MT Chapter 254


Chapter 254: Convincing the Calm Martial Ruler

Chu Tian could not be used!

A person who dared to ignore the royal proclamation meant that he did not place the king in his eyes.

Chu Tian was only a youth who wasn’t even twenty, yet he dared to act so arrogantly?  If he were entrusted with a task that could increase his position, why would he go against it?

Killing one to warn a hundred!


Otherwise where would the prestige of the Southern Summer King go!

The Southern Summer King had given Southern State Shangguan Hong a royal proclamation to enter Central State and capture Chu Tian.

Just to be sure, he had even sent a hundred royal knights and even moved the great scholar.

The royal knights were the elites among elites of the Southern Summer Country Cavalry, picked out from the Storm Cavalry.  This was not only the royal palace’s strongest troops, they were also the most loyal vanguards!

The royal knights no longer had to participate in wars.  This was a very strong battle force that could also be considered a very strong deterrent, with each member of the team being a top expert in the Southern Summer Country.  A hundred royal knights was not a small squad because the royal knights represented the king’s prestige!

The Calm Martial Ruler’s love of talents was not fake.

However, he understood the Southern Summer King.

The Southern Summer King also agreed with the Calm Martial Ruler’s view and had even added an extra layer of protection.  With the great scholar’s wisdom and strength, as well as the extra hundred royal knights, Chu Tian could only surrender!

This king was not lacking in ambition and he had a strong hold on the kingdom, so he did not allow those who were unruly and could not be controlled by him.  So even if Chu Tian had skills that weren’t below the great scholar’s, the Southern Summer King still had to assign this task.

The Calm Martial Ruler could only do this much.

Whether he lived or died depended all on Chu Tian’s luck.

Of course, whether it was the Southern Summer King or the Calm Martial Ruler, or even the Burning Sun Ruler and the Refined Ruler, they didn’t care that much about Chu Tian.  This was just a talent from a small area and the Three Great Clans were filled with people, how could they be lacking just a single genius?

As for the matter with Thunder State?

Actually the Southern Summer Country hasn’t had a lack of troubles in recent years.

There would be demon beast outbreaks, plagues, and landslides.  The matter in Thunder State was solved so quickly, so Imperial City just thought of it as a normal local disaster, so there was nothing strange about it.

The Divine Wind Marquis and the Golden Arrow Marquis both gave this credit to Chu Tian, but the two marquises were very close and the Divine Wind Marquis cared about Chu Tian, so there was no guarantee that there weren’t emotions involved.

The Southern Summer Country only had a single true hidden danger!

That was the Spirit Beast Kingdom to the north – The War Hound Tribe!

War Hound was not the name of the kingdom, but rather the name of a famous tribe.  They were a large group of wandering dog and wolf based Spirit Beasts, so they named themselves the War Hound Tribe, with their prairies being named the War Hound Plains.

The War Hound Tribes were the same as all Spirit Beasts, not having ethics, rules, or morals.  They had no fixed abode and plundering was second nature to them, so they had a strong aggressive personality.  The ones that attacked the Great Summer Country before and ransacked the kingdom was an army formed from the twelve strongest War Hound Tribes.

The leader of this alliance was known as the “Fang King”.  Humans called him the “War Hound King”!

In every generation, the Fang King was always the strongest war god of the twelve tribes, leading his armies to sweep through everything.  They had hit the Southern Summer Country so hard that it could not breathe.

With the Spirit Beast’s frail social system, the War Hound Tribes could not be prosperous for long.

After each generation of Fang King dies, the War Hound Plains would be filled with internal strife because the various clans wanted to compete for the Fang King title.  This inevitably lead to contradictions and war.

In fact, for the past hundred years, the War Hound Tribes had been equally matched and were unable to elect a Fang King.  Without a qualified ruler, the various War Hound Tribes could not work together.  If a tribe were to rob the humans, not a single other tribe would help, but rather they would hold a knife to their backs.

It was because of this that the War Hounds have only robbed a group of people in the Southern Summer Country in the past few years.  It had been a long time since war had occurred……This gave the Southern Summer Country a chance to fight back!

The Calm Martial Ruler and the Southern Summer King had been observing them the entire time.

The fiercer the internal strife was, the more of a chance the Southern Summer Country had.  When the time came, the Calm Martial Ruler would personally lead his troops to attack the War Hounds Plain and take back the nine hundred year old blood debt!

War Hounds Plain!

The Southern Summer Country would inevitably swallow it!

For fights in other states, it was best to completely eliminate them, not letting them harm the main situation.

When the Calm Martial Ruler came back to his manor, it was already late in the night.

“Reporting to the ruler!”  The Calm Martial Ruler had picked up the latest report from the War Hounds Plains when a guard came in to report, “Central State’s Divine Wind Marquis is requesting an audience.”

“Divine Wind Marquis?”  The Calm Martial Ruler slightly knit his brows, “Is he here to plead for Chu Tian?  Since he dared to cause this trouble, then he should think of the consequences.  Tell the Divine Wind Marquis that he can go back.”

The Calm Martial Ruler did not care about human relations.

Actually the Divine Wind Marquis shouldn’t be in the Imperial City at his moment.  The Southern Summer King had given his decree and could not recall it.  If the Divine Wind Marquis was in Central State, with the great scholar, perhaps he could protect Chu Tian from death when the Western Marquis arrived.

If the Divine Wind Marquis came to the Imperial City, then who would fight the Western Marquis?

“Ruler, the Divine Wind Marquis will not leave.  He says he must see you!”

“This Feng Yuntian!”

The Calm Martial Ruler slammed the report on the table and his eyes revealed a sharp glow.  He hated people that didn’t know what was good for them.  If he should do something, then he would naturally do something.  If he shouldn’t do something, then what use was pleading with him?

