MT Chapter 281


Chapter 281: Sitting on the mountain watching tigers fight

There were bottomless vortexes in the swamp here, but the surface was covered in Scarlet Algae, so it could not be seen through.  The inside of the swamp was always stirring and swirling, always active. It was strong enough to pull a person into the Swamp, making them fall to the bottomless depths to become a part of the silt in the swamp.

The demon beasts and life forms present here were even stranger and were growing larger.  Even if it were a True Soul Realm expert, if they were not careful, they would suffer a fatal injury.

Old woman Shi Xin was taking the lead and was currently fighting a swamp monster.

Chu Tian had been following Shi Xin from a distance.  At this moment, a small fox head popped out from the reeds and called out a few times at Chu Tian.  It made a few gestures with its hand, signalling that everything had been prepared.


Chu Tian nodded and had it quickly hide.

Old woman Shi Xin turned around in a dissatisfied manner after taking care of the swamp monster, “What are you dallying for?”

“Sir leader, there is a something happening!”


Shi Xin suddenly flew through the sky, moving several hundred meters in the direction Chu Tian was pointing in before falling down on a patch of mud.  When she looked forward, Shi Xin’s brows suddenly knit together, “This is…..”

An incomparably large purple tentacle was reaching out of the reeds.

This tentacle was dark purple and over ten meters long.  Its skin was covered in runes with big disgusting suckers.  It was still in one piece like it still hadn’t died yet.

The cut was very smooth and clean, with large amounts of purple red liquids flowing into the surrounding swamp.  It sent out sounds of corrosion and large amounts of poisonous gas.

Chu Tian pretended to be surprised as he said, “The monster this tentacle came from must be a powerful swamp monster!”

“From how clean the cut is, the one who did it had to be an expert at the 9th Awakened Soul Layer or above!”  Old woman Shi Xin thought about it and then said with a serious face, “These people are making moves faster than I expected.  We should use this time to reach the scarlet blood temple as quickly as possible.”

The Scarlet Swamp was huge and to perfectly bump into people here, the possibility was very small.  It was naturally thrown here by the little fox to coordinate with Chu Tian.

Go to the scarlet blood temple?

If you all went in.

Then I’ll be able to get a bargain!

“Yes!”  Chu Tian deliberately said without any expressions, “There were two Southern Summer experts that appeared in Scarlet Swamp Town on that day.  Other than the Southern Summer experts, there are also War Hound Plains experts. It seems like the number of people trying to reach the scarlet blood headquarters is not small!”

“Those experts from the various powers, it seems like their goal is the scarlet blood hidden treasure, so they will be regarded as the Heavenly Demon Cult’s number one enemy.  Especially the scarlet blood head venerate, with a deep cultivation and a strong might, he will be their greatest enemy.” Chu Tian said with a serious expression, “But, the head venerate has been asleep for many years, so the head venerate will be weak after awakening.  If the head venerate is faced with the attacks of the various experts, I’m afraid……”

“Enough!”  Old woman Shi Xin gave a sneer as her eyes filled with a cold killing intent, “Those mice want to go against the head venerate?  Let’s go!  Keep up!”

Chu Tian pretended to be surprised as he said, “Leader, are you not entering the temple?”

Old woman Shi Xin had already made her decision.  That skinny and dry body shot out like a bullet, passing through the reeds and charging out in a direction.

They would have to fight sooner or later, so why wait until the scarlet blood temple?

It was better to be unnoticed by the other side and carefully follow them to launch a sneak attack!  If she could take out one or two of them and then met up with the head venerate, the rest would be easily taken care of.

It was like this fellow had said, the scarlet blood head venerate was very strong, but after being asleep for several hundred years, the head venerate would be weak for a period of time.  With the fame of the scarlet blood head venerate, how could those people that came for the Heavenly Demon Cult’s treasures not fear him?

If the scarlet blood head venerate was allowed to remain, it would be the end of them.

If the scarlet blood head venerate restored his strength, even the Three Rulers could not save them!

No one wanted to leave a large problem for the future.  The scarlet blood head venerate would surely be their first target.  With all the various experts attacking, if something were to happen to the head venerate, the scarlet blood branch would not be able to rise up again.

Old woman Shi Xin would attack the other side without any hesitation.

She had only found a single clue, but as she chased, there were more and more clues.  This was because the little fox had already placed a path to the other side for Shi Xin to follow.  

When they approached the core region of the Scarlet Swamp, the poison fog became even more dense.  Chu Tian looked into the distance to find a giant red coloured barrier in the center of the Scarlet Swamp.  It formed a half circle that was like a giant cover over the center of the swamp.

A large scale barrier.

Was the scarlet blood temple sealed within the barrier?

The sounds of fighting coming from ahead attracted Chu Tian and Shi Xin’s attention.

There was a large monster in the center of the swamp that looked to be a terrifying demon dragon, with a body covered in scales and barbs.  Its claws were as sharp as blades and it had a terrifying build, making it look like a small hill. Green rays came from its mouth which had a strong destructive might.  

