MT Chapter 274


Chapter 274: Leaving

At the beginning of night, a long horn cry sounded.

The Central State City’s east gate was already closed, but the drawbridges suddenly came down and several knights were protecting a beast carriage that arrived at the harbour under the moonlight.  A black, medium sized ship was currently waiting for them.

Dusk fell.

The vast Four States Lake.


The Divine Wind Marquis and Yun Tianhe looked over the lake, feeling a bit sad in their hearts.

Yun Tianhe said with a bitter laugh, “Do you need to leave at this kind of time?”

Chu Tian was wearing a cloak with a gourd and a long sword hanging from his back.  There was a bell hanging from his waist and eighteen Divine Blood Yin Corpses standing by his side, who couldn’t be seen from a first glance, “Who asked me to be the idol of Central State?  If I left openly, would I still be able to leave? In order to avoid the hearts of the young girls of Central State bursting from pain, I should leave early. You need to understand my point of view.”

The Divine Wind Marquis gave a laugh, “You brat, you really don’t know how to be modest!”

“Actually, I’m being very modest.”  Chu Tian waved his hand, “I won’t say anything else, I’ll be leaving now.  Take care of yourselves!”

“Take care!”

“Imperial City can’t be compared with Central State.  There are the twelve War Hounds tribe outside and internal struggles inside the city.  You have to be careful and not make any impulsive moves.”

“I know, I know!”

The Divine Wind Marquis was just casually speaking.

If this brat listened, would he still be Chu Tian?

When the ships began to leave, many lights came from Central State City as several hundred people quickly ran to catch up.

Chu Tian let out a surprised gasp, “Yi?  I thought this place was secret enough, but there were people that actually found it!”


“We’re here to send you off!”

“You have to work hard once you arrive in Imperial City!”

“You will bring Miracle Commerce to the Imperial City and then spread across the entire continent!”

Several hundred youths holding Miracle Commerce’s flashlights were running forward on the dock.  Chu Tian’s ship had already left, so they could only stand and shout from the docks, using the flashlights in their hands to create a large “Tian” character!

“Goodbye!”  Chu Tian forcefully waved to them, “I will be waiting for you all at Miracle Commerce!”

“We will definitely join Miracle Commerce.”


The Lin siblings and the other several hundred members of the Heaven’s Alliance were moved to tears.

Chu Tian had only been in Central State City for a few months and he was already moving on to Imperial City.  His speed of progress was just too fast and none of his pursuers could keep up to him.

However, that made their initial faith even stronger.

If he could be pursued that easily, then how would he have the qualification to be their idol and goal?

These youths all secretly vowed in their hearts that they would definitely join Miracle Commerce.  Even if they could not catch up to Chu Tian, the least they could do was support Miracle Commerce, leaving a trace of themselves in this Miracle Era!

The ship slowly disappeared from their sights.

The lights of Central State City was shining against the dark earth.

In the cabin, Nangong Yun was stunned in front of a table.  She had a can of food open, but she wasn’t eating. She had her brows slightly knit as she sat there pondering something.

“Nangong will also have time when she’s worried.”

Chu Tian came in with Chen Bingyu.  Chu Tian knew what Nangong Yun was worrying about.  Nangong Yun did not care that Chu Tian provoked many people, but coming from the Nangong Family, she had a special status.  Especially after Chu Tian crippled Nangong Zhi and the family considered her half a traitor.

“Do you want a drink?”


Chu Tian poured a cup of his brewed honey wine, “How much understanding do you have of the Nangong Family and the Imperial City?”

“I don’t remember much, most of it is already fuzzy.”  Nangong Yun drank the entire cup, “I left Imperial City with my dad when I was nine and now I’m already nineteen.  An entire ten years, I almost can’t remember what Imperial City looks like. I only remember that after our sect master died on the War Hounds Plains, our family did not have another good day.”

Here the sect master did not refer to the head of a sect, but rather the highest successor of the family name.

The Nangong Family had two marquises, one was the Furnace State’s Flame Departing Marquis and the other was the Blazing Flame Marquis.  Both were the Burning Sun Ruler’s blood related sons and were the two most successful sons. The Blazing Flame Marquis was the eldest son and the Departing Flame Marquis was the sixth son.

