MT Chapter 275


Chapter 275: Remnants

Chu Tian chose to disembark in Cang State.

Cang State was only half a day’s journey from the Imperial Region.  Cang State was the Imperial Region’s neighbour with two of them being very close.

Imperial Region, Cang State, and the northern War Hound Plain, they were all grassland.  A vast stretch of land with no dangers for ten thousand miles. Cang State was also the main horse production base of the Southern Summer Country, with most of the famous Azure Storm Colts being breeded here.

The War Hound Tribe was a nomadic race with no fixed abodes and every member being a warrior.  They hid in the plains when they weren’t attacking, without a single shadow being seen. They launched their attacks as fast as lightning, leaving as soon as they finished, cleanly performing their task.


If there wasn’t an elite mobile unit, how could they deal with the War Hound invaders?

The Cang State plains were very important.

But because Cang State was so close to the Imperial Region, there was a part of it that bordered the War Hounds Plains, so they were frequently attacked by the War Hounds, bathing them with the flames of war.  Cang State was the third largest county of the eight states, but its population was the inverse.

Under the sun, by the lake, the fragrant grass danced under the sky.

Cang State did not have any large trees or any high mountains, only having a vast and desolate land.

“Not bad, a good fertile prairie, no wonder they can breed that many Azure Storm Colts!”  After Chu Tian disembarked, he said with an emotional sigh, “When the War Hounds Tribe was still the “Great Hound Kingdom”, if the Fang King attacked Cang State some more, it would have made the Great Summer Country lose their most important horse breeding area.  How could the Southern Summer Country have risen up then?”

“Pei!”  Nangong Yun said in a dissatisfied voice, “Boss, don’t you think that if it really was like that, would there still be you and me?  If you say this kind of thing in Imperial City, you’ll suffer a large disaster!”

“I’m just casually speaking.”  Chu Tian revealed a casual smile, “Let’s find a place to rest first.”

A Giant Shark Gang member arrived in front of Chu Tian, “In the several hundred mile area around us, there is only a town called Great Lake Town.  Our Giant Shark Gang brothers have just arrived there and were setting up a base in Great Lake Town. You can rest up there and buy some quick horses.  It is only half a day’s distance from the Imperial Region and you should be able to arrive at Imperial City in three-four days.”

Chu Tian gave a satisfied nod, “Coming to Cang State for less than two months, the Giant Shark Gang has done pretty well!”

“The Giant Shark Gang had a good inheritance and now with the financial support of Miracle Commerce, our development speed is sure to be high!”  The Giant Shark Gang member excitedly said with a happy expression, “In just a single month, we have left the Four States Lake and have spread to over sixteen regions.  We have recruited over ten thousand new members and quite a few of them are experts. I think that in just a few years, the Giant Shark Gang will dominate the waters of the Southern Summer Country!”

At this time, a bunch of people dressed like civilians appeared in front of them.

These people were all either carrying babies, pulling along children, herding their cattle, or holding their household items as they looked back with a scared expression.

“Hey!”  Nangong Yun asked in a curious voice, “Where are you heading to in such a panic?”

The villagers were clearly frightened and were recklessly leaving this area, like there was an evil ghost chasing after them.

“You still don’t know!”

“Great Lake Town was slaughtered last night!”

“The several thousand people in the town were all killed!”

“It was too tragic, quickly run!  Otherwise the demon will come and we will all die!”

They all quickly said a few words as if they were not willing to speak anymore and just wanted to run.


Great Lake Town was slaughtered!

Chu Tian just learned that there have been cases of murders near Cang State and the Imperial Region.  He wanted to solve it on the way, but before he could even search for it, it appeared in front of him.

“What nonsense are you saying?!”  The Giant Shark Gang member angrily blocked them and grabbed an old man as he shouted, “If you speak any more nonsense, be careful I don’t beat you to death!”

The old man almost fainted with fright as his pants became wet.

“Stop!”  Chu Tian stopped the angry Giant Shark Gang member and walked in front of the terrified old man, “Old uncle, no need to be afraid.  We are cultivators that were on our way to Great Lake Town. Can you tell us what happened there?”

“You are…..You are all great cultivators!”

The old man was very terrified of Chu Tian’s group.  There was a large disparity in strength in this world.  If cultivators wanted to kill a few villagers, no one would care at all.

“We are villagers that lived near Great Lake Town, I am the village chief.”

“I went to the market in Great Lake Town this morning, who would have thought that when I entered……I was frozen with fear in that moment.  Dead, they were all dead and they died so tragically! I have never seen a picture like that before, it was too terrifying!”

“That’s right!”  A white face tall man said from the side, “I was also there at the time, the village chief is speaking the truth!”

“Great Lake Town is just fifty miles from here and the murderous demons are still nearby, so we must run!  Those people aren’t human, they are human eating, blood drinking demons! If we fall into their hands, we will be finished!”

“That’s right!”

“They are all demons!”

The villagers all began shouting out.

Chu Tian and the others looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Please let us go!”

“Those demons are too terrifying, we don’t want to die!”

The villagers were afraid of being caught, so they all bowed to Chu Tian’s group.

Chu Tian and the others looked at each other in blank dismay again.

Why was there such a coincidence.

But from the eyes of the villager, their fear was real, so something must have really happened to Great Lake Town.  While these villagers were not completely weak, the strongest among them were only at the 2nd or 3rd Body Refinement Layer, so how could they fight back?

Disasters and human disasters were all fine, it didn’t matter how many of them died.  To those large characters and those above them, they did not pay any attention to them, so they could only run away.

