MT Chapter 285


Chapter 285: Scarlet blood head venerate

When they stood at the third floor entrance scarlet blood, a dark pressure from within came over them.  Even though they had not entered yet, there was a thick blood smell congealing in the air. It was like there was a sea of blood behind these large doors.  As long as they were opened, the blood would begin to wildly pour out.

Chu Tian looked at the two girls, “Prepare yourselves, I’m about to open it!”

Chen Bingyu and Nangong Yun nodded, they had made their preparations!

Chu Tian used force to push open the metal doors and instantly, a red light enveloped them.  The three of them felt their bodies tremble at the same time. There were blood red evil ghosts behind the door, densely packed inside, filling the entire main hall.


Nangong Yun was shocked, “This is bad, there’s an ambush!”

Why were there so many monsters here?

When Nangong Yun raised her hammer to launch an attack, a divine sense suddenly entered Nangong Yun’s mind.  A flash appeared in Nangong Yun’s eyes as countless blood red evil ghost disappeared from in front of her.

“What happened just now?”

“Just an illusion, a small trick.”

Chu Tian did not care about this at all.  Not to mention the “Mind’s Lamp” realm’s divine sense being able to break through most illusions, even with the special ability of his main spirit alone, Chu Tian did not need to fear any illusion techniques.

Of course the “Mind’s Lamp” could affect the people around him.

So, Chu Tian used it to help Chen Bingyu and Nangong Yun break their illusions.

The scarlet blood temple’s third floor was not as big as the other two floors and did not have mountains of precious items.  There were only a few fierce statues silently standing there and a stone platform in the center.

A scarlet artifact around thirty centimeters tall was placed on it.

It was covered in scarlet lines and blood filaments were floating around it.  A powerful aura was released from the item, giving off a strong suppressive feeling.

If their guess was not wrong, the strong blood scent in the air and the illusion they just saw should have all been caused by this thing.

“It’s just like in the book.”  Nangong Yun revealed a look of pleasant surprise, “The scarlet blood sacred item – the blood chalice!”

The three of them were certain that the blood chalice Chu Tian wanted was the item right in front of them.  This blood chalice was also the most important sacred item for the scarlet blood branch, so there was nothing unusual about the abilities it had.

Nangong Yun excitedly said, “I bet it’s at least a Soul Contracting Item!”

Chu Tian rolled his eyes at her, “Can you not speak nonsense!”

Nangong Yun felt indignant.  Was this considered nonsense?

Soul Contracting Items were rare!

Chu Tian had several Soul Contracting Items like the Netherworld Sword and the Soul Controlling Bell, which were all taken from the ten thousand ancient corpse tomb.  He did not know the origin of this ten thousand ancient corpse tomb, but he was certain that the sect that built it was stronger than the Heavenly Demon Cult. That’s why there were Soul Contracting Items in the ten thousand ancient corpse tomb and why there were still things left after ten thousand years of excavation.

The Fox Faced Corpse King.

As well as the little fox.

Didn’t they all come from the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb?

That ancient sect had already disappeared for over ten thousand years.

The Heavenly Demon Cult had only been destroyed for several hundred years.

The Heavenly Demon Cult did not have as many Soul Contracting Items as the Yin Corpse Valley, but each branch had one as their sacred item.  This blood chalice’s strength was not inferior to the Netherworld Sword and may even be a bit stronger.

This did not mean that the blood chalice’s grade was higher than the Netherworld Sword.

The blood chalice had been sealed for a few hundred years and its power had already decreased by a large amount.  The Netherworld Sword had been asleep for close to ten thousand years. These were two completely different concepts.

Nangong Yun charged over, “I’ll go and grab it!”

The blood chalice was the most important treasure of the scarlet blood branch and now that they had plundered most of the temple, they just needed to take the blood chalice and they could leave!


Chu Tian quickly stopped Nangong Yun.

Nangong Yun asked with a frown, “What are you doing?  The Soul Contracting Item is in front of our eyes, what reason do we have to not take it!”

“Nangong, I have to reprimand you.  If you don’t use your brain for a long time, it will rust away.”

Nangong Yun’s teeth itched with anger.  How does this old lady not use her brain?

“Can you not see it?  The blood chalice has recognized a master.  If we take it away now, the blood chalice will not change masters and we won’t be able to use its strength!”

Most Soul Contracting Items will have a simple consciousness, so they will recognize a master.  Back in the ten thousand corpse ancient tomb, the Yin Wind Swordsman Wan Wuyi had tried to seize the Thunder Spirit Bead, but he had been injured by it.  Chu Tian did not have a way to use the Thunder Spirit because of the spirit’s resistance.

This was an advantage and a shortcoming.

The advantage was that once the Soul Contracting Item took a master, unless the master wanted to separate or the master died, the spirit will never choose another master.

The shortcoming was that if one wanted to forcefully use the Soul Contracting Item, if one did not have a suitable attribute or cultivation technique, they would be rejected by the Soul Contracting Item.

“Then what should we do?”

“Don’t be anxious!”  Chu Tian opened the Mind’s Eye and carefully observed the chalice, “There is an array around the hall and the chalice is suppressing the core of the array.  If it is rashly taken away, the large array will activate. If the array activates, it will use some kind of power that will awaken the scarlet blood head venerate.”

“Ah?”  Nangong Yun had an awkward expression, “Then what’s the best plan of action?  Doesn’t this mean it’s impossible for us to take the blood chalice?”