The Nangong Family was a very ancient family.

Their history were far more glorious compared to the Dongfang and Shangguan Families.

Before the Great Summer Country existed, the Nangong Family already existed.  After the Great Summer Country fell, the Dongfang Family fought back and the Nangong Family was their greatest supporter.

Up to this day.

The Nangong Family still had the strongest army in the Southern Summer Country.

The Calm Martial Ruler was the army’s commander in chief, but most of the back areas were managed by the Nangong Family.  The Blazing Flame Army of the Blazing Flame Marquis was considered the strongest army in the Southern Summer Country, having an illustrious prestige on the War Hounds Plain.

Nangong Yun came from a branch of the Blazing Flame Marquis’ family.

The Blazing Flame Marquis and the Blazing Flame Army shook the Southern Summer Country.  The Blazing Flame Marquis himself was very strong and calm, with the highest chance of inheriting the ruler title.  Who would have thought that in a tragic battle ten years ago, the Blazing Flame Army would be annihilated and the Blazing Flame Marquis would be killed.

The Nangong Family was ranked second among the Three Great Clans, but after this sharp drop, the Shangguan Family caught up to them.  The two marquises of the Nangong Family was impaired and only the Departing Flame Marquis was left to support them. The one that had the most hope of inheriting the Burning Sun Ruler’s title was the Departing Flame Marquis.

The Blazing Flame Marquis’ branch was unwilling to accept this.

They wanted to pick the Blazing Flame Marquis’ eldest son to inherit his title.  The Blazing Flame Marquis’ eldest son was Nangong Yi’s older cousin, so Nangong Yi naturally supported him.  In the end, whether it was the Departing Flame Marquis’ suppression or the failure of the Blazing Flame Marquis’ eldest son, it ended in failure.

The Departing Flame Marquis began to cut the wings of the Blazing Flame Marquis’ branch.

The Blazing Flame Marquis’ branch was marginalized, sent to far off branches, or sent into the army.

The past twenty eight year old Nangong Yi had pretty good talent, but he couldn’t even become an elder.  With his branch family status, he did not attract the Departing Flame Marquis’ attention. The reason why Nangong Yi was unlucky enough to be exiled could be because of Nangong Yun.

After all, Nangong Yun’s talent was just too strong.

The Burning Sun Ruler was already a hundred years old and only the Departing Flame Marquis could uphold the family flag after him.  After debating the pros and cons, he chose to keep one eye closed. As long as things didn’t go too far, he would not ask about it.

“Truly funny!”  Chu Tian finished hearing Nangong Yun’s explanation, “This Burning Sun Ruler is truly old and foolish.  Nangong Yun has a God Level Source Spirit, but was pushed away instead of nurtured, this is truly laughable!”

Chen Bingyu gently said, “After all, the Departing Flame Marquis is his blood related son and Nangong Yun was born to a branch family.  The Burning Sun Ruler is not a sage, he would still have a bit of selfishness.”

This was also right.

“Do you understand!”  Nangong Yun drank several cups of wine and her head felt a bit dizzy as she angrily slapped the table, “After ten years, not many people of the Blazing Flame Marquis’ branch are left!  The Nangong Family has been weakened by infighting and now even the damn Shangguan Family are stronger than us!”

The Dongfang Family had risen up during the crisis, fighting off the invaders and keeping half of the kingdom’s territory.

The Nangong Family had countless generals, galloping across the battlefields, performing distinguished merits for the Southern Summer Country.

What did the Shangguan Family have?  What qualification did they have to be one of the Three Great Clans!

The Shangguan Family were diplomats and internal affair ministers.  When the Great Summer Country was destroyed, the Great Hound Country could sweep through them, but the Shangguan Family interfered.  They instigated arguments between War Hound tribes, creating internal friction and also united all the large and small families of the Great Summer Country.

Solidifying the country as a whole.

The internal frictions of the War Hound Plain was mostly caused by the Shangguan Family.  Moreover, the Shangguan Family’s business was very valuable, creating relations with the other countries and races, providing help for the Southern Summer Country at a critical time.

In summary.

