MT Chapter 267


Chapter 267: Capturing the Southern State army

The Southern State troops were wildly flailing in the water while the Giant Shark Gang helped them with nets, with each net getting a large group.  After they had been saved from the water, they were quickly captured in groups.

Chu Tian pointed at the Western Marquis and said, “Capture him for me!”

Boss Yu immediately threw his fish bone cane and a current of water curled around the cane.  A large prison formed around the Western Marquis, forcefully trapping him in.

Shangguan Hong angrily attacked this water cage.


The instant the pen tip touched the water cage, vigorous spirit energy exploded, turning the originally transparent water cage into jet black ink, before breaking apart.  The countless drops of ink in the air all flew towards Boss Yu.

The Western Marquis was in the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer.

Boss Yu was not an opponent for him, but fighting on the water, he would not be easily defeated.  He immediately formed a water shield that blocked the fatal drops of demon ink.

“Big brother, we’ll help you!”

The five Giant Shark Gang leaders had practiced together and had coordinated for many years.  If they worked together, they could go against one of the Eight Southern Summer Marquises. Not to mention the fact they were fighting on water where they had an advantage, so they could even win.

“This old man will help you!”

Gu Qianqiu dropped down from the clouds from the griffin he was riding on, releasing all his strength.  A golden source spirit appeared behind him which was a large golden bell!


The bell released an explosive sound.

The sound of this bell could not be heard by others, only Shangguan Hong’s body trembled.  He had been caught off guard and spat out a mouthful of blood because the sound made from the golden bell was not normal sound, but rather spiritual waves.

That’s right, the attribute of Gu Qianqiu’s source spirit was actually an energy attribute.  This type of source spirit was very rare, so spiritual attacks were close to impossible to guard.  It was very hard to find a defensive measure against this kind of attack.

After the Western Marquis had been attacked by Gu Qianqiu, his protective spirit energy dissipated.  The five Yu Brothers, charged forward and grabbed the Western Marquis.

“The Western Marquis has been captured!”

“Why have you not surrendered yet!  We will kill the Western Marquis!”

When the Southern State troops saw that the Western Marquis had been captured, their faces all turned ashen.  They immediately stopped resisting and gave up without a fight.

The Southern State army of a hundred thousand people had turned into prisoners!

This was truly shocking!

Of the battle strength of the Eight State’s armies, the Southern State army could be considered one of the forerunners, but the hundred thousand elites had turned into Central State’s prisoners.  This had completely swept away the Southern State’s face, Shangguan Hong’s face, and the face of the Shangguan Family.

Chu Tian ordered, “Confiscate their weapon and armour and create a temporary camp for them.  Lock them all up!”

When the Western Marquis had been brought in all tied up, he was still angrily roaring, “Chu Tian, you think you’ve won?  Committing this kind of large crime, you will die like a dog!”


Chu Tian’s violent temper erupted, “All of you, move!”

Boss Yu’s brothers all moved to one side.

Chu Tian slapped Shangguan Hong on the face.


Shangguan Hong was sent flying several meters!

“Daring to be this wild after being defeated.  If I don’t teach you a lesson today, then I won’t be surnamed Chu!”  While he was speaking, Chu Tian charged out to grab the Western Marquis and gave him a series of resounding slaps, “Don’t think that because you are a marquis of the Shangguan Family that I won’t dare move against you.  I can cripple you without even batting an eye!”

This lunatic!

Perhaps he might truly do something crazy.

The Western Marquis suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

Gu Qianqiu quickly came over, “Calm yourself, calm yourself.  You’ve already vented yourself, so just let it go for now.”

Chu Tian threw the Western Marquis to the ground and stomped on him several times, “Alright, on account of the great scholar, I won’t bother with you.  Take him down and lock him up. Watch him properly and don’t let him break free!”

Everyone was stunned by this.

Do you know who you are hitting?

This was the Western Marquis of the eight marquises!

Chu Tian dared to beat the Western Marquis in public!

Even the Golden Arrow Marquis was scared by Chu Tian’s actions.  This fellow really had a violent temper!

No wonder he could obtain a large basket like Central State.  Just based on this fearless personality he had, even knowing that the Western Marquis had the Refined Ruler behind him, he did not give them any face and would even cripple him on the spot!  This kind of wild attitude was something a normal person wouldn’t dare to think of!

They could only go all in.

Since they had to offend the Southern Summer King, the Shangguan Family, and even the Nangong Family, Chu Tian had nothing that he couldn’t do.  At least Central State was still Chu Tian’s territory and he had the Divine Wind Marquis to support him.

The Golden Arrow Marquis and the great scholar had also been pulled in.

Chu Tian had enough chips in his hands.

No matter how angry the Southern Summer King was, he had to consider a place as large as Central State.  It was impossible for him to take away the titles of the Divine Wind Marquis and the Golden Arrow Marquis, and he had to give face to the great scholar with a high status.

“Come with me!”

The five Yu Brothers brought the Western Marquis who had a black and blue bleeding face away.

This prestigious marquis had been locked in prison.

“Yu….Oh, no, mister Chu!”  Gu Qianqiu this famous great scholar of the Southern Summer Country arrived in front of Chu Tian with a nervous expression, “After our hard separation in Qing State, this old man has been thinking of you, but I never thought it would only take a few days to meet again.  Although there has been a misunderstanding, everything can still be solved.”

