MT Chapter 249


Chapter 249: Vaccine

They couldn’t see it, but this old man was quite rich!  He did not even blink an eye at paying five hundred million, he was probably even richer than the Eight Marquises.  I should have asked for one billion, ah what a pity!

“If we can save Qing State’s problem with five hundred million, how could the Qing State marquis manner not take out this money.”  Mu Xuan clenched his teeth as if he was prepared to make this sacrifice, “But how will I know that you’re not lying to me?”

You still don’t believe my abilities?

“After idling for half a day, I have already thought of a method to dispel the Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison.”  Chu Tian took out a piece of paper from who knows where and did not even look at Mu Xuan before giving it to Mister Qiu, “What does Mister Qiu think of this?”


Without a laboratory.

Without any experimenting.

He found the cure in just half a day?

Isn’t this nonsense?  If the Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison was so easy to solve, the Qing State scholars would all wish to kill themselves!

Mister Qiu did not believe this because he did not dare believe!

Was there really such a monster in this world?

The Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison was a complex biological poison made of microorganisms, so the tricky part wasn’t how to kill the microorganisms.  The microorganisms had strong adaptive power and could change according to different stimuluses, so a poison that worked before could not work the second time.

So, Mister Qiu decided to use poison against poison, directly poisoning off the microorganisms, finally creating an antidote.  However it was proven to be useless and unable to solve the problem of Qing State.

Chu Tian looked over their expressions.

He couldn’t blame them.  They were country hicks, so how could they have seen the world?

Not to mention a level one poison demon beast, even if it was a level three or level five demon beast, Chu Tian would still study and overcome it.  This little Snake Scorpion Beast was nothing to Chu Tian!

“All things in this world are equal.  Although the Snake Scorpion Beast is poisonous, it can’t dominate the forest, have you ever carefully thought of that before?”  Chu Tian looked at Mu Xuan with a look of disdain, “Snake Scorpion Beasts also have their natural enemies.  Having them suddenly appear in the Green Dragon Trail can only mean that another demon beast has driven them from their natural habitat!”

Mu Xuan revealed a frown.  So what?

“Humans have limited knowledge and since the wisdom of humans is not enough, why not go along with the heavens and use the knowledge from nature?  Why don’t we find the way to deal with the Snake Scorpion Beasts from their enemies?  You’ve been in Qing State for all these years and haven’t even thought of this once!”

Mister Qiu began to study what was written on the paper.

First his face was relaxed, then it became serious, before finally becoming enlightened.

Finally, Mister Qiu seemed like he was as shocked as being hit by lightning and his body could not help trembling.  His white face suddenly turned completely red, like he had seen heaven’s secrets.

A tattered piece of paper.

But it was more important than anything at this moment!

This was not just a piece of paper, it was a magical technique that could save countless people!

Mu Xuan saw this profound old scholar’s expression change several times in just a few seconds and he couldn’t help asking in a worried voice, “Mister Qiu…..Are you alright!”

Mister Qiu did not hear anything.

He waved his hand!

It cut the iron bars like an axe.

Spreading both hands!

The prison’s door was thrown a few dozen meters, falling at the end of the corridor.  Being thrown by this wild strength, it had turned into a piece of scrap iron.

Mu Xuan was stunned.  Did this old man lose his mind?

“You waste!”  Mister Qiu angrily glared at Mu Xuan, “You dare treat this honourable one like this!  If it wasn’t for the Green Wood Marquis’ face, this old man would split you in half with a single palm!

Mu Xuan almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

Did this old man really go crazy?

This well mannered and calm old man had turned into someone that had their parents killed.  Mu Xuan did not doubt that if it wasn’t for his father, then this old man really would have killed him with a single palm.

What was happening here?

Mu Xuan had never offended him and treated him with utmost respect, so why did this old man have this kind of reaction!

“Mister truly is a talent that can save the world!”  The old man went to help Chu Tian up and bowed three times to him, “This Qiu completely admits defeat!”

Chen Bingyu was a little stunned seeing this.

This old man was definitely not an ordinary character, this reaction was a little too much!

Chu Tian patted his robe and said in a calm voice, “You can see through it which means you’re not that bad.  Just ask whatever you want to ask!”

“This kind of detoxification method, this old man has never heard of it before…..”

“This is just a simple and crude way of making vaccines.”


What were vaccines!

Mu Xuan was not skilled in alchemy, but he did have a little experience in it, still he had never heard of this method before.  Could it be a new technology?  From the excited reaction of Mister Qiu, this technology was not simple.

Chu Tian used a calm voice to say, “The Snake Scorpion Beasts haven’t flooded the Green Ridge which means that they have natural enemies in the Green Ridge, and more than one kind.  These living beasts can capture and eat the Snake Scorpion Beasts without suffering from their poison which means they have antibodies against it in their bodies.  My methods are very simple.  We take blood samples from these common animals of the Green Ridge and withdraw their antibodies.  Through the use of a refining array, we will allow them to enter human bodies thus allowing one to gain resistance against the poison.”