This was also the helplessness of the citizens in this era.

“You can go now!”  Chu Tian knew that he couldn’t get any useful information from these villagers, “We’re going to Great Lake Town!”

Great Lake Town was the newly established foothold for the Giant Shark Gang and the only foothold they had in Cang State, so Chu Tian had to go take a look.

Their group quickly rushed to Great Lake Town.  From afar, they could smell the fresh scent of blood.  The news they received was not wrong, there was a brutal slaughter that occurred not long ago.

Everyone’s hearts sank.

This situation did not look good!

Great Lake Town had over ten thousand citizens, but when they entered the town, they didn’t see any corpses and just saw bloodstains on the ground.  When they followed the bloodstains to the center, a terrifying scene appeared in front of them that made shivers run down their spines.

No wonder they didn’t see any corpses on the road, all of them were piled together here.

The corpses were like trash, thrown together in one spot, creating a small hill.

What was the most terrifying was that the corpses seemed like they were completely withered, without any water in them.  They were corpses dried by the wind, but the tragic slaughter had only happened last night.

“Ah!”  The Giant Shark Gang members found a few corpses, “It’s our people!”

They were withered like they had no water in them at all.  Their eyes popped out, their mouths were open, and their faces were completely dried.  They had died a very tragic death.

“They’re all dead!”

“Ten thousand citizens and several hundred members of the Giant Shark Gang, all of them are dead!  Damn, who did this!”

The Giant Shark Gang had finally entered Cang State and had developed in Great Lake Town because it was close to the water.  When they had a solid foundation, they began to expand outwards, but before this could even happen, the people sent to Cang State were all killed.

There was all elite members!

The blow the Giant Shark Gang and Miracle Commerce suffered was not small!

“This really makes my blood boil!”  Nangong Yun had personally seen the disaster of Thunder State, but that had been done by a demon.  Everything that happened in Great Lake Town was clearly done by humans and it couldn’t be done by demons, it was two different concepts, “Most of these citizens were just ordinary people, why did they kill them all?  Could it have really been done by the War Hounds Tribe!”

Chu Tian looked around, “For the War Hounds troops to break into Cang State or the Imperial Region and come here isn’t easy to accomplish.  If they really entered Southern Summer, then what would they gain from attacking this little town?”

“Is there a need to say this?”  Nangong Yun indignantly said, “Of course it’s to plunder and create chaos!  Don’t you know that the War Hound fellows are all bloodthirsty and don’t have any human nature?  They can definitely do something like this!”

“Wrong.”  Chen Bingyu looked at some coops and pigsties, “The grains and livestock have not been plundered, this is not the War Hound Tribe’s style.”

“As for creating chaos, it’s even more wrong.”  Chu Tian narrowed his eyes as he swept over this terrifying scene, “Destroying a small town like this is insignificant to the Southern Summer Country.  Which one of those aristocrats in Cang State or the Imperial City care if a few citizens get killed? If they were to attack something, they would have attacked a Cang State horse field.  Destroying one breeding farm is more significant compared to a hundred villages.”

That’s right!

Even if the War Hounds did this.

Why would the War Hounds Tribe attack a small village like this?

“It wasn’t the War Hounds Tribe?”  Nangong Yun felt that it was a bit strange, “Other than the War Hounds Tribe’s raiders, who else could have done such a dishonourable thing!”

Chu Tian looked at the bloodstains on the ground and vaguely saw a trace of a law.

These bloodstains seemed to form an array, but it had been too long and the blood melted, turning into dried blood.

“I think it’s more likely it was done by demonic cultivators.”

“Demonic cultivators?”

“I can tell from the injured corpses that they have all been sucked of their essence blood.  Other than the demonic cultivation techniques of those demonic cultivators, I can’t think of a second option.”

To cleanly slaughter a town like this, it definitely wasn’t an easy matter.  If it were demonic cultivators, they had to be well known demonic cultivators, but he couldn’t think of anyone.

“Be assured, this isn’t just the Giant Shark Gang’s matter, it also involves Miracle Commerce.”  Chu Tian comforted the Giant Shark Gang members as he said, “Since a blind person is annoying father, then even if I shouldn’t care about this matter, I’ll still care about it!”

“Of course!  Of course we do!  This matter has just occurred last night, so the demonic cultivators shouldn’t be far!  These group of bastards are just too rampant! Nangong Yun will not allow this!” Nangong Yun angrily said, “We must catch them and make these killing demons pay a blood price!”

You can say this, but how do we find them?

There weren’t many clues left on the scene.  Even the fresh blood source energy array had mostly dried up already, so Chu Tian could not distinguish what it was.

The little fox jumped down, running while it was sniffing around.  It immediately noticed something and turned around to gesture to Chu Tian.

Chu Tian was a bit surprised, “Do you know who did it!”

The little fox forcefully nodded.  It spat out a long silver needle from its mouth into its hands and called out a few times while point to the needle.

“These people are like the people that we met in the Heavenly Demon Cult’s cave?”  Chu Tian rubbed his chin and revealed a look of doubt, “Heavenly Demon Cult?”

Chu Tian pulled out a token from the gourd.

If it wasn’t for this matter, he would have forgotten about this.

This token was found in the secret branch of the Heavenly Demon Cult.  Chu Tian had found that there was an array on it, but he did not know what it was used for, os he did not care about it.

Who would have thought that he would meet remnants of the Heavenly Demon Cult today!

Could this be considered destiny?

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