LXY Book 7: Chapter 56


Book 7: Chapter 56 – The Second Plan

Those nine gigantic vines appeared to be connecting with the world. Xue Ying’s expression changed as the vines quickly enclosed him.

The vines seemed to be very strong, so it would spell trouble for Xue Ying if they were to coil around his body.

“Mages!” Xue Ying looked at the red-robed female that stood the farthest away. If equipped with powerful equipment and arrays, a powerful Transcendent Mage would become a threat for several Transcendent Knights of the same level.

“Repulse!” willed Xue Ying.


The gravitational force changed. The force which was originally attracting everything towards Xue Ying switch to the opposite direction.

Hu~hu~hu~ Moving with high speed, the vines were under an enormous gravitational pressure due to their numbers and enormous size. The pressure not only made the vines unable to move closer, it even bent them backwards, as they were unable to resist the gravitational force.

“Hmph, when under my Gravity Domain, the larger the body is, the bigger the  disadvantage it will face.” Without reducing his speed, Xue Ying continued to fly towards another plate.

“The vines are unable to trap him due to his True Meaning of Gravity, ” the handsome youth, Lie Huo, quietly agreed. “Well, at least now Dong Bo Xue Ying will only dare to use repulsive force.”

Although it was to be expected that this array would have limited efficacy, they had already laid it out, so it would have been a waste to not activate it.


Another, more significant array, was activated.

It was an easy task for a powerful Transcendent mage to simultaneously activate and operate two arrays. Although the vine array had a significant role in their plan, it lost its importance due to the gravitational force, so the Reincarnators shifted their focus to the second array.

Out of thin air, numerous colorful light started shining. These lights moved like fish in the water, swimming around inside the 5 kilometers radius and making the surroundings look mesmerizing and magnificent. 

“Spatial waves! Subdue!”

The handsome youth used his True Meaning to manipulate the colorful lights from a distance. The movements of these lights become more vigorous, and his power surged up, enabling the lights to be evenly matched up with Xue Ying’s Domain. Seeing the numerous lights manipulated by the True Meaning rushing forward towards him, Xue Ying’s expression changed slightly.

This many lights rushing forth?

The Transcendent Qi which enveloped Xue Ying suddenly erupted spreading in all directions while infused by the True Meaning of Star. But the colorful light moved like water. They dispersed whenever Xue Ying’s red colored qi attacked, receiving no damage, and then moved to attack again.

The colorful lights around Xue Ying rapidly increased. Due to their high speed, they almost seemed to be a flash skill. All the surrounding lights in a five kilometers radius gathered around Xue Ying and then completely wrapped around him.

“So vexing.” Xue Ying felt like a mortal covered by water. The True Meaning of Star had powerful defensive and offensive ability. Each of Xue Ying’s movements easily split the dense lights, but he was still surrounded by them. Although mortals were able to pass through water currents, they were still met with resistance. That was Xue Ying’s present condition.

Although he could easily split the lights, he was met with great resistance!

“He is already under my control. Kill him while his strength is weakened!” ordered Lie Huo expectantly.

His True Meaning was the grade two True Meaning of Space Ripple, a fusion of two grade three True Meanings—the True Meaning of Wave and the True Meaning of Heavenly Light.

“Die!” The succubus wielded a blood colored bow, releasing from it an arrow containing a fleeting scarlet-colored thread.

“Xia Clan Transcendent, die for me!” said the black metal man in the distance, not daring to come any closer. Instead, he took out a short spear, imbued it with his True Meaning, and threw it. Within their group, his True Meaning was the strongest.

“Die!” The handsome youth also attacked.

Sou, sou, sou, his fist attack formed a black flame qi that rapidly flew toward Xue Ying.

As Transcendent Knights, they were more adept in their close combat capabilities, when compared to their ranged ones. But they had no other way than to use this second plan which did not involve close combat. After all, they would have to face mortal danger if they were to move closer or come near him.

“Die!” The red robed female took out a dark blue scroll.

That was a high grade Demigod ranked spell scroll!

Transcendent mages had the greatest advantage during ranged combat. Moreover, the most important factor in this second plan was the Demigod ranked spell scroll.


While looking at the disturbance of the World Energy within a hundred kilometers, eight disks appeared, one by one, out of thin air. They appeared to be made of ice with ultra sharp edges. Xiu, xiu, xiu! The eight disks flew toward Xue Ying at high speeds, cutting through everything in its way. Their power made Xue Ying’s expression change.

“Not good!” Xue Ying felt that he was being faced with mortal danger. He could ignore the other attacks but those ice disks contained the might of a high grade Demigod ranked spell. Those disks could cut his body apart the moment they made contact with it.

