MT Chapter 280


Chapter 280: Scarlet Swamp

In the face of this heaven soaring killing intent, he couldn’t help taking several steps back.

Those two branch lords had been awake for around two months, but they did not hesitate to slaughter innocent citizens to collect blood essence to recover to the 9th Awakened Soul Layer.  This leader had been asleep for several hundred years, but had just awakened a few days ago and her strength was above the branch lords’, reaching the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer. This kind of difference could be seen!

This person’s strength was not inferior of the Eight Marquises, even being a bit stronger.  This Heavenly Demon Cult was terrifying!

This youth was Chu Tian’s disguise, but he was confident that there was no problem with his disguise.  This was one of the demonic cultivators killed in the forest, Chu Tian had gone through the diary and cultivation experience, finally finding a way to easily disguising himself as one of the demonic cultivators.  Chu Tian had switched the Netherworld Sword for the Blood Drinking Sword.


The Blood Drinking Sword belonged to Central State Chu Shi, but now it was one of Chu Tian’s collection.

The Blood Drinking Sword drank human blood essence.  This harming people effect was like the same as the inherited demonic technique of the scarlet blood branch.  Chu Tian believed that he hadn’t been seen through, so the leader was trying to cheat him. Since it’s like this, why didn’t he just fall for her plan and give her a little, letting her believe him more?

“I don’t understand the leader’s meaning.”

“You think you can kill the two branch lords and then sneak into our Heavenly Demon Cult?”  The old woman’s killing intent increased as her blood red nails began to be surrounded in a layer of energy, “You use this sword to conceal yourself and make it seem like you have our Heavenly Demon Cult’s cultivation technique?  This kind of laughable trick, you think you can trick me!”

“This little one is not a true member of the sacred church, so my cultivation technique is limited and I can’t display the scarlet blood branch’s skills!”  The youth anxiously said, “But this little one does not dare deceive the leader. Please believe me leader!”

“How will you let me trust you!”

Chu Tian pretended to steel his heart.  He gritted his teeth and said, “As long as the leader is willing to cultivate this little one once the sacred church rises again, I am willing to sign a master and servant contract with leader and spend my entire life with leader!”

The old woman was shocked.

She was just cheating Chu Tian.

She did not believe that this person was a spy.

First, there was no problem with his identity and secondly, his strength was not strong enough to threaten her.

The most important thing was that this person had a strong source spirit.  No matter where he went, he would be valued as a super genius. Which power would dare use him as bait and let him enter such a dangerous place?  This was completely unnecessary!

Anyone knew that cheating him would give a great harvest.

This fellow had a large space to grow.  With the sacred church rising up once again, if she could cultivate this person and support him to a high place, as well as being able to control him in her palms, then that would be a great advantage to her.

“Since you’re this loyal…..”  The old woman’s aura was slowly retracted, “Then I will give you a chance.  Sign this spiritual contract!”


Chu Tian entered some spiritual sense into the contract.  This contract was controlled by this old woman, so this youth’s life was firmly being grasped in this old woman’s hands.

The old woman was very satisfied with this ending.

When the sacred church rises again, it was the time they needed to recruit people.  First recruiting this giant talent was giving a great contribution to the sacred church and would cement her own position.

“I am old woman Shi Xin.”  After old woman Shi Xin obtained the contract, her temper was much more gentle.  After all, the other party’s life was in her hands, what reason did she have not to trust him, “We will open the headquarters soon and we will personally awaken the head venerate.  We will surely receive great rewards from the head venerate, so this is a good chance, I hope you grasp it.”

“Yes, many thanks for the leader’s help.”

“Take these two bottle of pills.  One is for resisting the poison gas while the other is for curing your injuries.”  Old woman Shi Xin threw two bottles of pills over, “The scarlet blood barrier is slowly stabilizing, so we need to prepare over the next two days.  You need to heal your injuries as quickly as possible.”

Chu Tian held the jade pill bottles as he left the warehouse.  The corners of his mouth curled into a cold smile. This old fool probably thinks that she has eaten me, right?  But she didn’t know that everything was being controlled in the palm of his hands!

Chu Tian’s plan was actually very simple.

Since he was weaker than them, he would just borrow strength.

The War Hounds expert and Southern Summer experts were very strong and the Heavenly Demon Cult’s leader old woman Shi Xin was not weak.  If the strong fight, they will surely be injured, then Chu Tian could make his move.

A miniature, cute little fox came out of a tunnel in the corner.  Shaking the dirt off its body, it immediately jumped into Chu Tian’s chest and spat out a bottle of pills.

“Want to trap me with the spiritual contract?  What a joke!”

If a spiritual contract could trap uncle Chu Tian.

Chu Tian would still be Meng Yingying’s little slave, how could he have met this old and ugly fellow?

Chu Tian swallowed the prepared item and immediately began to fix his lost spiritual sense…..This would make things safer.

Chu Tian opened the old woman’s pills and smelled it before revealing a cold smile of ridicule.  The pills truly did have a complicated long term poison in them. Chu Tian would have been poisoned if he ate them.  The poison would incubate for a long time, but other than the original person who refined it, there was no cure it at all.

