MT Chapter 273


Chapter 273: Leaving Central State

Time was an expensive thing and Chu Tian could not take care of everything.  He did not want to control everything, so he delegated the responsibilities. He allowed the small partners a small refinement, letting them have a higher value.  Because of this, he decided to split the troops into three groups.

The first group was Gu Qianqiu and the Meng sisters going to Imperial City, setting up the market for Miracle Commerce.

The second group was the Divine Wind Marquis father and daughter pair, as well as the Yun siblings, building the information network for Miracle Commerce across the nation.

The third group was Chu Tian and Yun Tianhe, creating inventions for Miracle Commerce, especially working on Central State’s weapon factory.


Chu Tian and the Calm Martial Ruler had an agreement that the Imperial City’s factory could not be smaller than the Central State factory and that the Imperial City technology could not be behind.

This phrase simply meant that however many weapons Central State had, Imperial City had to have the same amount.  If Central State created a new weapon, Imperial City should also have the new weapon.

Both sides were selling the items.

Imperial City sold to the army.

Central State was Miracle Commerce’s personal factory.

This ensured that the Southern Summer Country’s army had a supple of Source Energy Weapons.

The Calm Martial Ruler thought that it was foolproof, but he never guess that Chu Tian had a trick up his sleeve.

Not only did Central State have a Source Energy Weapon factory that did not lose to Imperial City, they also had the only Source Energy Battery factory in the Southern Summer Country.  This was an advantage Imperial City did not have!

Central State had the most crystal oil in the Southern Summer Country, especially around South Sky City.  There were many crystal oil fields explored that turned South Sky City into the largest Source Energy Battery production base for Miracle Commerce.

Therefore it was not wrong to place the battery factory in Central State, who let this place be the most convenient!

Even if the Calm Martial Ruler realized this, it would be too late.

If the Source Energy Pistols had no magazines, they were just blocks of iron that were inferior to scrap iron.  Chu Tian had given the Calm Martial Ruler the Source Energy Pistol’s blueprints and had promised to continue improving it, but what did having the blueprint do?

The energy magazine fabrication technique was still in his hand.

The Calm Martial Ruler still had to depend on Chu Tian’s mood in the end.

This was the reason why Chu Tian had agreed so easily.

After the arrangements were made, Chu Tian gave the matter of constructing the factory to Yun Tianhe and the Divine Wind Marquis to manage.  Chu Tian once again closed his doors and focused on breaking through.

The Imperial City had many outstanding people, countless geniuses, and various powerful clans.  The Dongfang, Shangguan, and Nangong Families had several tens of thousands of guest officials and retainers, as well as over a hundred thousand juniors.  It was hard to count just how many talents they had!

Was Chu Xinghe very strong?

Of course he was strong!

Chu Xinghe was unparalleled in Central State for over ten years.

Even including all eight states, Chu Xinghe was among the best.

It was different with Imperial City.  Imperial City had the most resources and the strongest family influences, as well as solid foundations, so it wasn’t strange for two-three talents of Chu Xinghe’s level to appear.

Chu Tian could arrogantly laugh in Central State, but he wasn’t a star in Imperial City.  Adding in the fact that Chu Tian antagonized many people and things were becoming even more messy, he would inevitably offend even more people.  So before this matter finished, Chu Tian had to increase his strength!

Miracle Commerce had a lot of money in their hands.

But the Elixirs they could find, the most they could find was low level Sacred Medicine and the occasional middle grade Sacred Medicine.  These incredibly precious medicines worth over a hundred million could allow Chu Tian to break through, but it would take too long.

Chu Tian did not want to wait, so he thickened his face to ask for a top grade Sacred Medicine.  Dividing it into six parts and refining high grade Profound Royal Sacred Pills still satisfied Chu Tian’s needs.

“Little fellow, protect me.”

“I want to attack my cultivation bottleneck!”

The little fox remained at the door.  Chu Tian used the Profound Royal Pill and began to refined the pill’s energy.

The effects of the Profound Royal Pill quickly filled his body and his meridians were filled with spiritual energy.  Spirit energy quickly flowed through them and gathered in his dantian like rivers running into the sea. A powerful will appeared in his sea of consciousness that seemed like it wanted to explode from his body.

Chu Tian could feel that his main source spirit’s awakening was becoming deeper.  A kind of energy flowed from his soul that made Chu Tian’s surroundings fill with dark mist.

His spirit energy continued to grow.

Could this strength not be contained soon?

“It’s not the time right now!”  Chu Tian forcefully resisted the main source spirit that wanted to cause trouble, “Go back to sleep for me!”


A deep roar came from the depths of his soul, one that contained irritation, dissatisfaction, and anger.  A powerful pressure was suddenly released and although it wasn’t big, it was still very shocking.

The little fox suddenly felt a strong sense of danger, making its hairs stand up and it gave a few serious cries.

Was this aura coming from inside the room?

The little fox’s eyes looked around a few times before lying back down on the ground.  It reached out its pink tongue to lick its claws and casually thought about this.

Master’s source spirit is becoming even stronger.

His master was sure to improve, but this master was also very strange.  His main source spirit was clearly very strong, so why did he go all out in suppressing it?  This did not conform to his usual arrogant disposition. Forget it, this fox is going to sleep, who cares what he does?

After a week.

Chu Tian came out from closed doors and reached the 5th Awakened Soul Layer.  Just a trivial breakthrough was not a difficult matter for Chu Tian.

“Hey, hey!”

“I wanted you to help me keep guard, so why are you asleep?”  Chu Tian kicked the little fox’s soft belly on the ground, “Did anyone come in the past few days?”

The little fox stood up while rubbing its eyes.  It gave a long yawn before shaking its head.

