MT Chapter 171


Chapter 171: Escaping in a secret passage

The countless cyclopes were wearing iron apron armours as they transported large blocks of stone and wood around.  There were some smashing rocks and some cutting wood, the iron hammers in their hands rang out and it was very bustling.  They had not noticed the hidden intruders that had infiltrated the hall at all.

The dim copper lamps and the Starlight Stones on the tall tower were enough to light up the entire hall.

There were quite a few labourers here.  It would be hard to fight them, so they had to secretly take the Starlight Stones.

The little fox looked at Chu Tian and volunteered.


Chu Tian half believed in it, “Are you sure?”

The little fox proudly raised its head.  For a smart fox like it, this was a piece of cake!  After that, its sparkling eyes flashed a few times and it rubbed its claws together a few times.  It used a finger to point at its mouth and his face revealed a look of anticipation.

Nangong Yun could not understand this at all, “What is it saying?”

“This fellow is running out of things to eat, so if he helps us with this, he wants us to refill his stocks.”

It was discussing conditions with its master?

This little fox’s intelligence was incredible!

“You can relax!”  Chu Tian rubbed the little fellow’s furry head, “When have I ever mistreated you!”

The little fox rolled his eyes in a human like way.

Yun Xiao said from the side, “Boss, you normally aren’t that great to it at all.”

“Bullshit!”  Chu Tian turned around to hit his head, “You think this little thing is something good?  Father’s savings has almost been completely eaten by it”

He had brought a large quantity of corpse cores back from the ten thousand ancient corpse tomb, and what was the result?  There was nothing left!

There were corpse cores of thousand year old Corpse Monsters, which were existences surpassing the Awakened Soul Realm.  The corpse core of a Corpse Monster would be incredibly valuable and other than the ones he used to trade with the Flame Ghost brothers, the rest had all entered this little fellow’s stomach.

Who knew what kind of species this fellow belonged to.

Everything went into its mouth, not knowing anything other than eating!

Chu Tian knocked down on the little fox’s head, “Go already!”

The little fox whined twice before suddenly jumping out and turning into a mass of mist, disappearing from Chu Tian’s hand.

It instantly appeared a hundred meters away, falling onto the ground.  Jumping up once again, it turned into grey mist and moved another hundred meters.

Yun Yao and the others were all shocked, “It’s an instant movement technique!  Its battle strength is not that high, but its movement techniques are so powerful!”

The little fox did have its uses.

Even Chu Tian did not fully understand it.

The little fox’s battle strength was close to zero and other than being able to secretly spitting out a needle, it had no battle value, but the little fox had a strong sensing ability.  Many things that Chu Tian could not sense, the little fox could discover them.  Other than that, although the little fox was born from yin energy, it was still the mortal enemy of evil spirits and demons.  When fighting demonic cultivators, its demon restraining abilities were quite useful to Chu Tian.

The little fox poked out at the big cyclops labourer’s single eye.

The labourer was carrying some iron and did not expect to encounter this kind of sneak attack.  When he unconsciously went to protect his eye, the iron block fell onto his foot.  Giving a painful cry as he jumped up and down, it seemed like he was performing a funny dance.

The second one, the third one, the fourth one……

The little fox always aimed for the eye, and in a short period of time, it had already angered several cyclopes.  Every one of them had suffered in some way and they were all roaring.

“Ao, ao, ao!”

How could these violent cyclopes tolerate this arrogant little fellow?  They all put down what they were holding and angrily chased after it.  The little fox saw that this situation was bad and began to run away.

In the end.

Several hundred giant and bulky human figures formed a long line with giant hammers and large blades.  Their killing intent spilled out as they chased after this little fox that was around the size of a rabbit.

The little fox ran as it waved at Chu Tian with its claw.

“The cyclopes have been led away!”

“Let’s go!”

Chu Tian jumped onto the tall tower with the Starlight Stones.  Not bad, there were six-seven pieces.  Everything moved incredibly smoothly, they had never thought it would be this easy.  They had to move fast!

At this moment, an angry roar sounded.

