LXY Book 7: Chapter 58


Book 7: Chapter 58 – True Meaning of Mirage


Xue Ying could see through the essence of nature to discern that behind the real world… there was a corresponding mirage. They were like two scenes sharing a single source!

The Mirage represented the pinnacle of illusions.

Grasping hold of the True Meaning of Mirage represented the most crucial step Xue Ying had taken so far! After crossing over this gate, the True Meaning of Mirage could still be further improved through reaching the second stage realm, the third stage realm, and, ultimately, condensing a mirage-attributed True Deity Heart.


Even so, this first step of grasping hold of the True Meaning of Mirage would allow him to have a very frightening deterring power.

There was a certain saying in the Deity World which had spread since long ago about this True Meaning.

One would rather meet an enemy who had grasped hold of any other grade two True Meaning rather than the True Meaning of Mirage! The True Meaning of Mirage was weak in terms of its pure offensive capability, to the extent that it was even weaker than many of the grade three True Meanings! However, its ability to form an entire world signified the pinnacle of illusions, and it meant that the expert who controlled it could assassinate anyone!

Able to remain undiscovered when killing someone inside the mirage—such a saying was not exaggerated at all.


The world surrounding Xue Ying’s figure suddenly twisted. His body then disappeared from the real world as it entered the mirage.


It was akin to a mirror of the real world! It looked exactly the same, yet a single thought of Xue Ying’s could change everything within.

This is truly interesting. Xue Ying walked alone in this boundless mirage. He approached the side of that black metal construct male and slapped his face. His palm then pierced through the Mirage into the real world as it slapped his face with a pa.

“Ah, it’s an illusion technique, an illusion technique!”

The black metal construct male frantically attacked in every direction.

At that moment, everyone else, including the demons, had their minds dragged into the mirage controlled by Xue Ying. However, inside the mirage… anything Xue Ying wanted them to see, they would, and if he did not wish for them to see something, they would be unable to see it!

This metal race expert had even received a slap to the face before understanding that he had fallen under an illusion technique.

I walk in the Mirage, yet I can attack the enemies in the real world, thought Xue Ying. Unless the enemies in the real world have a method to attack the Mirage, they will not be able to hurt me at all. This is truly a frightening technique! No wonder it’s the pinnacle of illusions. Even a superpower will be helpless in front of it.

Even someone with the power to destroy the heavens and exterminate the earth would not be able to hurt Xue Ying as long as they couldn’t attack him inside the mirage.

The True Meaning of Mirage might have been weak in terms of its offensive capabilities.


Xue Ying had his True Meaning of Extreme Piercing as well as his True Meaning of Star to go alongside it! These three great True Meanings would cover each other’s weaknesses, making him truly powerful.

There’s actually two of them who could escape the restriction on the mirage. Xue Ying glanced at the distant handsome teenager and the red-robed female.

The red-robed female was an extremely powerful mage. Her comprehension of the realms was at a similar level to the handsome teenager’s. But more importantly, she was a mage! Mages would usually be extremely formidable in aspects related to the  soul and spirit, which meant it was quite natural for her to be able to break out of the Mirage.

However, the handsome teenager being able to break out of it… was completely out of Xue Ying’s expectations!

Even though he had just grasped hold of the True Meaning of Mirage—it was still just at the first stage realm—and the control he had over binding others was rather weak, trying to break out of it was still extremely difficult.

I shouldn’t waste any more time! Xue Ying continued walking in the mirage. He could control the Mirage Avatar into killing the others without having to act with his true body. This was something the experts who grasped hold of the True Meaning of Mirage would usually do, and also something that caused headaches for many enemies. Even if they could attack the mirage, unless they could find his or her true body, they would not be able to hurt the expert controlling the mirage.

But Xue Ying did not wish to waste any more time as the handsome teenager Lie Huo and the red-robed female had already regained their consciousnesses! Thus, the sooner he acted, the better it would be!


With a single step, Xue Ying reached the side of the handsome teenager.

His spear struck out!

The Stellar Fire-Cloud Spear was as fast as lightning. It went out of the mirage before entering the real world. At the moment the spearhead appeared, it had reached the middle of his eyebrows!

Pu! The True Meaning of Extreme Piercing directly penetrated through the protective layer of the True Meaning of Space Ripple! Even though this True Meaning could  be considered fairly good in terms of its defense, it would naturally be unable to resist against a direct attack from Extreme Piercing.


