MT Chapter 256


Chapter 256: The great scholar’s rage

Qing State City.

When the Green Wood Marquis was on the road after finishing calming the west side, he received great news that the Green Dragon Trail had been opened.

He did not dare believe it and rushed back to the Main City, finally confirming this news.

The trouble in the Green Dragon Trail that had defeated the Green Wood Marquis several times had actually been solved by his son.  It was because of this merit that Mu Xuan received the strong support of the Qing State citizens which to the Green Wood Marquis was an even greater joy!


Qing State City gathered a large army in just several days who moved out from both the west and east side.  Over a hundred thousand troops entered the Green Dragon Trail, eliminating all the residual threat and completely clearing the path.

The Green Wood Marquis wanted to prevent this matter from occurring again.

Qing State began to build camps in hills, filling the Green Dragon Trail with watchtowers.  There were an entire thirty thousand elite soldiers transferred to the Green Dragon Trail.

The resource fields of the Green Ridge quickly recovered and production began once again.  Those people that had sold stocks or resource fields to Chu Tian wanted to cry but had no tears.

Chu Tian had invested six hundred and fifty million into the Green Ridge.  Even if he did nothing now and just sold all the resource fields and stocks he owned, he would be able to instantly double his investment!

In just a few days, after the situation in the Green Dragon Trail had been stabilized, the value of these resources began to sharply rise!

If one wanted to purchase these resource fields in normal times at this price, it was simply the dream of a fool!

Chu Tian had cut the price in half and bought most of these hard to buy resource fields, creating a stable resource supply for Miracle Commerce.

This business was really a large fortune!

Mu Xuan returned to the marquis palace, “Reporting to father, the Green Dragon Trail has been cleared and the watchtowers are being built.  After consolidating our defences in the Green Dragon Trail, this matter will not happen again.”

“Good work!”  The Green Wood Marquis felt his body relax as the dark haze that covered his heart for the past few months finally disappeared, “This issue that has troubled Qing State for these past few months had been solved!  Come, I want to personally thank Mister Qiu, thanking the hero of Qing State City!”

“Father, although Mister Qiu did quite a bit.”  Mu Xuan hesitated for a few seconds, “The one with the most merit is…..”

“Mu Xuan.”  The Green Wood Marquis’ face turned stern, “Just pretend Yu Changge did not come.  You are this marquis’ successor, you understand my meaning, right?”

Mu Xuan looked a little pensive, “Wouldn’t doing this be…..”

“What does a foreign merchant need merits for?”  The Green Wood Marquis snorted and said, “Not to mention he already took the reward he deserved!”

“The five hundred million gold coins?”

“You think he only took five hundred million?”  The Green Wood Marquis flew into a rage, “Most of the stocks in the Green Ridge has been bought up by him, this loss doesn’t stop at just one or two billion!  Although he was taking advantage of the situation, he only owns stocks for most of the resource fields and do not control them, so this marquis can only tolerate it for now!”

No wonder!

This fellow was truly deceitful!

Chu Tian’s plan took a lot of practical value and he took a large amount of funds, destroying Qing State’s plan for mutual benefit.  The Green Wood Marquis not investigating this matter was already him showing him favour and that he should owe the Green Wood Marquis a favour.

No one in Qing State knew this person.

Everyone placed most of the credit on Mu Xuan.

This honour was worthless towards Mister Qiu or the mysterious mister Yu.  However, for Mu Xuan, it was something that could never be bought.  As the Green Wood Marquis’ successor, he would one day inherit his father’s Green Wood Marquis title.  If he had the people’s worship and respect from this merit, it would make it much easier for Mu Xuan to govern Qing State.

Mu Xuan said with a puzzled look to his father, “I can’t understand one thing.  Mister Qiu is not a normal person, so why has no one in our Southern Summer Country heard of him before?  Could it be…..he is a foreign scholar?”

“Mu Xuan, you actually know Mister Qiu’s identity, but you don’t dare believe it.”

