MT Chapter 251


Chapter 251: Four directional lightning array

The exit to the Green Dragon Path was a small valley.  There were no Snake Scorpion Beart tunnels here and it was very spacious, it was suitable for fighting the Snake Scorpion Beasts.  Mu Xuan led a team of elites to clean the ground, setup heavy crossbows and various traps, and etc.

Of course these were all supporting preparations.  To deal with the Snake Scorpion Beasts, they needed to rely on Chu Tian.

“Mister Qiu, this is the array diagram.”  Chu Tian brought Mister Qiu and over a hundred array masters to this area, “You have around a day to finish preparing the arrays.  You have to finish quickly, otherwise you’ll delay the plan.”

Mister Qiu opened the scroll to take a look.



He instantly sucked in a cold breath of air!

The array diagram was more complex than he imagined!

It covered an area with a radius of two hundred meters and was a giant array!

When Mister Qiu was studying abroad, he had seen some large arrays.  These were mainly used to protect mountains of sects or to protect important cities.  The array was big and it was very powerful, but the consumption was a sky high figure.

To use those city protecting arrays, they would need to use over a thousand high grade source stones.

For the value of a single high grade source stone, it would be around a million gold coins.  If the expenditure of this array was converted into gold coins, it would cost a few hundred million or even reaching a billion gold coins.  Not to mention the time and cost required into forming it.

How could Qing State possibly use this kind of large array?

A small country like Southern Summer did not have source stone stockpiles.  Source stones were the most basic material for these large arrays because the array was forever powered, if it didn’t have a strong enough energy source to activate it, then how could it produce such a powerful might?

Even the strongest person could not do such a thing!

Gu Qianqiu could not see what kind of array this was, but he found that this array was actually made from several hundred smaller arrays acting as a unit.

Chu Tian’s source energy array surpassed this era by over ten thousand years!

Whether it was a master like Yun Tianhe or an idiot like Meng Yingying, they could all see the special part of Chu Tian’s source energy array.  It did not follow the rigid rules and could be considered a work of art, being a hundred times more perfect than any of the classic arrays written in the books!

Mister Qiu thought that his knowledge was profound, but he couldn’t see through a single secret in this case.  Although he had learned from several famous array masters, not a single one could compare to this person.

Calling him an eternal genius was not even enough!

It was as if Chu Tian had already thought of the cost and turned the large array into several hundred simpler units, reducing the overall cost of the structure.  Cultivators could supply spirit energy directly, maintaining the simpler units, creating a large unit that had a larger effect.

The cost of this array arrangement was only a simple fifty million gold coins!

Compared to those mountain protecting and city protecting arrays, the cost was less than 1% in comparison.

The lowest cost and the most perfect array…..This could be called a classical work handed down through the ages!

What terrified Mister Qiu the most was how perfect the array worked with the terrain.  In other words, this was not something Chu Tian copied from somewhere else and was specially created just for this occasion.

Mister Qiu’s heart began to beat fast.

Ordinary array masters could take a whole year to not even finish a single small array, but Chu Tian could finish this large array overnight, as if he didn’t even need to think about it, like it was as simple as drinking water.  This was a miracle that had never been heard of before!

“What are you standing around stunned for?”  Chu Tian looked into the sky and suddenly frowned, “How about this?  If you can finish the array before the sun rises tomorrow, then I’ll give you that array diagram.”

“Yes!  Yes!  Yes!”

“I’ll promise to finish this task!”

Mister Qiu felt all his pores open and his eyes filled with flames.  The array diagram in his hand was a treasure!  If he took this to an appropriate buyer in a large kingdom, then this array diagram could be a considerable source of source stones!

Of course.

Being measured in terms of money was too vulgar!

The wisdom in this array was enough for Mister Qiu to study for the remainder of his life!

Who Mister Qiu was, Chu Tian was not sure, but his knowledge was not inferior to Yun Tianhe’s.  There weren’t many of these scholars in the Southern Summer Country.  With him personally leading these hundred array masters, Chu Tian had nothing to worry about.

Now he would prepare the beast luring array!

The Snake Scorpion Beasts were very sinister, usually not moving alone making them harder to capture.  For this killing plan to work, they needed a proper beast luring array!

This luring array technology was completed after five thousand years.

Actually establishing a beast luring array wasn’t that hard.  It was nothing more than an array formed from the beast’s habits and then enticing and inducing them to move over.

There were many ways of making the beast luring array.  Some used false signals  like mating calls, distress signals from comrades, or summons from their leaders.  There were also types where the aura of their natural enemies were used or the aura of prey was used to lure them in.  There were various kinds and they all had the same purpose… lure prey in!

Of course, this array was not effective against all kinds of demon beasts.

Some demon beasts with high intelligence or high insight will be able to see through this array.  Of course, it was obvious that the Snake Scorpion Beast did not belong to this category.

Chu Tian counted the time.

The Snake Scorpion Beasts haven’t appeared in several days since last time and they should be getting hungry.  They should be looking for prey over the next few days, so he would use the aura of prey to draw in the Snake Scorpion Beasts!


The next day, the sky was covered in clouds and lightning flashed in the sky, while small rain fell down.  This was not good weather, but it was suited for fighting the Snake Scorpion Beasts because the rain would stop their poison mist from spreading.

