MT Chapter 11


Chapter 11: A gamble

TN: We have decided to change the naming convention of the term “medicine refinement” and it’s different variations to “alchemy” because it would be more appropriate for how it would be used later in the novel.


Five element eighty-thousand Alchemy Array!”

This seemingly strange name could actually be explained very easily.


Five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth; eighty-thousand: the eight thousand kinds of commonly seen materials.

Five elements and eighty-thousand meaning was: the eighty thousand common level 1 materials within the five elemental properties can all be easily taken care of. This is a powerful and broad alchemy array.

Meng Ying Ying, after hearing Chu Tian’s explanation, immediately refuted, saying: “But, this array is completely violating common sense and the prevailing iron law of alchemy!”

“An iron law doesn’t always represent the truth, so it’s able to be broken.” Chu Tian set the alchemy array first into the furnace, then made a gesture of invitation: “Come and try it out, this is not much harder than frying the steak and making the soup like before, I believe you can do it.”

Since Chu Tian had already said it like this, Meng Ying Ying had no choice but to try it out.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The instant that magic power was imbued, the pill furnace exploded with rumbles and roars, this signified that the pill-making reaction had already been started.

Under the normal operation of the Super Alchemy Array, one could only see countless glowing runes appearing on the surface of the pill furnace, like a seal that stabilized the pill furnace. No matter how much the furnace roared, it remained perfectly still,

After around ten or so minutes, the sound gradually died down.

“Okay, open the furnace now.”

“No way, it’s over just like that? I hadn’t even figured out what was happening!”

Chu Tian nodded his head; as long as the formula was correct, it was stable, efficient and the failure rate was almost zero. The Super Alchemy Array was just this magical!

Stabilized by the wisdom of many tens of thousands of years, and with the magic supercomputer as the driving force, this at last gave birth to this great knowledge. Of course, the Super Alchemy Array could only mix drugs for the common materials of the five elements. Some of the more specific or rare materials currently had no unified way to use a single alchemy array to encapsulate them.

Chu Tian took out a pale golden pill: “You see, this is called Lianqi pill, and it is one of the best medicinal pills for the realm of Body Refinement. It greatly improves a cultivator in the Body Refinement realm’s elemental energy.”

Meng Ying YIng hurriedly asked: “How strong is the pill’s effect?”

“Let’s just say it like this, with only one Lianqi pill, no matter how bad your natural constitution is you can still become a cultivator at level one or two of Body Refinement. For cultivators already in the Body Refinement realm, this can also massively increase the strength of their elemental energy. The most important thing is that this pill has no side effects.”

Throughout the land, there are many pills that can increase cultivation levels, however, most of them come with side effects. Like trying to help a shoot grow by pulling it up, it will only do harm. The pills that can actually help boost cultivation without side effects are expensive to make not to mention there is no supply for them at all. They are held by a only a few powers and are kept extremely secret, and would never be spread.

Meng Ying Ying did not know that it was possible for her to make such a precious pill!

Meng Ying Ying became energetic and immediately made a second pill.

“We’ll each take one!”

Both of them swallowed the pill at the same time.

Chu Tian sat cross-legged, he felt an intense heat in his abdomen, a surge of pure magic energy expanding to all four limbs and then slowly seeping into various veins and arteries. Body Refinement Realm is the first realm a cultivator reaches. When magic power fills each vein and arteries of the cultivator, that is the point when they have crossed into the Body Refinement realm.

From there on, every time their magic power gets stronger, their body, power and speed is also enhanced, thus becoming stronger and stronger.

After the blood vessels had been cleared, it immediately produced a sense of being reborn!

Chu Tian finally became a 1st rank Body Refinement cultivator!

Chu Tian did not stop there as there is still a lot of effect left from the pill. He skillfully guided energy to continue to nourish his blood vessels, further increasing his magic power and cultivation. Starting from 1st rank, going past 2nd rank, barely made it to the 3rd rank and stopped.

Only two hours!

Starting out from less than Body Refinement and jumped to 3rd rank Body Refinement!

The whole body became three time stronger. The effect was not bad and was very satisfactory. When Chu Tian opened his eyes, Meng Ying YIng also happened to finish absorbing the effect of the pill. She jumped up and gave Chu Tian a big hug!

Chu Tian felt two soft and elastic peak bears down on him with the weight of Mount Tai*. He felt his blood boiling and could not help but to lean forward to cope a feel. Wonder what this missy ate as she grew up to grow something this big. Her size at this young of age is enough to make countless mature woman feel inferior.

*EN: I want to see this Mount Tai, here’s hoping I have eyes

“Wow! Am I dreaming now?”

“Peak 4th rank, my cultivation is at peak 4th rank!”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! ”

“If JieJie knows, she will be truly happy for me!”