“What does father mean?”

“Mister Qiu is just an alias for operating undercover.”  The Green Wood Marquis said this and then his voice changed, “This marquis was not certain at first but after careful investigation, I can be sure.  This Mister Qiu is our Southern Summer Country’s number one scholar, the first minister of the Dongfang Family – Gu Qianqiu!”

Mu Xuan almost fell down in shock.

Mister Qiu’s real status is the great scholar, Gu Qianqiu?!

When Gu Qianqiu was young, he spent over twenty years wandering out of the country, visiting various other countries and many respected masters.  When he returned to the Southern Summer Country, he was the most knowledgeable person in the country, having pupils everywhere.

In the eyes of the Southern Summer Country scholars, he had the same prestige as the king.  Mu Xuan never would have dreamed that this low key and stern old scholar would actually be the number one scholar in the Southern Summer Country!

That’s right though.

Of the first class scholars in Southern Summer, there were only the great scholar Gu Qianqiu and the Yun Sect’s Yun Tianhe.  When Mister Qiu arrived in Qing State with knowledge not inferior to Yun Tianhe and perhaps surpassing him, everyone should have thought of Gu Qianqiu, but no one dared to believe this!

For the great scholar to secretly come to Qing State, he must have his own thoughts.

After all, the great scholar’s prestige was too big, which would create a huge stir if he openly came to Qing State, which would interfere with Gu Qianqiu’s research.  Moreover it would definitely be a challenge to solve the Snake Scorpion Beast’s poison even for Gu Qianqiu.  If he perfectly solved it, people would think it was natural, but if he could not solve it and was stuck for a long time, it would be a large blow to the morale of Qing State.

After all, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

If even the great scholar could not solve this, then who had the ability in the Southern Summer Country?  The Qing State citizens would lose faith in the country and once their faith was lost, there would be large amounts of citizens escaping, which was a very bad thing for Qing State.

But the matter was already solved.

So Gu Qianqiu no longer needed to hide his status.  For such a large character to come to Qing State, the Green Wood Marquis and his son had to personally greet him and express their gratitude.

“Is the great scholar still in the laboratory?”

“Yes.  Since that night, he hasn’t come out in three days already.”

After that large battle with the Snake Scorpion Beasts, Gu Qianqiu had not appeared in the subsequent clean up battles.  He just locked himself in the laboratory, fully focused on studying the diagram for the Four Directional Lightning Array.

There was too much wisdom contained within this array diagram!

Gu Qianqiu was like an explorer that had just discovered hidden treasure.  Under his excitement and fanaticism, he had spent three days without sleep, creating three notebooks covered in notes.

“The Green Wood Marquis Mu Rong greets Mister Qiu!”

Gu Qianqiu was interrupted by the Green Wood Marquis and his eyes flashed with a trace of unhappiness.  He immediately closed his book and walked out of the laboratory, “Since the Green Wood Marquis is personally here, then you should know who this old man is.”

The Green Wood Marquis did not play the fool and said with a face filled with deep respect, “For the great scholar to come to Qing State to solve our problems, it is Mu Rong’s fault for not recognizing your venerable self, so I came to make up for my mistakes.  Mu Xuan, why haven’t you taken out the gift yet.”

“No need for this kind of common item.”  Gu Qianqiu did not even take a look at it and gave a sigh, “Solving the problem of Qing State is not my credit, it is not my credit!”

Qu Qianqiu had spent several days studying the diagram.

The more he studied it, the more awe he felt.  Just a single detail from this array was enough for Gu Qianqiu to study for several days.

Just who was that youth?

Mu Rong saw the great scholar did not want to accept the gift, so he didn’t force him, “The Green Ridge is open once again and Qing State is filled with vitality.  This marquis wants to host a large banquet and hopes that the great scholar will attend.”

As Gu Qianqiu was about to speak.

Suddenly a loud screech was heard.  When they looking into the sky, they saw a hundred giant flying demon beasts.  They had light yellow feathers that were the same colour as the sun.  The golden brown lion half of the beast completely clashed with the golden yellow hawk head.  It was very big and powerful.

