MT Chapter 258


Chapter 258: Press conference

Even though this era’s information system was not good, for such a giant change in Central State, it was impossible for Imperial City to not know about it at all!

Unless, these changes all occurred in a short period of time and the Imperial City did not have enough time to care about it.  So, Gu Qianqiu knew nothing about this.

The streets of Central State City made a person feel like they had entered another world.

Both sides of the street was covered in street lights.  Even the shops were covered in ornaments that were releasing lights that made a person walking by dazzled.


“Special sale!”

“Special sale!”

“The Miracle Group’s Southern Cloud Commerce’s new Stone Armour Talisman.  It has a low consumption, quick effects, and does not affect one’s movement.  This high level defense will guard against physical attacks, acid, and even energy based damage.  It’s easy to use and cheap, it is a necessity for journeys!  The Miracle Group will only sell high quality products, so please quickly buy them!”


At the front gate of a talisman shop, there was a loudspeaker shouting advertisement.

Gu Qianqiu found that the advertisement was being repeated time and time again.  Whether it was the intonation, speed, or tone, they were all the same.  This was clearly not a person shouting this, but rather using a method of storing sound to repeat it time and time again.  This was to achieve an effect of attracting people’s attentions to the shop.

How could this loudspeaker automatically repeat words like this?  Gu Qianqiu wanted to tear this speaker apart and study it,  but he didn’t have time to waste on this thing.  He had to find evidence of Chu Tian’s crimes.

The hotel was a good place to ask for details and Gu Qianqiu wanted to find a place to rest.

There was a beautiful large hotel in front of him that was covered in lights.  There was a giant sign that used golden sparkling lights to create the eye catching “Miracle Grand Hotel” words.

“Strange, why are there so many people!”

The hotel was completely occupied.  There were many people lining up in the street and they were mostly cultivators.

No other way, he had to go and find a decent hotel instead.

“Welcome to our store.”  The service staff quickly came up to greet him, “Do you need a private room or do you want to go to the main hall?”

“A private room.”

“Alright.  What do you want?”  The service staff led Gu Qianqiu into a private room and then warmly recommended, “Our hotel has recently ordered some canned food from Miracle Commerce.  It is an affordable price and is sure to satisfy you.”

“It’s another thing from Miracle Commerce?”

“This old mister seems to be new to town, so you should definitely give it a try.  Miracle Commerce’s canned food is all the rage in Central State, only the aristocrats of other states have tasted it.  Even the restaurants in our Central State City run out quickly, so this is a rare opportunity.”

“Then give me a few portions!”

The service staff then said, “Our hotel has opened a radio system.  If the old mister wants to listen to the broadcast during your meal, you just need to give a service fee.”

“What is the radio system?”

“This old mister really is an outsider.  Miracle Commerce has built the first set in our Central State City and could be the first set on the entire continent.  It can let the entire city’s people listen to their favourite content no matter where they are.”

“There really is something this miraculous?”  Gu Qianqiu was filled with a bit of disbelief, “Then this old man wants his eyes opened!”

The service staff turned on the large radio inside a cabinet and a melodious tune sounded out along with the beautiful sound of a young girl.

“Welcome everyone back to Miracle Broadcasting.  We have a beautiful love story which was brought by was wandering poet from another country…….”

This was a girl’s voice that was very magnetic, making a person feel very calm.  Adding in the gentle music and the winding story, it gave a person a truly unprecedented feeling.

Gu Qianqiu was a person that was already a hundred years old, of course he wasn’t attracted by some love story.  This mysterious broadcasting ability of the radio however made him stunned.

“How is this done?”

The service staff said with a faint smile, “Old mister, this is one of Miracle Broadcasting’s channels.  The one speaking in the broadcast right now is the Divine Wind Marquis’ daughter, the one that is very popular in Central State City, young miss Feng Caidie!  If the old mister does not like this broadcast, you can change the channel for yourself.  Whether it is the latest news or music, you can find everything.  Of course, we only have the public channels and do not have any of the paid channels.”


Miracle Broadcasting?

Gu Qianqiu felt completely stunned!

What was the principle behind this technology?

If the electric lamp and airships were improvements on small flaws, then this broadcast system was a completely large invention.  If this broadcast was spread across the nation, would communication be as difficult as it was right now?

If it could spread across the continent, wouldn’t one be able to know what was happening in the Elf Kingdom?

Not only did this increase the standard of living, encrypted signals could be used for military use or sending secrets.

“Your canned food is here, please take your time.”

Gu Qianqiu ate the canned food while listening to the radio.  This canned food was clearly made from demon beast meat, so it seemed like Miracle Commerce had grasped the method of cooking demon beast meat.  This was a blessing for countless cultivators and mercenaries!  This invention could also change the lives of many people!

An hour passed by without him even knowing it.

The sound from the radio did not have any static or pauses, maintaining a stable sound the entire time.  The main broadcast had news, music, stories, information, and various commercials in between.

This was really incredible!

How many strange inventions did Miracle Commerce have?

Gu Qianqiu’s view of Chu Tian and Miracle Commerce was slowly being changed.