One small pill is equal to Meng Ying Ying cultivating three or four years!

Meng Ying Ying had dreamed of becoming 3rd rank Body Refinement, because once she becomes of the 3rd rank Body Refinement, she can become an official disciple. However, no matter how hard she tries, she was stuck at the peak of the 2nd rank, and could only unwillingly become a disciple in name.

How could she not be happy?!

She has now made it to peak of the 4th rank in a single jump!

Her cultivation was no longer any lower than Han Shao Long!

Chu Tian really did not lie. The Lianqi pill is certainly very useful. Not only was the effect immediate, there was no side effects. This was ten times better than the best pill she knew of!

The value of this pill is even more shocking, as the value of the pill far surpassed the cost of production. Even if you were to auction it off for a few thousand gold, there would still be plenty of people competing for it. If this was controlled by a major force or clan, not only would their overall strength be improved, they would also become very wealthy.

“Don’t make such a big fuss over the little stuff, lets go.”

“This must be brought back.” Meng Ying Ying hurried to pick up the furnace and carefully embraced it: “We can’t let others get stuff for free!”

Chu Tian nodded. The furnace itself was worthless, but the array inside it was a whole other story. It was enough to shake the world, leading to bloody conflicts and dragging Chu Tian into the ordeal as well. The array simply couldn’t end up in other people’s hands!


The eastern sky was already bright.

The two had stayed at the alchemy room for more than four hours.

When they stepped outside, it was already morning.

“Ah!” Meng Ying Ying suddenly became dumbfounded: “We are finished!”

Chu Tian wondered: “What is with the big reaction?”

Meng Ying YIng said restlessly: “If JieJie finds out that I stayed out all night, she is going to beat my butt!”

Meng Qing Wu has strict discipline. Her biggest taboo is staying out all night. Right now, I don’t know if JieJie has found out. No matter what, I should go back and apologize and then explain to her. For all the benefits last night, I hope JieJie will be understanding.

You must know that even though Meng Qing Wu appears gentle, dignified and placid, in reality however she becomes like a bolt of thunder when angry. Just thinking about it is scary!

Meng Ying Ying felt a bit guilty: “Let’s hurry and go!”

Suddenly, a sharp roar assaulted her from afar!


Meng Ying Ying’s reflexes were greatly enhanced after becoming peak forth rank Body Refinement. A sharp wolf teeth arrow shot straight towards Chu Tian —— Not good, someone wants to kill Chu Tian!

Chu Tian’s strength was greatly improved, and with hyperfocus, he calmly stepped away and dodged the arrow. The arrow mercilessly embed itself into a store’s wooden door, leaving the arrow’s fletching still shaking.

If he was half a second late, then the arrow would have pierced his heart!

Protected by two sturdy mercenary guards, a youth in white clothes holding a bow walked forward. The youth was around fifteen or sixteen years old, dressed very flamboyantly and carrying an arrogant face. A fatty with a face full of bandages followed closely behind him. If this isn’t the Ye Clan housekeeper, who else can it be?

Meng Ying Ying furiously said: “Shooting someone middle of the market, this behavior is too villainous, are you not afraid of public anger?”

“In this place, who does not know young master myself and dare to speak up? You have to be aware of the owner of the dog you beat up, since you beat up my people, then you must prepare to bear young master’s anger!”

The youth in glossy white clothes slowly walks over. When he saw Meng Ying Ying, he was slightly startled, but soon turned into disdain.

“I wondered who has such a big voice, it turns out to be Meng clan’s misses trash! Whoever that young master wants to kill, a vase like yourself have no right to interfere. Unless this is a lover that you bought?”

Meng Ying YIng’s face became bright red: “Nonsense, I am not something useless!”

Every word Ye Feng said was malicious, and he continued to provoke: “I feel sorry for Meng Qing Wu. To try and get Zhang Li Qing as a backing, she put you under his tutelage. After four years, your cultivation is low, not educated, you have bad grades, and no achievements. Oh, also news spread that you been expelled? If I were you, I would just kill myself. Who would still have face to come out and continue to embarrass themselves?”

Ye Feng is only fifteen or sixteen years old but had already reached the peak 3rd rank Body Refinement cultivation. He is one of the successors for the alchemist association and a widely admitted prodigy of Tian Nan city!

Meng Ying Ying was like a ugly duckling in comparison.

Of course, that is the Meng Ying Ying from before. Meng Ying Ying now has 4th rank Body Refinement cultivation!