“What is the Calm Martial Ruler doing?  It’s already been half a month, why isn’t the royal proclamation here yet!”  Chu Tian was already feeling a bit impatient, “We’ll go have a look in the laboratory!”

Chu Tian’s personal laboratory, there were eighteen Yin Corpses being refined in wooden barrels.

Obtaining the Spiritual God’s memories from the Central State Tower gave Chu Tian countless benefits, including some ancient cultivation techniques and special knowledge, including this Divine Blood Yin Corpse refining method.

What gave Chu Tian a headache was.

After the Yin Corpse had been refined once, it required a higher concentration of Divine Blood to refine them again and the effects weren’t ideal.  Chu Tian searched for the reason and found that the blood essence of the Yin Corpses had already dried, so the Divine Blood could not enter their mortal bodies.

The reason why the first refinement had a great effect was because he had a bunch of blood essence pills on hand.

Refining these corpses could not lack blood essence as a secondary ingredient!

Where would Chu Tian find some?

He couldn’t be like a demonic cultivator and kill countless innocent people!

It was a pity to throw the eighteen Yin Corpse bodyguards away, but keeping them was no use.  This gave Chu Tian a large headache.


Chu Tian rang a bell.

The eighteen Yin Corpse rose from their barrels.  They had become a bit stronger, but they were only at the peak 4th Awakened Soul Layer and it was harder for them to continue any higher.

This is fine.

They still had value, so he would use them for now!

Chu Tian looked at a clear crystal pot where the jade like Divine Bone was floating inside.  Chu Tian revealed another pained look. This was the Divine Bone he retrieved from the Central State Tower.

This thing was too resistant!

Chu Tian used all kinds of methods and did not know what to use it for!

Although he knew of its value, he could not use it at all.  He could only bring it with him to Imperial City and try to find a method then.

In the time he had left, Chu Tian helped the Yun Sect improve their research while supervising the construction situation of the Miracle Commerce factory.  The Central state harbour was finished, the Source Energy Weapon factory and the Source Energy Magazine factory were beginning to be built, and even Nangong Yun finished her closed door cultivation.

It had been twenty days since the Calm Martial Ruler left.

There was still no news from that side.  If nothing happened to the young miss, she should be fully displaying her skills in Imperial City right now!

Could the Calm Martial Ruler even handle this?

“Boss!”  While Chu Tian’s mind was filled with doubts, Nangong Yun ran in a very excited manner.  She then pulled Chu Tian outside, “Come quickly, the Imperial City envoy is here! Why aren’t you going to welcome them?  I’m telling you this time, if you cause trouble again, you shouldn’t think about entering Imperial City in your lifetime!”

Imperial City sent an envoy, not a punitive army.

This meant that the Calm Martial Ruler had suppressed matters there.  He had used this long to do so, it contradicted with what Chu Tian had expected!

Chu Tian followed Nangong Yun out.

He first saw the griffin and then saw the Divine Wind Marquis beside it.  As the marquis and mayor, he naturally had to come out and personally welcome them.

“Chu Tian, receive the royal proclamation!”  The envoy did not waste any time and directly read the proclamation, “After careful investigation, the Central State chaos was caused by the the three great families.  Although Chu Tian has made many mistakes, thinking of your merit in Thunder State and Qing State, performing special contributions to the kingdom, the king is pardoning Chu Tian of his crimes and giving him a scholar title.  We ask Chu Tian to quickly head to Imperial City to receive your reward!”

It’s finally taken care of?

The Divine Wind Marquis was very happy after learning of this news, “The Calm Martial Ruler really isn’t simple, he actually got you a scholar title.”

“Scholar title?”  Chu Tian was a bit curious, “What use does a scholar title have?”

The Divine Wind Marquis said, “The scholar title is one of the titles among scholars.  There are only ten people in the Southern Summer Country with the scholar title and Old Yun is the oldest scholar in the country.”

“Then what about the great scholar?”

“The great scholar isn’t the same, he has a great scholar title.”  The Divine Wind Marquis said this and then carefully explained, “The titles for scholars from low to high are: Scholar, Great Scholar, Country Scholar, Great Country Scholar, Sage, and Great Sage.  Each country is limited in the number of people they can grant the title to. In fact, with Old Yun’s knowledge, he could become a great scholar, but the Southern Summer Country is a small country and can only have one great scholar at most.  This scholar title isn’t only effective in this kingdom, it can be used in the other human kingdoms.”

Chu Tian nodded.

Father is a great sage from thirty thousand years in the future and now I’m only a lowly scholar?  This really is a decrease in status!

“After obtaining the scholar title, you will be a true scholar recognized by the Southern Summer Country.  The path of a scholar makes going to many place more convenient and it grants many benefits, like not needing to kneel to the king, not suffering any unjust punishments, etc.  The Southern Summer Country do not have many scholars, so each one has a very high status. The Southern Summer King would need an open and just reason to move against you, otherwise if it was spread, not only would he receive the disdain of the citizens, he would be looked down on by the other human kingdoms.”

So it’s like this.

This should be arranged by the Calm Martial Ruler.

When Chu Tian received the scholar title, it would be like a protective barrier to him, making him feel more assured to come to Imperial City.  Since that’s the case, then he should leave immediately!

The time to go to Imperial City was now!

After Chu Tian sent the envoy away, he immediately said to Nangong Yun, “You and elder sister Bing should make your preparations, we’re immediately leaving Central State!”

“Ah?  Leaving right now, there is no need to be this anxious!”  Nangong Yun was a bit depressed, “I still want to go and see my dad!”

“We need to leave before the news spread, otherwise it won’t be as easy.  Relax, your father is living a find life. Once Miracle Commerce’s communication system is constructed, you can talk to him whenever you want!  No more words, we’re leaving now!”

“Alright, alright, I’ll just listen to boss then!”

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