MT Chapter 255


Chapter 255: The Calm Martial Ruler’s excitement

The Divine Wind Marquis was a person that didn’t care about fame or fortune.  Since he even helped Chu Tian all these times as well as using his life as a guarantee, he must have his reasons.

The Calm Martial Ruler gave a snap, “You can all leave.  No one is allowed to come in without my orders!”

The guards all left.

The Divine Wind Marquis carefully opened the crystal box where a silver pistol and six Source Energy Batteries were currently lying.  The Calm Martial Ruler’s eyes focused on this.  This item was not very precious and as a gift, it was too lacking.


“This is a new weapon created by Chu Tian!”  The Divine Wind Marquis held the box in front of the Calm Martial Ruler, “It is called the Source Energy Pistol.  I ask the Calm Martial Ruler to have a look.”

“Source Energy Pistol?  What kind of weapon is this!”  The Calm Martial Ruler’s mind filled with doubts, “Give this ruler a demonstration.”

“Alright!”  The Divine Wind Marquis too out the silver Source Energy Pistol and then took out a Source Energy Battery, “Please observe it carefully, Calm Martial Ruler!”

With a kacha sound.

The magazine was placed in the gun.

The arrays on the silver gun instantly released a light from being activated.


The Calm Martial Ruler’s eyes slightly opened as a light flashed through it.

There were dense amounts of runes and arrays on this weapon itself.  The most incredible thing was that these arrays were activated by this energy block!

Just on this point, it was definitely a very interesting invention.

Source energy arrays needed spirit energy to be activated, so during alchemy and symbol array processes, a person could not stop controlling it.  If a person could leave and the source energy arrays could be automatically activated, this would be a large improvement on the process.

The Divine Wind Marquis aimed at a pillar.

The Calm Martial Ruler could clearly feel that as the runes on the gun light up, the source energy arrays were performing a function where a large amount of energy was being taken from the energy blocks, condensing it at high speeds in the muzzle.

“This is…..”

The Calm Martial Ruler was stunned for a bit.


With a flash of light.

A ball of light was released that passed through the metal pillar, creating a large hole!

It was unknown what this silver pistol was made from, it was made of stronger material than the test product.  Although the muzzle had turned red, it was not like the test product where the muzzle had been melted by the energy ball.

The Divine Wind Marquis put down the gun and looked at the Calm Martial Ruler, “What does the Calm Martial Ruler feel about this?”

What haven’t the Three Rulers seen before?

But seeing this scene in front of him, the Calm Martial Ruler was completely stunned, only feeling his heart almost jump out of his chest!   What kind of weapon was this?  How could it instantly release this kind of strong energy?

“Calm Martial Ruler, Calm Martial Ruler?”

The Divine Wind Marquis had never seen a ruler this stunned before and could only feel joy in his heart.  After calling good a few times in his heart, the Calm Martial Ruler came back to his senses.  The Calm Martial Ruler did not say anything, quickly coming back to his senses.  He sat in his seat and waited for the Divine Wind Marquis to continue explain.

He really was the Calm Martial Ruler.

In front of this era changing weapon, he could remain this calm.  It really wasn’t easy.

“Like you just saw, when I was shooting this weapon, I did not use any spirit energy at all.  Like this, even those that do not have any spirit energy or even a child could instantly kill an initial stage Awakened Soul Cultivator with this destructive might!”

Letting a child kill an Awakened Soul Cultivator with just one hit?

“It really is a bit interesting!”  The Calm Martial Ruler’s face was calm, but his hands could not help shaking.  He quickly asked, “The production cost shouldn’t be low.”

The Divine Wind Marquis revealed a mysterious smile, “How much does the Calm Martial Ruler think this costs?”

“It is a genius design, with a strange energy source, and profound runes…..If I had to come up with a price, it would be one million.  No…..It should be over five million gold coins.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”  The Divine Wind Marquis broke out in laughter, “The Calm Martial Ruler also has times when he’s wrong!”

The Calm Martial Ruler knit his brows, “Five million is still not enough?”

In all fairness

This weapon was indeed not bad!

Although it couldn’t threaten someone of the Three Ruler’s level, for people of the Awakened Soul Layer, it was a very powerful and fatal weapon.  Even if it was worth three-five million gold coins, there would still be a large amount of people that bought it.  Only with such an expensive item, it was hard to popularize.

