MT Chapter 250


Chapter 250: Gold coin invasion

How rich were the Green Ridge?

Of the eight states’ resources, Qing State took up 50% of that.  Of Qing State’s resource, the Green Ridge was 80% of that.

Now that the Green Ridge’s lineline, the “Green Dragon Trail” had been closed for three months, countless merchants could not ship their resources.  If they couldn’t deliver it on time, the fees they needed to pay would make them cry themselves to death.  Not to mention the wages of their employees, their own family expenses, and the maintenance fees for the factories…..It was impossible to estimate three months of losses!

Chu Tian did not have any disadvantages as a person, he just wanted to provide charity and it did not change the fact that he wanted to help the powerless.  Now that the people of Qing State could not get their wages and the large business families were all running out of money, it was time for him to make his move.


That damn fatty Shen Yuan would play an important role here.

This was also the reason why Chu Tian kept him.

“Come out!”  Old Fifth Yu dragged the fatty with a black and blue face out, “Do you know why we let you keep your life?  It is because the chairman has given you a chance to make up for your deeds!”

The fatty was shocked and scared.

Where did these people come from?

Old Fifth Yu only seemed like a small group’s leader, but he was at the True Soul Realm, how could he fight back?  If he was slaughtered by them, he would have died in vain!

An entire box filled with gold cards was placed in front of him.

“This, this…..”  The fatty had never seen this much money before, “Masters, oh masters, what do you want me to do?”

“Stop wasting word.”  Chu Tian curled one leg over the other, “I know that many companies are selling their resource fields for low prices, this five hundred million is for you to buy them up, do you understand my meaning?”

This fatty was not stupid and knew Chu Tian wanted him to run errands for him, “However…..”

Old Fifth Yu menacingly said, “What however?”

“While the Green Ridge is rich in resources, most of that belongs to families of Qing State.  Even if the resources cannot be harvested, they will not be willing to sell.  After all, their roots are in Qing State…..”

The Qing State Families have their roots in Qing State and could not leave that easily.  Even if things were difficult or what results came, they would not sell their ancestors properties.  After all, not every was like this fatty, being able to give everything up so easily.

Then again.

How many mines could be bought with just five hundred million?

If Chu Tian bought too many resource fields, it would attract the Green Wood Marquis’ attention.  This was the prosperity of Qing State and if it was left to outsiders, how could the Green Wood Marquis not care.

Chu Tian said, “In the next three days, I want you to contact the various mines, lumber yards, and medicine fields.  I don’t care what kind of resource they produce, as long as they do, I want it!  You will not be buying them, but rather buying stocks.  You have to buy at least 20% of the stocks, do you understand?”

Only buying stocks and not buying control.

These words were quite good.

Chen Bingyu secretly said, “This Chu Tian really had a good business sense!”

The five hundred million would not be used to buy resource fields, but it would all be used on stocks!

Chu Tian’s mines already did not have enough people, so he wouldn’t be able to manage anymore.  It would be better to spread through investments.  He would leave the management to the local families and Miracle Commerce would just hold stocks.

Chu Tian was taking advantage of Qing State’s crisis to buy large amounts of stocks that would normally be very hard to buy.  The various companies and families were all suffering losses, so they needed a large injection of funds.  Chu Tian’s money would solve this problem and they could only accept being slaughtered.

The main resources of the Green Ridge would all have stocks belonging to Chu Tian and Miracle Commerce would have a large influence on the Green Dragon Valley.  These resource fields would first provide resources for Miracle Commerce and Miracle Commerce would have a strong resource channel, making up for the shortcomings of Miracle Commerce.

“I’ll leave this matter to you.”  Chu Tian gave it to Chen Bingyu, “We will aim to gather prestige and gain stocks, not seeking to gain control.  We’ll spread our influence over the entire Green Ridge!”


Chen Bingyu left according to his orders.

Chen Bingyu was a strong person and had Shen Yuan who was knowledgeable about the area, so Chu Tian was not worried.  He directly went to the marquis palace to help with the manufacturing of the vaccines.

Mister Qiu seized this once in a thousand years opportunity.

He had many issues to ask and Chu Tian answered everything.  In just these three days, Mister Qiu felt like his entire worldview had been turned upside down.

He started off asking about the vaccines before moving on to medicine growing, and finally asking about alchemy itself, even asking about arrays and other fields.  He even took out several questions that he had been working on for many years, but what made Mister Qiu shocked and filled him with despair was that these questions weren’t anything to Chu Tian.

This was too strong of a hit!

Could there be a self taught genius like this in the world?

These three days passed very quickly.

They were also Mister Qiu’s happiest three days.

The issues he had for many years know had been solved and many things that he could not think through, he had received enlightenment in.  In just three days, he learned more than his ten years of wandering around!

This was also Chu Tian’s happiest three days.

Chen Bingyu continued to send in reports of victories.

Tree farms, medicine fields, mines, and various other resource fields all had their stocks bought up at low prices.

Over a hundred different resource fields in the Green Ridge had all received Chu Tian’s money.  These stocks not only gave quality resources, they were all at a discount, which was hard to imagine.