This truly was a troublesome matter.

A precious item was in front of them.

If they couldn’t take it, it would be a large regret on this mission!

Hong, long, long……

The exterior scarlet blood temple barrier began to tremble!

Chen Bingyu reminded them, “There are people coming!”

“We have no method and no time.”  Nangong Yun shouted to Chu Tian, “We have already gained enough, we should retreat now.  If they notice the situation inside the temple, they will surely go crazy! It is just a broken chalice, it doesn’t matter if we don’t take it!”

The first two floors had mostly been cleaned by the three of them, especially the previous pills and materials.  There were only useless cultivation techniques, worthless pills, and normal materials.

The ones that came on this treasure hunt were not ordinary people.

They would surely go crazy once they saw this scene!

“You two take the Image Hiding Talismans and leave first!”  Chu Tian threw several talismans to the two of them, “Go outside and wait, I will take care of this place!”

“Can you do it?”

“Just go!”

Nangong Yun and Chen Bingyu had to choose to believe in Chu Tian.

The two of them activated the Image Hiding Talismans and left the scarlet blood temple.  These Image Hiding Talismans could not avoid divine sense, but in a situation where the other side did not know about them, it was enough for them to leave.

Loud explosion sounds came from the first floor!

The wild energy exploded and the pills and jade slips fell to the ground.

Chu Tian felt that he did not have much time.  He took a deep breath and grabbed the blood chalice, raising it high up.  A scarlet glow illuminated the hall, as several complicated lines appeared on the ground.  It intertwined in countless places before finally creating a large source energy array.

The scarlet blood temple began to tremble.

The source energy array turned red, like it was creating a world of blood.  Red lightning flashed in all four directions as a blood red stone coffin began to slowly rise from the ground.  An ancient and vast aura filled the air, and a kind of strength that sent a chill down one’s spine quickly surged throughout the entire space.

Chu Tian was sent flying, slamming against the wall.  The blood chalice left his hand and automatically flew to the stone coffin, falling on the crown of the coffin.  Suddenly, it tipped several degrees and a bright red liquid fell from inside the cup onto the stone coffin.

This bright red liquid spread across the stone coffin, finally seeping into a crack on the coffin and was completely absorbed.


This blood chalice was restoring the head venerate’s strength!

At this time, the scarlet blood temple trembled once again.

“This little Heavenly Demon Cult member greets the head venerate!”  Chu Tian rushed to the stone coffin and shouted in a sad voice, “I ask sir head venerate to come out as soon as possible.  All the branch lords are dead and only the leader is left, being surrounded by experts to protect the head venerate. My scarlet blood branch will soon be eliminated!”

“What did you say?”

A voice came from within the coffin.

This voice was very twisted, sounding like a man and woman’s voice.  It was high pitched and strange, just like a child’s voice, but with a sinister tone to it.

“Sir head venerate, several thieves coveting the scarlet blood branch treasure are outside!”


The cover of the blood red coffin exploded.

A red form flew out from within.

Chu Tian looked up and was instantly stunned.

The head venerate was only three feet tall, having the appearance of a child.  His skin was blood red and his fingernails were as sharp as blades, making him look like a bewitching monster.

People with strange appearances had strange powers.

This head venerate looked this strange, he would not have simple methods!

“The scarlet blood branch is one of the ten main Heavenly Demon Cult branches, yet it can actually be reduced to this kind of situation!”  The child formed head venerate roared into the sky with a voice even more piercing than a blade. Cracks formed on the floor as Chu Tian’s heart skipped several beats, “Violating my scarlet blood branch, death!”

The head venerate flew into the air, holding the blood chalice like it didn’t weigh anything.  He quickly flew across the palace. So fast!

Chu Tian was secretly surprised!

The scarlet blood head venerate who just awoken was not inferior to the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer!

This recovery rate was truly shocking.  Of course a part of it was due to the blood chalice.  It was a good thing that Chu Tian had agitated the scarlet blood head venerate, not giving him time to recover any further.

“Very good!”

“Now it all depends on luck!”

Chu Tian raised the cloak he had just obtained and disappeared into nothing, fading from this area.

At this time, Wang Tu, Zuo Yan, the two War Hounds experts, and the scarlet blood leader Shi Xin had charged into the temple.  The scene they saw in front of them instantly shocked them.

There were only a few pills remaining on the thousand shelves.  

Large piles of empty bottles were lying on the ground.

What happened here?

Where was the scarlet blood temple’s treasures?

While the five experts were dumbfounded, from within the hall came a terrifying strength that the War Hound Tribe’s Nuo Luo, Wang Tu, and Zuo Yan all felt.  An unprecedented sense of danger enveloped them…..There was no need to say anything! The scarlet blood head venerate had awakened!

“The scarlet blood old monster is awake!”

“Damn, is the scarlet blood treasure fake?”

Everyone almost exploded with anger.  They had taken all that risk to search for treasure, but they saw no precious treasure at all.  Rather, they had to fight with an old monster like the scarlet blood head venerate!

Shi Xin laughed, “The head venerate has awakened, you should all prepare to die!”

Although she didn’t know what had happened, the most important thing was to first kill the intruders.

“The scarlet blood old monster is a common enemy for Southern Summer and the War Hounds.”  Wang Tu said to the War Hound Tribe’s Nuo Luo, “We should lay down our grudges and take care of this old monster together!”


Nuo Luo was thinking the same thing!

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