Their expressions all changed, “What’s wrong?  Did one escape from the net!”

From behind the tower, two cold and sinister glows appeared.  Nangong Yun and Chu Tian dodged out of the way and two holes were made on the ground.

Two cyclopes who were different from the others charged out.  They were bulkier with thick armour equipped.  They even had stronger weapons, both wielding a wolf fang falling star hammer!

Yun Xiao knit his brows together and said, “Such a strong aura!  They should be in the Illustrious Soul Realm!  Their realm should be even higher than me by a bit!”


Their skin began to turn red as if they were using a kind of wild cultivation technique.  Their right foot stomped down creating a hole in the ground and they turned into shadows as they charged out.  Their speed did not match their bulky builds at all!

“So fast!  We can’t run away!”

Yun Yao’s Thunder Spirit Bead began to shine as lightning surged out around her.  When the cyclops met that lightning, it looked like it had just been blown up.  Chu Tian had just raised his sword, but a falling star hammer fell at him.

That falling star hammer was also covered in a red glow and it was like a heavy bomb as it exploded out at Chu Tian.


The air itself trembled!

Before the falling star hammer even hit Chu Tian, a visible shockwave sent him flying.  Not to mention others, even Yun Yao at the 4th Awakened Soul Layer would not have been able to defend against this.

The Netherworld Sword absorbed a portion of this, but the majority still flowed through!

Chu Tian’s starlight barrier was cracked and he felt several bones breaking.  He was sent several meters away and was placed in a very bad situation!

“Don’t worry about it!”

“I won’t die!  You guys be careful!”  Chu Tian held his chest as he stood up, “They use shockwave attacks!  Yun Yao, use the Thunder Spirit Bead to keep them ten meters away from us!  Do not let an attack hit you within three meters!  You’ll be finished if you get hit!”

With the might the cyclopes possessed, they would be able to instantly kill anyone here.  Chu Tian was lucky enough to avoid being hit head on, otherwise he would have been sent out of the trial tower.

“You guys help me!”

Yun Yao had the highest cultivation and the greatest strength.  For this kind of monster at the Illustrious Soul Realm, of course they still needed her to make a move, otherwise even if it were Nangong Yun, they would still be unable to stop them.  Nangong Yun and Chu Tian could fight enemies at the 4th Awakened Soul Layer and even if they were strong, they still had the confidence to put up a fight.

As for the 4th and 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, it was only a single level but it was actually the difference between heaven and earth!


Yun Yao summoned ten thousand bolts of purple lightning.  When one cyclops raised its falling star hammer and prepared to attack the others, Yun Yao threw the Thunder Spirit Bead into the air and struck it with a palm.  This precious gem was filled with powerful lightning and was like a meteor as it shot out.


The Thunder Spirit Bead and the falling star hammer collided.

Purple lightning followed the contour of the falling star hammer and was transmitted to the cyclops.  The terrifying lightning flowed forth and the cyclops was sent flying, landing several meters away.

Yun Yao’s cultivation innate talent was not weak and she has been trained by the Yun Family.  She would rarely find a match in the same level and with the Thunder Spirit Bead’s strength, this one attack was enough to heavily injure the cyclops.

The other cyclops prepared to attack.

Lin Mu and Fan Hang attacked at the same time.  One summoned roots to trap the cyclops’ foot, and the other summoned a cold current to try to freeze the cyclops.  Although they had strong cultivation bases, they could not possibly control it, but they could still restrain it for a bit.

Nangong Yun seized this chance to kick the cyclops’ armour to pieces, and he was sent flying like a rubber ball.  Yun Yao took this opportunity to call back the Thunder Spirit Bead and concentrate her strength once again.  She then turned around to attack the other cyclops.

Another cyclops was sent to the ground.

Instantly, the two cyclopes were both heavily injured!

The cyclopes attack power was very strong, but they had weak defenses.  The Thunder Spirit Bead was a Soul Contracting Weapon like the Netherworld Sword and in the Purple Lightning Young Master Yun Yao’s hand, its power was increased.  With two heavy attacks, their battle strength was greatly diminished!