That fatty was really skilled at cheating people.

In order to protect the fatty from being chased down by everyone, Chu Tian allowed him to become the manager of the Qing State area.  After all, he was a local of Qing State which would make many things easier for him.

Since he had gained a large success.

Then it was time to finish everything and head back.

Chu Tian’s time was very precious, so how could he keep wasting time in Qing State.  He found Mu Xuan to send out troops as soon as possible.

“Impossible, impossible!  We’ve only manufactured one thousand and five hundred so far!”  Mu Xuan shook his head and said, “It will only be enough for a team of over a thousand, so how could we deal with all those Snake Scorpion Beasts?  There aren’t enough resources on the market, so I’ve already sent people to the other markets.  When my father returns, it will take at least another month!”

One month?

Aren’t you joking!

Chu Tian wanted to curse at him.

Fine, he would help to the end!

Chu Tian confidently vowed, “Give me a team of a thousand elites and I will help you eliminate all the Snake Scorpion Beasts!”

“What nonsense is this?!  There are over three thousand Snake Scorpion Beasts!”  Mu Xuan said while spitting out saliva, “Even if the vaccine can resist the strong poison, the Snake Scorpion Beasts are all very strong, with strength at the 8th Body Refinement Layer.  A thousand people cannot take care of them.  Without at least five times that, I won’t move!  Moreover, the Qing State cavalry all follow the orders of my father and with my father, gone, how could I possibly move them?”

“That’s right, if one does not remove the root when cutting grass, there will be endless trouble!”  Mister Qiu also tired persuading Chu Tian, “Even if the Storm Cavalry was sent out, it would be hard to eliminate all the Snake Scorpion Beasts all at once.  The Green Dragon Trail is narrow and covered in Snake Scorpion tunnels, making it unfavorable for cavalry, so I’m afraid there will be heavy casualties!”

These two really were idiots!  There was no saving them!

Why wouldn’t they think that he had a way to deal with this?

“Hasn’t the successor thought of a problem?”  Chu Tian said to Mu Xuan, “The Green Wood Marquis aura is too big and if you wait until the Green Wood Marquis came back to exterminate the Snake Scorpion Beasts, the merit would go to the Green Wood Marquis and wouldn’t the successor’s actions be in vain?  Does the successor not wish to take all the credit for this?”

All the credit?!

This was not a small attraction!

“I ask the successor to be assured.  Without any confidence, I wouldn’t choose to do something.”  Chu Tian confidently said, “I have my methods and as long as you go along with my plans, it will be easy to take care of these Snake Scorpion Beasts.”

“Ah?”  Mister Qiu’s eyes lit up, “How will mister Yu deal with these Snake Scorpion Beasts?”

“The Snake Scorpion Beasts are nothing more than demon beasts with low intelligence.  If they don’t come out, can’t we just set a trap to lure them out?”

“What trap?”

“I’ve invented a beast tempting array.”  Chu Tian took out a prepared source energy array, “This can simulate auras, pheromones, or even summoning calls.  It can induce the Snake Scorpion Beasts to appear and enter the trap.”

Was there such a source energy array in this world?

When Mister Qiu saw this unprecedented source energy array, he was deeply shocked.

For mercenaries, this source energy array had an infinite value!

Mercenaries hunted demon beasts by using themselves as bait, sometimes even paying their own lives as a price.  If they could substitute that with this source energy array, how much easier would that be?

The most important thing was.

This source energy array could be used on specific things.  It could be used to pull in only a certain type of demon beast and wouldn’t draw in the other assorted demon beasts.  It would save a lot of energy on tracking down demon beasts.

Mu Xuan was still not assured, “Even if we can call out the Snake Scorpion Beast, with just a thousand cavalry, how could we eliminate them all?  Human physiques are weaker than demon beast physiques, not the mention the fact they have three times our numbers!”

“A beast tempting array is not enough!”  Chu Tian already thought of this, “I’ve been watching the weather change over the past few days and there is a large killing array that can be setup soon.  We’ll first setup the arrays and then call in the Snake Scorpion Beasts before using the other array to kill them all, then letting the troops kill the ones we missed.  We’ll easily solve this without any problems like this!”

Mister Qiu became excited hearing this.

Mu Xuan was hesitant.


“Yes or no, a single word!”  Chu Tian slapped the table, “If you choose to do it, then we’ll eliminate them all in two days and the successor will be the hero of Qing State!  If not, then father will leave Qing State tomorrow.  You can wait for the Green Wood Marquis to return and after your month of preparation, you can go and find the Snake Scorpion Beasts!”

It has already been three months.

Qing State was already filled with complaints.  Not to mention another month, the losses every day were already inestimable.  What made Mu Xuan excited was the prestige.  If he could remove himself from his father’s aura and solve Qing State’s problem alone, then his reputation would explode!

“What does Mister Qiu think?”

“I believe mister Yu.”

“Good!”  Mu Xuan clenched his fist and slammed the table, “Gather the troops!  Let’s do this!”

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