LXY Book 7: Chapter 59


Book 7: Chapter 59 – No Survivors

“How could this be? Nightmare rank?”

“We’re doomed!”

“I was just recently chosen as a member of the Temporal Temple, and yet the very first mission I must undertake is of the nightmare rank? This, this… isn’t this playing with my life?” The rookie Sword Devil felt sullen. He hadn’t gotten any chance to display his combat power ever since the battle started, and now the difficulty of the mission had been bumped to nightmare rank.

The Temporal Temple would usually assign missions of hell rank at the most, as they had at least a small chance of being completed! As for nightmare rank missions… they would only appear because of some unforeseen circumstances!


“Nightmare rank… It’s actually a nightmare rank mission!” Seeing the distant handsome teenager being pierced through his forehead, the red-robed female felt a chill deep in her heart. Without any hesitation, she took out a red paper talisman which allowed spirit energy to pervade into the space time trace inside her arm. “Forfeit, I forfeit this mission! Immediately return! Immediately return!”


A mysterious, vast undulation in spacetime descended and enveloped the red-robed female.


The black-robed youngster who walked out from the mirage was none other than Xue Ying. He frowned at the red-robed female being enveloped by the spacetime undulation in front of him.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, I’ll remember you! I hope we will meet again in the Deity World!” The red-robed female’s mouth moved, yet no sound could be transmitted outwards. Her eyes were filled with unwillingness. The price of that red paper talisman was truly terrifying. She had traded for it with a Deity treasure received from her teacher. This type of talisman allowed her to forfeit and leave any mission halfway through, as long as she had not yet entered the Demigod realm!

Thus, this paper represented another life.

She could still bear paying the price of giving up the mission..

But if she was to be killed… it would be too terrifying. Her soul would be pulled by the Temporal Temple into hell before forcing her to consecutively tackle three hell ranked missions!

She was the only one in the team to own a red paper talisman of that kind! In fact, it was rarely seen even among the Saint ranked Reincarnators.


“So interesting.” Xue Ying walked out of the mirage into the real world to look at what was happening.

Time and space were vibrating continuously. If it willed so, this power could definitely destroy the entire world of the Xia Clan!

Too large, too powerful.

According to the records, the Temporal Temple was backed by a truly terrifying existence who, along with several others, stood at the pinnacle of the millions and millions of worlds, the Deity World and the Dark Abyss! For the sake of operating the Temporal Temple, he had paid a huge price to cultivate an unimaginably terrifying Deity treasure. This treasure had its own spirit that would follow the orders set by its owner when it was created. For instance, it could select several existences from the countless worlds to become Reincarnators, give them missions, train them while filtering out the strong, and give them huge amounts of resources… it would continuously groom experts for the Temporal Temple.

“I heard long ago that the members of Temporal Temple could walk among countless worlds. However, this is the first time I hear of the Temporal Temple using its power to bring them back.” Xue Ying smiled at the scene.


The red-robed female in front of him had been swept away, piercing through and leaving the mortal world.

Xue Ying did not even attempt to attack. The difference was too great. Maybe there were some great existences in the Deity World who could go against this terrifying Deity Treasure, but for a Transcendent like him to do so? Impossible!


Xue Ying continued walking and suddenly disappeared once again into the mirage.

While walking within the mirage, he would casually tap with his finger.

A strand of fiery Transcendent Qi emerged, flying towards the rookie Sword Devil before emerging from the mirage into reality. The Qi strengthened by the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing appeared at the rookie Sword Devil’s side and then pierced through his head. As soon as his head was pierced, his body began suffering from the effects of True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, causing it to crumble apart.

However, the body then moved as fast as lightning as it started regaining its form.

Undying body? Xue Ying was rather surprised. A human Saint could actually train an undying body?

Xiu xiu xiu…

Xue Ying only remained surprised for a moment. He then casually shot out strand after strand of Transcendent Qi towards his targets:the succubus, the metal race male, the rookie Sword Devil, Demon Ji Er Luo and the many other demons.

Although the rookie Sword Devil was human and the black metal male was an existence belonging to the metal race, the others were all demons!

“Spare my life, spare my life!” The black metal construct male had long become intimidated by the nightmare difficulty. His soul was shouting out, “I don’t dare become an enemy of this great sir, spare my life!”

“Great sir Dong Bo Xue Ying, spare my life, I’ve been forced into this mission.” The succubus’s body had tried its utmost to repair itself after breaking apart. Her soul was also begging for forgiveness, “As long as this great sir spares my life, I’ll do anything for you! I’m a succubus, the most knowledgeable race in serving others. I’m willing to become your slave!”

As long as the allotted time for the mission was reached, they would be forcibly taken away.

Thus, any promises they made would not matter as long as they survived!

They were not willing to die. After all, upon death, they would be forced to take three consecutive hell rank missions which they had to succeed in completing. A single failure meant their souls would dissipate away.

Xiu xiu xiu! More strands of Transcendent Qi flew towards the different targets. Xue Ying stared coldly at them.

Spare their lives?

The demons were slaughtering the mortals with impunity. Who would spare their lives?

These Temporal Temple Reincarnators had unhesitantly attacked him. Who would spare his life should he lose?

Those who dared to attack him would have to face the consequences!

Extreme Piercing… Xue Ying himself was shocked at his attacks. Its offensive power is truly too powerful! Had I used my True Meaning of Star to attack, I’m afraid that I would have needed more than a thousand attacks to kill them.

The True Meaning of Star’s might was also great. It could directly suppress his opponents, but it would merely cause the flesh and blood of their bodies to crumble apart as opposed to destroying them at the atomic level.

Destruction at the atomic level was something an undying body had a hard time recovering from. As long as it was destroyed about eight to ten times consecutively, their whole life force would be used up.

“Human, let’s fight face to face if you dare!” Ji Er Luo’s body was trying its best to repair itself as his soul snarled at Xue Ying. It was a pity that Xue Ying could not care less about him, nor would he waste his time.


The demons as well as the succubus, the black metal race man and the rookie Sword Devil had all returned to nothingness.

All of them died.

Xue Ying looked towards the emptiness surrounding him, spotting  the large amounts of treasure dropping from mid-air. These were the goods left behind by the demons and the Reincarnators. Under the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, some of the weaker treasures had already been disintegrated into various sorts of Transcendent materials.

“It has finally ended.” Xue Ying stood in the mirage looking at the scene ahead of him. He felt somewhat relaxed.

He had finished his mission of raiding the demon bases. Even though there were two other demon bases which he had not raided, the Demon Generals would have already received the tip and recalled the remaining teams!


A undulation in spacetime swept the souls of the succubus and the other two, sending them into the distant Abyss Hell to experience the cruel hell rank missions.

Following that, a fluctuating strand reached Xue Ying.

“Transcendent Dong Bo Xue Ying of the Xia Clan. The Temporal Temple invites you to join us. Are you willing to do so?” This fluctuation was followed by a vigorous sound which felt indifferent to all of existence as if it was standing at the apex.


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  2. He’ll refuse joining now because he needs to clear the world…but maybe the treasure will allow him to defer the decision or slaughter the demons first. Then again, if Xue Ying started jumping between worlds for missions the plot would go to shit, so I guess not…. 🙁

  3. Thanks for the chapter Luna, Ruze, Kiseki, Hafoza, and Kharon! Guessing he’ll refuse, but the treasure won’t care and takes him anyways? Seems like something they would do since he doesn’t have the capabilities to bargain yet.

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