MT Chapter 269


Chapter 269: A large misunderstanding

The Source Energy Weapon had only been improved on for less than half a month and it was already in a useable condition.  They really were effective!

In these past few days, the great scholar had been trying to leave a good impression on Chu Tian, so naturally he was doing menial tasks for Chu Tian.  He never stopped serving tea and he completed all of Chu Tian’s little tasks perfectly. It could be considered wholeheartedly working for something.

However, because he had been doing menial tasks for Chu Tian over the past few days, he had personally seen the Source Energy Pistol being optimized, filling him with great excitement and shock!

The great scholar finally realized.


He had spent a hundred years living a dog’s life!

He had spent over twenty years studying out of the country.  In order to take a large kingdom’s scholar as a teacher, he had spent three days and nights kneeling outside the door.  In order to obtain a book, he had been bullied by schoolmates in various manners. However, Gu Qianqiu felt it was all worth it.  From the experience learned in those twenty years, it had laid a foundation for his future success. The humiliation and burdens he had suffered had become the cornerstone of Gu Qianqiu’s success.

For a long time, Gu Qianqiu could proudly say that he was the most knowledgeable person in the Southern Summer Country.  He could even compare to scholars from the large kingdoms, with most scholars in the Southern Summer Country receiving his grace.

But now?

When thinking of those haughty people, Gu Qianqiu wished he could slap their faces!

Chu Tian was wild, but he still treated him like a human.  When Gu Qianqiu asked those scholars to teach him, not only did they have a high opinion of themselves, they taught him nothing at all.  Rather, they treated him as a servant, a slave, even having him test their pills!

Everyone said Chu Tian was crazy, but Gu Qianqiu could see that Chu Tian was only crazy on the surface.  It was very easy to earn his respect, you just needed to respect him. Whether it was the great scholar or a normal staff member of Miracle Commerce, Chu Tian treated everyone impartially.  This was much better than those scholars who were smart, but treated everyone else as grass beneath them.

This was a true master that could change the world!

Gu Qianqiu never thought that when he was a hundred, he would regain his excitement and passion for knowledge.  He had already decided to spend his remaining time in the Yun Sect, doing his all to support Chu Tian!

Chu Tian was very satisfied with Gu Qianqiu’s performance and they were now partners.  Although he had only been here a few days, Chu Tian had already promoted him. He had become the highest level researcher in the Yun sect, having around the same position as Yun Tianhe.

Gu Qianqiu was naturally filled with joy.  There was nothing more attractive to scholars than using the knowledge they possessed to change the world.

Although Gu Qianqiu’s knowledge was limited, being able to use his modest abilities to construct the building blocks to the Miracle Era, this was also enough for his name to be left in history to be praised by countless future scholars.  This was also a very high honor!

The tests ended.

“It’s still missing something.”  Chu Tian was not too pleased. He gave a few suggestions, but he didn’t want to wait any longer, “The cost isn’t too high, so make a batch first.”

The parts production of the pistols was very easy and the Source Energy Batteries were cheap to make.  The only troublesome part was that the Source Energy Pistols need to be engraved with three hundred runes.  This era still had not created the automatic rune engraving machine, so they needed to recruit large numbers of array masters, but that only meant distributing a bit more labour cost.

Chu Tian asked, “How many pistols can we make everyday?”

“The factory hasn’t been completed yet, so the production will not be high.  The Source Energy Pistol parts are not complicated, so they can be made quickly.  Although the Source Energy Magazines are very hard to make, there is not a high demand, so there should be no problem.”  Meng Qingwu said this and gave a helpless sigh, “Only the array carving process is a bit more complicated. This is related to the secret of the Source Energy Weapon, so we have to be careful in selecting people.  The workload is also very big, so if we start having the people in the research facility begin working, we can produce around fifty pistols a day and that is the most optimistic estimate.”

Only fifty pistols a day?

Lord knows how long it would take to arm an entire army!

“Too slow!”  Chu Tian frowned and said, “There’s no need to care that much.  Even if we risk divulging the secret of the weapons, we need to increase our production speed.  We have to be able to make a thousand per day! I don’t want another situation where Central State City is sieged!”