On the back of each griffin was a knight wielding a spear.

“The Griffin Knights?  It’s the royal knights!”

“Imperial City has arrived?”

For a small country like ths Southern Summer Country, airborne mounts were considered rare.  Most griffins were imported from other countries, so while the Griffin Knights were very strong, there weren’t enough to create an entire troop.  They were mainly used for scouting, delivering letters, or protecting the royal palace.

A man with a full beard fell down to the ground and respectfully kneeled down, “I am the royal knight’s third squad leader, Cao Bao.  I greet the great scholar and the Green Wood Marquis.”

The Green Wood Marquis asked, “For the royal knights to take action, could something big have happened?”

“My group has come to Qing State with an imperial order to go with the great scholar to Central State for a mission.”  Cao Rong held a confidential letter in both hands, “This is an urgent letter sent to the great scholar from Imperial City, I ask the great scholar to read it!”

Gu Qianqiu swept his eyes over it.

His brows tightly knit together and his face turned dark.

“Humph, what a wild brat!  You’re angering this old man to death!”  Gu Qianqiu angrily threw the letter to the ground, “How could the Southern Summer Country tolerate the arrogance of a fellow like this!”

The Green Wood Marquis asked in a surprised voice, “What has happened for the great scholar to be this angry?”

“There is a brat that doesn’t know the height of the heavens or the depths of the earth that appeared in Central State.  Not only did he shame my honorary disciples and my fame, he also used my name to challenge me!  The most despicable thing is that he was the one that caused the chaos in Central State, causing several tens of thousands of people to die.”

“There was such a matter that happened?”

The Green Wood Marquis was very surprised and looked over the letter.

Information was hard to spread in this era.  Qing State couldn’t even maintain itself in the past few months, so the Green Wood Marquis was not focused on affairs of the nation.  Seeing this scared him.  This letter was filled with crimes of this youth named “Chu Tian”, making him sound like a true villain.

Not only did this person insult a previous student of the great scholar, he even insulted the great scholar.  If this was spread, then it could easily shock the Southern Summer Country.

What was even worse was that he had created a stir in Central State.  He had eliminated the three great families and installed himself as the leader of Central State.

It wasn’t just that!

Although he had committed all kinds of crimes, Imperial City did not immediately punish him and sent an imperial envoy to investigate.  The result was?  After travelling tens of thousands of miles to Central State, before he even got to sit down, he had been crippled!

For an arrogant and unreasonable attitude like this, it was rarely seen in this era!

“With the Divine Wind Marquis in Central State, how could it become this messy?”

“Divine Wind Marquis?”  Gu Qianqiu was dissatisfied with the Divine Wind Marquis, “He has already gone into seclusion and did not manage Central State properly, that is how such a wild person appeared!  Since this old man is already here, then how could I not see this evil spawn.  I’ll personally pay a visit to Central State!”

The Green Wood Marquis said, “This marquis is willing to lend the great scholar a helping hand.”

“In the Southern Summer Country, no one dares to move against me, even the Three Rulers have to give me face.  What does a trivial Central State City count for?  Not to mention Southern State’s Western Marquis has also received this order and will arrive in Central State soon.  This old man will head over first and investigate everything.”

The Qing State military had already been exhausted and was not suited to take action.

“This is also good!”

Gu Qianqiu did not waste any more time in Qing State.  He immediately mounted Cao Bao’s griffin and headed to Central State.

While the lush green lands of Qing State was passing by underneath them, Gu Qianqiu couldn’t help thinking of the youth named “Yu Changge”.  He did not know where this peerless talent came from and didn’t know when he would have a chance to learn from him again.

Gu Qianqiu hated the fact that his face couldn’t be thicker and he should have stubbornly insisted with the other side.  Now he was gone and it was unknown where he went.

Once this matter in Central State was solved, he had to properly investigate.

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