The Three Great Clans obtained their current statuses a long time ago.

From Nangong Yun’s words, Chu Tian could determine the general situation with the Imperial City.

As for the conflict between large families, Chu Tian snorted with disdain.  But entering this group, he had to make preparations.

Because South Sky City’s resources were too barren, making Nangong Yun’s progress very slow.  However, her sudden increase in cultivation recently should attract the Departing Flame Marquis’ attention.

The Departing Flame Marquis trying to annex Miracle Commerce was mainly to stop the path for the rise of the Nangong father and daughter.  Although he had failed, he would surely think of another method just in case.

Forget it!

Chu Tian had already offended the Southern Summer King and the Refined Ruler, what was an extra Departing Flame Marquis?

Didn’t they see the Divine Wind Marquis become Chu Tian’s subordinate and the Golden Arrow Marquis becoming Chu Tian’s blade?  As for the Western Marquis, he was also a noble family marquis, but wasn’t he caught by Chu Tian in the end!

Nangong Yun looked at Chu Tian, “Boss, will you go against the Nangong Family?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Why are you asking this?”

“If you want to go against them, then I will help you teach the Nangong Family a lesson.  Who told me to be a righteous boss? When the little brother is wronged, of course I will help you take action.”

Nangong Yun rolled her eyes at Chu Tian, “Look at how relaxed you are saying this.  The Nangong Family is a giant beast, will you really annoy such a large beast for me?”  Her mouth said this, but her heart was very happy. The boss really was a righteous person, she didn’t follow the wrong person!

Chu Tian only shook his head, “The Southern Summer Country is too small!”

It was very from Central State to Imperial City.  Heading north along the Four States Lake was half the way and then they transferred to a river flowing north, heading to the Imperial Region.

The Southern Summer Country had a total of one region and eight counties.

The Imperial City was in the Imperial Region.  The eight counties were: Central State, Thunder State, Southern State, Qing State, Cang State, Furnace State, Western State, and Northern State.

Each county had its own defining feature.  Central State was in the center of the eight states, with an important position, being a key position for coordinating.  Thunder State was the place to train, Southern State was the barrier against the barbarians, Qing State was the state for resources, and Cang State was where horses were produced.  For the Azure Storm Colts of the Storm Cavalry, they were all produced from Cang State……

To the Southern Summer Country, each county was very important.

So they had to send someone with enough prestige and trust to guard them.  The Southern Summer Eight Marquises weren’t just the strongest, they also had to meet a standard for merits and prestige, before they were qualified to become marquises.

This was also why the Southern Summer King was dissatisfied with Chu Tian controlling Central State alone.

The Southern Summer King could tolerate Chu Tian hurting the envoy, Chu Tian destroying the three great families, and Chu Tian being unruly, but he couldn’t tolerate Chu Tian ruling with the might of a prestige without the title of a marquis.

Chu Tian coming to Imperial City this time wasn’t a question of if he wanted to or not, he had no choice but to go.

“Chairman!”  An elite member of the Giant Shark Gang came in, “I’m afraid we’ll have to change courses.”

Chu Tian asked in a curious voice, “Why?”

“We planned on entering the canal on the border of Cang State and the Imperial Region and then proceeding to Imperial City by land, but the situation ahead has changed.  There has been a series of murders in Cang State that has caused a large stir, so I’m afraid it will be filled with Imperial City experts.”

This matter happened?

Chu Tian had to be low key when he entered Imperial City.

So he could not attract any unwanted attention.

The investigation would be very serious, so if a ship from the distant Central State appeared, it would attract the attention of many people.

“Murders?”  Nangong Yun’s attention was attracted, “Murder?”  What murder and how bad is it?”

The Giant Shark Gang member shook his head and said, “It’s said that several villages with over a thousand people and even a town was completely slaughtered.  The method was very cruel, so it has created mass panic.”

“What?  Something like this happened!”

“Some say that it is a group of War Hounds that has invaded and some say it is the work of powerful demonic cultivators.  These rumours haven’t been confirmed yet. Look…..”

Chu Tian directly said, “Disembark!”


“We’re not that far off here, so let’s take the land route and have a look while we’re on our way.”

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