MT Chapter 252


Chapter 252: A large success

The Four Directional Lightning Array had the same use as the level one “Guiding Thunder Talisman” Chu Tian used in the past.

The large array itself did not have a strong killing might, but it could call lightning from the heavens.  Once the lightning entered the array, it would be absorbed by the array and with Chu Tian’s guidance, it would attack any target he chose within the array!

The Southern Summer Country was poor in source stones and it was very hard to create a large array.

Chu Tian thought of splitting the large array into parts on a whim, separating it into over a hundred different simple units.  This created a low cost killing array that was still incredibly strong!


Not to mention trivial level one demon beasts like the Snake Scorpion Beasts!

Even a level two demon beast could not block the might of lightning!

The destructive might of this array was something the Three Rulers could barely block.  Otherwise, if it were someone of the Eight Marquises level, Chu Tian was confident in killing them!

The Qing State soldiers were deeply shocked, but they were also very excited!

God damn.

This was too abnormal!

Without even making a move, just relying on the array, several hundred of the Snake Scorpion Beasts were already killed and more and more of them were being injured!

These evil Snake Scorpion Beasts had occupied the Green Dragon Trail of three months now!

Many people’s homes were destroyed by them!

Many soldiers lost their lives in the valley!

Now they were watching the Snake Scorpion Beasts being destroyed by the lightning.  This kind of relaxed feeling really made their blood boil!

Chu Tian continued to operate the lightning chains, continuously connecting even more Snake Scorpion Beasts.  This kind of wild strength in Chu Tian’s skilled hands was easily passing through Snake Scorpion Beasts one after the other.

They were instantly turned into burnt meat, being killed in waves!

When the Snake Scorpion Beasts had been half annihilated, the lightning being controlled by Chu Tian ran out of strength.  Although there were still over half of the Snake Scorpion Beasts left, they were mostly all injured.  They had been also shocked and were fleeing in all directions, not being able to fight back at all!

“This is great!”  Mu Xuan gave three loud laughs, “Those beasts can’t hold on, everyone kill with me!”

Mu Xuan pulled out his blade as he charged into the Snake Scorpion Beasts.

“Long live the successor!”

“Long live Qing State!”

The thousand heavy armour soldiers were quite strong.  Wielding their giant shields and swords, they blocked the Snake Scorpion Beasts’ path of escape as their large blades ruthlessly cut them down.

The violent poison of the Snake Scorpion Beasts had been negated and they weren’t that strong themselves.  Adding in the fact that they were attacked by the Four Directional Lightning Array, they had been completely defeated, losing all their battle strength.  How could they still block the Qing State heavy armour soldiers?


“We can’t let a single one escape!”

Mu Xuan killed several Snake Scorpion Beasts, which could have already formed a small mountain.  The Snake Scorpion Beasts repeatedly failed to break through and their numbers quickly decreased.


At the most critical moment.

A special giant Snake Scorpion Beast came out of the crowd of countless other Snake Scorpion Beasts.  This Snake Scorpion Beast was clearly different.  Not only was it two times bigger than other Snake Scorpion Beasts, it was also covered in dark gold stripes.

Snake Scorpion Beast King!

A fairly strong level two demon beast!

The Snake Scorpion Beast King raised its tail high up and a green light shot at the heavy armoured soldiers, quickly dissolving the shields of these soldiers.  It instantly killed several soldiers and tried to run through the gap.

The one who sent a sneak attack at Chen Bingyu should be this fellow.

Chu Tian had some remaining lightning in his hands, suddenly throwing at this Snake Scorpion Beast.  Who knew that this Snake Scorpion Beast would react so quickly and use its pincers to snap the lightning in half.

Chu Tian was a little surprised, this Snake Scorpion Beast King was at least in the 6th Awakened Soul Layer!”

“Kill the beasts’ leader!”

Several heavy armoured soldiers surrounded it, but all that was heard were several sounds that came from the breaking of their swords.  The Snake Scorpion Beast King was not hurt at all.  It just stretched out its giant scorpion pincers and all soldiers were snapped to pieces.

“This is bad!”

“It wants to escape!”

A cold glow flashed in Chen Bingyu’s eyes, but before she could make a move, a figure moved forward faster than her, charging out in front of the Snake Scorpion Beast King.  With a head of white hair and a grey robe, it was Mister Qiu.

