LXY Book 8: Chapter 3


Book 8: Chapter 3 – Battle with Black Dragon

If the protector of the outermost perimeter of the Black Wind Deity Palace, the Black Wind Abyss, was already this strong, just how powerful would the defenses further in be? What about the innermost part of the Deity Palace? It was no wonder that for hundreds of thousands of years, not even a single Transcendent had been able to get inside! Even when compared with the strongest ranker of the Xia Clan, Mountain Lord He, there would still a large gap between them. Xue Ying only dared to make this attempt because he had three different grade two True Meanings.

It didn’t matter much whether he succeeded or failed. Either way, he would still be able to enter the Deity Palace through the crack at the bottom of the valley and access the major Transcendent World from there!

“50 years ago?” A trace of suspicion appeared in the Black Dragon’s enormous golden eyes. “I have some impression of it.”

Back then, a black-clothed youth had fallen down with great speed while engulfed by a black maelstrom!


The Black Dragon could only fleetingly glance through the dense black wind.

“Oh, that was you.” The Black Dragon inspected Xue Ying’s facial features and laughed loudly. “Haha, I never thought that after 50 years, the mortal from back then would become a peak Saint Transcendent!”

“Fortunately, we didn’t exchange any moves at that time. If we had, I surely would’ve died without even getting a chance to resist,” Xue Ying grinned.

“I cannot do anything against mortals! My master has ordered me to attack only Transcendents,” said the immense Black Dragon. “Why do you, having now become a Saint Transcendent, wish to charge at me in vain?”

“Indeed, I want to give it a try.” Xue Ying smiled faintly.

“Brat, it would be better if you stayed away. Go back to your Xia Capital and carefully research the Black Wind Deity Palace. Not just anyone can enter this place. Even if I don’t wish to kill you, what if I accidentally use too much power in my attacks? I’m afraid that you might just die from any small attack!” The Black Dragon deliberately released a violent wave of air, causing the entire Black Wind Maelstrom to fluctuate. “Chi Qiu Bai, the genius of your Xia Clan, failed to defeat me when he was a Saint Transcendent. Although he can defeat me now that he has become a Demigod and wields a deity weapon, I’m just the outermost guardian. The other powerful guardians from the inner part of the Black Wind Deity Palace could defeat him easily. He is far too weak!”

“Tell me, can you, a little Saint Transcendent guy, succeed where even he has failed?” inquired the Black Dragon.

“But I still want to give it a try!” Xue Ying laughed.

Hou~ you, a Saint Transcendent? You cannot defeat me. Come, I shall let you try.” The head of the Black Dragon howled. Its voice caused the surrounding area to tremble, and the sound waves made Xue Ying and Jing Qiu pale.

“Such terrifying force! These sound waves alone are so formidable!” Jing Qiu was surprised.

“Maybe its brute force is comparable to a peak Demigod,” Xue Ying agreed.

“This much power, yet it’s still just an outer guardian?” Jing Qiu was amazed by the Elder Black Dragon’s might. When Xue Ying had told her that he wanted to break into the Black Wind Deity Palace, her habits as a Transcendent Mage led her to investigate any information related to it. Even so, she was still shocked. “Be careful, Disciple Brother Xue Ying. The Black Wind Ancestor is definitely a Deity Mage, and mages tend to be very meticulous and thorough. The mechanisms he left behind could block Transcendents from attaining his treasures for hundreds of thousands of years.”

“Rest assured, just wait for me outside,” said Xue Ying with full confidence.


Jing Qiu immediately flew back to the Black Wind cliff’s edge and remained there to watch. 

The Black Wind Abyss was very wide, spanning for more than a kilometer.

That black maelstrom was very violent, enveloping everything down there. But the Black Dragon head was like a mountain peak, standing at more than ten meters in height. 

“Brat, do you really want to try this? It can kill you.”

“Even so, I want to try.” Xue Ying said while looking up from beneath him.

“Tell me your name,” the Black Dragon head inquired. It also began to reevaluate Xue Ying. After all, other than the few foolish ones, most people who dared to barge in here usually had some skill.

“My name is Dong Bo Xue Ying!”



An enormous silhouette rapidly floated up from the dense black wind. A Black Dragon, several thousands of meters long, appeared. It coiled around in the air and stared at Xue Ying with its golden eyes. A tyrannical, hard-to-conceal aura emitted from its body, pressuring Xue Ying. 

“What a powerful force,” praised Xue Ying.

The difference between a human and an enormous, thousands-of-meters-long black dragon was too big. Xue Ying looked like a dot in front of it.

Its huge body also provided the black dragon with enormous power! Even Chi Qiu Bai, who had strong offensive power, was defeated by the Black Dragon when he was a Saint Transcendent. It might be weak in terms of techniques, but even with just its raw power, it was comparable to that of a peak Demigod and was able to block the majority of Transcendents. And it was only the outer guardian!

