MT Chapter 257


Chapter 257: Great scholar entering the city

The Griffin Knights were too conspicuous.  If they openly entered Central State City, wasn’t that telling everyone that Imperial City had sent an army?  If Chu Tian made an extreme move, then even the citizens would be implicated!

It would be best to secretly capture Chu Tian, not causing any disturbance in Central State.

“Don’t alert the enemy, so hide your mounts.  We’ll sneak into Central State City and find Chu Tian’s whereabouts before capturing him in one fell swoop!”  Gu Qianqiu gave their arrangements to Cao Bao, “After Southern State’s Western Marquis appears, we’ll hand Chu Tian over to him and help him escort him to Imperial City!”

“Then great scholar……”


“Just take care of grabbing him.  I will be in charge of investigating Chu Tian’s crimes.”


“Chu Tian is very arrogant, so he might have an expert by his side.  Even the Nangong Family’s True Soul Realm expert was crippled by him, so you must be careful with this mission!”

“Please be assured great scholar, we will definitely complete this mission!”

“Then go!”

The royal knights all had harsh requirements for being picked.  Not only were they the country’s strongest knight group, they were all elites that could fight with various strategies.  Any member could be sent into the elite Storm Cavalry group and could be made a thousand man commander.

This was the Southern Summer Country’s special elite force.  How difficult could kidnapping a person be?

Cao Bao led the other royal knights forward, immediately blending into Central State City.

Gu Qianqiu entered through the Central State docks because normally, wandering scholars entered a city through the docks.  However, when Gu Qianqiu entered Central State City’s docks, he was shocked by the scene.

Of the eight Southern Summer states, which one had Gu Qianqiu not gone to?

The Qing State harbour was the largest because Qing State was the resource supplier of the country, developing their resource transportation.  There were over two hundred ships in the dock at all time, creating a magnificent scene.

He was shocked when he entered Central State City because the Central State docks was twice that size.  There were at least three-four hundred large ships with ten-twenty thousand people working, creating a shocking scene!

What was even more astonishing was the fact that the Central State docks were still expanding.  In just another month or so, it would double in size!

This was like the picture of a rich shipping environment!

When did Central State become this developed?

There were countless factories actively working near Central State City, with beast carriages going in and out, carrying all kinds of products.  It was a very lively and powerful picture.

Strange, strange.

Not even half a month had passed since Central State’s chaos.

Not only did Central State show no degradation, it even became more lively, which was a truly unimaginable picture.  While Gu Qianqiu was in a daze, the sky suddenly became a bit darker.  When Gu Qianqiu looked up, his chin almost fell to the ground.

What was this thing?

There were three circles in the sky that seemed like three giant egg monsters, moving quickly in one direction.  Gu Qianqiu had never seen this thing before.  It was like a hot air balloon, but it was not like a normal hot air balloon because this thing was moving very quickly, clearly having a powerful system in it.

There was a basket hanging underneath each giant egg.

Gu Qianqiu silently watched the “giant eggs” descend outside Central State City, stopping over a single warehouse before slowly descending.  When it was less than three meters from the ground, the basket suddenly opened up and two people walked out, throwing bags of heavy ores onto the ground in front of the warehouse.

The three “giant eggs” had a shocking capacity, being able to carry a small mountain.

When the unloading was down, the giant egg once again slowly ascended before slowly heading off in a direction.

Gu Qianqiu was so shocked that he could not say a thing.  At the same time, as a scholar, he was always curious about new things.

He arrived in front of the warehouse to see many workers moving about.  He asked in a curious voice, “Little brother, what was that thing flying in the air?”

“You must have just come to Central State City!”  A fine dressed worker had a cigarette in his mouth as he proudly said, “This thing can only be seen in Central State City.  It is called the Miracle Airship, having a carrying capacity equal to a small ship!”

“That’s right!  These ores were just sent over from South Sky City.  They were called…..”

“Hidden Image Stone!”

“Right, right, it was called that.”

“This Miracle Airship flies right to the mine and then delivers it to Central State City.”

“You have to know, this mine is in the remote mountains that even beast carriages can’t go to.  It would take a lot of effort to deliver from the mine to South Sky City, not to mention from South Sky City to the far Central State City.  It would take at least seven-ten days and it would be filled with danger!  However with this Miracle Airship, the mining and transport efficiency has increased ten fold!”

Too shocking!

This was definitely an important air carrier tool!

This era was too rich in resources, but for a kingdom and a small kingdom at that, there weren’t many that could be mined.  The majority of resources were blocked by geographical and environmental factors and could not be tapped into.

Just like Qing State’s Green Ridge.

It was the largest resource sector in the Southern Summer Country!

However, the resource currently surveyed was less than one percent.  Why was that?  It was because the mountains were high and the rivers were deep.  It was hard to enter and hard to transport, so they could only look and not mine!

“With this airship, we could replace ships in transporting.”

“No it won’t work.  The airship’s capacity is not small, but it’s far from being able to compare to a large ship.  Moreover, the airship’s travel distance is limited, only suited for travel across states and not transcontinental travel.”

