MT Chapter 261


Chapter 261: Trap

There was no one in Central State that dared to move against Chu Tian.  At least it wouldn’t be remnants of the three great families, so who were these people?

Open the Mind’s Lamp!

His divine sense spread around him.

Chu Tian found that there were several dozen people!


These people really were skilled in hiding their auras.

If Chu Tian was not focused, he wouldn’t have found them.  What made him surprised was that this group was very strong, with most of them being in the 5th-6th Awakened Soul Layer and the leader being at the 7th Awakened Soul Layer.  Although they couldn’t compete with the remote great elders, they were still considered top experts in Central State!

There was no doubt.

Since the Chu, Luo, and Ye’s remote great elders were killed, the Central State family’s did not have this kind of strength.

They had to be from Imperial City!

Chu Tian knit his brows.  It wasn’t from the strength of the other side, but rather the fact that the other side had sent forces into Central State City and he didn’t know about it at all.

How could he be assured like this?

Chu Tian wasn’t afraid of sneak attacks, but he was worried about things happening to people by his side, especially Yingying and the young miss.  If they were more evil and crueler, Chu Tian would not know what to do if Meng Yingying and the young miss were kidnapped.


It had to be taken care of.

“There seems to be quite a bit.”  Chen Bingyu asked in whisper, “Should I make a move?”

“No, there is a True Soul Realm expert.”  Chu Tian had confidence in Chen Bingyu, but even with Chen Bingyu’s strength, she could not catch all of them, “If even a single one escape, then it would not be easy to find them again in the city.”

“Your meaning is…..”

“Fighting an invisible enemy is very disadvantageous and we need to catch them all.”  Chu Tian made his voice soft, “The plan will be to let them catch me and I’ll leave a trail behind us.  Go back and find Old Yun and Old Yu and his brothers, then catch all these villains at once.”

Chen Bingyu knit her brows, “Too dangerous.  What if they kill you?”

At this time, a furry white head came out of his chest and its sparkling, black eyes looked at Chen Bingyu.  When Chen Bingyu saw the little fox, she immediately understood why Chu Tian had no fear.

That’s right.

She almost forgot.

Chu Tian had a secret bodyguard!

This little fox did not have any battle strength, but the little fox was very smart and had a soul puppet in its hands which had the Hell Fire soul sealed inside.  The little fox also had an ancient clan’s soul summoning technique and could summon the Hell Fire one or two times.

The Hell Fire Demon could not compare to its pre death state, but its power still reached the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer.  Even if it was one of the Eight Marquises going against Chu Tian, he could still safely retreat.


Chen Bingyu no longer hesitated and immediately left.

Cao Bao led fifty royal knights into the city and coordinated with the fifty outside to launch an ambush.

They had thought that it would be easy to kidnap Chu Tian with fifty people but they never thought that Miracle Commerce’s headquarters would be so heavily guarded.  There were more than one True Soul Realm experts, so they couldn’t attack directly and had to wait for their opportunity.

Chu Tian had finally come out.

But in the end?

There was a high level expert by his side!

Although the royal knights were not weak, if they had to move against Chen Bingyu, it would not be an easy endeavour and they would suffer heavy casualties.  So Cao Bao’s group was not anxious to act and secretly followed them.

Finally a chance appeared.

Chu Tian walked half the way and suddenly thought of something.  He turned to say a few words to Chen Bingyu and then Chen Bingyu took the initiative to leave.

“Strange.  Is there a trick here?”  Cao Bao’s brows tightly knit together, “First observe the brat, but don’t make a move.  Li Hu, go and see if that woman has really left or not!”

A thin man quickly left and he quickly returned after a few minutes.

“Leader, she really left!”

“Good, everyone make your preparations.  Don’t make any noise and kidnap him as quickly as possible!”

Several dozen shadows quickly spread out, surrounding Chu Tian.

Chu Tian could clearly see everything, but he pretended not to notice as he casually walked along while whistling.  After he walked around the corner in front of him, two fists quickly shot at him.

“Ah!”  Chu Tian flew back in a panic, “Amb…..”

He only said half of what he wanted to say.

Cao Bao quickly appeared behind him and his right arm was covered with ink black spirit energy, chopping the back of Chu Tian’s neck.

With a thump sound.

The ground was split apart.

Chu Tian’s protective spirit energy shattered and his unconscious body fell to the ground.

“Idiot!”  Cao Bao thought they would have to use a lot of effort, but they never thought that this person was an idiot.  He quickly waved his hand, “Take him away, we’re leaving!”

Two royal knights lifted Chu Tian up and several dozen black shadows flashed a few times before completely disappearing.  It was like nothing had happened at all.

Of course Chu Tian had pretended to faint!

Cao Bao didn’t know Chu Tian practiced the Starlight Immortal Body and after being tempered by the starlight, his body was tough and firm.

Not to mention the fact that Chu Tian was already prepared.  Chu Tian could not block a full force attack from an expert in the peak 7th Awakened Soul Layer, but if the attacker only wanted to knock him out, the force of the strike could be withstood.

It was the middle of the night and the city gates were already closed.  If they left while holding Chu Tian, they would attract the attention of the people.

Cao Bao found a simple dwelling and placed Chu Tian in the basement.

“Soul Sealing Cuffs!”

“Origin Binding Rope!”

A pair of black handcuffs was trapping Chu Tian’s hands.

