MT Chapter 276


Chapter 276: Ambush

The Heavenly Demon Cult were even more ancient than the Southern Summer Country.  They were very powerful at their peak, ruling over ten large and small kingdoms. Their sphere of influence included most of the Southern Summer Country and half of the War Hounds Plains.

That time, they were the illustrious Heavenly Demon Warring Kingdom.

Kingdoms had three types: Small Kingdoms, Large Kingdoms, and Warring Kingdoms.

The difference between large kingdoms and warring kingdoms was that large kingdoms were stable with a power balance formed around them, so they wouldn’t be able to expand in a short amount of time.


Warring kingdoms were large kingdoms, but the surrounding areas had not formed a power balance, so with the warring kingdom’s overwhelming strength, they could conquer small and large kingdoms.  This would allow them to further their own strength, so they were known as warring kingdoms.

Warring kingdoms were filled with aggression.

The Heavenly Demon Kingdom was a sect formed warring kingdom from a thousand years ago!

A traditional country was inherited by a family and the king was the leader of the family, making everything set.  A sect country was led by several strong sect leaders and the king was the leader of the sect, so the king’s surname would regularly change.

The two types of governance both had their advantages.  A traditional country was stable, but the person sitting on the king’s throne would not always be the most outstanding person.  The leader of a sect country would be the strongest person, but it would make life chaotic and the country unstable.

For the Heavenly Demon Cult to create a warring kingdom, it meant their background was very deep.  There were many large and small inheritances that formed several branches within the sect. The various branches would all fight for leadership, so it would cause a large fight, causing endless internal struggle.

Secondly, the Heavenly Demon Warring Kingdom was a demonic cultivator kingdom.  It was easy to lose one’s life and citizens had no rights, oppressing the populace, sparking all kinds of rebellion.

The Heavenly Demon Warring Kingdom developed to a peak, but it collapsed in the end, however, a centipede was not easy to kill.  Although the Heavenly Demon Warring Kingdom fell very quickly, the Heavenly Demon Cult continued on for several hundred years.

Finally, under the collaboration of many parties, the Heavenly Demon Cult was nearly extinguished.

After several hundred years, there were no mentions of the Heavenly Demon Cult.

The little fox would not make a mistake.  The demonic cultivators that slaughtered this village were remnants of the Heavenly Demon Cult!

When Chu Tian took the command token from the gourd, his expression slightly changed.  On the token, the array carved on it was actually completely activated.

This was something that was not seen originally.

“Something must have happened.”

“Wouldn’t we know after capturing the demonic cultivator and questioning them?”  Nangong Yun bent down to touch the little fox’s head, “Little fellow, can you find where they went?”

This kind of small matter for this fox, wouldn’t it be as easy as drinking water?

Whether it was for revenge or for investigation.

They had no choice but to make a move.


The little fox received Chu Tian’s orders.  It jumped out and vigorously ran off.

The opposing side could slaughter a small town, so it was not a single person.  Otherwise, no matter how high their cultivation was, they would not be able to block off all the exits.  If he didn’t guess wrong, there were five-six people minimum and over ten at maximum. They would attack from different directions, being able to create this shocking massacre.

These people had to be experts of the True Soul Realm!

These people were clearly not easy to deal with, but Chu Tian had the eighteen Divine Blood Yin Corpse, Nangong Yun, and Chen Bingyu, so he had enough fighting power.


Close to dusk.

The little fox’s tracking led to some woods.  It used its claws to point at the forest, showing that those people were currently inside.

“Go!”  Chu Tian casually looked at the little fox, “See how many of them there are and what kind of strength they have.  After you investigate everything, come back and report to me.”

The little fox entered into the forest.

It came back out after around five minutes.

It used its claws to form some gestures.  Nangong Yun and Chen Bingyu could not understand it, but Chu Tian caught the little fox’s meaning.

