MT Chapter 284


Chapter 284: Plundering at will

The first floor had pills and cultivation techniques.

The second floor had equipment, materials, and money.

The third floor had to be the core area of the scarlet blood branch.

The scarlet blood head venerate was sleeping deep within, so it was best not to enter the third floor for now.  Once the scarlet blood head venerate woke up, the three of them would not have time to plunder anymore.


“We’ll go back to the first floor!”

When they saw the blue crystal pill bottles all around them and the small mountain of mysterious cultivation techniques, the three of them revealed excited expressions.  They had gained a large harvest this time!

Nangong Yun found a large cotton bag and swept several dozen pill bottles inside.

“Idiot, those are all recovery and support pills.  It was hard enough for us to get in here, so if we were to take those pills out, wouldn’t we suffer a large loss?”  Chu Tian was not polite as he reprimanded Nangong Yun, “You should read some more books, you can’t even steal properly at a time like this!”

Nangong Yun said in a depressed voice, “Boss, why are you scolding me?  Every second is as precious as gold!”

Chu Tian pointed at several shelves of pills and said, “There, there, and there.  Those are all Spirit Grade pills, and there are even a few Saint Grade Pills, which can all promote cultivation bases.  Move a bit faster, take as much as you can. If you can’t take them, then just directly eat it. Try to eat as many as possible!”

“Then I won’t be polite!”  Nangong Yun gave three excited laughs, “This old lady has never felt this satisfied before!  I have to properly enjoy today!”

The little fox did not need Chu Tian to say anything before it began moving.  This fellow jumped onto the pill shelf and began to swallow the pill bottles into its stomach.  It had swept over several hundred different pill bottles!

How incredible was this sweeping speed?

How could Chu Tian lose to this damn fox?

Chu Tian raised his Limitless Gourd to suck things in.  Once the gourd began, it took several seconds for multiple rows of precious pills to be sucked in.

Nangong Yun and Chen Bingyu were filled with envy, but it was a pity that space storage items were valuable items in the Southern Summer Country.  Only the Southern Summer King and the Three Rulers had one-two items, so they did not even dare think about it.

What could they do if the storage they prepared was filled?


Chu Tian pointed to a pill, “This is a half Sacred Grade Pill refined from ten thousand year old jade marrow.  The ten thousand year old jade marrow is mainly used to improve one’s foundation and physique. The energy contained within isn’t too big and is quite gentle, so you can eat them without care!”

Chu Tian personally gave an example.  He took a jade bottle and poured out five-six pills.  Each pilled was like pills of white jade, giving off an attractive aura.

He did not look as he threw them all into his mouth.

The five-six white jade marrow pills entered his mouth and he felt several streams of energy flow into his abdomen, immediately flowing around his body.  It was like it wa seeping into his bone marrow, making him feel a comfortable feeling.

Nangong Yun and Chen Bingyu quickly opened the bottles and threw the pills in their mouths.

Chu Tian pointed to another pill, “This is a third level Spirit Pill.  Nangong Yun and I can’t take it, but elder sister Bing can use it. It is very helpful for attacking your bottleneck.”

Third level Spirit Pill!

This was refined using level three Elixirs!

The Alchemist had to have a corresponding strength to refine it!

This kind of pill was rare in the Southern Summer Country.  Only with the power of the Heavenly Demon Warring Kingdom could this pill be stored in large amounts.

Chen Bingyu opened several bottles to pour out a dark gold pill, each one having a fine pill mark on it.  There was a strong energy surrounding it that was beating like a heart.

Such strong energy fluctuations!

A Spirit Pill was refined using Elixir level materials.

A third level Spirit Pill energy could not compare with the second level Sacred Pill, but overall, it surpassed the second level Sacred Pill.  Chen Bingyu swallowed many third level Spirit Pills at once and it felt like her entire body was burning.

The incredibly firm bottleneck was fiercely attacked by the spirit energy and it also showed faint traces of being broken.

The higher one’s cultivation base was, the more difficult it was to breakthrough.  Now there were signs of her bottleneck breaking, how could she not be happy? Chen Bingyu was already at the 9th Awakened Soul Layer and if she could take a step forward, she would be a powerful existence comparable to the Eight Marquises!

Nangong Yun also ate several pills at once.

With quite a few half Sacred and Sacred Grade pills among them.

“I can’t keep going, I’m about to explode.  I can’t eat anymore!”

Chu Tian had already eaten to his limit.  This era’s pill refining method was a bit crude, but the large amount he had stuffed into his stomach was considered quite a bit.  Chu Tian could feel that as long as he had a few days’ worth of time, he would be able to break through to the peak 5th Awakened Soul Layer.

As for the little fox?

This fellow had taken away a third of the pills.

He was still taking pills away at an astonishing speed!

The appetite of this fellow was quite terrifying.  It seemed like the space within him was inexhaustible!

But this was a good thing.  This fellow was storing large amounts of pills within him, he couldn’t possibly digest them all.  He would just need to threaten the fox when they reached Imperial City and have him obediently spit out a portion.

“Let’s go!”

“Now let’s go to the second floor!”

Their stomachs were about to explode, so now they were heading to the second floor.  When they saw the large amounts of materials, their eyes were stunned. Chu Tian did not have much space left in his gourd, so he could only pick out a few things.

“There are actually Starlight Stones here!”

