LXY Book 8: Chapter 4



Book 8: Chapter 4 – Exploration


Xue Ying flew downwards at top speed like a sharp sword, with the enormous Black Dragon following him from behind.

“Human Transcendent, it seems that you are still a Saint. Why do you even dare to rush down so recklessly?”


“Has the Black Dragon been defeated?”

“You all haven’t seen the battle, but I did. That black robed teenager was standing there in mid-air without making a move, yet the Black Dragon was suppressed to the point he could do nothing to resist!” Several refiner organisms living in the Black Wind Abyss were discussing among them. They had much weaker levels of combat power, most of them being at the Saint realm.

Since even the Black Dragon had been defeated, they definitely couldn’t resist against Xue Ying.


Having continually dived down the extremely deep Black Wind Abyss, they had already reached an underground zone… 

When I saw these Transcendent refiner organisms back then, I felt that each and every one of them were truly too powerful and terrifying. Xue Ying sighed. Yet looking at them closer, other than the Black Dragon which is a Demigod, the others are just Saints! As for those soldiers and officers formed by the arrays—they don’t even have a speck of wisdom! With only the most basic of instincts, their combat power is definitely even weaker.

That year, he was merely a Legend ranker. With his comprehension of the Myriad Existence of Fire, he had killed a black-armored soldier.

“Kill!” The black armorer soldiers and officers were looking at Xue Ying coldly. As they only had the most basic of instincts, they charged towards Xue Ying with no emotion, no fear.

Hong! Xue Ying immediately displayed his True Meaning of Gravity.

The terrifying gravitational force immediately pressed down on the bodies of the black-armored soldiers and officers. The weak and small soldiers were immediately and completely torn apart, while the officers flew backwards as they started crumbling…as they turned into a black-colored fog! This fog remained in the surroundings and even tried condensing back to their original forms, however, under the gravitational power’s might, they had no way of condensing into actual figures!

Xue Ying finally arrived at the valley without making a sound.

He turned towards the gouge nearby. This was none other than the gouge formed when he fell down as a Legend ranker.

“Let’s visit the Black Wind Deity Palace.” Xue Ying immediately continued towards his destination. Under the repulsion force of his gravitational control, everywhere he went, all the black-armored guards who came charging in his direction, whether they were officers of soldiers, crumbled into black fog.

“Truly powerful.”

“What exactly is this unseen force used by this human Transcendent?”

“This should be the True Meaning of Gravity!”

Those refiner organisms were muttering amongst themselves as they followed behind from a distance. The enormous Black Dragon stayed at the rear as it followed.

Xue Ying shot a glance towards the group of refiner organisms following behind him. Ancestor Black Wind has indeed refined many organisms! Of them, more than ten are Saints, and there was even a Demigod placed outside the palace! Where did he obtain the materials to make this many refiner organisms, not to mention the Black Dragon with its huge body?

The Xia Clan also contained quite a lot of Transcendent refiner organisms. For instance, the Hundred Battles Chamber had a grand total of one hundred! But their builds were usually quite small, with the exception of Sky realm refiner organisms who might have had bigger figures as the materials used to refine them were lower in quality.

But a Demigod realm refiner organism that was over a thousand meters long?

Palace Head Chen wouldn’t give me any details on this matter, thought Xue Ying. This Black Wind Deity Palace…must contain some deep secrets.

As he walked on, he soon reached the majestic cavern palace which was currently glowing in a dull azure light.

The initial group of black-armored guards on patrol were turned into black fog under the gravitational power—none of them had the means to obstruct him.

The main door of this palace was truly lofty. It was about a hundred meters tall and dark-green in color.


Xue Ying waved his hand.


The dazzling fiery-red Transcendent Qi formed into a dozen meters long palm. This gigantic palm was covered in a layer of True Meaning of Star and was filled with a tremendous power! When comparing the strength of the different True Meanings, one of the famous ones was the True Meaning of Star—it was akin to a star smashing down! Therefore, it was the most appropriate to use this True Meaning for opening the door. A loud sound accompanied the palm as it slapped on the ancient, dark-green door.

The palace door opened by more than half, revealing the scene within.

The inside of the cavern palace…was just filled with white fog!