“Beast, how can you escape!”  Mister Qiu gathered vigorous spirit energy in his hands and he flew out like an arrow at the Snake Scorpion Beast King, “Die!”

There was no resistance at all.

The body of the Snake Scorpion Beast King that the blades could not hurt was actually torn apart!

This old man had a really high cultivation!

Mu Xuan was also shocked.  Mister Qiu did not even release his source spirit and just used pure spirit energy to tear the Snake Scorpion Beast King in half.  Just how high was his cultivation base?

Chen Bingyu also felt this was strange.  This Mister Qiu’s cultivation was even higher than her’s and his knowledge was not inferior to Yun Tianhe.  His cultivation was comparable to that of one of the marquises, so he was definitely not an ordinary person!

The Snake Scorpion Beast King had been killed.

The Snake Scorpion Beasts all collapsed.

After a final half hour of fighting, the Snake Scorpion Beasts were all killed.  Even if they slipped through the net, they could not escape the two teams of horseback archers firing at them.

When the sun rose the next day.

The entire battlefield filled their eyes, being covered in Snake Scorpion Beast corpses.  This was a truly moving scene!

“We’ve won!”

“Qing State has won!”

The soldiers all threw their helmets into the air.

This victory was very important for Qing State!

A general in charge of surveying the battlefield came to report, “Reporting to the successor, there were a total of three thousand two hundred and fifty six Snake Scorpion Beasts that were killed!”

Mu Xuan was surprised, “How many of our casualties do we have?”

The general truthfully replied, not being able to hide his excitement, “We only had around one hundred casualties!”

Killing over three thousand Snake Scorpion Beasts and only losing one hundred soldiers, this was a magnificent campaign.  When the Green Wood Marquis personally led the troops to attack Green Dragon Trail several times, he had lost every time, leaving several tens of thousands of soldiers in the Green Dragon Trail!

Now Mu Xuan had used a thousand heavy armoured soldiers and a single night to exterminate all the Snake Scorpion Beasts while only suffering one hundred casualties.  Even if there were a few left in the Green Dragon Trail, they would not pose a threat!

When the troops returned to the city.

Qing State completely exploded.  People broke out in cheers as they all came onto the streets, personally welcoming this team that had saved Qing State!

“Long live the successor!”

“Long live the successor!”

Mu Xuan slowly led the troops forward, riding his horse while waving his hand.  He looked heroic and full of prestige.

There were several tens of thousands of Qing State citizens all shouting Mu Xuan’s name, letting Mu Xuan feel an unprecedented sense of accomplishment.  He did not need to rely on his father’s shelter anymore, he had openly won the support of the citizens of Qing State.

Mu Xuan loudly shouted, “We have swept this evil pest and solved Qing State’s troubles.  I have decided to host a celebratory feast for the soldiers who participated and the entire city will celebrate for three days!”

The officers were all excited.

With such a large merit falling on their heads, how could the not be happy?

“Yi?”  Mu Xuan looked around, “Where is mister Yu?”

“Reporting to the successor, mister Yu did not come into the city with us!”

Mu Xuan knit his brows.  What was this?

This fellow left without a sound, he really was hiding his power and name!

Mu Xuan was very critical of mister Yu, but he was very aware of his talent as well and Mu Xuan was awed by it.  After mister Yu left like this, it changed Mu Xuan’s view of him and made him admire him even more!

Mu Xuan let out a sigh of relief.

It was a good thing he wasn’t someone from the Southern Summer Country!

Otherwise with the glow of this talent, how could the other people of Southern Summer compete!


Qing State docks.

Chu Tian and Chen Bingyu were boarding their ship, preparing to leave.

“Wait a minute!”

Mister Qiu quickly ran over with a chaotic mess of hair and eyes that were completely bloodshot, “Mister is a peerless talent, how could you be satisfied with running a business?  This Qiu will recommend you to the Three Rulers, no, this old man will recommend you to the Southern Summer King.  You’ll be able to obtain heavy responsibilities in the Southern Summer Country and build a prosperous future!”

Recommendation to the Three Rulers?

Recommendation to the Southern Summer King?

Daring to say this meant that Mister Qiu had the ability to see the Three Rulers or the Southern King and he had the ability to make the Three Rulers and the Southern Summer King listen to him.  What kind of power was this?  Even the Eight Marquises did not dare talk like this!