“This, this…” The handsome teenager Lie Huo was truly alarmed and frightened. It was fortunate that he had a treasure within his soul which allowed his mind to regain control of itself after being dragged into the mirage.

“They, they—” The handsome teenager looked around him. The distant succubus, black metal construct male, the rookie Sword Devil and the demons were all flying randomly. Some were just attacking empty space while others were attacking each others as if they were enemies.

“It’s fortunate that Hong Ye is awake as well.” The handsome teenager looked towards the red-robed female. The strongest two within their team were naturally the two of them.


While he was still looking at the distant red-robed female, and before he even had the chance to think of anything else, a spearhead suddenly appeared and pierced through the point between his eyebrows and into his forehead!

His eyes were wide open.

This, this… did he just die?


He could still tangle with Xue Ying when he just had the True Meaning of Star and the Extreme Piercing. But now Xue Ying had also grasped hold of the True Meaning of Mirage, the pinnacle of illusions and the ultimate assassination technique; these three great True Meaning had caused him to die in a single move!

He was, after all, still a human and did not have an undying body. One must know that even most of the Demigods of the Xia Clan did not have an undying body! For someone to attain it, they had to posses the  innate talents like the demons or the primordial beings. If not, one could continue consuming one million kilograms of Origin Stones after the first awakening of their Primordial Bloodline to raise their fleshy body to the mid stage Saint realm before an undying body would take shape! Other than that… there was one more special circumstance which involved comprehending a True Meaning that led to an undying body after-effect.

Space Ripple naturally did not have the effect of allowing the user to have an undying body.

The True Meaning of Space Ripple was quite good in terms of its defense and could withstand the True Meaning of Gravity and the others.

But against the purely offensive-oriented Extreme Piercing, he would just die on the spot as it pierced through his brains!


The red-robed female, Hong Ye, was also astonished. “Such a terrifying illusion technique. I’ve cultivated my soul and my spirit for a long time, and yet, I had to use all of my strength before struggling out.”

Those present on the scene were randomly flying about. Some were attacking into empty space while others were killing each other. Clearly, they were still trapped in the domain of the illusion.

“Lie Huo is conscious too.” Hong Ye looked towards the distant handsome teenager.


She stared in shock as a spearhead appeared from thin air in a position just in front of the central point between the handsome teenager’s eyebrows! After that, a pu could be heard as it pierced through his protective True Meaning layer before entering his brain. Their outstanding leader, Lie Huo, had died!

At the same time, a message was transmitted into the minds of the red-robed female, the black metal construct male, and the rookie Sword Devil!

“The difficulty of the mission has increased!”

“The difficulty of the mission has increased!”

“An accident occurred. The current mission’s difficulty has been increased to nightmare rank!”

As they proceeded through the millions and millions of worlds to train, the members of the Temporal Temple understood a single rule—never, ever, be reckless. Never consider any mission ordinary. After all, a mistake of provoking a terrifying existence would cause the difficulty of the mission to suddenly explode! And with the difficulty of the mission exploding, should they succeed in finishing it, their rewards would similarly increase. But if they failed, it would just be a pity!

Thus, risking their lives during moments when they had some certainty of completing the mission for the sake of earning some treasure was alright. But if they had no certainty of completing it, the difficulty explosion would just strangle their lives away.

Nightmare rank?

Previously, this mission had a difficulty rank of just hard. Under normal circumstances, more than half of the members would survive! As for missions of the difficulty higher than it, hell rank, one would survive out of ten! But there was still another difficulty that was even higher—nightmare rank!

In nightmare rank missions, there would be no survivors!


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  1. Well… They can kiss their lives good-bye because they are pretty much guranteed to die. With our mc’s sturdy defence, suppreme offence, and a true meaning of mirage they stand no chance.
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Everyone Knows the highest True meaning is the Grade 0 True meaning of MC. among it’s many powers includes the Plot Armor, Plot armor is clearly just a small fraction of the true Grade 0 True Meaning of MC.

    1. Reading back previous chapters, those idiots weren’t supposed to fight Xue Ying, their main mission was to escort that Demon General off that premise. Instead, now dead Lie Huo decided since himself mastered a 2nd Grade Meaning, they got chance of killing Xue Ying to gain additional rewards.

  2. With this anyone below god is screwed. How can you even defeat someone with one-hit kill cheat, and invisible/incorporeal cheat. Kinda funny imagining a newbie adventurer in an adventurer guild, picking a d rank quest for guarding a caravan, instead they met this kind of shit.

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