The large array had been complete.

The Qing State elites came in waves.  There was no meaning having cavalry waiting to ambush and there weren’t enough vaccines for their horses, so there were two thousand horseback archers prepared for cleanup.  Mu Xuan selected over a thousand heavy armoured troops to step into the fight.  This was the strongest Qing State heavy cavalry and their might could not be underestimated!

Mister Qiu and the other hundred array masters were in position, being able to instantly activate the large array.

Chu Tian was in charge of the large array.

Would it be useful?  Having so little people deal with all those Snake Scorpion Beasts, the army began to lack confidence.

“It’s all good!”  Chu Tian told Mu Xuan, “Have everybody inject the Snake Scorpion Beast vaccine!”

“Everyone to attention!”  Mu Xuan was covered in armour, heroically lifting up a flag, “Inject the vaccines and prepare to fight.”

The thousand heavy armour soldiers and the hundred array masters injected the vaccines and everyone felt a small reaction.  This thing did not belong in a human body and even after the anti rejection refinement, there would still be a small amount of side effects.  However, it was all in an acceptable range and would not affect their upcoming battle.

At this moment, the sky became even darker.  The sun was setting in the west and the rain became even heavier.

The Snake Scorpion Beasts would not move during the day, but now the time was here!

Chu Tian ordered, “Start the beast luring array!”

Mister Qiu personally started the source energy array and an invisible energy spread in all four directions.

“Both sides prepare yourselves!”

The heavy armour soldiers were in two groups with each side having five hundred people.  They gripped their black shields and raised their heavy blades, standing in a concealment array.  This array was also made at Chu Tian’s request.  It would mainly allow them to launch an ambush by hiding their human auras from the Snake Scorpion Beasts.

When the beast luring array was activated.

An invisible aura and the sounds of over a thousand deers crying was released into the dark valley from the beast luring array, almost spreading out across the entire Green Dragon Valley.

Si, si, si, si!

A black fog came from the dark valley.

A large and dense amount of red eyes appeared.  The Snake Scorpion Beasts haven’t hunted in a few days now, so when they felt the aura of a group of prey, they immediately poured out of the valley.

“This is bad!”

“The poison mist is coming!”

As the Snake Scorpion Beasts approached, the poison mist also drifted over and even the rain could not scatter it.

Every soldier’s heart was filled with nervousness.

Would the detox vaccine be useful?

If it expired, they would be dead!

“Everyone remain in position!”  Mu Xuan gave a low roar, “Whoever moves will be killed!”

When the poison mist reached them, everyone felt a warm disgust and their skin turned warm.  It was like all their blood veins was boiling, but they were not paralyzed at all.

This thing really worked!

Not a single person suffered from the Snake Scorpion Poison!

As for the burning sensation, they were all soldiers, so they had this bit of willpower at least!  The Snake Scorpion Beasts had harmed Qing State for so long and everyone wanted to skin these creatures.  With such a good opportunity, how could they be willing to let it go?

Good!  Good!  Good!

Mu Xuan was filled with excitement!

The Snake Scorpion Beasts did not know they had entered a human trap and they could only see the several hundred deers in front of them, running in all directions.  This stimulated the hungers of the Snake Scorpion Beasts and they ran faster to chase this “group of deers”.

The large array was like a giant pocket.

The Snake Scorpion Beasts packed their way in and instantly, the web was mostly filler.

“It’s about time.  A group of soldiers will go to the valley entrance and block off the Snake Scorpion Beasts’ escape route!”  Chu Tian stood up and shouted in a loud voice, “The array masters will activate the array and we’ll eliminate them all!!”

The array masters injected their spirit energy into the array and on the black ground, countless beams of light appeared, intertwining with each other until they formed a giant array.

The Snake Scorpion Beasts finally realized they were in danger.


Several hundred heavy armour soldiers wielding giant shields killed their way through.  The Snake Scorpion Beasts were caught off guard and were cut to pieces.  The entrance to the Green Dragon Trail was blocked and the Snake Scorpion Beasts could no longer escape.

“Four Directional Lightning Array!  Activate!”

Chu Tian raised an array flag high up and in an instant, the ground began to shake as the sounds of thunder filled the sky.  Over a hundred lightning bolts fell from the sky, falling into the array that Chu Tian had prepared.

Each small array was calling down a bolt of lightning.

Countless bolts of lightning were bouncing around in the array.  It was like they had been sealed inside and could not leak out.

Chu Tian raised the array flag and commanded the lightning like a god.  The lightning quickly turned into a lightning dragon, flying around inside of the array.  It was like a giant chain that instantly tied up several hundred Snake Scorpion Beasts.

They were torn to shreds!

With black patches all over their bodies!

How wild was the strength of the heavenly lightning?  This giant array condensed the power of that lightning and released it.  Even one of the Eight Marquises would find it hard to escape from this!

The beautiful lightning rampaged for around four-five minutes.  The Snake Scorpion Beasts fell one after the other and not a single human was harmed.

Too strong!

It was a complete slaughter!

What kind of array was this?

All the array masters and soldiers were deeply shocked by this strange technique…..Just what kind of person was the helper the successor found!

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