MT Chapter 283


Chapter 283: Scarlet blood temple

A small, snow white fox fell onto Chu Tian’s shoulders with crossed arms across its chest and a proud waving tail, revealing to Chu Tian an appearance of taking credit.

The three experts meeting at this place was all because of the little fox.

“Relax!  I will remember your merit!”  Chu Tian patted the little fox’s head, “Wait until we enter the scarlet blood temple, I will let you eat to your stomach’s content!”

The little fox revealed a smile and nodded with satisfaction.  It did not spend all this energy in vain!


Chu Tian was racing against time while the experts of the three side fought.  He had to enter the scarlet blood temple first to obtain a harvest. As Chu Tian continued forward, the scarlet blood temple barrier came closer and closer.  The scarlet blood temple was enveloped in a giant circular barrier that, if viewed from above, seemed like a toy inside a bubble of air.

The surrounding swamp land had signs of being rolled and seemed fresh.  Chu Tian considered it and thought that this giant air bubble like barrier had been sunk in the swamp, but it recently came up, bringing the scarlet blood temple with it.

This was also the reason why no one had discovered the temple over all those years.

Chu Tian revealed a look of appreciation because this system was very hard for humans to complete.  The Heavenly Demon Cult should have found this ruin during their warring kingdom era and had taken it for their own use.

Of course Chu Tian was not an archaeologist.  He did not care about its origins, he would talk about that once he looted it.

The entrance was in front of him.  

Chu Tian pulled out the token and charged forward.  The little fox’s hair rose in vigilance as it let out a cry.


Chu Tian instantly froze and without even thinking, he jumped to the side.  A beautiful axe glow fell, narrowly flying past Chu Tian before it slammed into the scarlet blood temple barrier in the distance.  Like a drop of water on the lake, it caused a few ripples, but had no other effect on the scarlet blood temple barrier.

Someone had launched a sneak attack!

While Chu Tian turned around, he pulled out the Source Energy Submachine Gun and put in the clip without even looking at it.

This War Hounds expert could not compare with the scarlet blood branch lord he met before.  The reason why the branch lord fell so easily was because of his injuries and the fact that he had been poisoned by Chu Tian, reducing his cultivation base.

It wasn’t as easy this time.

The Source Energy Gun released seven-eight bullets.  The War Hounds expert was a bit shocked and when faced with this unprecedented attack, he slowed his charging speed.

Pa, pa, pa!

Several energy bullets hit the War Hounds expert at the same time.  Each energy bullet had a strong might and high temperature with it, but they were all stopped by the enemy’s protective spirit energy.

This counter attack was a bit special, but it wasn’t that strong!

Humph, it’s only this strong!

The War Hounds expert had no worries as he raised his large axe, preparing to cut Chu Tian in half.  He would have never expected that behind the countless energy bullets, there would actually be a thin, dark red needle that shot at his eye.


The War Hounds expert retreated with a pitiful cry.

Chu Tian was hit by a strong energy wave and was sent flying high into the air like a sack.  His back slammed into the barrier, and he fell to the ground. There was a faint Starlight Immortal Body glow surrounding him, and his body only suffered minor injuries.

God damn.

A 9th Awakened Soul Layer is actually this strong!

If I were a bit slow, father would have already lost my life!

The War Hounds expert held his eye as he moved several steps back.  There was a large amount of blood coming from his eyes, showing that he was surely blinded.  The War Hounds expert angrily pulled the red needle from his eye socket and gripped it in his fingers, shattering the needle to pieces.

The little fox gave an angry yell.  This was one of the little fox’s treasures, but it was actually destroyed by that bastard!

The little fox jumped in front of Chu Tian and indignantly grabbed Chu Tian’s clothes.  Stand up for this fox and take care of him!

Chu Tian scratched the blood on the corners of his lips and he looked at the little fox, “Stop playing, can’t you see the one being beaten is your master?”

The War Hounds expert glared at him with his remaining eye and cursed several times in the spirit beast language.  He was mainly calling Chu Tian a weak human and saying that he only knew how to use sneak attacks.

This weak fellow cost me an eye, this is a great shame.  I have to cut you to eight pieces to vent my anger!

“Wait!”  Chu Tian stood up and called out.  The War Hounds expert stopped because it was surprised that this person was using the spirit beast language.  Chu Tian said with a serious face, “Before you kill me, can I say one thing?”

The War Hounds expert calmed his expression, “Human, are you prepared to leave your last words?”

“No, I wanted to say……”  Chu Tian pointed out at the War Hounds expert.  The other side could not understand this and was suspecting that this human was trying to trick him.  He only heard the human slowly said, “There is someone behind you!”

Damn, you want to trick me with this?

The War Hounds expert felt like he had been played!

“Die!”  The War Hounds expert raised his axe and prepared to slice the other side.  However, he suddenly felt a cold feeling from behind him and the terrifying fluctuations of spirit energy followed behind it.

What?  There really was someone!

