the demons were all escaping in a panic, allowing the Demigods to wait for the right opportunity to kill them.

Without Xue Ying chasing after them, the demons could casually break through any location in the minor Transcendent World before leaving it. There was no way to seal all the exits!


Among the Xia Clan Demigods, there were also some who belonged to the Demonic Faction. This was the reason behind their mission’s secretive nature! Even Si Kong Yang and the other two did not know of their mission until the very last moment. If they were to openly inform all the Demigods, the Demonic Faction would certainly become aware of it, and the demons would have long escaped.

“I have no chance of escaping. Dong Bo Xue Ying has arrived! He is already outside the array! His attention is currently fixed on us, and he is not in a hurry to act.” Ji Er Luo was standing beside the Heart-Linking demon which was borrowing the Demonic Energy to form a projection of the five Demon Generals.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying? When you said that the Transcendents of the Xia Clan are invading your base, you were talking about Dong Bo Xue Ying alone?” The five Demon Generals were startled. “Are there no other Xia Clan Transcendents?”

“Nobody else. According to the Temporal Temple, Xue Ying had been attacking the bases just by himself! ” Even though in his heart Ji Er Luo could not accept this, the fact remained. “The overall combat power of the Temporal Temple’s Reincarnators is much greater than ours. Yet even so, it remains an extremely dangerous task for them to face Dong Bo Xue Ying.”

“He has already started attacking!” Ji Er Luo immediately said. “I’ve run out of time to say any more.”

The five Demon Generals were feeling anxious and helpless.

They could not do anything.

They would never fight their way over foolishly. Ultimately, selfishness, cruelty, and a cunning nature were a demon’s inborn traits! From what they could infer, the Xia Clan’s Demigods would be waiting outside the minor Transcendent World. If that was the case, why would they purposely seek death?


After observing the situation for a moment, he was unable to glean any new information.

Whatever. Time to begin! Xue Ying stood in place. He extended his right hand, pointing his forefinger towards that black fog covering the Demon Palace.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Strands and strands of Qi began flying out from the tips of his two fingers.

Every single strand of Qi was imbued with the power of the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, clashing against the arrays ahead of him. Hong hong hong ~ Every single strand had an attack power comparable to a Demigod’s. Furthermore, the Laws of Profound Mysteries were extremely frightening as they caused destruction on the deepest level. Its efficiency was so great that anyone watching would be alarmed. Under this attack, the energy of the arrays was being consumed rapidly.

Xiu xiu xiu!

Xue Ying was simply standing there, using only his two fingers to shoot out strand after strand of Transcendent Qi. He was prepared to use this move to destroy the arrays!


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