Did this old man know how to talk?  He’s making father skin break out in goosebumps!

Chu Tian looked at him with a face of disgust.

“This old man never would have thought that you would be the famous Chu Tian.  No wonder you were able to perform such extraordinary feats.”

“I taught a lesson to your students who don’t know the heights of the heaven and the depths of the earth?  Will you remember that grudge!”

“No, no, no!”  Gu Qianqiu quickly shook his head, “How could I?  With your excellency’s knowledge, not to mention this old man’s students, even if this old man were the student, I would have nothing to say.  I would still thank your excellency for your guidance.”

The humble way the great scholar treated Chu Tian was seen by the citizens and soldiers of the city.

Was this really the great scholar?

It wouldn’t be someone pretending to be him right!

The Southern Summer’s great scholar was recognized as the number one scholar, with knowledge even surpassing Yun Tianhe’s.  He was skilled in alchemy, talisman refining, and weapon refining, being the mountain in the hearts of the million scholars in the Southern Summer Country and the greatest authority within the academic circle.

Not only was Gu Qianqiu very knowledgeable, he was also a peak expert.  He had a cultivation at the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer, being on the same level as the eight marquises.

This meant that if Gu Qianqiu had not been focused on studying, he could have broken past the Awakened Soul Layer, becoming a higher existence in the Southern Summer Country compared to the Three Rulers.

Gu Qianqiu was a legendary existence that everyone in the Southern Summer Country knew of.

When he was young, he left his native land to wander, using twenty years to learn from the large kingdoms, bringing back countless pieces of advanced knowledge for the Southern Summer Country.  He had established the cornerstone of academic development for the Southern Summer Country. Other than this, in dozens of years, Gu Qianqiu had solved countless problems for the Southern Summer Country.

Like the problem with Qing State, every time Gu Qianqiu personally took action, he would find the most suitable solution.  The contributions Gu Qianqiu had made to the Southern Summer Country were more than enough to have him named a marquis. Only Gu Qianqiu was a scholar focused on academics and did not like titles, so he rejected the Southern Summer King many times.

Yun Tianhe quickly said, “The great scholar is one with great ethics, so these misunderstandings, there is no need to mind it.  I think that if the great scholar knew the causes of this, then this matter would not have happened.”

“Yes, yes, yes!”  Gu Qianqiu was very grateful towards Yun Tianhe for speaking up for him, “It’s a mistake, it’s all a mistake!”

Chu Tian did not place this matter in his heart.

Chu Tian had already guessed Gu Qianqiu’s great scholar status in Qing State.

Chu Tian was offending more and more people, and he couldn’t stop this.  Whether it was expanding his own influence or raising the research standard of the Yun Sect, this person had his uses.  If the Calm Martial Ruler was not willing to support Chu Tian, he could only work with the great scholar.

“I, Chu Tian, am not a person who cannot recognize right or wrong.  Since it was a mistake, forget about it.” Chu Tian put on airs while saying, “Chu Tian is very grateful that the great scholar was willing to help me today.  If the great scholar has any requests, I will try my best to fulfil them!”

Qu Qianqiu did not even think before saying, “I want to join your research facility!”

It was what he wanted!

Chu Tian hesitantly rubbed his chin, “This……”

“I have come to focus on studying!”  Gu Qianqiu gave a heavy vow, “If I have any dishonesty, let the heavens strike me down!”

“Alright!”  Chu Tian nodded, “I believe the great scholar’s character, so the great scholar will be a part of our Yun Sect today.  Old Yun, go and take the great scholar to look around the research facility!”

Yun Tianhe was very excited.

The citizens of Central State City were even more excited!

For a high status person like the great scholar to personally come to Central State to join the Yun Sect and become Chu Tian’s subordinate!

Chu Tian having the great scholar’s support far surpassed the support of any marquis!

As long as the great scholar supported him, Chu Tian would not easily topple.

“Great scholar, please.”

“Please, please!”

Yun Tianhe brought Gu Qianqiu who had a face of excitement to tour the research facility.

Chu Tian cupped his hands to the Golden Arrow Marquis, “Many thanks for the Golden Arrow Marquis’ reinforcements.  Chu Tian will remember this great favour.”

“Mister has saved the ten million citizens of Thunder State and you are Thunder State’s great benefactor as well as this marquis’ great benefactor.  If our benefactor meets any troubles, how could this marquis not care?” The Golden Arrow Marquis gave a few crisp laughs, “Congratulations. The great scholar is an aloof character, but to become your subordinate, you really have good luck!”

“Hai, what does this count for.  It wasn’t easy for your Thunder State soldiers to come so far.”  Chu Tian said, “The Divine Wind Marquis is not in Central State, so Miracle Commerce will represent Central State to accommodate you.”

“Miracle Commerce’s food is excellent.  My soldiers are lucky to be able to eat something like this!

“Miracle Commerce’s restaurant will only serve Thunder State soldiers today, letting them eat their fill!”

“Good, good!”

The Thunder State soldiers revealed excited expressions.  Miracle Commerce’s canned food had already entered Thunder State, but they were very rare and only a few people had the chance to try them.  They had come to Central State with great difficulty this time, so they would eat their fill!

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