Chu Tian discovered several large pieces of Starlight Stones.  He had to take away the materials needed to cultivate the Starlight Immortal Body and it didn’t take that much space anyway.

“Yi, it’s Blood Yin Steel!”

Chu Tian opened a little treasure box that held several metal ingots.  It was a strange, bright red colour with natural lines running across the surface, releasing a faint evil aura.

Nangong Yun immediately asked, “What is this Blood Yin Steel?”

“Do you know about the little fox’s needle?”

“Of course I do.  That needle can penetrate protective spirit energy!”  Nangong Yun thought of something and revealed a look of joy, “Hey, hey, you wouldn’t be telling me that this is all……”

Chu Tian nodded, “The little fox’s Blood Yin Needle was forged from level two Blood Yin Steel.  These metal ingots are all level two Blood Yin Steel, but I never thought there would be this much!”

Nangong Yun was stunned, “Couldn’t we refine over a thousand of those penetrating little needles?”

Chu Tian opened several different treasures chests that looked the same and found that they were all filled with level two Blood Yin Steel.  He then revealed an excited expression, “We have more than enough to spare even if we made a weapon!”

This weapon could disregard spirit energy defenses, just thinking about that would shock anyone.

Of course, the Blood Yin Steel was by no means perfect.  It could only ignore energy defenses and the Blood Yin Steel itself was only a level two material, so if the enemy had high level armour, even if their protective spirit energy could be ignored, the armour could not be penetrated.

Chu Tian had a new idea.

With this large amount of Blood Yin Steel, if they could be turned into bullets, the effects would naturally be good.  He would need to design a new firearm that could send out spirit energy to fire these Blood Yin Steel bullets. Then he would have to engrave armour penetrating arrays on the bullets, which would allow them to instantly kill any Awakened Soul Cultivators!

Chu Tian took out all the Blood Yin Steel and put it into the gourd’s space before looking for other useful materials.

It had to be said that the Heavenly Demon Cult was truly rich.  The scarlet blood branch was just a branch sect and this scarlet blood temple was just a temporary hideout, so the things sent here would only be a small portion of the whole.  Even so, this stash was still a large treasure that could create a stir throughout the entire Southern Summer Country!

There were several boxes of source energy stones!

Chu Tian estimated that there were several million source energy stones here, but there was no difference in grades and they were all low grade source energy stones.  It was a pity that these source energy stones took up so much space. Although they were the common currency of the continent, it was not worth Chu Tian filling the gourd with these items that had such little value.

“Are you guys done yet?”

When Nangong Yun appeared in front of him, Chu Tian suffered a fright.

This fellow was wearing a gold thread vest with blood red armour around it and on the outside there was a large red cloak.  Her ten slender, snow white fingers were covered in rings and there were seven-eight bracelets adorning her revealed snow white arm.  She had four-five necklaces around her neck with several long swords, spears, and halberds on her back. She had even forced on three layers of boots.

Chu Tian was instantly speechless, “Aren’t you too exaggerated!”

“Nonsense!”  Nangong Yun’s body of equipment trembled as she spoke, “Do you know how much these items are worth?”

Chu Tian looked at Chen Bingyu at the side.  He never thought that the aloof her would also act like a nouveau riche at this moment.  This seemed like it was in a woman’s nature.

“Pick your items well, pick your items well, don’t be greedy!”  Chu Tian gave a few awkward coughs, “We’re not lacking in money.  If others saw you like this, they would think that I’m not raising you well!”

“Who needs to be raised by you!”

“Grab the items faster!”

Chen Bingyu and Nangong Yun were very exaggerated, but all these items were high grade soul items, so they had very strong enhancement effects.

Chu Tian ignited his Mind’s Lamp and swept across the room.  There were several items and materials that made his divine sense change.

“This cape isn’t bad!”  Chu Tian walked to a corver and picked up an ordinary cape, “This is a top grade soul item!”

Chen Bingyu coldly said, “I also took several top grade soul items, it’s not that strange.”

Chen Bingyu had already opened her Mind’s Eye, so she could sweep through the room and naturally she found several high grade items.  Who would have thought that Chu Tian would say disdainfully, “Even if they are both top grade soul items, if we were to compare them, your items would be far too lacking!”

Chen Bingyu’s brows jumped up as she was not convinced.

Chu Tian smiled at her and placed the cloak in front of him, disappearing from their sights.

Chen Bingyu gave a snort, “I was wondering what ability it had, but isn’t it just a stealth ability?”

Mind’s Eye!

Chen Bingyu released her Mind’s Eye.

What surprised Chen Bingyu was that under her Mind’s Eye, she couldn’t see where Chu Tian was.  There was a hand that appeared behind her that fell onto Chen Bingyu’s shoulder, then she saw Chu Tian’s cheap smile appear in her view, “How about that?  Although this cape does not have an amplifying effect, it can hide from divine sense. This is not a common ability!”

This cloak could shield against divine sense, making it a powerful stealth weapon!

Naturally, this cloak could stop Chen Bingyu’s Mind’s Eye divine sense, but if Chu Tian used his Mind’s Lamp, even if a person was wearing this cloak, he would be able to find them.

The Mind’s Lamp divine sense was much higher than the Mind’s Eye divine sense!

Chu Tian took a few more items, but at this time, from outside the scarlet blood temple, there was the sound of explosions.  Those fellows fighting were about to reach the temple.

“We’re going to the third floor!”

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