“The Heavenly Demon Cult’s remnants have over ten people with two of them being in the True Soul Realm.  What isn’t simple is the face that these two people are high level True Soul Realm experts, coming close to the 9th Awakened Soul Layer.”

“That strong?”

Nangong Yun never thought that the demonic cultivators would be this strong!

Experts at the 9th Awakened Soul Layer were strong enough to become guests in the Three Great Clans and could become official level characters.  This was still when the demonic cultivators still had not recovered their strength yet. If they recovered their full strength, these two people might be as terrifying as the Eight Marquises.

Currently speaking, they would be a bit weaker compared to Chen Bingyu and Boss Yu.

But in a situation of two versus one, Chen Bingyu was not their match.

The cultivation techniques of demonic cultivators were sinister, so in a situation of one on one, Chen Bingyu might not be able to safely retreat.  Not to mention that other than the two at the True Soul Realm, the other ten or so cultivators would not be ordinary people, having strength at the 5th-6th Awakened Soul Layer at least.

“It is impossible for them to be an obscure person with this strength.”  Chu Tian speculated, “They probably aren’t ordinary people and there is a chance this is a branch lord of the Heavenly Demon Cult.”

It was similar to the branch lord they had met before.

When the Heavenly Demon Cult was destroyed, they searched for secret places to fake their deaths and have been awakening recently.  These branch lords were not weak, but after being heavily injured and slumbering for a long time, they were very vulnerable after awakening.  So, they needed the blood essence of normal people to restore themselves.

Nangong Yun asked, “How should we fight them?”

“There is no need to worry, these people can’t be considered anything.”  Chu Tian took out the gourd, “I will refine something first and let you guys drink it!”


Night time.

In the deep dark woods, there was a fire with several black robed people sitting around it, currently roasting a skinned deer.


A deer leg that wasn’t fully roasted was torn off.

The black robed person ripped the meat with his mouth and the fresh blood continued to flow.

“Two sir branch lords, we have restored 70-80% of our strength.  If we kill a few more villages, the two sir branch lords will fully recover their strength and we can meet up with the leader.  Then we can return to headquarters, revive the scarlet blood head venerable and resurrect our Heavenly Demon Cult!”

“Once the head venerable revives, the scarlet blood branch can make a comeback!”

The demonic cultivators were all visibly excited.

“Humph, you can’t be too negligent!”  A black clothed man’s strong and low voice rang out, “There were previously ten scarlet blood branch lords that were dormant, but now there are only the two of us left.  The others must have encountered some sort of accident.”

“There’s nothing we can do about this.”  The other black robed branch lord’s hissing voice said, “The Saint grade cultivation technique ‘Dreaming of the Yellow Springs’ can let a person enter a false death state, but there is a 50% chance of actually dying in the process.  Our luck can be considered good that we awoke, but the side effects of this are too heavy. Our cultivation techniques have been seriously injured.”

“This slaughter to collect blood essence will attract many people’s attentions, so the Southern Summer experts may already be investigating around the area.”

“What is there to worry about?  Meeting up with the leader, if the two of us work with the leader, what can the Southern Summer experts do to us?  When we awaken sir head venerable, even if it is the so called Southern Summer Three Rulers, what is there to be afraid of!”

“You’re right.  We have to meet the leader as soon as possible and find the headquarters to revive sir head venerable!”

“You.”  A branch lord gave an order to a young demonic cultivator at the side, “Go and get some water.”

This demonic cultivator quickly ran to the small stream to get some water.

After everyone ate their fill and drank from the stream water, they were all high spirited.

“We aren’t far from headquarters right now.  We’ll rush to the meeting spot tomorrow and meet up with sir leader.”  The branch lord’s voice changed as soon as he finished. His body trembled and he held his chest, as he said with a face of pain, “What is happening?  Why is our blood turning and our blood essence burning, it feels like we can’t control it.”


“Me too!”

“We’ve been poisoned!”

