LXY Book 7: Chapter 54


Book 7: Chapter 54 – Shocking! (II)

“We can’t hold on any longer. The energy of the arrays are being rapidly consumed. When that happens, they will naturally break.” Ji Er Luo’s bloodied eyes were full of panic. “By then, we can only battle directly!”

These types of arrays could be maintained through the energy supply of demons or mages at the Demigod level! But within this minor Transcendent World, there were no Demigods at all. Ji Er Luo and the team of Reincarnators from the Temporal Temple might have had a deep comprehension of the realms, but their current power had yet to reach the Demigod realm! Thus, they could not supply energy to this array.

Although the team from the Temporal Temple had brought some treasures along, they still had their own plans, and they weren’t willing to waste those treasures on an array that was destined to break.

After all, using those treasures would only serve to delay the inevitable.


“There’s no point in spouting such nonsense. You should borrow this opportunity to clearly determine the true combat power of that Transcendent of Xia Clan, Dong Bo Xue Ying!” the handsome teenager Lie Huo said coldly. “That way, when we truly battle, we’ll be better prepared!”

Ji Er Luo did not argue anymore. He observed the situation outside.

Every single strand of Qi that shot out from Xue Ying’s finger would make his heart tremble. In terms of power, every single strand was comparable to one of his own. But the Laws of Profound Mysteries in those attacks were clearly more mysterious.

I comprehended the True Meaning of Golden Brilliance by watching two powerful Demonic Gods when I was still weak. That was how I walked all the way until today. Ji Er Luo gritted his teeth, feeling that the situation was unjust. But he has been living as a human in the mortal world for his entire life. I doubt he was able to see battles occurring on the Deity level. Yet, he was able comprehend a True Meaning that is even greater than mine?”

When Ji Er Luo was really young, he had struggled whilst at death door in the endless blood-filled plains, fearing that he might get killed and eaten by other demons!

But one day…

Two frightening Demonic Gods began fighting!

The battle scene was truly frightening. Their might affected an immense area, with countless demons dying as a result.

As for Ji Er Luo, because he was located very very far away, he was under no risk of death and had only spurt out some blood as a result of that mighty power. At that time, he was watching the battle excitedly.

He saw a black-coloured sun!

That black sun had vague tints of many black bolts of lightning intertwining, causing it to exude an even more terrifying power!

That single battle scene… was something he could not forget in his entire life!

As he continued cultivating, he started comprehending that terrifying black sun, before finally, grasping hold of the True Meaning of Golden Brilliance which turned out to be a powerful grade three True Meaning! However, he was still quite a large distance away from that black sun. Thus, he continued trying to comprehend it, until he grasped hold of another grade three True Meaning, which was the True Meaning of Space Edge. He resolutely wanted to fuse this True Meaning within the Golden Brilliance.

He wanted to let his own True Meaning evolve so that he could draw close to that black sun!

I had reference to draw from, yet he is just a human living in a mortal world… but, but… Ji Er Luo felt unwilling to accept the truth. He understood that Xue Ying was much stronger than he was due to that True Meaning of Extreme Piercing. The Profound Mysteries in that purely offensive penetrative force could make his heart tremble even when watching from afar!

And right now—

The team of Reincarnators felt complex emotions when watching this combat scene.

I’ve walked through many different worlds and have been heavily groomed by the Temporal Temple! First, I’ve grasped hold of four different grade three True Meanings… before being able to evolve them and grasp hold of a grade two True Meaning. The handsome teenager Lie Huo felt troubled. How much have I experienced? I can even choose any Deity secret technique I want! Furthermore, I’ve also seen the battles of several powerful existences and experienced ascetic cultivation. I have been given pointers by those of the Deity level… and he? He is just a brat from the mortal world. What kind of miraculous encounter could he have had?

Lie Huo was truly feeling complex in his heart.

He was helpless to it. Transcendents were different. There were some who could have a terrifying comprehending ability and concentration while cultivating.

