LXY Book 7: Chapter 53


Book 7: Chapter 53 – Shocking! (I)

As the attack against the arrays continued, Palace Head Chen dispatched another three Demigods to help out Chi Qiu Bai and the rest.

How many Demigods did the Xia Clan have?

By this point, it was extremely hard to keep any information secret, and the intricacies behind their recent actions had already been revealed to the Demon Generals! Since there was no longer any reason to keep their forces secret, Palace Head Chen had openly dispatched City Lord Bu as the commander of two other Demigods.

“What? Xue Ying has grasped hold of a grade two True Meaning?”


On a fancy ship, the bald, thin old man Chao Qing was initially happily drinking his wine while being entertained by beautiful female dancers. Of course, he had borrowed World Energy to envelop an area of 500 kilometers in radius around him to observe his surroundings for traces of demons. But after receiving Si Kong Yang’s sound transmission, he was left with an expression of disbelief.

“This, this boy grasped hold of a grade two True Meaning? Are you joking with me?” Old man Chao Qing continued questioning, “There weren’t even any news previously about him grasping hold of the embryonic form of a grade two True Meaning, and now you suddenly tell me that he has grasped hold of a complete one?”

“Old brother Chao, how could I joke about such matters. Actually, back when he was in the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World, Xue Ying had already grasped hold of the embryonic form of a grade two True Meaning. But, as you know… the impact of this matter is too huge! In our entire history, there has been only one other person with such an achievement. The moment this news reached the ears of the Demonic Faction or Sorcerer Palace, they would definitely have paid any price to kill Xue Ying. That’s why we did not dare to release this news to the public!”

“Right, what you guys did was indeed wise. But why did you only tell me about this now?” Old man Chao Qing asked.

“This time, Xue Ying has single-handedly killed his way into the minor Transcendent Worlds, destroying their bases from within. I’m sure you already know that the Abyss demons built a total of five bases in five different minor Transcendent Worlds. We have succeeded in destroying two of them, and we are currently assaulting the third! Unfortunately, some unforeseen circumstances have caused the matter to be revealed this time around, alerting the Demon Generals. As a result, we could no longer keep it a secret!”

“Haha, so that’s why. Only because the Demon Generals learned of this matter was I, this old man, informed.” Old man Chao Qing grinned.

The dancers and musicians on the fancy ship felt puzzled.

Why was the old man grinning to himself?

But since this old man was the one paying them for their work, they did not dare to ask.

“Ask Xue Ying to be more careful! Since this third demon base has some unforeseen circumstances, he must ensure his safety is kept as the highest priority,” transmitted old man Chao Qing. “Right now, he is still quite young. In a few hundred years, I’m sure he will be able to sweep across everything under the heaven! Even if the other Demigods teamed up together, they would still not be his enemy. What Demon Generals, what Demonic Faction… none of them would be able to threaten him!”

Old man Chao Qing was spirited.

History showed that during the time of the first ancestor who had grasped hold of a grade two True Meaning, the Xia Clan had absolutely no enemies!

That was indeed to be expected.

Earth-shaking matters like the emergence of a Deity or a Demigod in a clan would allow them to remain uncontested for an entire generation! In the past, when the Beast Clan had an emerging Deity, none of the other clans could compete with them; the Xia Clan could only hide within the Infernal World.

Transcendents! Deities! Through self cultivation, they could attain a combat power of an extremely terrifying level. They could even attain the strength to easily annihilate an entire race. 

Right now, Xue Ying had just grasped hold of a grade two True Meaning, yet the sign of his outstanding prowess was already showing. He could single-handedly sweep through teams of powerful Abyss demons by himself!

He had no need to condense a True Deity Heart. The day his grade two True Meaning reached the stage three realm… would be the day he suppresses all other clans for an entire generation! He would have no enemies for an entire generation!

“This brat is really capable.” Old man Chao Qing continued grinning. There were other Demigods of the Xia Clan currently discussing this matter with him. Most of them had already known about it. Other than those from the Demonic Faction, the ordinary Demigods who treated the Xia Clan as their own were extremely excited and elated. After all, the emergence of such a power meant that their clan would dominate the world for an entire generation!