Who knew that from the Divine Wind Marquis’ tone, it was not just worth five million.  The price was too high.  For a large price of ten million, there was no one that would want to use this new invention because it was too expensive.  Ten million was enough to buy a soul item.

The Divine Wind Marquis stretched out a finger, “It’s production cost is around this much.”

“It’s really ten million?”

The Calm Martial Ruler felt some of his strength leave him.  He had been filled with expectations previously, but he found that this weapon was all just for show, this was too much of a gap for him.

This is fine!

This item really is not normal.

Just the automatic activation of the source energy array was enough to bring a huge change into the industry.  Just based on this, Chu Tian was worth training.

“Of course it’s not ten million!”  The Divine Wind Marquis loudly replied, “It’s at most one thousand!”


The Calm Martial Ruler’s chair snapped to pieces!

A strong pressure filled the entirety of the ruler’s manor!

Even though it was the Divine Wind Marquis facing this pressure, he couldn’t help taking a few steps back as his heart secretly filled with surprise.  This was the strength of a ruler level expert?  It really far surpassed the Awakened Soul Realm!

“Just one thousand is enough?”  The Calm Martial Ruler’s eyes turned a bit red, like a wolf staring at a lamb, “You wouldn’t be lying to me, right!  This is impossible!”

When the Divine Wind Marquis said this, he even suspected that he was in a dream!

This weapon that even a child could use to handle an Awakened Soul Cultivator was only worth at most one thousand gold coin?  To train an Awakened Soul Cultivator would cost several millions and to train an Illustrious Soul Cultivator would take tens to hundreds of millions.  Now it only costed one thousand gold coins to waste an Awakened Soul Cultivator!

How could people accept this?

One for one thousand.

Ten for ten thousand?

A hundred for one hundred thousand?

A thousand for one million?

If this weapon could be popularized, then it would change the kingdom itself.  Large families could train a whole group of people and purchase large amounts of these weapons, easily dominating the enemy.

If a thousand of these weapons shot at the same time, it could instantly disintegrate an army!

Even if it was an expert of the Eight Marquises level, they still could not withstand the simultaneous attack of several hundred Source Energy Pistols!

Just a million gold coins would be enough to kill a expert on the level of the Eight Marquises!  What did one million gold coins count for?  In the Imperial Capital, a rich merchant could buy a beautiful maid servant with this money!

Of course.

Although this weapon was strong, it did not demonstrate its true strength.  Even if a hundred people had pistols aimed at the Divine Wind Marquis, he would not stay there taking the shots.  With his strength and speed, there wouldn’t be a chance to fire.

But no matter what, to demonstrate this shocking effect with this inexpensive cost was truly a miracle!

“Of course, this is the production price.”  The Divine Wind Marquis was very satisfied with the Calm Martial Ruler’s response, “With Chu Tian’s personality, if it was sold to outsiders, each Source Energy Pistol would cost ten-twenty thousand gold coins.”

“Ten-twenty thousand?”

“Does the Calm Martial Ruler feel this is too expensive?”

“What expensive?  This is too cheap!”  The Calm Martial Ruler said in a somewhat angry voice, “If it is really this cheap, then any family will be able to store these weapons!”

The Calm Martial Ruler was worried that this weapon were too expensive, but now he was worried that it was too cheap.

Now he understood why the Divine Wind Marquis worked so hard to protect Chu Tian.

Chu Tian alone could defeat a million!

The Calm Martial Ruler’s eyes suddenly lit up, “The Divine Wind Marquis is very close to Chu Tian, do you have the design for this pistol?”


Wouldn’t he be most assured having this in his hands?

If Chu Tian really gave the design away, then he would really be in danger!

“This Source Energy Pistol was just invented by Chu Tian and is still in the test phase.  Even if we give you the designs, you would only be able to make imperfect products.”

“Is that so?”

“Not to mention the fact that the Source Energy Pistol is the basic Source Energy Weapon.  Chu Tian will create even more advanced Source Energy Weapons.  This subordinate thinks that one should form alliances with Chu Tian.  This person should not be wronged or threatened.”

The Calm Martial Ruler instantly understood Chu Tian’s thoughts.  