White fog? Xue Ying frowned as he carefully observed it. This white fog was diffused throughout the inner part of the palace, shrouding it from view. At times, one could vaguely catch the sight of copper red pillars within.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying,” a mighty voice sounded out all of a sudden. The Black Dragon flew close to Xue Ying’s back, its head especially reaching to his side.

Xue Ying looked towards it and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“The Black Wind Deity Palace is also the place where my master cultivated at in the past!” said the Black Dragon. “My master didn’t want any small, weak Transcendent not even knowing their own strength to charge inside. That is why he set up the several simple arrays around the outer perimeter of the palace. With the black-armored guards patrolling and the refiner organisms situated outside, we’ve been able to chase away any Transcendent who came. In all honesty, the black-armored guards and the Saint refiner organisms have been in charge of the miscellaneous tasks, while I alone truly guarded the outer perimeter!”

Xue Ying nodded.

He could tell. If one had to fight it head-on without the True Meaning of Gravity, triumphing over the Black Dragon would be quite tough.

However, the Laws of Profound Mysteries were as such!

So what if your strength is enormous! Under the suppression of the Laws of Profound Mysteries, even if you were stronger, as long as you couldn’t display that strength, you would still end up just playing around in the palm of the suppressor.

“I am actually the most worthless of my master’s underlings!” exclaimed the Black Dragon. “That is why I am the one who guards the outer perimeter of the palace. There are truly many dangers inside the deity palace, especially those patches of white fog…which conceal the threat of death! After entering, you must remember to be extremely prudent. The moment you feel that something is amiss, you must immediately shout out ‘I admit defeat.’ Even if you will be thrown out of the palace, you can at least survive!”

“I understand. Thank you.” Xue Ying laughed. He could truly feel good will coming from the Black Dragon. After all, Black Wind was also one of the ancestors of the Xia Clan, which meant he would treat his descendants with a softer approach! That is also why Jing Qiu, Palace Head Chen, and the others hadn’t stopped Xue Ying from coming.

But Xue Ying was still quite weak at the moment!

He couldn’t rank in the top 10 Demigod ranking with his direct attack power, much less compare to Mountain Lord He and some of the other Demigods. Neither Mountain Lord He nor Faction Head Si Kong Yang had broken through the palace; they had been defeated and were left with no choice but to leave. Considering that, the attacking power of this palace had to be truly unimaginable. Xue Ying could die at any moment if he was careless.


Xue Ying went towards the palace entrance alone.

The enormous Black Dragon entrenched outside the cavern palace was worried. He had great expectations for Xue Ying, who, at the Saint realm, was so formidable. He must have been the genius of the Xia Clan, so the dragon was really afraid that Xue Ying might actually die inside. It would be such a pity if he did.


Xue Ying walked past the doorstep and entered the main hall of the cavern palace.

White fog continued pervading around him.

“Mn?” Xue Ying frowned as he tried sensing around him. The Gravity Domain was also enveloping his surroundings. Even though he did not activate its might, he could still clearly sense every single location in his domain.

His Gravity Domain could barely envelop this main hall, for it he delved any deeper into the palace, the domain would be rejected immediately by an unseen array.

There is an array in this Black Wind Deity Palace which could actually block my gravitational force from investigating further? Xue Ying was stunned. Gravitational force was truly hard to isolate; the difficulty was on the same level as isolating Extreme Piercing.

And this palace has even obstructed my Extreme Piercing as well.

There was an unseen power enveloping the whole Black Wind Deity Palace.

Xue Ying tried using his Extreme Piercing, only to realize that he could not penetrate through the space around him. It made Xue Ying curious. That time, the Temporal Temple Reincarnators had prepared beforehand by purchasing an expensive array able to obstruct Xue Ying.

But this Ancestor Black Wind had done no such thing!

The Black Wind Deity Palace had existed for many tens of thousands of years, blocking generation after generation of Transcendents from passing through!

He truly was a powerful mage who could suppress an entire generation! This Deity Palace he left behind after his death is enough to have made so many generations of Transcendents of the Xia Clan over the past tens of thousands of years feel helpless when facing it. Xue Ying gasped in admiration. At the same time, he became even more careful when sensing his surroundings, and a spear had long since appeared in his hand soundlessly.

“Xue Ying, be careful. I can sense a special existence in your surrounding spying on you. He is right beside you!” an undulation transmitted into Xue Ying’s mind. The origin of this transmission was none other than the green-gray wristband on his arm.


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