MT Chapter 157


Chapter 157: A shocking fight

The three great family heads all stood up.


Who is this bastard?

He actually dares to be this arrogant!


The Feng Family had been in Central State City for tens of years, but they had never trained a decent genius.  This time there was finally one person that had appeared in this competition and although it made the three great families lose a bit of face, they would still owe the three great families a favour in the end!

What did this young man count for?

Just a trivial nameless rogue cultivator.

Not to mention the fact that it was impossible for him to have this kind of strength.   Even if he did have this kind of strength, when facing the three great families, wasn’t trampling on their reputation like this simply seeking death!

Of course the one that was the most enraged was the Central State City mayor Feng Yunlong!

The mayor had spent quite a bit of effort to give his son Feng Qingyun this opportunity.  He had even taken advantage of his little brother’s position as the Central State Academy’s principal to forcefully change the rules for this great summit!

Feng Qingyun had left to cultivate at the age of ten and obtained this ancient wind attributed cultivation technique at the age of fifteen.  This year, he was seventeen and he had already reached the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer.  Reaching this kind of stage at his age, even the imperial city did not have many talents that could match this!

Feng Qingyun had the opportunity to break through to the 4th Awakened Soul Layer before he was twenty years old and becoming a strong Illustrious Soul Expert.  At that time, other then Chu Xinghe being able to fight with him, there would be no one else in Central State City that could match Feng Qingyun!

The Great Games was the stage that the mayor had prepared for Feng Qingyun.

What was the current situation?  This rogue cultivator had appeared halfway and not only was he around the same age as Feng Qingyun, he had stopped Feng Qingyun’s momentum with a lower cultivation base.

He had a strong source spirit!

He had opened the Mind’s Eye that countless cultivators dreamed of!

His sword art was not inferior to the Chu Family’s and even had a stronger attack strength!

The shock caused by his one move had even surpassed what Feng Qingyun caused!

Feng Qingyun’s chance had been completely stolen away?  How could the mayor not be enraged?

Yun Tianhe’s heart was also filled with shock, he truly was worth of being someone that had allowed his grandson Yun Xiao to be reborn in just three days!  His sword source spirit was not only strong, it even contained an ancient aura.  It was not inferior to Nangong Yun’s God Level Source Spirit and contained a talent for increasing attack power.

Just with this source spirit, Chu Tian’s battle strength could be increased by several times!

He could use this to instantly kill same level experts and it wouldn’t be strange if he had the ability to fight higher level experts!  Chu Tian had opened the Mind’s Eye that cultivators dreamed off.  He could see through an enemy’s cultivation and power, giving him the chance to win easily!

This was truly a miraculous young man!

Feng Qingyun’s face turned dark and a dense killing intent slowly filled the air.  The air around him began to fluctuate.

“Don’t think that you can suppress me just with your Mind’s Eye!  Now I’ll show you my true strength!”

Feng Qingyun was like a drop of ink entering water as he, instantly disappearing, turning into blue coloured energy.  Several blades formed from wind shot at Chu Tian.

Too fast!

Feng Qingyun’s movement was very incredible!

He could change positions several times every second!

It was hard to track and hard to attack!

His sword source spirit released a destructive might and gently holding the Netherworld Sword, a purple and black coloured sword qi was sent forward.  The wind blades coming from all different directions were sliced apart.

After Feng Qingyun finished condensing his power, he let out a long angry roar and just like the wild wind’s roar, his source spirit once again sent out a flurry of wind attributed spirit energy.  The air current mixed together and formed a high tornado.

A blue tornado.

Formed from pure wind attributed spirit energy.

Countless little wind blades grouped together to form a terrifying meat grinder.  Wherever it went, it would be completely invincible!

The ancient cultivation technique Feng Qingyun practiced was not an assassination technique.  Although it could hide the user and form illusory figures, those were only supplementary effects.  This cultivation technique’s true strength was its incredible speed and its invincible destructive might!