“Alright, then call the Divine Wind Marquis in!”

The Divine Wind Marquis walked into the ruler manor’s main hall and respectfully bowed down, “Feng Yuntian greets the Calm Martial Ruler!”

“No need for courtesies!”  The Calm Martial Ruler looked at him with no emotions, “The Divine Wind Marquis has come back so soon.  Travelling ten thousand miles to the Imperial City, you wouldn’t be here to plead for Chu Tian, right!”

“The Calm Martial Ruler is truly smart!”  The Divine Wind Marquis hid nothing, “Chu Tian is not a normal person, he cannot be treated normally!”

“Not caring about laws and acting unruly, dominating everything in this matter, this ruler has rarely seen this before.  Colluding with pirates to create chaos in Central State, swallowing the three great families, and crippling the Nangong Family’s senior elder delivering the royal proclamation, which one of this isn’t going against the kingdom?  This kind of arrogant person, even with his knowledge, he cannot become one of the pillars of the kingdom.  If he was treated normally, he would have died ten times already!”

“These words aren’t correct.”  The Divine Wind Marquis argued back with reason, “Imperial City has only received reports from one party.  The chaos in Central State wasn’t caused by Chu Tian, but rather the Chu, Luo, and Ye Families.  As for the Four States Lake pirates, they had been a hidden danger, but they have become Chu Tian’s subordinates, working for the kingdom.  Doing this was rather a large merit.”

“What about Chu Tian taking the possessions of the three great families and harming the royal envoy?”

“These two things are indeed wrong.”  The Divine Wind Marquis admitted Chu Tian’s wrongs, but then his voice change, “But the attacks of the Chu, Luo, and Ye Families have caused great damage to Chu Tian and destroyed most of the Central State City.  Chu Tian did indeed take their possessions, but he used that money for the citizens and stabilized the chaos in Central State.  As for heavily injuring Nangong Zhi, it was Nangong Zhi’s fault.  He tried to take something for nothing, swallowing Miracle Commerce, so he angered Chu Tian.  Although Chu Tian was wrong, compared to his merits, he should not be punished!”

“Is the Divine Wind Marquis truly a fool or pretending to be a fool?”

“This subordinate does not understand!”

The Calm Martial Ruler laughed, “This ruler will not play around, why can’t the Southern Summer King accommodate Chu Tian?  In addition to all the above, the most important thing is Chu Tian’s from a common birth, but he controls the entirety of Central State.  As well there is his arrogant manner.  Central State is the center of the Southern Summer Country and once Central State changes, what will be the consequences?”


Beyond the superficial reason, there was a deep seated contradiction.

Why was Central State named Central State?  It was because it was in the center of the Southern Summer Country and was the relay point to various locations!

The Divine Wind Marquis had entered seclusion for many years and the Four Great Families had established their own regime which was caused by the Imperial City.  Central State had to have a power balance, otherwise if it were filled with chaos, it would cause many difficulties for the Southern Summer Country.

Chu Tian’s disposition made it impossible for them not to worry.

If this unruly fellow created chaos at a critical moment, it would have a terrible effect on the Southern Summer Country!

“Chu Tian is not a person who will create chaos!”  The Divine Wind Marquis had thought of this, “This person has a shocking talent and should be encouraged rather than impeded.  If he could be allowed to develop, Central State will become the head of the eight states in just three years!”

“Words are no guarantee.”

“Feng Yuntian will use my life as a promise.  If Central State is incompetent in three years, then I will willingly stretch my head!”

The Calm Martial Ruler was a little surprised, “Divine Wind Marquis, I really cannot see through you!”

“Chu Tian’s arrogant disposition is not false, but he knows how to repay debts and keep grudges.  If the Calm Martial Ruler helps him in these difficult times, he will naturally return this favour a hundred times to the Southern Summer Country.”


Was this brat worth the Divine Wind Marquis doing this?

“Empty words are useless!”  The Divine Wind Marquis continued, “If the Calm Martial Ruler really wanted to protect Chu Tian, then he would be safe even if no one came to convince you.  If the Calm Martial Ruler does not want to protect Chu Tian, no matter what I say, the Calm Martial Ruler will still not change his mind.”

“It’s good you understand.”  The Calm Martial Ruler asked in an interested voice, “However, the Divine Wind Marquis already knew this and still came to the Imperial City to convince me, so does that mean you have confidence in succeeding?”

“Chu Tian has prepared a gift for the Calm Martial Ruler.”  The Divine Wind Marquis raised a crystal box, “I ask the Calm Martial Ruler to look at it.”

Gift?  This really was absurd!

The Calm Martial Ruler gave a few secret cold laughs.  He had given the Divine Wind Marquis face and that’s why he met him, otherwise he would not meddle in this matter.

The Calm Martial Ruler was very straightforward, not liking to deal with politics, matching one’s thoughts with one’s superiors.  This man who had thrown the country into chaos was now sending a gift.

He had thought this was a talent he could use and he could bring him into the Imperial City.  So he chose to help him keep his life.


How had this person convince the Divine Wind Marquis to send a gift?

The Calm Martial Ruler’s opinion of him fell!

“I will use my life to guarantee that the Calm Martial Ruler will not regret this.”  The Divine Wind Marquis looked around, “Only, this matter is very important, so I hope that no one else will hear it.”

If it weren’t the Divine Wind Marquis, the Calm Martial Ruler would have immediately sent him away.

The Calm Martial Ruler clearly understood the Divine Wind Marquis’ personality.  Among the eight marquises, this person cared the least about fame and fortune, so he wouldn’t bow to a youth for benefit.  If he dared to swear like this, there must be a reason.


Then he would have a look first!

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