Another worked suddenly interrupted, “What are you worried about?  Miracle Commerce has just invented the airship and there are only three in the world.  Even if it can’t right now, couldn’t it do so in the future?”

“You’re right, you’re right.”

“What can’t Miracle Commerce do?”

While the workers were talking to each other, their faces were filled with worship towards Miracle Commerce.

Gu Qianqiu fell into silence.  This airship actually had quite a bit of significance.  Although Chu Tian and Miracle Commerce were filled with evil, they did have some skills!

Gu Qianqiu took this opportunity to ask, “I heard that Central State was recently filled with chaos, what happened?”

“Chaos?  Bullshit!”  These workers all stared at him, “Central State was filled with chaos before, with the nobles pressing down, making it hard for us to breathe.  After Miracle Commerce eliminated the three great families, Central State has become much calmer and even the small and middle sized nobles are all nicer now.  In just half a month, our wages increased three times!”

“That’s right!  My son can now go to Central State Academy all because of the stipend the Miracle Commerce charity fund provides!”  Another middle aged uncle’s face filled with joy, “The school fees are taken care of by Miracle Commerce and all the money earned belongs to us, so our lives have become much better.  Once my son finishes his education, he will go work for Miracle Commerce, bringing honour to our family!”

“Old mister, we still have work to do.  If you have nothing else, then we’ll be on our way!”

“That’s right, that’s right.  Miracle Commerce has given us such high salaries, we need to work hard to repay them.”

Gu Qianqiu was a bit stunned.

From the eyes and expressions of these workers, their words were from the bottom of their heart.

It was completely different from what Gu Qianqiu expected!

The Central State chaos had casualties in the tens of thousands and the three great families were destroyed.  With the balance of power destroyed, Central State should be filled with panic right now.  The various powers should be fighting with each other for control and Central State should be in chaos.

Not to mention the fact that Chu Tian brought pirates into the city!

These pirates had occupied the Four States Lake for a long time, killing and plundering, having no morals.  Would they commit no crimes after entering the city?  Wasn’t this just nonsense!

Who would have thought that Central State City would not be filled with chaos and would even be more lively.  There was no disturbance with the citizens and their quality of life was even better.

Could there have been a discrepancy with the information provided?

No matter what, Chu Tian let the pirates into the city and caused Central State to fall into chaos.  He destroyed the three great families and even crippled the Imperial City envoy!  This was enough for him to die a hundred times!

He also insulted my, Gu Qianqiu’s disciples and my name itself.  This was nothing more than provocation towards the great scholar!

No matter what, he had to be caught before things were discussed!

Cao Bao has already moved out, so they’ll be able to catch Chu Tian soon.  The Western Marquis will reach Central State soon, so I have to take this chance to gather evidence!

Gu Qianqiu no longer wandered around outside the city, but entered the city to gather evidence.

At dusk, Central State City began to dim.

Strange, why were there no crystal lamps?

When Gu Qianqiu swept over the large streets and small alleys, he found the crystal lamps in the Main City was gone.  They had all been demolished and replaced with a strange pole like object.

The pole was three meters tall and had a large glass ball in it.

Did Central State City not have lamps?

Humph, good Chu Tian, even breaking the lamps.  Wouldn’t that make it unsafe for the citizens?  He clearly did not care about the citizens!

Write it down, write it down!

Actually for a flaw with the city, how could it be related to Chu Tian.  Wasn’t this the mayor’s job?  Gu Qianqiu thought that it was Chu Tian harassing Central State City, so he destroyed the public equipment, which counts as being related to him!

Before Gu Qianqiu wrote it down.

Suddenly, light surrounded him.  The entire Central State City lit up, lighting up all the streets like it was still daylight!

Gu Qianqiu moved ten meters back in fright, “What is this?”

“Ha, ha, where did this country bumpkin come from!” An adult was walking with a little girl through the streets.  The little girl was quite amused by Gu Qianqiu’s appearance, “Not even knowing an electric lamp, so embarrassing!”

The adult revealed a look of disdain, but still said, “Little girl, don’t you know how to be polite?  You have to respect the elderly, don’t you know this?  It’s not as if every place has electric lights.”

Gu Qianqiu revealed an awkward expression, “What are these electric lights?”

“This is something Miracle Commerce invented and is very inexpensive.  Other than South Sky City, it is Central State that has the most.”  This citizen proudly said, “Ir order to change the citizens’ lives, Miracle Commerce will install five thousand lamp posts in the city.  Even the common citizens have them.  Our lives are much easier now.”

The adult and child disdained talking to this country bumpkin, so they continued their walk.

Gu Qianqiu stood there in a daze.  This bright light that lit up the city actually came from the glass ball in the tall towers.  This light was much brighter than the crystal stones and was much more stable in comparison!

Electric light, a completely automatic illumination tool?

Gu Qianqiu could not find any signs of how it was operated, but he was certain that it was started based on the intensity of light.  Not simple, this really wasn’t simple…..When did Central State City have so many interesting things?

But, this was no use at all.

This was just a replacement for the crystal stone lamps!

Gu Qianqiu did not believe at all that with Chu Tian’s large crime, he wouldn’t be able to find a trace of evidence.

There had to be one!

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