MT Chapter 278


Chapter 278: Various experts

Chu Tian hurried along while examining the thing in his hand.

The Heavenly Demon Cult was a warring kingdom and the scarlet blood branch was one of the branches, so they had a deep history.  The scarlet blood branch at its peak had over six hundred thousand people with branch lords for every twenty thousand people and one leader for every three hundred thousand people.  That meant there were thirty branch lords and two leaders, as well as the scarlet blood head venerate.

This might was just too terrifying!

The normal branch lords were stronger than the Eight Marquises, so the leaders had to be equal to the Three Rulers.  The scarlet blood head venerate at their peak had to be above the Three Rulers, even be far above them, being able to match the Hell Fire Demon that entered Thunder State.


How shocking!

This was at least too shocking for Chen Bingyu and Nangong Yun!

The Heavenly Demon Cult had many branches and the scarlet blood branch was just one branch.  They might not be one of the strongest branches and they could already destroy the Southern Summer Country.  Just how strong was the Heavenly Demon Warring Kingdom in the past?

When the scarlet blood headquarters had been destroyed, most of the elites had been killed.

Only ten branch lords, one leader, and one head venerate had escaped.

It was already impossible for them to make a comeback at the time, so they decided to use the forbidden technique to fake their deaths and wait several hundred thousand years and rebuild themselves.  Of the ten branch lords, three died in Chu Tian’s hands and it was unknown what happened to the other seven.

The forbidden cultivation technique came with a high risk.  The weaker one was, the weaker one’s spirit energy, so it was very likely to die during the slumber.  The other branch lords most likely died during their sleep. The leader had already awakened and was in their old headquarters.  As for the head venerate? He was such a strong person that he wouldn’t be unlucky enough to die in his sleep!

Perhaps the Heavenly Demon Cult had fallen.

But it had once been very magnificent.

Chu Tian had a pass in and if he didn’t go in, how could he be satisfied?  Not to mention the fact that if the scarlet blood head venerate were to revive, it would be a great danger to the Southern Summer Country.  Chu Tian was not very patriotic, but if the Heavenly Demon Cult revived, it would affect Miracle Commerce.

He did not want to see this, so he had to stop this demon from reviving!

After travelling for several days, the three of them arrived at a place called Scarlet Swamp Town.  This small town had a large population, housing over a hundred thousand people. The buildings were very crude and the ground was not paved.  Whether the adults or the children, all the citizens seemed like rustic people.

There’s no other way.

Who let this small town be built on a swamp?

“The entire way was covered in mud.”  Nangong Yun sat down in a hotel room and immediately took off her long boots, pouring out swamp water from inside, “Damn, my boots are filled with water.  This old lady’s feet are almost rotten from soaking in this!”

Chu Tian couldn’t help taking a look.

Nangong Yun did not have Meng Qingwu’s devilish legs, but her legs were still long and slender, conforming to the golden ratio.  Her snow white legs were long and slender, and they were well proportioned with her round butt. She had a very fiery style to her.

“The town is on the edge of the Scarlet Swamp and the Scarlet Swamp is a swamp region in Cang State, as well as Southern Summer’s largest swamp, so of course it wouldn’t have any roads.”  Chu Tian then added, “We need to enter the Scarlet Swamp next, so let’s first have a good rest. Our travels the next few days will not be easy.”

The eighteen Divine Blood Yin Corpse had half turned into clay dolls.

Chu Tian cleaned them up and then took out several large barrels.  He engraved a refining array on it and then placed the essence blood inside, directly refining them.

The Divine Blood Yin Corpses would be no help in the Scarlet Swamp.

It would be better to use the time to refine them using the materials he had obtained from the branch lords.

Nangong Yun put on her boots and walked to the window, opening the curtains to take a look, “The Scarlet Swamp is filled with fatal gas, so how could people live in a place like this!”

“Although the town is small, they have a rich variety of products!  The products of the swamp cannot be found anywhere else!”

“I found something.”  Chen Bingyu suddenly came into the room and coldly said, “Come with me to have a look.”

The two of them were curious and followed Chen Bingyu out of the hotel.  They saw a black mark on the walls on one of the back streets of the town.  This mark seemed very ordinary and normal people just considered it a doodle, but the three of them could tell that this mark did not have a simple significance.

Nangong Yun asked hesitantly, “This is?”

“That’s right, the Heavenly Demon Cult’s secret signal.”  Chu Tian gave the answer, “The scarlet blood leader has already arrived in Scarlet Swamp Town and is currently waiting in the town.”

Nangong Yun immediately felt a chill run down her spine.

This can’t be!

That fellow came this fast?

Chu Tian did not have time to speak before shocked cries came from the citizens in the street.  The swamp lizard beast carts carrying goods lost control as they randomly ran about, splashing up mud and stepping on several citizens.

The street quickly fell into chaos.

The three of them could feel a strong and aggressive aura coming from the west of the town.  It was this aura that shocked the beast carts, creating all this chaos.

“There is a strong demon beast coming!”

As soon as this was said.

A giant demon beast passed over them.  That large pair of wings cast a giant shadow and a terrifying aura suddenly spread that made all the citizens and beast carriages hide in fear.  The swamp lizards all hid on the ground, trembling while not daring to make a move.

This demon beast looked very fierce, being around eight meter long.  It did not have feathers and was very smooth, with rough brown skin that gave people a firm feeling.  When it spread its wings, one could clearly see its skeleton. At the end of its giant tail was a green, arrow like object that left traces of green light wherever it went.

Chu Tian shouted in surprise, “Dual Winged Poison Dragon!”

The Dual Wing Poison Dragon was not a real dragon, but rather a high grade poison attribute demon beast.