After all, the enticement was too big.  If they could control Chu Tian, it would only be a matter of time before they controlled the War Hounds Plains.  But with Chu Tian’s disposition, this person was only to persuasion and not coercion.  Threatening him had no use and if they provoked his anger, then it would create a hidden danger.

“Chu Tian has also thrown in a personally written letter.  Please have a look, Calm Martial Ruler!”

The Calm Martial Ruler opened an envelope that was not sealed which contained only a few hundred words.  It was the letter that Chu Tian had the Divine Wind Marquis deliver to the Calm Martial Ruler.

The Divine Wind Marquis had not read the contents and didn’t know what Chu Tian wrote inside.

This fellow couldn’t be measured with common sense, so he hoped that he wouldn’t cause any trouble!

“Good Chu Tian!”  The Calm Martial Ruler said in a somewhat angry voice, “Since he has brought this business to this ruler, he wants to invite this ruler to Central State to discuss the details of working together on military goods business?!”


Inviting the Calm Martial Ruler to Central State!

Was Chu Tian crazy?  For a person like the Calm Martial Ruler, he would not easily leave the Imperial City!

The Calm Martial Ruler did not anxiously make a decision, “What does the Divine Wind Marquis think about this?”

“That Chu Tian is too bold!”  The Divine Wind Marquis first reprimanded Chu Tian before saying, “But thinking about the good of the kingdom, I think it would be good for the citizens for the Calm Martial Ruler to represent the kingdom to work with Chu Tian.  The Calm Martial Ruler does not have to personally go to Central State, this matter can be left to a trusted subordinate.”

“This ruler will personally go!”  The Calm Martial Ruler hesitated for a bit, “The Refined Ruler has contacted the Western Marquis today and will perhaps move against Chu Tian soon.  This ruler cannot leave the Imperial City immediately and must make some preparations, but the Southern State troops must also pass through the Four States Lake.  Since it’s like this, we can only ask the great scholar to help us.  This ruler will leave for the front lines in two days and secretly make a trip to Central State.”

With the Calm Martial Ruler personally making a move, this trouble would be solved.

But calling the Calm Martial Ruler to Central State to negotiate, was this a smart move?

The Calm Martial Ruler was too strong and in this situation with a difference in strength, negotiations would put Chu Tian at a disadvantage.


After two ours.

In the Refined Ruler’s manor.

A Shangguan Family’s senior elder quickly came to find Shangguan Cangfeng, “Reporting to the ruler, the Calm Martial Ruler has sent a secret letter to Qing State!”

The three rulers competed with one another and the Calm Martial Ruler could fight, but he wasn’t skilled in politics.  Every letter from the Calm Martial Ruler’s palace could not escape the Refined Ruler’s grasps and the Calm Martial Ruler knew nothing about this.

“The letter is here.”

The Refined Ruler directly ripped apart the Calm Martial Ruler’s letter and revealed a cold smile.

This letter asked the great scholar to protect Chu Tian with all his might.  Not letting the Shangguan Family hurt him and to stall for as long as possible.

“This Calm Martial Ruler, he really can’t fix his old problem!”

The Refined Ruler did not place Chu Tian in his eyes at all.

However, Chu Tian had repeated offended the Shangguan Family.  First he crippled Shangguan Ming, making the Shangguan Family lose face.  But since Shangguan Ming disobeyed his royal orders, the family could not do anything to avoid causing severe damage to their prestige.  However, the second time had been too excessive.  Chu Tian had directly crippled the Western Marquis’ successor, Shangguan Feichen and had caused the countless citizens of Thunder State to chase away the Western Marquis.

In the long history of the Southern Summer Country.

There had never been a time where citizens chased out a marquis.

This matter could not be concealed.  Not only was the Western Marquis one of the Eight Marquises, he was also one of the most important branches for the Shangguan Family.  Now that the Western Marquis’ prestige had been lost, how could the Shangguan Family not be affected?

In the Refined Ruler’s eyes.

Chu Tian was like an ant.  To use the ruler’s position to crush this ant, it would not take much effort at all.  However the Refined Ruler cared about his prestige and disdained moving against a small junior like Chu Tian.  Since he had the chance, he would properly make us of it.

“Do you want us to cut off this letter?”

“Why cut it off!  Just change it a little and sent it out.”

This elder certainly understood the Refined Ruler’s meaning and immediately made the changes to the letter.  He put it back into the envelope and sent it off to the great scholar in Qing State.

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