“From the beginning of time, this old man has never heard of this technique.”  Mister Qiu was very excited, “For the alchemists of the continent, we have always used medicines to counteract poison and have never tried anything this drastic.”

“That is because you are unlearned.”  Chu Tian did not give him any face, “From what I know, the elves have created vaccines for a long time, mainly using it against biological toxins.”

Who would know about the elves!

The Southern Summer Country was just a small country!

Mister Qiu firmly believed that Chu Tian was a foreign merchant, otherwise how could he know about something like this?

This kind of method of extracting antibodies from demon beast blood and using those antibodies to create a serum for human use, for the Southern Summer Country and even the entire human race, this was a milestone discovery!

Mister Qiu said in a very excited voice, “We’ll take antibodies from Blood Spotted Lizards and that’ll decrease the effect of the Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison on our army, letting us defeat them in one fell swoop!”

“My method can make the Blood Spotted Lizard’s antibodies remain for a while, but because there are differences between the Blood Spotted Lizard’s body and a human’s body, the antibodies will weaken over time!”

“How long will they last?”

“It’ll easily last three days!”

To eliminate the Snake Scorpion Beast in three days, that was plenty of time!

Even though Mu Xuan didn’t like Chu Tian, he had no choice but to admit that this person that was around the same age as him was a true talent.

“My method has already been given to you.”  Chu Tian asked as soon as he walked out, “When can I get my money?”

“You can be assured, this old man will pay without a single copper coin missing.  This old man still has a few questions about this vaccine serum, I hope that mister will be able to answer them.”  Mister Qiu said this and then thought that Mu Xuan was in the way.  He immediately said, “Go and make the vaccine serums from the Blood Spotted Lizards, the more the better!”

Mu Xuan helplessly left.

Mister Qiu asked many difficult questions along the way.

Chu Tian was not stingy and since he asked these questions, he answered them all.  Mister Qiu became even more shocked, feeling that this person in front of him was incomparably deep.  Mister Qiu had never experienced this in his entire lifetime.

Immeasurably deep!

He was truly immeasurable deep!

When Mister Qiu was faced with this young foreign merchant, he had a feeling like he was facing the endless ocean or the vast starry skies.

When Mister Qiu was younger, he spent twenty years studying abroad.  He had even gone to an incomparably strong ancient empire.  That was an experience that Mister Qiu could never forget in his lifetime.  Those large empires’ scholars and sages, their profound knowledge had shocked Mister Qiu.

But even if he faced those scholars now, he wouldn’t have this kind of feeling anymore.

The person that had saved Qing State had asked for five hundred million gold coins, was he being greedy?  No!  Just this vaccine idea of counteracting poisons was worth ten times more than the reward given!

Mister Qiu believed that as long as they studied the source energy arrays Chu Tian left, they would be able to create many other vaccines for other beasts’ toxins.  How many people would benefit from that?  Many poisonous areas and extreme environment areas could be saved by this!

Saying that he was a world saving genius was not exaggerated at all!

What country was this person from?

Mister Qiu made several hidden attempts, but they were all ignored by Chu Tian.  Mister Qiu saw that he wanted to give up nothing and could only helplessly give up.  Right now what Mister Qiu cared about the most was naturally developing the vaccines.

Chu Tian had personally helped.  He took the blood essence from the Blood Spotted Lizard and used a refining array to extract the antibodies that could be used against the Snake Scorpion’s poison.  Of course, this could not be directly injected or it would kill someone.

Chu Tian added several anti rejection materials and refined it once more, finally creating a light yellow injection.

“Begin the live specimen test!”

Gu Qianqiu found a soldier that was poisoned and directly injected the medicine into the soldier.  In less than five minutes, the soldier came back to his senses and did not have a single side effect.

Gu Qianqiu took a blood sample to examine.

“The poison content is zero!”

“We’ve succeeded!”

“We’ve really succeeded!”

The disaster that had plagued Qing State for three months had been solved in half a day.  The Snake Scorpion Beasts were not strong and if they could stop their poison, then there was nothing to worry about!

The marquis palace began to collect materials in bulk, preparing to create the poison vaccines.

Mu Xuan was an honest person, directly taking out five hundred million gold coins.

After all, Mister Qiu was not related to Qing State and he had come to help Qing State on his own accord, so how could they make Mister Qiu suffer a financial lose for Qing State?

Chu Tian held a box of gold coin cards over his shoulder and showed them off to Chen Bingyu in a pleased manner, “Now you should trust me, right!”

Chen Bingyu was speechless.

This fellow really knew how to make money!

Chu Tian said to Chen Bingyu, “While the vaccine has not spread, in the next two-three days, we must spend all of this five hundred million in Qing State!”

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