“Welcome back to Miracle Broadcasting.”  At this moment, Feng Caidie’s voice flowed out like water, “I have just received some exciting and good news.  The researchers at Miracle Commerce’s Yun Sect has just made a breakthrough and have created a brand new invention.  Perhaps it will be able to change the era?”

“Of course, this technology is not complete yet and Miracle Commerce is just in the testing stage.”

“Isn’t everyone very curious?  In order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, we will be conducting a public trial in the Central State City square, letting the citizens have a sneak peek.  There is still an hour before the test, so people that are interested, please don’t miss it!”


Feng Caidie’s voice did not even fall.

The entire hotel was thoroughly roused.


“There is another new thing!”

“Can we still wait?  Pay the bill, pay the bill now!  I want to take a look!”

“Pay what bill, can’t you see the service staff is gone?  Let’s go now or else we’ll be late!”

Gu Qianqiu placed a gold coin on the table and jumped out the window.  His slim body was like an ape, flying through the air, finally landing in the Central State City square.

Didn’t just a few minutes pass?

The Central State square was already filled!

Gu Qianqiu once again realized the effect of the radio on people.  It was much faster than the newspaper and the conventional media sources!

A short tower appeared in the center of the square.

It was merely three meters tall, but its structure itself was very complex.  Even as knowledgeable as Gu Qianqiu was, he could not decipher its mysteries.  Everyone began to cheer, not knowing what new strange thing Miracle Commerce had made now!

The Miracle Commerce array masters checked everything.  The time was right and the test was about to start!

“Hei, hello everyone.  Long time no see!”

A white robed young man came out, “I am Yun Xiao, but I will save the tedious self introduction since I am considered a well known person in Central State City.  I’m sure there wouldn’t be many people that don’t know me!”

The crowd began to fill with laughter.

To say that one didn’t recognize Yun Xiao in Central State City, there weren’t many people like that.

Yun Xiao had a mixed reputation.  He was the playboy that only knew how to eat and sleep, but in just one-two months, he had undergone a giant change that made everyone look at him differently now.

“Everyone be quiet for a bit!”  Yun Xiao raised one hand and then used the loudspeaker to say, “Today, at this location, there is a new Miracle Commerce invention that will be announced!”

Miracle Commerce rarely openly demonstrated their inventions to people.

Since today was going against that, then this invention had to be abnormal.

“I want to ask everyone.”  Yun Xiao walked back and forth, “Is this world big?”


“Isn’t this nonsense?”

“The world is very big, almost infinitely so!”  Yun Xiao said this and then gave a sigh as he said, “However, it is regretful that for everyone, including me, we will be unable to take a single step out of Southern Summer in our lives.  In this lifetime, it is very hard for us to even see one billionth of the beautiful world with our own eyes!”

Everyone fell silent.

Who didn’t know the world was big and Southern Summer was very small.

Humans established themselves in states and there were several billion people.  The Southern Summer Country only had two hundred million so saying that the Southern Summer Country was a small area was not an exaggeration at all.

Gu Qianqiu’s feelings were even more profound.  After spending twenty years wandering, he realized he had only see the tip of the iceberg.  This world was truly just too big!

“Large empires with tens of billions of people and large empires stretching across several hundreds of thousands of miles, how magnificent they are!”  Yun Xiao revealed a face of indignation, cursing destiny for being unfair, “Can we fantasize about these things with our limited imaginations?”

“Elves, Spirit Beasts, Dragons, the races of legends that have intelligence not inferior to human.  What kind of world they live in and what kind of culture they have, doesn’t everyone want to personally see it once?”

“Ancient divine beast, ancient life forms, countless forbidden areas of the continent, the oddities of the world, the endless wonders, why can we not personally see it?”  Yun Xiao was quite good at acting, becoming more and more hot blooded as he spoke, “Beyond the heavens and below the abyss, what kind of space is it?  Don’t you all want to know?”

“After tens of thousands of years, after the flow of time, whether it is an expert or a normal citizen, they will be forgotten in the rivers of history.  Is our era doomed to be forgotten by people?”

The views Yun Xiao expressed rippled in everyone’s minds.

“I don’t know how you all feel, but I am not willing!”  Yun Xiao tightly gripped his fist and said, “Even if I am tiny, I want to see the prestige of the giant dragons.  Even if I am vulgar, I want to personally see the beauty of elven women.  Even if I am lowly, I want to see the profundities of the world of the abyss.  Even if I am incompetent, I want to be remembered by the future generations, never being forgotten by the people!”

“Does everyone think I am crazy?”

“That’s right.  If there was no Miracle Commerce, then everyone would think that I am crazy!”

Gu Qianqiu was stunned hearing this.  This brat really knew how to talk, but he had some skills, touching everyone’s interests, making them unable to not be fascinated.  It made them even more anxious to know just what Miracle Commerce would bring out.

“Even with tens of thousands of words, seeing it would explain things quicker.”  Yun Xiao felt the time was right and immediately move to the side.  He then waved both hands, “Please bring out Miracle Commerce’s newest invention!”

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