The griffin mounts of the Southern Summer royal guards were merely level two low grade demon beasts, yet they still cost over thirty million per mount.  This was because flying demon beast mounts were far more expensive than land demon beast mounts!

This demon beast’s strength was already in the True Soul Realm.

Demon beasts had a natural strength advantage, so normal True Soul Real experts could not beat them.  This already could not be measured in wealth, or least in a small country like the Southern Summer Country, this couldn’t be bought with money.

A proud middle aged man in purple armour holding a long lance in his hands and was enveloped in a strong aura was standing straight on the back of the Dual Winged Poison Dragon.  He did not use any reins or saddles, just standing straight on the Dual Winged Poison Dragon’s back like a needle.

Chen Bingyu said in a low voice, “The one on the winged dragon’s back is general Wang Tu!”

Chu Tian asked in a surprised voice, “You recognize him?”

“There is only one general who rides a Dual Winged Poison Dragon in the Southern Summer Country.”  Chen Bingyu frowned and hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “This man is a lieutenant in the Battle Dragon Army and a member of the Imperial City Vanguard.  Because of his long periods of operation in the War Hound Plain, he is very well known in the kingdom.”

Wang Tu’s eyes slightly focused and looked down in a direction.

A whistling sound came from that direction.  A golden sedan like tool was currently pushing forward at high speeds like a meteor, sending flames in all directions.

“Flowing Flame Palanquin!”

This was a special made tool that was crafted by a weapon refiner.  There was an array on it that when one instilled spirit energy inside, the sedan would be activated and would have the power of flight.

This was clearly a rare treasure.

The sedan was refined from Sacred Grade metals.  Just the material alone was so precious and the array engraved onto it was a lost technique from the ancient Heaven Race.

“The Flowing Flame Palanquin is a treasure of the Nangong Family.”  Chen Bingyu said with tightly knit brows, “This person is a member of the Nangong Family and definitely is not an ordinary person.”

“The famous winged dragon general Wang Tu, I am able to see your great style today.”  A feminine male voice came from the flaming sedan, “This one is Zuo Yan.”

“It’s the Nangong Family’s minister.”  Wang Tu’s eyes revealed a faint trace of fear, “I never thought that the remnants of this broken evil sect would actually attract the attention of the Nangong Family.”

Zuo Yan gently said, “Why has the famous Flying Dragon General not come!”

“The young general is keeping the War Hounds at bay in the plains.  Otherwise, if he personally came, would your excellency still have a change?”  Wang Tu broke out in laughter, “However, since we’ve met by coincidence, how about we cooperate?”

“Why do I need to work with you!”

“I’ve received a bit of news that part of the scarlet blood branch have been wandering in the War Hounds Plains and have been caught by the War Hounds.  This also means that there might be War Hounds Tribe experts in this mission. If you encounter the War Hounds Tribe experts along the way, you might not be able to win.  We can only proceed by working together.”

“War Hounds Tribe?  In our Southern Summer, the War Hounds Tribe dare cause trouble?”

“It’s up to you whether to believe it or not!”

The Nangong Family minister considered it.  If the War Hounds Tribe really interfered, this matter would be complicated.  Moreover, from the information he received, the Heavenly Demon Cult survivors will surely participate.  An ordinary branch lord was already hard enough to deal with and there was even a leader level character, so this matter was not small.

“Alright!  I’ll work with you!”

With the two of them reaching an agreement, Chu Tian’s group of three frowned.

This situation was suddenly becoming more complicated.

The Heavenly Demon Cult leader was already so strong and was currently in the town.

Now there were two more masters who weren’t inferior to Chen Bingyu working together?

Not to mention the mysterious War Hounds Tribe expert participating.  It was unknown how strong they were, but they were not below Chen Bingyu……This mission to find the scarlet blood branch’s treasures would not be as relaxed as they had thought.

“Boss, what do you think?”

“I knew that it wouldn’t be that simple.  Since treasure has appeared, there will definitely be others who covet it as well.”  Chu Tian rubbed his chin and his black eyes began to slightly sparkle, “From the current situation, if we meet them, we won’t be able to win.”

Out of Chu Tian, Nangong Yun, and Chen Bingyu..

Only Chen Bingyu was a high level True Soul Realm expert.

Chu Tian and Nangong Yun were both only at the 5th Awakened Soul Layer.  Even if they had extraordinary fighting power, they could not be involved in this fight.  It would be very hard for them to deal with any sides.

Moreover, whether it was the Southern Summer experts or the War Hounds Tribe experts, since they came here for treasure, they would have researched the scarlet blood headquarters for a long time, making plenty of preparations.  As for the Heavenly Demon Cult leader, there was no need to mention them.

Not only did Chu Tian not have an advantage in strength, this had happened too suddenly, so he had made no preparations at all.  It was not sensible to create a stir like this.

“I have an idea.”  Chu Tian’s mind began to move, “This idea will seem a bit crazy, but it will save us a lot of strength.”

Nangong Yun’s eyes lit up, “Then just say it!”

Chu Tian explained the plan he had just thought of.

“You’re simply crazy!”   Nangong Yun thought she was brave, but this was just frightening, “This is like picking the chestnut from the fire, a single mistake will end it.”

Chen Bingyu’s calm face revealed a visible look of shock.

Only Chu Tian could have thought of a crazy and bold idea like this!

“No need to worry, the little fox still has a final summoning of the Hellfire Demon and I’m not a vegetarian.  As long as we are discreet, the plan will not fail, but it is easy to escape without a problem.”

“Have you really thought it out?”

“We can’t waste time, we need to make our preparations immediately.  I need some materials and you guys should go buy them for me, especially the ones that restore mind energy.  It’ll be too late if we wait any longer.”

Chen Bingyu and Nangong Yun looked at each other in blank dismay before finally giving a helpless sigh.  Who told them to have Chu Tian as their boss.

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