The purple robed young Sword Devil stood at a distance together with Demon Ji Er Luo. Neither of them took part in the attack. One was a novice while the other was an expert in close combat. Neither of them were suitable for ranged assault.


Lie Huo’s attack arrived first. With a wave, his black flame qi rapidly moved for the kill, but Xue Ying easily blocked it with his spear. This kind of attack that was no different from Transcendent Qi was easy to block. One must know that the True Meaning of Star was also a grade two True Meaning like Extreme Piercing! The gravity power was just one part of it. This True Meaning served to make one’s physique akin to a star, as hard to shake as a planet where every movement was full of power as a star flare.

Even under the True Meaning of Space Ripple’s suppression, Xue Ying was still powerful. He only lost 20% of his might at most, far from the major suppression the Temporal Temple Reincarnator wished for.

The spear blocked the black flame qi easily, but then the great wave passed through the Stellar Fire-Cloud Spear. Even after getting weakened by the Spear, it could still make its way into Xue Ying’s body. However, his True Meaning of Star protected body managed to forcibly block it.

“Damn, I’m afraid I might have been wounded had I not used my weapon to block it.” Xue Ying immediately evaluated his opponent’s attack. “He injured me from a distance?”

He knew how incredible the True Meaning of Star’s defenses were. For his body to have sustained injuries… 

“This colorful light suppression move is also being controlled by him!” Xue Ying glanced at the distant handsome youth. He immediately regarded him as the key opponent.

Pu, pu!

The Stellar Fire-Cloud Spear moved like thunder, blocking every attack. After each move, the arrow and the short spear flew past him.

Hu! Hu! Hu! 

The spell formed a killing move that could even cut through space. Eight ice disks were flying rapidly from the eight cardinal points. Looking at their power made Xue Ying’s heart quiver. It the handsome youth’s ranged attack was capable of injuring him, how about these eight disks? It was entirely possible that the attack could cost him his life!

“So fast!” Not concerning himself with anything else, Xue Ying swiftly evaded. But the eight disks still encircled him in an attempt to kill him. The red-robed female had a high level of comprehension towards the Realm of Myriad Existences, comparable with a Demigod Mage and thus allowing her to easily cast the spell scroll.

“Block!” Xue Ying didn’t dare to be even slightly careless as he focused all his attention on the eight disks. He swung his spear in an arch, trying to resist them.


A clashing sound reverberated. 

The Stellar Fire-Cloud Spear containing the True Meaning of Star clashed with one of the disks causing the disk to shatter and Xue Ying’s hands to tremor. The tremor then spread all over his body. His body was being protected by his True Meaning as well as a Demigod grade robe, so this collision was no threat to him, but… 

The other seven disks were already approaching.

That was the most frightening aspect of the spell—the eight disks were working together to encircle and attack him! Each of the discs possessed an equally great danger for him.

“Block, block it!” Xue Ying tried his hardest to defend. The spear moving at lightning speed looked like a mirage. Its rotation made it seem like a planet slowly revolving.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

After another clash, Xue Ying’s heart was completely unsettled. He used all of his spearmanship to defend. One by one, the ice disks with sharpened edges moved closer to him.

Peng! Peng! Peng! At the same time, other than the eight ice disks, the black flame qi was also bombarding him. He relied on his movements to dodge the black flame qi or just recieved it directly while his spear was focused on blocking the eight ice disks. He paid no attention to the other harmless attack. 

The True Meaning of Star fully showed its famed defense while protecting Xue Ying’s body as he was bombarded with the black flame qi. In addition, his body was also protected by a Demigod grade robe.

The last residual wave passed through his body, shocking his inner organs. He felt a slight taste of blood in his throat.

The seemingly slow rotation movement was actually as fast as lightning.

“Hu.” Xue Ying relaxed a little. He had just completely blocked the eight ice disks. There were also 12 traces of black flame qi on his body. With only the sturdiness of his body to protect him, the wave managed to drill into him. Thankfully, the True Meaning of Star was powerful enough and with the addition of the Demigod grade robe, he had only sustained minor injuries and blood rushing to his mouth.

Pu! Fresh blood sprayed from Xue Ying’s mouth. He felt elated. Just before, he was being besieged by those eight ice disks, but Xue Ying didn’t dare to be careless just yet.

Those Temporal Temple Reincarnator really were powerful enough. Had his defense not been up to par, he would have already lost his life!


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    1. Xue Ying is trapped in an anti-extreme piercing array. If he could freely use the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, he’d just teleport and slaughter every one of them in an instant.

  1. I know he hasent comprehended the true meaning of mirage yet, but he still has the embroic form of it and can still use it. Its still stronger than a stage 3 true meaning even if he hasent comprehended it, so why isent he using it?

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