Having no enemy for an entire generation was truly something worth celebrating! It would enable the foundation of the Xia Clan to grow stronger, and their days would be more peaceful in the future.

Back then, I could see that this brat was extraordinary. It seems my eyesight is still quite excellent. Old man Chao Qing was quite pleased. He could feel himself getting older and weaker, but he still felt indignant upon seeing demons invade his world before his death!

The arrival of demons meant that large numbers of Transcendents would die as well as many mortals!

His heart ached!

Yet in the end, he was powerless. Even if he gave his utmost in killing the demons, he could not affect the final outcome by himself!

But the news he received today made old man Chao Qing feel jubilant. First and foremost was the fact that there would be no more demon bases. Those who were not killed would retreat, drastically reducing the number of future deaths for their Transcendents! Furthermore, with Xue Ying’s growth, the Demon Generals would soon meet their demise! 

“Extraordinary people will do extraordinary things. That time, he was even scolded and berated by Si Kong! I was afraid he would stumble, but who would have thought that this brat would remain  calm and not let his heart be impacted at all. He continued down his own path! I estimate… that after that, he was soon able to grasp hold of the embryonic form for a grade two True Meaning.” Chao Qing could deduce his conclusion from that. “Such a pity that this matter was concealed. Otherwise, I would’ve been able to see Si Kong’s ugly expression.”

Chao Qing continued laughing.

This day was the happiest day in the past thousand years of his life. Even though he would die soon, he was still able to witness the rise of a character destined to leave behind his name in the history of the Xia Clan! He would also see the future thousand years of prosperity in his Xia Clan!


Not only Chao Qing, but many of the other Xia Clan Demigods were extremely jubilant. After all, there had not been any signs beforehand of such a matter!

They understood that the rise of Dong Bo Xue Ying represented a change in the war’s final outcome!

Form their standpoint, the situation had initially been unstable, but now, they could foresee the rise of the Xia Clan’s power and the complete suppression of the demons and the Demonic Faction.

Of course… 

They had a sliver of worry remaining regarding the situation currently happening in the minor Transcendent World. After all, they had heard that some unforeseen circumstances appeared in this third demon base. However, they held absolute confidence in the grade two True Meaning, and they also felt that the attack this time… would at most go through some minor trouble. Xue Ying shouldn’t have to face any life-threatening danger.


While they held great expectations for the future, the five Demon Generals were also anticipative. The Demonic Faction could only watch on furiously upon receiving this news.

The Xia Clan held absolute confidence towards Xue Ying.

Meanwhile, the five Demon Generals and Demonic Faction had their hopes placed on the Reincarnators of the Temporal Temple! The Reincarnators had walked upon millions and millions of worlds. Anyone part of this group could not be looked down upon, and they all could cause miracles. They believed that since the Temporal Temple had arranged this mission for them, they would have the combat power to complete it!


Each side was hoping that the outcome of the battle would be favorable for themselves.

The minor Transcendent Worlds allowed at most Saints to enter. But to dispatch several Saints over? Even if they were to send more rank five demons, it would be pointless. In other words, since the Xia Clan Demigods were guarding the middle layer outside the world, sending rank five demons over was the same as sending them to their deaths.


In the minor Transcendent World.

Hong hong hong… More than half of the arrays protecting the demon palace had been destroyed, and the remaining ones were also being decimated at a rapid pace.


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  1. IET has teamed up with TSJS (whatever his name is) and got infected with Filler no Jutsu tecnique…. I mentined this few month back, this novel is a tier below his other works… Lots of trash filler explanations in this novel… Some will love the nonsensial filler explanations, i dont….

    Thanks for translation…

  2. Thanks for the chapter Luna, Ruze, Kiseki, Hafoza, and Spud! Wonder if the Reincarnators can see that he actually has 2 grade 2 True Meanings and one grade 2 embryonic form. I’m guessing they don’t know about that since they’re about to get stomped.

  3. Don’t know why people are calling this filler and complaining. It’s a significant moment for the world, and a rare occasion where the MC’s being intangibly rewarded for his efforts and for following his heart. And he’s up against several experienced, formidable enemies, and might lose against them or their superiors. I love it.

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