Divulging the technique?  What is there to worry about!  The Source Energy Pistols were the lowest grade of Source Energy Weapons, so Chu Tian did not care at all.  Not to mention the fact that the array technique was not finished yet and there was no supporting Source Energy Battery, so others couldn’t make Source Energy Pistols.

Although the Source Energy Pistols were not complete, the effects were already very shocking.  If there was a thousand people armed with them, even if they met the strongest Storm Cavalry, they would be able to cause severe damage in several waves of attacks!

This was the power of science!

This was the power of the Source Energy Weapons!

If the first Source Energy Weapon army were in Chu Tian’s hands, who would dare bully Miracle Commerce?  Even if it were the Three Rulers or the king, they would have to treat Chu Tian kindly!

Meng Qingwu saw that Chu Tian was determined, so she could only nod and say, “I will try to make it as fast as possible!”

“Nonsense!  For this kind of important thing, how can you consider output without worrying about keeping it secret!  If it creates a large mess after being revealed, will you be responsible for it? Chu Tian, you really disappoint me!”

A sharp as thunder voice sounded in their ears.

An unknown man wearing a cape came in, with two sword like eyebrows that almost reached the sky.

“Not being able to stay calm, how can you do great things!”

When Gu Qianqiu and Yun Tianhe saw this person, their expressions changed…..This person had personally come to Central State.

“Who the hell are you!”  Chu Tian was being criticized by someone in his own domain, in front of his people, where did his face go?  He did not even think before shouting, “For things that father does, what qualification do you have to judge?”

“Chu Tian!”  The Divine Wind Marquis was shocked on the side and quickly came forward to say, “You can’t be rude to the Calm Martial Ruler!”

This brat really was not afraid of death.  Did he not know that the person in front of him could kill him as easily as taking something out of his pocket?

Chu Tian was a little stunned.

What Calm Martial Ruler!

The Calm Martial Ruler gave a snort.

A pure killing intent instantly filled the air that pressed down on them like a mountain, making a person’s soul and spirit tremble!

Ten thousand horses neighed and a thousand cavalry roared as an army charged forward.  Under this irresistible pressure, the Divine Wind Marquis and Gu Qianqiu couldn’t help taking a step back.  The faces of the others turned white and their throats were blocked, making it hard for them to breathe.

That man did not even make a move and just the pressure alone was enough to crush everyone.  If one had a weak will, their spirits would have collapsed on the spot.

“So strong!”

Meng Qingwu felt sweat coming from her back.  She had never seen anyone this strong, someone several times more powerful than the Divine Wind Marquis.  Was this the terrifying strength of a ruler? This was bad. The first thing the Calm Martial Ruler did was display his power and he also wanted to use the great scholar to deal with Chu Tian.  This was going to be bad!

The Divine Wind Marquis gave a bitter smile.

Chu Tian, ah, Chu Tian, you shouldn’t have invited the Calm Martial Ruler to personally come, it was harder than having god come himself.  In front of this overwhelming might, did he really have the qualification to negotiate equally?

The Calm Martial Ruler did not want to hurt Chu Tian, he just wanted to show Chu Tian how strong he was, making negotiations proceed more smoothly.  However, what surprised the Calm Martial Ruler was that, even though the Divine Wind Marquis and Gu Qianqiu found it hard to resist his pressure, Chu Tian was very relaxed like he wasn’t affected at all.  This youth was younger than he imagined and also more outstanding than he imagined.

That’s fine!

He had already shown his strength.

If Chu Tian was a smart person, he should know what to do.

The Calm Martial Ruler slowly withdrew his sharp aura and everyone felt more relaxed.  He moved forward a step and spoke in an aloof voice, “You are Chu Tian, right!”

From what the Calm Martial Ruler saw, with his own prestige and the strength he had displayed, even if Chu Tian were wild, he would not dare make trouble in this atmosphere.  After all, to him, the Calm Martial Ruler was an enemy he could not fight. Moreover, if Chu Tian wanted to establish a foothold in the Southern Summer Country, he needed the protection of the Calm Martial Ruler.

Like this, the following matter should be easier to talk about.

