LXY Book 8: Chapter 6


Book 8: Chapter 6 – Disappeared?

“Still, I would like to give it a try!” Xue Ying passed through the side door of the palace hall.

The White Fog Ape looked towards Xue Ying’s back before shaking its head. “He truly overestimates himself. I have great hopes for this Saint, so I wish he won’t break inside.”

“He won?”

The big black dragon entrenched just outside the cavern palace opened his golden eyes wide. He was truly shocked. Given his size, his head could extend all the way to the doorstep of the palace. He looked towards the White Fog Ape inside. “Hey, Wu Lei, aren’t you the one always boasting to me about your strength? The one who kept saying how stupid I am? Did something happen today so that you couldn’t even win against a Saint?”


“Hmph, you are just an idiotic dragon.” The White Fog Ape felt embarrassed. “Weren’t you defeated as well?”

“Defeated as well? I lost because of his True Meaning of Gravity. My body is too big, so it ended up being wholly controlled by him! Otherwise, I could’ve sent him flying with a single tail whip!” Despite his tone, the enormous dragon used his head to take a peek inside the palace. He was somewhat worried. “Ai, this brat charged further in. Hopefully, he can survive.”

As for the White Fog Ape, he exhaled, causing him to dissipate back into the the white which pervaded the entire hall. For countless tens of thousands of years, this was how he had been living.


The corridor was about a hundred meters high and sixty meters wide. The walls sparkled like jade and were as smooth as mirrors.

It spanned more than a thousand meters in length.

Xue Ying walked alone along this corridor, his Stellar Fire Cloud Spear at his side. He was using his Gravity Domain to keep a constant check on his surroundings while also using it to maintain a tyrannical repulsive force.

After walking for more than a thousand meters, he finally reached an azure-colored set of stairs that extended downwards.

Deng deng deng. As he descended the stairs, he reached a depth of close to 200 meters underground before reaching the next level.

“Mn?” Xue Ying’s expression changed.


The powerful gravitational force of repulsion which Xue Ying was constantly maintaining immediately pushed out an organism that had hiding behind the edge of the wall in front of him! This wall had seemed perfectly ordinary and would not have caused anyone to consider an organism was hiding within. However, the moment Xue Ying went past the array down to this level, the organism in hiding was naturally repulsed by the gravitational force which caused it to be revealed!

Chi chi chi~ This organism, which had previously been hiding, left the wall before turning into a gray-robed male with a pair of black rods on his back.

This organism grimaced in pain as he touched his face. He was somehow kneading himself into the shape of an ordinary human.

“I’ve actually been discovered. For you to triumph over that foolish dragon and Lei Wu as a Saint, you must have some ability.” The gray-robed male’s voice resounded with a disharmony akin to gold scraping against rock. “However… you’re just a Saint, which means you will not be able to win against me!”


The gray-robed male immediately approached Xue Ying. He then grabbed his rods, which were about 1.3 meters in length, with his hands and waved one of them at him.

Hu~ As it was brandished out, the rod was accompanied by a feeling of being able to tear the world. Xue Ying felt like a terrifying might was crashing over him. Before the fight even truly began, Xue Ying had to depend on his Gravity Domain to get a clear understanding of the surrounding space. Naturally, he could deduce that this rod being brandished had a strength that could completely outclass his, and on top of that, a speed that was also so shocking that he could not retreat in time!

The only option was to defend.

He did not dare meet its force directly. Instead, he would try to divert it away.

Chi!”As the rod came crashing down, the spear moved like a swimming dragon towards it. The moment the spear touched the rod, it became truly slippery. At this point, Xue Ying had a change of expression as he felt his hands becoming numb, his body staggering backwards.

Hong long! The gray-robed male acted on instinct by waving the rod in his other hand. 

Truly too fast.

Attack after attack was being unleashed, as if they were the blades of a turbine.

It was too sudden. Xue Ying could barely defend himself by placing his spear horizontally in front of him.