“Come!” The Black Dragon soared up until its head was level with the Black Wind cliff’s edge. It looked down at the miniscule Xue Ying with furious golden eyes before suddenly diving down with its mouth wide open, attempting to swallow Xue Ying.

“It’s starting!” Waiting above, Jing Qiu became extremely nervous. This Black Dragon had great might.

Xue Ying looked towards the Black Dragon, especially his extremely sharp teeth. As a Demigod refiner organism, the material it was made of had an impressive toughness.


Xue Ying was in no hurry to escape. Instead, he hovered calmly mid-air, looking down at the fast approaching large, bloodied mouth!

“Mn?” the black dragon was puzzled. Why isn’t he evading? Does he want to fight head-on? A Saint Transcendent daring to fight head-on with it—did he want to be bullied?

“Expel!” Xue Ying suddenly shouted.


Invisible Laws of Profound Mysteries formed a domain and immediately enveloped the dragon that was charging over! The Black Dragon’s body suddenly tensed up as an invisible force seemed to envelop its whole body. It tried to struggle free, but was unable to resist the invisible force and directly flew backwards.

It was pushed back at high speed!

With a loud hong! sound, the thousands-of-meters-long Black Dragon flattened like a crepe onto the Black Wind Abyss mountain wall. It still tried to resist, but was powerless to do so. 

The True Meaning of Star’s Gravity Domain!

“Ah!” Jing Qiu stared at the scene in front of her with amazement. She didn’t even see her Disciple Brother Xue Ying move, and that overbearing Black Dragon had already been flattened against the Black Wind Abyss mountain wall! Thankfully, the mountain wall was protected by magic arrays, so it remained intact. Otherwise, this kind of impact would have caused any tall mountain to crumble.

“What is going on, this, this…” No matter how it tried to move its body, the invisible force was too powerful for it to break free from the mountain wall.

“You lost.” Xue Ying smiled. The Gravity Domain enveloped the surrounding 50 kilometers around him. It was the same for Extreme Piercing; anything in that area, regardless of distance, was under his control. Simply said, the Laws of Profound Mysteries like the Gravity Domain and Extreme Piercing could affect an area of 50 kilometers in a radius around him. However, in order to prevent the unnecessary involvement of mortals, Xue Ying had concentrated the Gravity Domain around himself and the Black Dragon.

If his opponent had been a human Demigod, perhaps his Gravity Domain wouldn’t have brought such a big advantage.

Who told it to have such an enormous body?

Under the might of gravity, its thousands of meters long body suffered much, much more than a human Demigod’s would have. Even with its Demigod power, under the pressure caused by Gravity Domain, it was still unable to break free from the mountain wall.

“I, I…” the Black Dragon was furious, but it was unable to do anything under the attraction power. Its huge, golden eyes filled with unwillingness as it let out a low growl. “I lost!”


Xue Ying willed the Gravity Domain to cease with a thought.

Only after that was the Black Dragon able to free itself from the mountain wall. It had felt really uncomfortable to be stuck there.

“Brat, don’t be so proud! I didn’t expect you to grasp such a strange aspect of the True Meaning of Gravity!” The Black Dragon was dissatisfied. It was such a disgrace for itself to be defeated by a Saint Transcendent. “This True Meaning of Gravity might be able to restrain me, but it can’t be used for battle. I’m only the first guardian. The other Black Wind Palace guardians are far more dangerous than me!”

“Thank you for your warning.” Xue Ying chuckled, then looked up at Jing Qiu on top of the Black Wind Cliff. “Jing Qiu, wait for me here. I will go down to see how powerful this Black Wind Palace is.”

“Disciple Brother Xue Ying, be careful,” said Jing Qiu. At the same time, she was secretly surprised. Hadn’t her Disciple Brother comprehended the grade two True Meaning of Extreme Piercing? When had he also comprehend the True Meaning of Gravity? But she understood that by using it in front of her, Xue Ying showed that he trusted her.


Xue Ying rapidly descended, the black wind maelstrom having no effect on him. It felt like a breeze for the current him. 

“Defeated by a Saint Transcendent. I was defeated by a Saint Transcendent?” the Black Dragon still couldn’t accept it. “50 years ago, he was just a mere mortal!” That year, he hadn’t been bothered to care about the fallen human youth. In its eyes, there was no difference between him and an ant—they were both just as weak.. Who could have imagined that that same human would now be able to press him onto the mountain wall, leaving him unable to struggle free.

“He was just lucky to have restrained me. Soon, he will suffer! I have to go down and watch it!”

The Black Dragon wriggled its body, and, flinging itself forward as it flew down.


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