“What small business, what big business?”  Chu Tian stood on deck with his hand on the mast, looking down at Mister Qiu on the shore, “Businesses at the peak can change the world, you’ll see it even if you don’t believe it!”

“Mister, please wait!”

“Please reconsider this!”

If this person could be kept in the Southern Summer Country, it would be a blessing for the Southern Summer Country!

Chu Tian did not appreciate this kindness at all, “This one likes his freedom and doesn’t like to be bound.  I’ll have to decline Old Qiu’s good intentions!”

“Wait a minute!”  Mister Qiu was turning around in circles in anxiety.  Even if he couldn’t keep him in the Southern Summer Country, he could at least get as much knowledge as possible.  This was a very rare opportunity, “This old Qiu has wandered the world seeking knowledge and thought of myself as knowledgeable, but after meeting mister Yu, I finally realized I was just a frog in a well.  If mister Yu does not mind, this old Qiu is willing to follow you.  Even if I am a subordinate, I would be satisfied.”

Mister Qiu’s knowledge was not below Yun Tianhe’s and if they could recruit this person, it would be a great help to the Yun Sect’s research power.  However, without knowing this person’s origins or status, Chu Tian did not dare to recruit him.

Since he would remain in the Southern Summer Country, would there be a chance they wouldn’t meet again?

It’s better to keep him hanging for now!

Chu Tian shook his head and rejected him, “Mister Qiu is already an old scholar, how can you bow so easily?”

“In terms of becoming a master, age has no meaning!” Mister Qiu sincerely expressed himself, almost bowing down to Chu Tian, “Even becoming an apprentice is fine!”

“Ha, ha, I have never taken an apprentice.  Mister Qiu is not young, why do you need to be so rigid?”  Please return!”  Chu Tian did not give Mister Qiu a chance as he turned to Chen Bingyu to say, “Let’s go!”

“Wait a minute!  Wait a minute!”

“The fresh mountain streams do not stop flowing, we will meet again!”

Mister Qiu stood on the dock in a daze.  His white hair fluttered in the wind as he was filled with a sense of self-pity.


Why did you let me see such a monstrous talent in my lifetime?

Since you’ve let me meet this monstrous talent, why do you not give me a chance!

Mister Qiu finally realized in this moment that ignorance was a blessing because the more he knew, the more pain he would feel in the end.

If he had not met the immeasurable mister Yu, he would have studied for a few more years and would have been comparable to a large country’s scholar.  Now that he had been awakened, he realized how shallow his goal had been!

After years of relentless work, he was destined to end in regret!

Chu Tian stood on the deck with his hands crossed across his chest as he asked a question with a smile, “Can elder sister Bing guess Old Qiu’s identity?”

“I can think of one possibility.”  Chen Bingyu slightly knit her brows, “But I’m not certain!”

Chen Bingyu had already suspected Mister Qiu’s identity, but that person was very aloof, completely different from this Mister Qiu, so she could not be certain.

“It’s no matter, we will meet again eventually.”

Although he guessed that he would meet Mister Qiu soon.

Chu Tian never guessed that it would be sooner than he imagined.

When Chu Tian brought the Ultra Wave Crystal back to Central State, he immediately called people to refine the stone and to take it to the Yun Sect to research.

The Ultra Wave Crystal could turn the signal into a stable high frequency wave that could be sent over a thousand miles.  The Ultra Wave Crystal also had grades, with a level one crystal having a max range of one thousand miles and a level two crystal having a max range of ten thousand miles.

The area of a small country like the Southern Summer Country was not big, so refining level two Ultra Wave Stones was enough.  It would take around six-seven towers to go from Central State City to Imperial City.  These broadcast towers could not be constructed in open area, but they could be constructed in cities along the way, making sure that it won’t be destroyed in a disaster or by demon beasts.

A broadcast tower was a very strong signal boosting device.

If a broadcast tower were constructed in Central State City, it would have a coverage of ten thousand meters.  For all normal broadcast towers, it would be able to cover the entire area with its signal.

Just like this.

So a single tower was placed in the center of Central State City, covering the entire Central State county with its signal.  Not only would it be able to transmit sound, it would also be able to transmit pictures in the future, even being able to match the two together.  This would definitely turn everyone’s lives upside down.

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