MT Chapter 268


Chapter 268: The Calm Martial Ruler arrives

Chu Tian had hosted a banquet for the Thunder State Soldiers.  Thinking of how the Divine Wind Marquis could not convince the Calm Martial Ruler, Chu Tian was in a dangerous situation, so he could only take a step backwards.  He chose to cooperate with the Golden Arrow Marquis, the Divine Wind Marquis, and the great scholar.

When Gu Qianqiu finished touring the research facility, this almost a hundred year old old man was filled with excitement!

The Yun Sect research facility had completely subverted Gu Qianqiu’s views, making him feel like he had wasted his hundred years of living!

He was filled with envy towards Yun Tianhe.  Yun Tianhe, this old fellow could lead one of Miracle Commerce’s research teams and he could only watch from the sidelines!


He had to join!

He absolutely had to join!

The status of a normal researcher did not suit the great scholar, Gu Qianqiu had to lead one or two products.  The harder, the better, like the Source Energy Matrix Computer!

Chu Tian also secretly demonstrated the Source Energy Weapons to the Golden Arrow Marquis and the great scholar.

It didn’t need to be said, once these era changing weapons appeared, it caused a tremendous shock to these two people.  It made them even more sure that they did nothing wrong going against the royal proclamation!

Chu Tian sincerely said to them, “This one wanted to form a partnership with the Calm Martial Ruler to build a factory, but the Calm Martial Ruler did not appreciate this and even wanted to hurt me.  Since it’s like this, there is no need for this cooperation. I’ll just open a factory with you two and the Divine Wind Marquis, what do you think about that?”

Two marquises and a great scholar.  Although it couldn’t compare to the Calm Martial Ruler, with this cooperation, Chu Tian would have a protective umbrella to hide under.

The marquis had a large amount of independence in their territories.

Gu Qianqiu had a large amount of sway in the Imperial City as the Southern Summer great scholar.

This combination of local and central government connection was enough to keep Miracle Commerce safe.  

How could the Golden Arrow Marquis and the great scholar reject this?  This was a meat pie falling from the skies into their laps. Finally the three of them finally settled on an agreement and Chu Tian made the plans to create the first Source Energy Weapon factory in Central State City where the technology was located.  The great scholar, the Golden Arrow Marquis, and the Divine Wind Marquis were responsible for helping and guarding it.

Gu Qianqiu also proposed, “To make it safer, we should also invite Qing State’s Green Wood Marquis!  Not only did Chairman Chu help him out, the Green Wood Marquis would not reject such a good offer!”

“That’s right!”  The Golden Arrow Marquis approved, “With Qing State, Thunder State, and Central State working together and the great scholar’s protection, this factory is close to impregnable.  Even if the Three Great Clans wanted to make a move, they would have to give up!”

Chu Tian agreed.

Although he wasn’t very clear on the Green Wood Marquis’ personality, Qing State was a very important place.  It was where most of the nation’s resources were produced, so it would be a very convenient cooperation for Miracle Commerce.

They soon reached an agreement.

Miracle Commerce would own fifty percent of the shares, whereas the remaining fifty percent would be split between the three marquises and the great scholar.

The ones most happy right now were the Golden Arrow Marquis and the great scholar.

The Golden Arrow Marquis saved Central State and picked up such a cheap deal, how could he not be happy?

There was nothing to say about Gu Qianqiu.  He never thought that mister Yu would actually be Chu Tian.  This person was one rarely seen in ten thousand years and although they had a misunderstanding at the beginning, it had been solved and luckily he had joined the Yun Sect.

“Since an agreement has been reached, this marquis will leave first!”

“I will await the good news from the factory from Thunder State!  If you need any help from now on, send a message!”

The Golden Arrow Marquis had illegally entered Central State and did not dare remain in Central State too long.  So, the army left the next day. Chu Tian and the other parties had reached an agreement, so without waiting for the Divine Wind Marquis to return from Imperial City, he directly began to build the factory and improve the weapons.

The Western Marquis commanding an army to attack the city made Chu Tian feel a stronger sense of danger.

If Thunder State had not sent reinforcements, even if Central State City could stop them, they would have suffered heavy casualties.  Instead of relying on backers and other people, Chu Tian had to take this time to improve his weapons. Only his own strength was the most reliable.


After several days.

A team of Blood Eagles swept past the vast mountains to arrive in Central State.

This team was made up of people wearing blood red armour with each one giving off a strong, suffocating aura.  These were the Blood Clothed Generals of the Dongfang Family. Each person was very experienced, being a senior elder of the Dongfang Family and possessing the power of a True Soul Realm cultivation.

An entire team made of True Soul Realm experts, this was something only seen in the Three Great Clans!

On the back of a large griffin, there were two men standing there.  One was a blue robed, scholarly man and the other one was someone covered in a cape, releasing a mysterious and strong aura!

The Calm Martial Ruler, Dongfang Gan!

The Calm Martial Ruler of the Three Rulers had personally come to Central State!

If this were known, it would have created a stir in the Southern Summer Country.  If the Spirit Beasts knew that the Calm Martial Ruler was not in the Imperial City, they would have immediately marched south to attack.

Not only was the Calm Martial Ruler one of the peak experts in the kingdom, he was the publicly recognized military god of the Southern Summer Country.  The citizens of the Southern Summer Country believed that with the Calm Martial Ruler present, Imperial City would never fall. This kind of important person did not even personally go deal with Thunder State’s disaster, but he was coming to Central State City for Chu Tian.