A loud hong! sound accompanied the clash. The body of the Stellar Fire Cloud Spear was twisted by the force, knocking back into Xue Ying’s chest. Although the force of the impact had been reduced by the True Meaning of Star, Xue Ying was still sent flying backwards. It was truly fortunate that the bulk of force had been transmitted through the body of the spear before reaching his figure.

Hong! The hands of the gray-robed male seemed like a turbine’s blades as a third rod attack lashed out.

While flying backwards, Xue Ying tried his utmost to parry the attack with his numb hands, but he was clearly a step too slow.


It actually whipped Xue Ying’s abdomen directly.


He flew backwards akin to a streamer before knocking into a layer of azure stairs behind him with a hong.

Pa pa pa! Xue Ying could feel six of his bones fracturing from the impact.

Pu! A mouthful of fresh blood spurt out from his mouth, and his face turned pale.

Peak stage Demigod. Xue Ying looked at gray-robed male with a pale expression. In terms of strength, the Black Dragon had also reached the realm of a peak stage Demigod. But could the two really be compared? The enormous dragon had similarly immense force, and its figure was so large it was like comparing an adult to an ant. Naturally, its strength would be huge as well. By a similar logic, the Black Dragon’s large figure also made it great at dishing out its absurd strength.

But this gray-robed male was different. He was as tall as a human, yet his strength was that of a peak stage Demigod! Furthermore, his rod techniques were imbued with Profound Mysteries of Space.

As for Xue Ying?

He had grasped hold of three different True Meanings, but he only had the strength of an early stage Demigod! He was completely suppressed when facing directly against this man!

Hong. As Xue Ying fell onto the stairs, the gray-robed male came towards him as fast as an illusion.

Xue Ying had no time retaliate in any way.


He shouted.


The green-gray wristband on Xue Ying’s arm immediately formed a green-armored protector. This protector slapped out angrily slapped out with its palm, causing space to distort like rippling water. The gray-robed male’s expression changed as he brandished the rod in his right hand, smoothly clashing against the green-armored protector’s terrifying palm attack.

As the two clashed, the green-armored protector did not move from its spot. Instead, it had been the gray-robed male that was jolted backwards from the attack before stumbling on the ground.

“A Xia Clan Deity warrior?” The gray-robed male frowned.

“You’re a Deity warrior as well,” the green-armored protector coldly commented, “albeit a weaker one!”

“I’m merely the youngest of the five shadows. Winning against me is nothing much. If you have the ability, then defeat my big brother!” The gray-robed male snorted.

The Deity warriors sent back by the ancestors of the Xia Clan were usually limited to the level of Demigods. It was the restrictions of the world… which set the limit of strength that Deity could be sent at. Stronger ones would break the rules described by the Laws of the World.

The green-armored protector’s combat power could match the might of the Demonic Avatar of the thin and small Demon General covered in purple scales! And that Demon General’s might could compare to that of Mountain Lord He, who had a Deity weapon! Even if it was a Demonic Avatar, it still contained the combat power of its true body.

This green-armored protector could absolutely be listed in the top ten Demigod rankings.

And the advantage they had over any ordinary Demigod… was that they could not die! While someone with an undying body could still die, these warriors had no way of being killed! There was at least no Demigod who could do it! Not even Deities at the level of the Dragon Mountain Emperor had any way of doing it. To destroy Deity Warriors, one had to be so much stronger than the Dragon Mountain Emperor.

“Brat, you are still not my match. This Deity warrior of the Xia Clan is indeed very powerful, and his combat power puts him among the top ten Demigods in the world. He can defeat me! But if you wish to get past me, you must depend on your own combat power! Not doing so means disobeying the rules set by my master, and those who disobey the rules… hmph, hmph, won’t survive with just a Deity warrior.” The gray-robed male stood there with his two black rods returned to his back. “Go back and continue cultivating. Wait until your Transcendent Qi reaches the peak stage before returning!”

