LXY Book 7: Chapter 55


Book 7: Chapter 55 – Battle

Along with the array’s destruction, Xue Ying moved closer to the Demon Palace. As he approached the demons inside the palace gradually became influenced by the Gravity Domain. Under its might, those demon experts were probed.

Mn? There are humans? Xue Ying was surprised. How can there be humans inside the Demon Palace? That man made of black metal… he is not exactly human, nor is he a demon!

These results tied a knot in Xue Ying’s heart.

I moved quite fast this time. Even if the demon generals were to send some assistance, they couldn’t possibly have been this quick. Moreover, it’s not possible for the Demon Generals to send human Transcendents. Borrowing the Gravity Domain’s might, Xue Ying carefully inspected the group consisting of a handsome young man, a red-robed female and a purple-robed young man.


There were just a handful of Transcendents in the Xia Clan, and the number of Saints among them was even lower. Xue Ying had met all of them before, and these three people were not part of them.

Perhaps they are Temporal Temple Reincarnators? pondered Xue Ying.

After reading numerous scrolls and records, he learnt one thing. If you were to meet with unknown people who were either powerful or should normally not be at that level in the Mortal World, you had to suspect that they were Temporal Temple Reincarnators! Although there were also other forces such as the Bloodshed Tavern or other big organizations comparable with Temporal Temple, it would be very difficult for any of them to send their forces to any Mortal World!

Only the people of the Temporal Temple were able to roam into various worlds, even to the Deity World and the Demon Abyss!

Perhaps the Temporal Temple made a mission out of my attack on Ji Er Luo in order to give their followers a chance to temper themselves? pondered Xue Ying.

Gotta be careful!

The presence of these strangers sent Xue Ying into alert.


After the array completely collapsed, Xue Ying turned into a streak of light and flew past them.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying is coming!” The handsome youth looked at the stream, or, more precisely, towards a certain human Transcendent of the Xia Clan who was rushing over. He then passed his order, “Start the first plan!”

The demon Ji Er Luo, the red-robed female, the purple-robed youth, the charming succubus, the black metal man and all the other demons were grimly waiting.

“Activate the array!” The handsome youth sent the order.

“Commencing the activation!” The red-robed female didn’t dare to act with any shred of negligence. Although Xue Ying already destroyed the obstruction array, some array possessed no direct obstruction for him. Like space sealing or counter of extreme piercing, if Xue Ying flew into this kind of array, he could smoothly flew by.

A single moment after Xue Ying arrived near the Demon Palace, the surrounding area suddenly changed. A frightening blood colored force started to spread, dying the sky red and indicated that the array had activated!

Hong! Xue Ying immediately fell, hitting the ground of the plaza at the Demon Palace main gate. Without any hesitation, he immediately activated the Gravity Domain. 

With Xue Ying as the center, the 50 kilometers of area around him were enveloped by a terrifying gravity in a perfect spherical shape.

The terrifying gravity not only caused the lofty Demon Palace to crumble into dust, it even started breaking down to its fundamental level. In front of the powerful gravity, this ordinary material was completely unable to resist. One could only see the space being twisted and the huge Demon Palace starting to explode, leaving nothing behind. It was hard to follow the sequence of destruction with the naked eye.

“No…” Not only were the vulnerable inner organs of the fat Heart-Linking Demon and other weak demons crushed, their scales also started to disintegrate as their bones fractured. Every part of their body completely crumbled. 

Only the rank three and four demons were able to keep their bodies intact!

In just a short moment, only Ji Er Luo, three other rank five demons and another rank four demon remained.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

Many materials used to set up arrays started to collapsing. The gravity was too terrifying. Any material that didn’t have a certain degree of stability was unable to maintain its form. These materials first raised into the air, filling it with a red color and then completely vanished, leaving nothing behind.

“Not good!” The succubus was surprised, her undying body also unable to resist.