“What is going on here?”  The Divine Wind Marquis discovered traces of a battle in Central State City, “Has the Western Marquis already launched his attack?!”

The Divine Wind Marquis tightly knit his brows.

The Calm Martial Ruler’s eyes gave a faint glow, “It seems like the Western Marquis failed.  Let’s go down.”


When the Calm Martial Ruler and his Blood Clothed Generals came down with their griffin and blood eagles, it attracted the attention of the Central State citizens.  Anyone who could ride a griffin had to have come from Imperial City. There was not a single person that had a favorable look on Imperial City.

Chu Tian’s merits in Thunder State were unrewarded and he was heavily punished for the disturbance in Central State.  There were even attempts to swallow Miracle Commerce and the Western Marquis, Shangguan Hong, had led an army to attack them, almost causing a war in Central State.  With the Southern Summer King this muddle headed, the people were very displeased.

Central State City had already changed from the benefits.

Whether it was the large or small families, they were all led by Chu Tian.  They profited and suffered together. The citizens also benefited from Miracle Commerce, so the people had great support of Miracle Commerce.  They couldn’t let the kingdom destroy Miracle Commerce and create another Four Great Families situation.

“Divine Wind Marquis?”

“It’s the Divine Wind Marquis!”

When the citizens saw the Divine Wind Marquis come off the griffin, their sadness turned to joy.  The Divine Wind Marquis was a supporter of Chu Tian. If the Divine Wind Marquis was in Central State City, that Western Marquis would not have dared to be this arrogant!

The Divine WInd Marquis quickly asked, “What happened in Central State over these past two days?”

“The Western Marquis brought the Southern State army to attack Central State, but they were defeated by Chu Tian and the army was captured!”


The expressions of the Divine Wind Marquis and the Calm Martial Ruler both fell,  Although they guessed something would happen in Central State, they never thought it would be this serious.  Having the Western Marquis capture Chu Tian, he brought an army to attack the city. Was this fellow’s brain filled with shit?

It didn’t matter if the Western Marquis brought troops to attack the city!

But the Southern State army was an illustrious army in the Southern Summer Country!

The Western Marquis had personally led the Southern State army to attack Central State City, but not only did he fail, his army had been captured and even the respected marquis was turned into a prisoner.  This was truly an unprecedented situation for the Southern Summer Country!

The Divine Wind Marquis felt even more awkward.

He never thought that matters would become even bigger.

“Interesting!”  The Calm Martial Ruler did not seem mad since Chu Tian had already caused enough trouble, “Bring me to see him!”

The Calm Martial Ruler walked down the streets of Central State City with the Divine Wind Marquis.  Like the great scholar, Gu Qianqiu’s first time in the city, the Calm Martial Ruler’s attention was attracted by the various strange inventions along the street.  When he knew what they did and that they were all made by Chu Tian, his appraisal of Chu Tian went up a level.

Chu Tian developing the Source Energy Weapon was not an accident.

This person was truly a great master.  With enough support and protection, he could create a large change in the Southern Summer Country in time.  When the Calm Martial Ruler thought this, his calm as a well heart couldn’t help feeling excited.

“This is Miracle Commerce’s headquarters.”

The Divine Wind Marquis led the Calm Martial Ruler in front of Miracle Commerce’s headquarters before directly entering.  Miracle Commerce’s staff knew the Divine Wind Marquis, so they did not stop him.

“Where’s Chu Tian?”

“Reporting to the marquis, the chairman is in the laboratory testing a new weapon.”

The eyes of the Calm Martial Ruler and the Divine Wind Marquis lit up.  The Divine Wind Marquis quickly asked, “Can we go in and see?”

“This…..”  The Miracle Commerce staff looked at the Calm Martial Ruler beside the Divine Wind Marquis, “Since it’s the Divine Wind Marquis, there should be no problem.  However, let me first report to the laboratory. Please wait a minute.”

The Miracle Commerce staff quickly came back.

“I ask the marquis to enter!”  The Miracle Commerce staff respectfully said, “The chairman is in the firing range, the third room on the second level!”

The Calm Martial Ruler looked at the Divine Wind Marquis, “You are one the ruler of Central State, but you actually need to make an appointment to see the leader of a company.”

“That depends on who it is!”  The Divine Wind Marquis gave a bitter laugh, “Please.”

The two of them entered the laboratory.  Before reaching the firing range, they heard a series of noises.



With sharp whistling, the sounds of iron being hit continuously rang out.  Metal targets were being destroyed by shots of energy one after the other on the firing range.

Chu Tian, Yun Tianhe, Gu Qianqiu, Meng Qingwu, and Meng Yingying, these five people were inside.  Meng Yingying was shooting the weapon while the others were watching.

“After the gun’s thermal stability has been increased, it can fire ten times without the body melting.”

“The farthest firing distance is two hundred meters.  If it goes past two hundred meters, the energy bullets will quickly lose power.  If it reaches a target at four hundred meters, it will lose around 50% of its strength!”

“After the Source Energy Battery has been optimized a few times, because the crystal oil refining technique still isn’t good enough and the quality of the oil isn’t high enough, it doesn’t store enough energy.  A single one hundred milliliter magazine can be fired only eight times!”


Meng Qingwu was writing down the data.  

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