They took advantage of this chance and finally killed these two strong monsters.

Chu Tian supported himself with his sword and took out a jade bottle from his chest.  After drinking half of the Life Essence Water, his wound quickly healed and no longer bothered him.

“We’ve received a prompt from the trial jade token.  These monsters are known as labourer supervisors and should be the leaders of the labourers!”

“Is that so?  God damn, no wonder they’re so strong!  Father’s waist was almost shattered by them!”

After the two labourer supervisors disappeared, they left behind a scroll and some loot!  They all looked over and found it was a map.

“It’s a map of the giant’s labyrinth!”

Everyone was excited!

The entire layout of the giant’s labyrinth had been drawn and from what they could see from the map, the giant’s labyrinth was actually very complex.  There were over two hundred different pathways, each one having branching paths.  There were even several palaces marked out.  The entire layout had been clearly drawn on the map!

Nangong Yun took it and looked over it, “What words are these?  I can’t understand them at all!”

“A map?  Give it to me!”  Chu Tian took it and looked it over, “These are ancient Heaven Race characters, an uncultured person like you will not be able to understand them!”

If anyone else said that Nangong Yun was uncultured, they would have received a fist to the face already, but if it were Chu Tian saying it, then she was not angry at all, “What is the Heaven Race?”

“It is a very ancient race.  When the Heaven Race ruled the continent, there were no traces of elves, not to mention spirit beasts.  As for the humans, I think they were still in some desolate mountain caves dancing around bonfires.”

The Heaven Race is a legendary race.  It was said that its members were descendants from the great ancient era and were survivors of when the great ancient continent broke apart.  They possessed inheritances from the great ancient era, but most of it was not passed down, which was a great shame!

“You’re saying that this trial tower has connections with the Heaven Race.”

“Not necessarily.  The Heaven Race is too ancient and not many things from that era would last this long.  This trial tower is to train young people and to the Heaven Race, this wouldn’t be considered a high level trial.  It could be that some other race dug up a part of the Heaven Race trial tower as well as a diagram of this low level trial and restored it with a large amount of work and resources.”

“None of this is important!”  Nangong Yun asked, “Look at the map!  Which way is safe to go?  We have been in this tower for around two-three hours and the monsters will begin to increase in strength!  If it’s like this, we won’t even be able to kill the labourers!”

She was right.

While Chu Tian was carefully looking at the map, angry roars came from the passageway!

“What is that fellow doing, coming back so quickly?  We still haven’t taken the stones out yet!”

Yun Xiao looked around them and was instantly shocked, “Damn, this palace is actually a dead end!  We will definitely be discovered!”

The little fox charged into the main hall, being fiercely pursued!

This was strange.  These were just labourers, so wasn’t it easy to deal with them?  Why would it be in such distress!  When the seven of them looked over, they revealed shocked expressions!

The several hundred labourers had all changed their appearances.  They were only wearing aprons before, but now they were covered in leather armour wielding shields and bows, making them look like a proper army!  There were falling star hammers, pumpkin hammers, large blades, long spears, and bows all aimed at the little fox, creating explosions of dirt all around it.  If it weren’t for the fact that the little face was so fast, it would have been destroyed already!


They all turned into supervisors?!

These guys were still labourers a few minutes ago, but after being dragged out by the little fox on a chase, they had all turned into supervisors!  Isn’t this being promoted too quickly?  If they are all being promoted, then who would be left to do work?  How can all of the labourers become managers!  This is not a good concept!

Chu Tian did not have time to question the theory of evolution of the trial designer.  With four-five hundred labourers turning into supervisors and all of them charging at them now, the two they met already were already that strong, so how could they even fight them!

The palace only had a single exit!

There was nowhere for them to run!

“Wait a minute!”  Chu Tian found their current position on the map and immediately noticed something, “At the back of this hall, there is a pathway marked with a dotted line.  Dotted line……why isn’t it a solid line?  That means it could be a hidden passage!  Quickly, find it!”

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