“The arrays were broken?” The purple-robed Sword Devil who was in charge tensed up. He looked foolishly at the terrifying True Meaning of Gravity. Many of the arrays previously set up were broken, rendered them useless. 

“Damn!” The handsome youth’s complexion turned unsightly.

His heart sank as the gravity force draw closer.

Although they had prepared for Xue Ying and knew that he had grasped hold of True Meanings other than Extreme Piercing, they had never imagined that he would have also comprehended an area of effect True Meaning like the True Meaning of Gravity. This kind of True Meaning had a weak offensive and defensive powers, but it had a frightening influence over its surroundings. 

By the looks of that gravitational power, his True Meaning of Gravity almost reached the stage two realm! thought the handsome youth. Based on his experience and knowledge, he deduced that this gravitational might was a stage higher than an ordinary, newly grasped True Meaning of Gravity. He guessed that this was a stage one realm that only needs another step to break into the second.

What he didn’t know was that this was actually the might of the Gravity Domain granted by the True Meaning of Star.

This was just like how the might of Xue Ying’s Extreme Piercing surged dramatically once he grasped a hold of the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing.

The same principle applied with the True Meaning of Star. Xue Ying was able to use a Gravity Domain, which was even mightier than that of a pure True Meaning of Gravity. Similar True Meanings were able to complement one another, and once it had a breakthrough, it could then undergo a qualitative change. 

It was common to find people with grade three True Meanings. In the current Xia Clan, Chi Qiu Bai and the Beast Clan’s Great Elder had them.

In terms of grade two True Meaning, only Xue Ying and another personage throughout the entire history of the Xia Clan had been able to comprehend any.

As for grade one?

It had already become a legend that in the legendary Deity World, you would be able to find and cultivate good seedlings who were capable of to comprehending grade one True Meanings.

“True Meaning of Gravity? I really hate the True Meaning of Gravity!” The black metal man was being attracted toward Xue Ying even though he tried his hardest to resist and stand firmly on the ground. 

“Shen Jiang, careful!” the handsome youth transmitted. “Just go to the side; take some distance away from the battle!”

“Okay.” The black metal man was trying his best.

He was part of the Metal race. In their group, due to his tyrannical body combined with his True Meaning, he could be counted as one of the fiercest warriors. His race also came with a drawback—the weight of his body! He could weigh hundreds of times more than a human of a similar build! This tyrannical body and his great strength usually made him a very fierce warrior.

But now? Because his body was too heavy, the gravitational force influenced him hundred times more than the others! How could he fight when it was already difficult for him just to maintain his figure?

After a single move, they were already in checkmate!

“Are you Temporal Temple people?” shouted Xue Ying. The handsome youth and the other five people slightly paled. From their expressions Xue Ying knew that his guess was right. “Able to resist until now… you all are indeed not mortals.”

He spoke while flying at high speed.

With help from the Gravity Domain, Xue Ying detected an array that disturbed his use of Extreme Piercing. The key point of the array consisted of four plates, which could also block space.

“He wants to break the array!” transmitted the red-robed female. If even one of the plates were to be broken, there would no longer be any way to restrict this Xia Clan’s Transcendent Extreme Piercing and its terrifying attack power!

“Start the second plan!” the handsome youth secretly commanded. He felt bitter in his heart.

The same way Xue Ying preferred to use his first plan to attack the Demon Palace…

The first plan was the ideal one with high efficiency. Their group was only equipped with five arrays, but four of them had already been broken with only one left intact. Their first plan had not even been fully deployed, yet it already failed.

“Roger that.” The red-robed female didn’t hesitate to immediately activate the array.

Hong~ Hong~ Hong~

Endless life force converged within an area of 5 kilometers around them. Nine gigantic green vines bigger than Snowrock Mountain appeared and danced around. These vines also had numerous smaller vines on their surfaces. In a short moment, Xue Ying was surrounded by those vines, turning his surroundings dark. He was unable to see anything other than those vines surrounding and enveloping him.


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