Even though those words hit her where it hurts and her mood is low, she continued to defend Chu Tian: “Say whatever you want, I don’t care. Chu Tian is a friend of our family, if you dare to hurt him, my sister will not let you off. If you have what it takes, come and try!”
Ye Feng burst out in laughter: “Ha ha ha, similar people really do group up together. A big man requires the women to save himself, calling you trash is too flattering, simply less than trash. If that is how it is, I don’t even have do this myself”

The housekeeper was not able to reconcile: “Young master, are we letting them go just like that?”

Ye Feng showed a contemptuous expression: “To personally make a move against such a useless pair, would that not degrade us?”

The two mercenaries surrounding Ye Feng were both elites, with the cultivation of about the sixth rank of the Realm of Body Refinementwith the cultivation of about the sixth level of the Realm of Body Refinement. A wise man knows when to retreat, finding another day to take back losses was not late.

Meng Ying Ying pulled Chu Tian: “Hmph, don’t listen to them, let’s go!”

At that time, the two mercenaries blocked them.

When Meng Ying Ying saw the big and tall mercenaries, she revealed a small bit of a scared expression, both scared and furious: “What do you mean by this?”

“Though I said that I won’t kill you, I did not say I would just let this go.” Ye Feng said in a bantering tone: “You guys did something wrong so you need pay the price. Now, kneel three times and bow nine times and sincerely apologize to our housekeeper, then this young master will be generous and let it slide!”

“Thank you young master!” The housekeeper revealed a joyful expression and stood tall: “Go kneel, I will accept your apology!”

“Us apologizing to your lackey!?” Meng Ying Ying was both sad and angry from being bullied, bitterly said: “Don’t you feel you are going too far?”

“Going too far? No no no! Trash should the awareness of being a trash!” Ye Feng lightly patted his snow white robe, “In this land, the strong are respected, whoever has the hardest fist is justice. I already took a very kind approach by not killing you, you should be grateful, because those that do not know how to distinguish between good and bad will often find it hard to acquire a peaceful end.”

Chu Tian burst out in laughter, as if he had just heard the world’s funniest joke.

Ye Feng’s face became gloomy: “Did I say anything funny?”

Chu Tian said: “You opened your mouth with trash, closed your mouth with trash, so I’m really very curious, where does your feeling of superiority come from?”
The housekeeper stood out and said: “Our young master is the greatest genius alchemist in the whole Tian Nan city! His teacher is the head of Tian Nan city’s Alchemist Association, master Li Chang Yun! How can you country bumpkin even dare to question?”

Chu Tian bursts out into laughter again: “Your skill is less than a child playing with mud balls. And that whatever Master Li Chang Yun? Everyone calls themselves master these days, I don’t think he is good enough to even be my handyman!”

His remark shocked everyone!

What kind of figure is Li Chang Yun?

He is the head of Tian Nan city’s Alchemist Association!

He is Tian Nan city’s authority on the medicine realm!

Does the reckless Chu Tian want to anger both the master and disciple?

“Slow down and don’t bite.” Chu Tian saw that Ye Feng was about to explode, immediately interrupts by saying something just as shocking: “If you guys don’t agree, then let’s have a match fair and square. Let’s compete in your field of expertise of alchemy, then we will see who is the real trash!”

Ye Feng has been immersed in a genius’s aura since little. With such high self esteem and ego, how could he bear such provocations?

“You are bringing disgrace upon yourself!”

“Just answer, do you accept?”

Ye Feng cynically said: “I understand, this young master is Tian Nan city’s most dazzling genius alchemist. You challenge this young master, young master winning is only natural, and even though you can’t win, but because you challenged me, you will receive fame. I have seen plenty of these small tricks.”

God Damn it!

This guy is just too disgusting!

Meng Ying Ying felt as if she was about to throw up last night’s dinner.

“If you guys want to disgrace yourself, then I will be happy to help you with that, but…” Ye Feng’s tone became eerie, “There is too many Tom, Dick and Harry like you in the city that wants to challenge me. How would I find time if everyone wants to challenge me?”

Chu Tian laughed happily: “How do you want to play? I will happily receive!”

Ye Feng took out a crystal card: “This card could be used to withdraw 5000 gold from any bank, I will use 5000 gold as a bet. I know you guys don’t have so much money, so if I win, I want Meng Ying Ying to become my sex slave and you will become my minion!”

“Don’t you dare look down on people!” Meng Ying Ying immediately flew into a rage at the humiliation and decided to fight it out,”I as the second young miss of the Meng family will agree to sign your contract, if you can win, take this promissory note and go to Nan Yun Chamber of Commerce to get the money! ”

Ye Feng didn’t expect Meng Ying Ying to have this kind of boldness: “Good good good, since you guys wholeheartedly brought five thousand gold coins to pay learning fees, this young master will generously teach you well…!”

5000 gold coins were enough to plunge the already sinking Nan Yun Commerce deeper in the quagmire.

This was truly a shocking gamble!

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