Feng Qingyun had already disappeared!

Feng Qingyun was hidden in the large tornado, using the thick wind attributed spirit energy to block the spiritual sense locking onto him.  With Chu Tian’s current strength, he had no way of penetrating into the tornado and locking onto Feng Qingyun’s exact location.

If he couldn’t find his location.

Could he even still fight the enemy?

“I want you to die!”

As soon as Feng Qingyun’s voice rang out, the large tornado disappeared and transformed into ten thousand blue wind blades shooting at Chu Tian.

Chu Tian dodged to the side and the countless wind blades fell like a storm where he had just stood, creating a hole in the stage.  Then the wind converged once again and formed another giant tornado in the center of the stage.

Too powerful!

Most of the audience could not understand what they saw.

The tornado turned into a blue stream, moving from one position to the other, shooting out instantly.  The destructive might displayed by this process was incredibly terrifying.

Actually the tornado was formed from the spirit energy of Feng Qingyun’s source spirit, and therefore, it had to surround Feng Qingyun’s body.  Following Feng Qingyun’s strange movement technique, it was actually very quick.  Sweeping away ten thousand soldiers, breaking apart armies, it seemed like it was completely invincible!

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!  Show me how you’ll break through my move!”

The young man’s simple grey robe was fluttering in the wild wind, but his face was as calm as water.  His star like black eyes reflected the tornado and his lips curled into a faint smile.  Calm and collected, like everything was under his control.

“Now die!”

Feng Qingyun launched another attack!

The young man gently swung his ice-like blade in a horizontal line and one could only see traces of blue and white Netherworld Ghost Flames being released.  The flames instantly spread across Chu Tian’s body, and he disappeared without a trace.

Feng Qingyun was gone.

Chu Tian had also disappeared!

Both of them had disappeared at the same time!

Feng Qingyun could not find a target, but he still gave a cold laugh, “You think I can’t deal with you if you hide?”

The blue tornado began to spin faster and a terrifying attractive power was released as if it would swallow up everything.  Countless wind blades was released with terrifying cutting strength, covering a large area.  Wherever it was released, nothing stood in its way and nothing was left whole!

Chu Wufeng, Luo Jinshi, and Ye Hen’s faces all fell.

They had to withdraw or else they would be caught up in the attack!

“Netherworld Flickering Flame Slash!”

At this moment, a streak of burning sword glow slashed through the storm!

“It’s no use, you can’t get past my defences!  It is impossible for you to slash me!”

Feng Qingyun was very confident.  Merging with the tornado, he could appear with the tornado wherever he went!

When the flaming sword glow hit the blue tornado, it was like a match being thrown in.  The wind blades meeting this flaming sword glow head on were absorbed by the blue and white flames, making the flame burn stronger!


Feng Qingyun didn’t even have the chance to be shocked.

Another flaming sword glow came from another side.  Once again cutting through the tornado and sending another mass of Netherworld Ghost Flames in.

The third slash!

The fourth slash!

The fifth slash!


Chu Tian was just too quick!

Dozens of flaming sword glows were sent out, completely surrounding the blue tornado.  They were slowly nibbling away at the tornado, actually controlling it.

The blue and white flames were constantly being sent into the tornado and being ignited with the wind essence spirit energy, burning even brighter and bigger.  In just a few minutes, the entire tornado had been turned into half flame and half wind!

If that terrifying ghost flame continued to burn, the entire tornado would be turned into flames!

Fire suppressed wind!

Wind helped fire grow!

The faster Feng Qingyun’s spirit energy moved, the faster the Netherworld Ghost Flame would grow!

This sent Feng Qingyun into chaos.  Standing in the center of the tornado, he could not control his own strength.  He was surrounded by this cold and terrifying blue ghost flame and the terrifying strength slowly came closer to him.


“Damn!  Damn!”

Feng Qingyun roared out with rage.