“Xue Ying, let’s go.” The green-armored protector turned towards him. “The owner of Black-Wind Deity Palace is, after all, an existence that could suppress a generation. The Deity Palace which he left behind isn’t something that could be broken through so easily.”

“I understand.” Xue Ying stood up. He held onto his wounds; his bones and visceras were currently recovering rapidly. 

“I truly didn’t expect that I would merely be able to defeat the gatekeepers of this Deity Palace before being suppressed at this corridor level.” Xue Ying shook his head. The green-armored protector immediately turned into a stream of Qi which wrapped around his extended arm. “I originally wanted to depend on my combat power to break through it head-on, but it seems that I can only reach this spot. The gap is still too big.”

“As long as you know that the gap is huge,” the gray-robed male frankly said. “If you hadn’t brought that Deity warrior with you, I would have certainly given you a lesson to remember your whole life!”

“The gap is big, and I can’t win in a head-on fight.” Xue Ying laughed. “But can you even touch me now?”


Xue Ying disappeared into empty air.

“Where? Where is he?” The gray-robed male was shocked as he looked around his surroundings. “How could he disappear without a trace? The space was sealed shut through the heavy arrays laid behind by the master of this Deity Palace, so how could he disappear? He—where did he go?”

Right now, he could not find Xue Ying at all!

In another world… 

In the other face of reality… 

“Ai, I didn’t think I’d be forced to use this move.” A black robed teenager walked inside a vast world. This world looked like a reflection of reality and was identical to it. This was none other than the Mirage. Only those who studied the mirage could understand and enter this mysterious world.

The True Meaning of Mirage might have been weaker than a grade three True Meaning in terms of offensive power, but an expert inside the Mirage could not be attacked by the experts in reality. Even discovering them would be hard.

As soon as he reached the gates of the Black Wind Deity Palace, Xue Ying had discovered something.

Teleportation? Space was sealed shut and he could not teleport!

Extreme Piercing? The Black-Wind Deity Palace had an extremely powerful array that created an obstruction for Extreme Piercing. As such, he had no success with it either.

But Mirage?

The arrays of the Black Wind Deity Palace could not affect the Mirage at all. Experts who controlled the Mirage were renowned for being the most terrifying assassins. These were not words without weight. Obstructing the Extreme Piercing was easy, but in order to block the Mirage… one would need to either have a higher comprehension of the True Meaning of Mirage or to completely isolate the entire world! That meant they needed to isolate the real world and separate it from the Mirage!

But these two different methods were extremely hard to achieve. In the history of the Xia Clan, there had only been one person other than Xue Ying to have grasped hold of a grade two True Meaning. As for the True Meaning of Mirage, it was ultimately rare even amongst those with grade two True Meanings.

How hard would it be to meet someone who could control the Mirage? How hard?

As for isolating the real world from the Mirage, that could only be done by Deities.

Hu. Xue Ying walked in the Mirage.

“Where is he? How is it possible for him to disappear? What kind of Law of Profound Mysteries is this for him to evade master’s arrays?” The gray-robed male did not dare believe it.Pa.

A hand appeared from nothingness and gave a slap on his head.

“You can slowly wait here for me.” Xue Ying’s playful voice resounded.


The gray-robed male brandished his palm above him, but it remained just empty space. Xue Ying’s palm had long returned to the Mirage.

“He, what method is he using?” The gray-robed male looked all around him.

Xue Ying was strolling in the Mirage as he headed on to a deeper region of the Black Wind Deity Palace. The Black Wind Deity Palace might have been overlaid with lots of arrays in the real world, yet in the Mirage, it was completely unobstructed. Everything was under Xue Ying’s observation. Through this, he discovered the obstructions and dangers within the Black-Wind Deity Palace. There were even organisms more powerful than the gray-robed male. Indeed, the Black-Wind Deity Palace’s terrifying might was not without any basis.

But it would mean nothing even if they were more terrifying!

That was because none of them could discover Xue Ying in his Mirage, and neither could they attack him.


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