“This is bad, there is an ambush!”

When these Heavenly Demon Cult members reacted, it was already too late.  Suddenly, a cold current fell from the sky, quickly putting out the fire and forming a layer of frost on the ground.

The two branch lords were shocked.

“Such strong spirit energy!”

“It’s an expert!”


When they prepared to run, a well endowed lady suddenly arrived.  Countless snowflakes began to appear and although they seemed weak, they were filled with powerful might.

“Bloodstained Divine Technique!”

A branch lord spat out a mouthful of blood and all the snowflakes that met with the blood melted, destroying Chen Bingyu’s spirit energy.  When Chen Bingyu saw her first wave of attack had no use, she immediately sent a palm at the branch lord. The other branch lord also charged forward, sending out a palm at Chen Bingyu.

The palms collided.

The branch lord fell down in the forest like a kite with its strings cut.


Several mouthful of blood spilled out with cold air, turning mixed with ice shards.  Chen Bingyu’s ice cold spirit energy had severely injured him.

This branch lord was not Chen Bingyu’s match, not to mention that he had suffered Chu Tian’s poison.  Chen Bingyu also had the Nine Lion and Tigers Bracers, further increasing her might, so it wasn’t strange at all that this palm sent him flying.

“Who are you!”

The other branch lord was glaring at her.  Chen Bingyu gave him no chance to catch his breath, sending out a palm at him and sending him flying several meters, with four-five snowflakes chasing after him.

“Just you alone and you want to kill us?”

“I’ll let you see the skills of my scarlet blood branch!”

When the branch lord wanted to use his demonic cultivation technique to block it, a snow white fox jumped out and suddenly inhaled at him, stealing the energy the branch lord had just condensed.


What kind of spirit beast was this!

The branch lord’s demonic cultivation technique was broken and the snowflakes slammed into him, causing him serious injuries.

The Heavenly Demon Cult members were terrified and wanted to quickly escape.  However, when they reached the forest, they heard a bell sound and several silent, tall figures charged out and blocked their escape path.


A giant burning hammer slammed the chest of one Heavenly Demon Cult member.

Nangong Yun’s explosion created high temperatures that instantly burned the Heavenly Demon Cult member’s body.

Nangong Yun’s body was covered in flames and was holding an exaggerated hammer as she charged at a second person, “You bunch of maniacs, die!”

Nangong Yun had already reached the 5th Awakened Soul Layer and had a strong amplification from his source spirit, so it could be said that she had no match under the True Soul Realm.  Even a True Soul Realm cultivator at the 7th Awakened Soul Layer would be injured by her attacks!

Not to mention the fact she had the Starlight Immortal Body.

She even had the power to fight Chu Xinghe.

The Heavenly Demon Cult members were only at the 6th Awakened Soul Layer, how could they stop Nangong Yun?

Not to mention……

Several streaks of burning sword glow were sent forth.

Two Heavenly Demon Cult members that wanted to sneak attack Nangong Yun were cut down by the Netherworld Sword.

With the eighteen Divine Blood Yin Corpses diverting them and Nangong Yun and Chu Tian working together, even if they Heavenly Demon Cult members used their full strength, they could not live to escape.  Not to mention that they had been poisoned and had their power weakened.

“You actually dare move against my sacred church!”

“A sect that has been destroyed for many years, what qualifications do you have to be wild?  Not to speak of people of little skills like you.” Chu Tian laughed and said, “Even if it is a branch lord, I have already killed one!  Naturally, I’ll have to add another two to that count tonight!”


The faces of the Heavenly Demon Cult members fell.

Chu Tian did not have time to waste words with them, “Nangong, they are yours.  Take care of all of them!”

Nangong Yun’s body exploded with flames as she revealed a fiendish grin.  Raising the giant hammer, it fell like a flaming falling star, wildly attacking the demonic cultivators.

The forest was filled with a series of explosions.

Then it returned to normal.

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