The mayor Feng Yunlong angrily stood up.  He was in a rage as he looked at the tornado that was just like a burning powder keg.  The Divine Wind Marquis sat up in his chair while rubbing his chin, he had an interested look on his face.

The various large families were all shocked by Chu Tian’s strange sword skills!

This rogue cultivator used a sword technique that no one had heard of or seen before.  Only seeing the sword glow appear from thin air, it was as if it were coming from the Netherworld, but each one held terrifying strength.  This was a kind of continuous attack assassination cultivation technique that had never been heard of before!

When Chu Tian had been in the 1st Awakened Soul Layer, he had used the «Netherworld Flame Sword»’s “Flickering Flame Slash” to defeat Chu Tongwen at the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer!

Now Chu Tian was already in the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer!

The «Netherworld Flame Sword»’s cultivation realm had increased and had gotten much stronger.  Using the Mind’s Eye with it, each strike would accurately hit its target.  Before Feng Qingyun could even react, the entire tornado was set on fire!

After a few dozen slashes.

It had gone past the point of return!

“Ah!  Ah!”

Feng Qingyun’s angry shouts turned into painful wails as he was caught in a trap that he made.  He had released all his spirit energy, but he never thought that it would be completely absorbed by the Netherworld Flame.  Now that he was completely surrounded by the Netherworld Flame, how could he still be safe?

When Chu Wufeng, Luo Jinshi, and Ye Hen saw this, their faces all turned serious!

This rogue cultivator had such a strong sword art!

This was a completely unpredictable sword art.  The three of them were currently wondering if they could even block it!

“Let’s go together!”

Right now, they had no time to worry about having face anymore.  If they didn’t work together to fight him and instead fought alone, there was no way for them to go against this rogue cultivator!

They would rather lose their honor than lose this match!

Ye Hen’s attack largely disregarded distance, so he was the fastest to launch an attack.  As soon as Chu Tian released his attack, revealing himself, Ye Hen suddenly launched a sneak attack and a ripple of spiritual power came from his eyes.

Chu Tian felt a burst of dizziness in his brain.

The world began to sink into darkness.

His hands and feet were tied to a bloody frame and Ye Hen was standing not far away.  He had a whip in his hand and there was a variety of torture tools floating around him.

“Hum, hum, hum, no matter how strange your sword technique is, in front of me, you only have the choice of dying!”

“You can only blame yourself for being too arrogant!”

Ye Hen walked over with a happy expression on his face.

“I am the only master of this spiritual illusory world.  A single second outside is several hours in here, I have more than enough time to make you suffer!  You can’t ask to live, but you can ask for death!  I will completely break your spirit!”

The spiritual world had a different rate of time flow compared to the real world.

Ye Hen could make a person suffer in this spiritual world for several hours, but when they returned outside, only a second would pass.  There was no way for normal defensive cultivation techniques to stop this kind of terrifying spiritual attack.  This was also the place that Ye Hen was the most proud of.

Out of the Ye Family’s third generation.

The Heavenly Wolf Young Master Ye Tianlang had made a fool of himself in South Sky City!

This allowed Ye Hen to see an opportunity.  His talent could not compare to his cousin Ye Tianlang’s, but now that Ye Tianlang had ruined his reputation, this competition was his opportunity to raise his position!

This rogue cultivator was truly strong, even Feng Qingyun was defeated by him.

Now if he defeated this fellow in one fell swoop, Ye Tianlang’s reputation would soar.  He would become the top character out of the Ye Family’s third generation!

Ye Hen revealed a fiendish grin as he said, “Accept your punishment!”

“This kind of low level spiritual illusion technique can only be used on a country bumpkin that has never seen the world before.”  The shackles that held his hand and feet broke apart and the bloody frame was reduced to ashes. “You thought you could deal with me?”

Chu Tian landed on the floor and stretched his body.

“You want to use an illusion technique on me?  You’re too lacking for this!”

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