Wherever the green ray went, it disintegrated everything it touched, having a shocking might.

This was a powerful level two top grade demon beast, the Dragon Lizard Beast.  Its strength was not inferior to that of the Eight Marquises and only in the depths of the Scarlet Swamp could this strange beast be found!

Three ash gray figures were fighting against this Dragon Lizard Beast.

The Dragon Lizard Beast wildly spat out this green energy.  Wherever this energy went, it cleanly disintegrated everything it touched.

Those three tall gray robed people were not simple.  Although the Dragon Lizard Beast was very strong, they were calmly dealing with it, not being at any disadvantage.

Anyone with a brain could see it.

These three people did not go all out when fighting the Dragon Lizard Beast, clearly trying to waste the Dragon Lizard Beast’s strength.  The Dragon Lizard Beast had an incomparable strength, but it was still a stupid demon beast, so it could not understand the strategy of the three people and continued to wildly attack.

Of the three grey robed people, one held an axe and another held a wolf fang cane, and they were at least in the 9th Awakened Soul Layer.  The strongest one who was holding a long and narrow fang blade in each hand was at least in the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer.

Moreover, their fighting style was different from Southern Summer cultivators.

The identities of these three people could already be guessed.


The Dragon Lizard Beast once again spat out flame energy.  The wild energy roared forth, being released in a fan shape in front of it.  The three grey robed figures jumped back at the same time, but the flame continued forward, charging at the reeds behind the three of them.

Chu Tian was frightened.

The flame was coming to his position!

Were they discovered by the other party already?


Old woman Shi Xin jumped out, holding Chu Tian.  When the green glow swept over the reeds, the reeds were disintegrated, instantly disappearing from sight, not leaving a single ash.

Before the two of them fell, a grey figure jumped out while releasing a strong source spirit behind it.  Two cold glowing fang blades came forward like poisonous serpents, sending out two blade glows forward. Although it wasn’t very beautiful, it was still very strong.

Old woman Shi Xin threw Chu Tian aside and her robe began to move without any wind as a strong source spirit was released.  It was a blood red serpent that attacked from behind her, biting at the blade glow. Old woman Shi Xin seized this chance to send a palm out which the grey robed person blocked with a blade and was sent back flying.

The ash grey robe was ripped apart and the person was revealed!

When he saw the other side’s appearance, Chu Tian couldn’t help being a bit surprised.

This person was close to two meters tall.  Although it had a human appearance, its body was covered in fur.  The most prominent part of it was its head, which was like a wolf’s, having two dark green eyes that sparkled like ghost flame, which made people’s heart turn cold.

It really was the War Hounds Tribe!

The spirit beasts born on the War Hound Plains were mainly Dog and Wolf Tribes.  The Wolf Tribe had a higher status, so most of the upper and lower level powers were made of Wolf Tribe members.  The spirit beast expert that had appeared in front of them was a Wolf Tribe expert.

This dual bladed Wolf Tribe expert was not a weak person!

Perhaps the Southern Summer Country did not have as many experts as the War Hounds Tribe, but a peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer expert was still considered a peak existence in the War Hounds Tribe.

“I am the Broken Fang Tribe’s great warrior, Nuo Luo!”  The War Hounds Tribe expert used a very strange voice to ask, “Who are you!”

The spirit beast and human language was very different.  Spirit Beasts were a race with a large population, but they were not united like humans.  The Wolf Tribe was just one of the tribes of the population. So, the spirit beast culture was very conflicting and they had many different languages.

The spirit beasts’ intelligence was lower than that of humans and they could not adapt like humans, so spirit beasts wouldn’t normally learn other races’ languages.  This Wolf Tribe members was not just strong, he could also learn the human language, meaning that this was a very outstanding spirit beast.

Old woman Shi Xin did not answer this question.  The blood red giant serpent source spirit charged into the sky and changed into a blood fog that instantly fell down like a waterfall.


The War Hounds expert Nuo Luo let out a loud roar.

The two War Hounds experts entangled with the Dragon Lizard Beast immediately went on alert.  When they saw the large patch blood red fog fall down, their expressions fell.

One of them was lucky enough to avoid this attack.

The other person was not fortunate enough to dodge it as the blood red mist enveloped him.  This War Hounds member’s fur was covered in a layer of red as a strong blood poison invaded his body.

The War Hounds expert was indeed strong.  Although old woman Shi Xin’s poison entered his body, he did not immediately suffer heavy injuries as he used his spirit energy to resist it.

But at this time.

The Dragon Lizard Beast suddenly released another green light attack on it.


The War Hounds expert let out a pitiful cry filled with pain as his body was instantly ripped to pieces.  Old woman Shi Xin revealed a cold smile because she never thought that she would get rid of one this easily.

Chu Tian also revealed an excited face on the side.

Fight, fight!  It’s best if all three sides are mutually injured!

The more their strength was consumed, the greater an advantage Chu Tian had!

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