“Calm Martial Ruler!  This old man has admired you for years in vain, I never thought you would be such an underhanded individual!”  Who would have thought that before Chu Tian spoke, an angry old man with red eyes would charge forward, looking like he would be willing to perish with the Calm Martial Ruler, “If you want to touch a single hair on his head, first step over this old man’s corpse!”

Yun Tianhe shouted like he was in a critical situation, “People, come!  Protect the chairman!”

Chen Bingyu and the others charged in.  The little fox’s hairs stood up, revealing a look of hostility!

The Divine Wind Marquis was stunned!

The Calm Martial Ruler was also stunned!

What was happening?  Chu Tian had personally written a letter to invite the Calm Martial Ruler over, wasn’t it to cooperate with the Calm Martial Ruler!  What kind of situation was this! Great scholar? Wasn’t this the great scholar? Why was he so angry and scolding the Calm Martial Ruler!

The Calm Martial Ruler was a bit angry, “Great scholar, this ruler has never done anything to you, so why are you slandering this ruler!”

“Good, good, good!  So the Calm Martial Ruler is someone who doesn’t dare take responsibility for their actions!”

“What did you say?!”

The Calm Martial Ruler was already a bit angry.  Had the great scholar eaten the wrong medicine? If it were anyone else, the Calm Martial Ruler would have killed him with a single slap!

“Look for yourself!”  The great scholar gave the secret letter to him, “Do you dare say you didn’t personally write this letter?”

“This was written by this ruler, but……”

“Then what else do you have to say!  You misled this old man, using this old man to kill Chu Tian, having this old man bear the cross.  Your heart is so evil, this old man disdains from associating with you in the future!”

The Calm Martial Ruler’s nose went crooked from anger.

The great scholar had confused right and wrong!

This letter clearly wanted the great scholar to protect Chu Tian, so how did it turn into having the great scholar kill Chu Tian?

The Calm Martial Ruler pulled out the letter to confront the great scholar, but when he pulled out the letter, the Calm Martial Ruler was stunned.  The content of the letter was completely different. Although the writing style was completely the same, the contents were like night and day!

The Divine Wind Marquis was also stunned.

What kind of medicine did the Calm Martial Ruler take?

The Calm Martial Ruler realized something and immediately explained, “No, this is not this ruler’s letter.  It has been tampered by someone!”

Gu Qianqiu angrily said, “Things are like this and you still want to quibble?!  Who dares to tamper with the Calm Martial Ruler’s letter in the Southern Summer Country?”

“This ruler came to Central State to cooperate, so why would I kill Chu Tian?”  The Calm Martial Ruler realized the situation was bad and immediately explained, “Everyone knows this ruler’s disposition, I am not someone who would not take responsibility for my deeds!”

Chu Tian gave a laugh and said, “Sorry, Calm Martial Ruler.  Whether this is true or not, you are too late.”

“What does you mean?”

“This letter’s contents terrified this subordinate, so in order to seek shelter, I am now working with Qing State, Thunder State, and the great scholar.  We have made a plan to create Source Energy Weapons together. The Calm Martial Ruler’s trip has been made in vain!”


“Since the Calm Martial Ruler is bad at understanding, this old man will help you translate!”  Gu Qianqiu said with schadenfreude, “Chairman’s meaning is, this Source Energy Weapon factory has no relations to the respected ruler, so you should quickly return to Imperial City!”

This Gu Qianqiu was very fierce, probably because of his anger.  Because of the Calm Martial Ruler’s letter, he had almost made an unforgivable mistake.  Whether this letter personally came from the Calm Martial Ruler or not, he had to face the responsibilities for it!

The Calm Martial Ruler felt like he had been struck by lightning!

How could this be allowed!

The Calm Martial Ruler’s heart had been full of confidence and hope when he had left Imperial City.  Personally coming to Central State to discuss with Chu Tian, with his prestige and might, he wanted to gain advantages in the negotiations, perhaps even obtaining Chu Tian.  Who would have thought this situation would occur!

It had ended before it even started!

The immediate display of strength the Calm Martial Ruler gave in the beginning had actually filled the people of Miracle Commerce with vigilance and hostility.

It’s over, he had defeated himself.  What should he do now? Damn! Whoever dared to tamper with the letter, if it causes this cooperation to fail, then this ruler will destroy their entire family!

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