In his experience of walking through the many worlds, he had heard of something mystical—

There was once a very ordinary Sky realm Reincarnator. This sort of Reincarnator was too common. He had no extraordinary performances when undertaking missions.

But during his fifth mission…

He had entered a mortal world. For the sake of hiding his identity to complete the mission, the brat actually disguised himself as a woodcutter! Furthermore, he had even gotten familiar with several local woodcutters. When the mission was about to be completed, there was an old woodcutter… who actually helped him regain his freedom! That’s right, Reincarnators could still regain their freedom, though the price that had to be paid was extremely huge.

They had to participate in dangerous missions time after time. Even though their combat power grew the more they survived, there were still many amongst them who wanted to regain their freedom even considering the enormous price.

Of course, for a Sky realm Reincarnator to regain his freedom, the price was equivalent to the entire life savings of a Demigod existence, which that old woodcutter could easily afford.


After that Reincarnator regained his freedom, he continued cultivating with that old man. After 30 years, he had actually comprehended the grade one True Meaning of Splitting Heavens!

In other words, that old man was a truly terrifying existence, and a big character in the Deity World. That mortal world was under his complete control—it was his back garden! During their exchanges, this Deity World character was able to ascertain the immense potential within that Sky realm Transcendent, and furthermore, led him down an appropriate path.

One must know, finding a good disciple wasn’t easy! Forcing the disciple to walk down a path, albeit the path of a grade one True Meaning, would not allow the disciple to reach the stage two realm in his comprehension of the realm of Myriad Existences!

That powerful Deity World existence had also been unable to find a disciple that would satisfy him for a long period of time.

Thus, for him to meet someone who resonated with his heart and who was walking down a similar path to his… he would certainly groom and help him regain his freedom.


One ordinary Reincarnator spent just 30 years of time to grasp hold of a grade one True Meaning because his potential had been discovered accidentally by a big character in the Deity World. This had become a legendary story!

Thus, there was no point in being jealous of him.

Compared to him, this Transcendent of the Xia Clan, Xue Ying, did not have any powerful existences giving him pointers. Instead, he had slowly cultivated bitterly in the mortal world right from the start, before grasping hold of the terrifying True Meaning of Extreme Piercing. Was there any use in envying him?

He has grasped hold of a grade two True Meaning. I’ve also grasped hold of a grade two True Meaning! Furthermore, I’ve prepared myself fully for this battle. Maybe this poor genius Transcendent who came out of nowhere might just very well die by my hands, he thought, furious. Of course, even though he looked forward to killing a genius, in his heart, he understood that since this mission was given a difficulty of ‘hard,’ this Xia Clan Transcendent, Xue Ying, was not that simple of a character.

If that was the case… 

That made him even more envious of him! For the sake of grasping hold of a grade two True Meaning, he had spent an awfully long period of time. He had fused a total of four grade three True Meanings before finally succeeding. How old was Xue Ying? How much experience did he have?

Hong hong hong

One of the arrays finally crumbled.

“Soon, the arrays will no longer be able to hold him back. He’ll be arriving upon us.” Ji Er Luo immediately looked towards the team of Reincarnators beside him. He was currently not commanding the other demons under him. “Do you have certainty?”

“Rest assured. We’ve already prepared three different plans! So what if it’s a hard difficulty mission? He will die by our hands as well,” the black metal construct male confidently replied.

“Shen Jiang.” The handsome teenager Lie Huo frowned. “You shouldn’t look down upon this Dong Bo Xue Ying. Everyone, prepare yourselves! Hong Ye, we’ll require you to control the arrays.”

“Rest assured.” The red-robed female nodded slightly.

The handsome teenager also nodded. “First, we’ll act according to the first plan. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly so that we can kill him directly!”

“Mn.” The other four teammates nodded.

Hong~ Accompanying the sound of the arrays crumbling, whether it was the hearts of the demons or the Reincarnators, they all tightened! The Heart-Linking demon, who had long hidden himself at a distance, informed the Demon Generals in a timely manner. “General! The arrays have been broken through! Dong Bo Xue Ying has arrived!”


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