Once in a while, the pain of ten thousand ants biting him would fill his body.

The cruel demonic cultivators liked to use underhanded methods to control their subordinates.  The spiritual contract was not enough, as it could only control their life and death. They needed a method that would make the person obedient without causing death, so using medicine was the best option.

“Old thing, I’ll let you be proud for a while.”  Chu Tian gave the pills to the little fox, “I’ll be vigilant for a few days and won’t be discovered by that old hag.”

The little fox threw the pills high up and then it fell into its stomach.  It ate the poison pills like it was eating candy and then it gave Chu Tian a hand signal showing that it was all fine.

“Do I need to repeat the plan?”

“Ji, ji!”

Are you suspecting this fox’s intelligence?  It’s just leaving clues on the road to make Imperial City, the War Hounds, and the old lady meet each other, letting them fight it out.  How hard could this small matter be?

The little fox did not have many skills.

But its stealth skills were first class.

Not to mention old woman Shi Xin, even the Southern Summer Three Rulers could not catch the little fox.  So, handing this matter to the small fox was basically something that could not fail.

Chu Tian’s injuries seemed very serious, but most of them were from the disguise.  It was very quick to heal and he healed most of them after just one night.

“Let’s go.”

Old woman Shi Xin led Chu Tian out of Scarlet Swamp Town and headed off in the direction of the Scarlet Swamp.  The Scarlet Swamp was a very large patch of swamp land. These swamps were several hundred meters deep and were rich in swamp life.

Therefore, once you entered the swamp, you shouldn’t think of leaving it.

The other fatal area of the Scarlet Swamp was the air.

The main plant life in the Scarlet Swamp was a kind called Scarlet Algae.

This plant was widely spread across the Scarlet Swamp and they wildly grew by absorbing the poison within the swamp.  When they were in the process of reproducing, they would release a poisonous material. This poison was very condensed and hard to disperse, so it formed a layer of poisonous gas.

Now the entire Scarlet Swamp was covered in a layer of violent poison gas.

Non Awakened Soul Cultivators would be poisoned in just one hour.  They would go crazy, feel angry, experience illusions, and finally die.  Even if it were an Awakened Soul Cultivator, without protections, it would be hard to reach the depths of the swamp.  This was because the deeper into the Scarlet Swamp, the stronger the gas.

As for normal people?

They did not even dare approach the edge of the swamp.

When Chu Tian entered the swamp, his first impression was that this should be a patch of barren land.  However, looking at it, he was shocked to find that the Red Swamp was different from what he had imagined.

The entire area was a patch of red.

This was the colour of the Scarlet Algae.  It was a bright red that was very eye catching.  Looking at it from a broad view, it was like a bright red sea.  The swamp seemed like it contained a sort of energy, so there were patches of activity in areas, that could actually create a magnificent scene of waves.

Old woman Shi Xin walked in front, “The waters of the swamp are highly poisonous.  If you lose your step, your body will be corroded in a short period of time, so be careful if you don’t want to die!”

Chu Tian quickly and respectfully said, “Yes, yes!”

Old woman Shi Xin’s skinny body jumped into the air, landing onto some debris in the swamp and instantly crossing several hundred meters of distance.

Gu lu, gu lu!

A large air bubble came from the swamp!

A large amount of concentrated poison gas came out of the swamp.  Even if it were a piece of metal that was hit, it would be instantly dissolved.

Following this, several dozen toad like beings revealed themselves from the mud.  Their bodies were covered in Scarlet Algae and black silt. Their bodies did not seem stable as if they were made of silt.

This was a swamp monster!

The only kind of being living in the Scarlet Swamp!

They were born in the depths of the swamp and hunted pray with the help of the swamp.  They were extremely violent and poisonous!

These monsters were not strong and as long as one avoided the poison, an Awakened Soul Layer cultivator could easily deal with it.  Not to mention a peak expert like old woman Shi Xin.

Pa, pa, pa, pa!

Several dozen blood blades intertwined and all the swamp monsters were sliced to pieces.

Old woman Shi Xin did not even give them a glance as she continued pushing into the depths of the swamp.

This old woman’s cultivation base was deep, even Chen Bingyu would not last over ten rounds with her.  Not picking to fight these fellows directly was indeed the most correct decision.

Chu Tian followed behind old woman Shi Xin.

Other than being covered in Scarlet Algae, the Scarlet Swamp also had a large patch of firm reeds.  These reeds were a kind of material that was the main revenue source for the town’s citizens. Of course, there were poisonous snakes and lizards hiding among the reeds, so this patch of land could be considered dangerous.

No one would have thought that.

The scarlet blood headquarters would be set up here.

As the two of them went deeper in, the poisonous gas became more dense and the red mist blurred their vision, as the toxicity became stronger.  Chu Tian had no choice but to use the pills he prepared beforehand to resist the poison gas. After traveling at full speed for an entire day, they reached the center of the Scarlet Swamp.

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