The War Hounds expert was shocked, but turned around too late.  Over a dozen snowflakes turned into ice crystals that hit the War Hounds expert’s chest like bullets.  The terrifying chill quickly invaded his body, making him feel like his blood and veins had all be frozen.

A black clothed human woman was covered in the power of ice as she instantly charged in front of the War Hounds expert.  From her aura alone, the War Hounds expert could tell that this person’s strength was not beneath his.


The War Hounds expert gave a loud roar as the large amounts of ice crystals covering his body shattered, falling to the ground.  The giant axe was filled with a dominating power as it swept across the air at the enemy. However, it was too slow as Chen Bingyu landed a palm on the chest of the War Hounds expert.

The blood and internal organs of the War Hounds expert were frozen as his protective spirit energy had decreased by a large amount.  Now that he had been hit by this wild palm, his visceras were about to shatter.

With this heavy injury, he had almost no chance of survival.

Chu Tian looked at where the War Hounds expert had landed and couldn’t help shaking his head as he said with a sigh, “Look, this is the consequence of not believing me.”

“Human, do you think you’ve won?”

“Wolf God, accept my sacrifice!”

The War Hounds expert knew that he was going to die, so he exploded out all of its remaining energy.  The fur of the War Hounds expert fell off as its body began to quickly inflate, even changing forms, finally becoming a giant bloody wolf.

This was clearly a very extreme transformation!

The War Hounds expert had used all his vitality and spirit energy to turn himself into this incomparably strong blood wolf.  This change was irreversible and when the change was complete, the War Hounds expert lost consciousness. This was a skill for dying together with the enemy.

When he turned into the blood wolf, the War Hounds expert became much stronger, reaching the peak of the 9th Awakened Soul Layer.

Chu Tian’s expression slightly fell, “Be careful!”

The blood wolf had no thoughts, having a mind filled with only hatred and killing intent.  It did not discriminate people and just attacked whoever it saw with strength that was very shocking.  After it was summoned, it first charged at Chen Bingyu because she was the strongest, so she attracted the most attention.  As well, Chen Bingyu was the one who killed the War Hounds expert.

When the blood wolf sacrifice technique was used and the blood wolf was summoned, the first target it would attack would be the person who had harmed the user.

Too fast!

A flash appeared in front of Chen Bingyu’s eyes.

The wolf spat out a burning red flame.

Chen Bingyu condensed an ice wall to block it, but the high temperature flames instantly shattered the ice wall.  Chen Bingyu was forced back several steps, but before she could react, the wolf had charged forward, biting at her.

When the blood wolf’s attack was about to hit.

A small white fox appeared in front of it, stabbing at its remaining eye.  The blood wolf angrily swung its claw, but the small white fox disappeared with a group of ash grey fog, appearing behind the blood wolf and making a face at it.

The blood wolf could not think, so it immediately turned around to bite at it.

Chu Tian seized this chance to call out, “Quickly come in!”

Saying this, he grabbed the scarlet blood token and charged into the barrier with a flash of light.  Chen Bingyu and the far off Nangong Yun saw this, and they also took out their tokens. They rushed at the barrier and they entered with a flash of light.

“Fox, it’s fine now!”

The small fox went to the right side of the blood wolf and grabbed the blood wolf’s token with its mouth.  It charged into the barrier and entered with a flash of light.

The blood wolf angrily charged at the barrier, but without a scarlet blood token, it had no way of entering.

Nangong Yun gave a laugh, “Truly an idiot!  Come bite me!”

The blood wolf attacked again and again, but was finally sent flying by the barrier, turning into a bloody mess on the ground!

“Those people will be coming soon.”  Chu Tian was disinclined to take another look at the blood wolf, “We don’t have time to waste here, let’s go in.”

The three people and one fox entered the gate.  The internal situation of the temple left the three of them stunned.  The inside was simply a library and a medicine store room!

The left side was filled with various jade slips.

The right side was filled with various jade bottles.

The jade slips must include the Heavenly Demon Cult’s demonic cultivation techniques and the jade bottles must contain the plls left behind by the Heavenly Demon Cult.  When the three of them reached the second floor, they found it was much smaller than the first, but what was more exciting was that this floor was covered in various types of jewelry and filled with various divine weapons.

Chu Tian opened a treasure box that was filled with large sparkling crystals.  Crystals that were divided by a certain unit appeared in front of their eyes.

Nangong Yun asked curiously, “Why is this box filled with little crystals?”

“Idiot, these are source stones.  Do you know what source stones are?”  Chu Tian looked at Nangong Yun, “This is the common currency of the continent!”

These were source stones?  Nangong Yun was filled with joy!

She never thought that there would be so many source stones here.  This truly was a large amount of wealth.

When the scarlet blood headquarters was destroyed, they quickly transported all the precious resources here to prepare to rebuild their church.  The amount present was very shocking.

Nangong Yun pointed at a gate in front of them, “There’s still another floor!”

The first floor was filled with pills and cultivation techniques.

The second floor was filled with weapons, money, and materials.

Then what did the third floor have?

No matter what, with the scale of the first two floors, there were already treasures here worth several billions!  This was truly a large harvest!

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