This was a pair of handcuffs aimed at trapping Awakened Soul Cultivators.  Not only could it withstand a strong force, it could also suppress an Awakened Soul Cultivator’s source spirit.  Without one’s source spirit, an Awakened Soul Cultivator’s strength would be decreased.

It wasn’t just this.

Cao Bao also used a rope covered in runes to tie up Chu Tian.  It was a rope that could seal one’s meridians and make their spirit energy stop revolving, stopping them from fighting back.  These people worked in a professional manner and Chu Tian could not escape these bindings.

“Li Hu, go and report to sir, telling him to come back as soon as possible.”


“Everyone else will guard the courtyard.”

There was a little fox in Chu Tian’s chest, sneaking to his back and biting through the ropes.  Then it began to work on the handcuffs and not long passed before its cultivation technique broke them.  The runes printed on it had expired and Chu Tian could break them just by using a bit of strength.

Cao Bao thought it was impossible for Chu Tian to escape, so he did not pay attention to him at all.

No one knew that Chu Tian could break free at any moment!

On the other side, after Chu Tian had been kidnapped, Miracle Commerce immediately reacted.

Yun Tianhe, the five Yu brothers, and the other experts of Miracle Commerce were all sent out at once, immediately finding where Chu Tian had been detained.

“It’s here?”  Boss Yu confirmed this and said in a hoarse voice, “There are people that dare to move in our Central State City, we will not let them off today!  Go! Take them all out!”

The Yu brothers were all True Soul Realm experts and there were sixty-seventy Illustrious Soul Realm Giant Shark Gang elites.  It was enough to take care of these people just with the power of the Giant Shark Gang, not to mention Chen Bingyu, Yun Tianhe, the elites of Miracle Commerce and the Yun Family.

“Stop!”  Yun Tianhe stopped them by saying, “This might be people from Imperial City, so we can’t kill them.  We only have to draw them out.”

Everyone thought about it and thought he was right.

It was not a good thing for Chu Tian to fight against Imperial City.

Boss Yu changed his orders, “It’s best if you don’t kill them and end the fight as quickly as possible.

Chen Bingyu, Yun Tianhe, and the five Yu brothers, the seven True Soul Realm experts attacked first, almost instantly surrounding the dozens of royal guards.  When the royal guards finally reacted, the seven of them had led over two hundred experts to launch a wild attack.

How could the royal guards think that right as they brought Chu Tian back, they would be surrounded by Miracle Commerce?


“This is bad!”

“We’re being surrounded by a large number of experts, we can’t stop them!”

“This fast!  How is this possible?  Hold on!” Cao Bao felt this was bad and immediately wanted to grab Chu Tian, “Go, take the captive and immediately leave!”

Who would have thought that when Cao Bao went to grab Chu Tian.


A normal fox suddenly appeared in front of him and released a scarlet red needle from its mouth.  It completely disregarded his spirit energy defenses to directly attack him, damaging Cao Bao’s meridians, causing his spirit energy protective layer to dissipate.

Chu Tian destroyed the handcuffs and released a powerful strength.  A jet black demon god’s sword soared into the sky and charged out at Cao Bao.

This is bad!

He was pretending!

We’ve fallen into a trap!

It was already too late to notice it now.

Cao Bao was sent flying from the room.  Although his cultivation was higher than Chu Tian’s, under this sneak attack, he had already been severely injured.

Cao Bao angrily stood up to jump away.

A fish bone cane fell down from the sky onto Cao Bao’s shoulder, immediately forming a barrier filled with water that trapped him inside.

“I recommend you don’t move!”

Boss Yu came over and coldly stared at him.

Not even two minutes passed since the fight began and the fifty royal guards were all caught, even Cao Bao was unable to get away.  With this many experts joining the fight, there was no noise made at all, not causing any disturbances in the city.

Cao Bao found this a bit unbelievable.

How was this possible?  Central State City was only a Main City, how could there be so many experts!  With this elite group and their quick reaction, even in the Imperial City, they could not be underestimated!

“An idiot like you thought you could capture me!”  Chu Tian patted his clothed while walking out, looking at the imprisoned Cao Bao, “Tell me, who sent you!”

Cao Bao gave a cold snort and said nothing.

“I can guess even if you don’t say anything.”  Chu Tian waved his hand at Boss Yu, “Lock them up first and clean up the scene immediately.  This fellow is not their boss, he should just be in charge of the operation.”

Yun Tianhe was shocked, “What?  This person isn’t there leader!”

“I heard them say that they had already sent someone to bring back the real leader.  We’ll form a net here and grab them all!”

Cao Bao suddenly broke out in laughter, “To resist against Sir Gu just, you really are seeking death!”

Yun Tianhe was shocked.

With Cao Bao’s strength, he actually wasn’t the leader!

Who was  the person behind them?  How strong was he? Where did he come from?

“Then our photo studio!”

“We’ll still open it.”  Chu Tian said, “This matter will be handled secretly, I don’t want to cause trouble in Central State City.  I want to see what kind of people Imperial City has sent!”

“Just wait to die then!”

“You are nothing more than nameless ants!  Daring to offend the great sir, just wait for death!  Ha, ha, ha!”

Cao Bao was still smiling as he was led away.  This was his first time hearing that someone was going to deal with the great scholar!  Was’t this a joke! The great scholar was the number one scholar in the Southern Summer Country, who had an intellectual mind as wide as the sea.  A single word from him was something that not a normal person could handle. Going against the great scholar was going against all the scholars in the Southern Summer Country!

“So noisy!”  Chu Tian waved his hand, “Block up his mouth first!”

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