MT Chapter 286


Chapter 286: Cleaning up the mess

When faced with the recovered pressure of the head venerate, the Southern Summer experts took the initiative to form a temporary alliance with the War Hounds expert.

“First, let’s kill this old thing!”

Wang Tu, Zuo Yan, and Nuo Luo, the three experts began to attack together.

The scarlet blood leader Shi Xin could not fight all three of them and was instantly sent flying with severe injuries, but they three of them could not continue attacking.


In the main hall, a large gust filled the hall as a red figure quickly arrived above their heads.  A cloud of blood red energy condensed above that person’s head as countless blood red energy needles began to fall like rain onto the three of them.

“Only this strong!”

Zuo Yan used his Flowing Flame Palanquin to welcome it.  As the strong energy needles hit the Flowing Flame Palanquin, they were all sent flying and the Flowing Flame Palanquin suffered no damage.

Wang Tu and Nuo Luo saw this and quickly moved behind the Flowing Flame Palanquin.  They had already been fighting for a long time, so they had used over half their spirit energy.  They had to control their usage, saving every last bit of energy to have a better chance in fighting the scarlet blood head venerate.

The red cloud began to condense, growing several times denser than before, and then finally took the form of a fist, slamming down at the Flowing Flame Palanquin.  This ancient treasure was sent flying like a meteor as most of the temple’s outer walls were destroyed by this attack, revealing the faint red sky outside.


Zuo Yan could feel that several cracks were formed on the Flowing Flame Palanquin.  Since the Nangong Family had given Zuo Yan this treasure, it had never been damaged before.  He never thought that a single attack from the scarlet blood head venerate, would be able to cause this much destruction!

The head venerate’s three foot tall body floated in the air, slowly drifting out of the blood cloud.  That blood red energy continued to change behind him until it finally transformed into a dark red skeleton.

Nuo Luo released his five spirit warriors without hesitation.

The five spirits turned into wolf soldiers wielding long blades, charging out from Nuo Luo’s body and rushing at the head venerate from different directions.  The head venerate did not move at all as the spirit soldier’s long blades fell onto the skeleton, but it was blocked and it could not penetrate it at all.

Scarlet flames spread across their blades and the five spirit warriors were lit up, instantly turning into ashes.

Nuo Luo’s face fell!

The giant dark red skeleton should be the scarlet blood head venerate’s source spirit, but they never thought it would be that strong.  It broke the Flowing Flame Palanquin with a single fist and it could envelope his body, comparable to top grade defensive cultivation techniques.  With both offense and defense, as well as the blood chalice in hand, constantly restoring himself and having inexhaustible spirit energy, he was in an almost impregnable position.


The scarlet blood head venerate had just awoken, so the longer the fight drew on, the stronger he would become.  In the end, he would reach a level that an Awakened Soul Realm Cultivator could not defeat, so this situation was very serious.

Shi Xin excitedly shouted, “Greetings to the head venerate!”

“Shi Xin, what happened here?”  When the head venerate looked over the plundered scarlet blood temple, his eyes almost spouted out flames, “Why did this!”

Old woman Shi Xin was a bit stunned.

She had finally reacted to this.

That’s right, who had looted the scarlet blood temple?

This temple had sunk several hundred meters in the poisonous swamp for a long time, so it was impossible for people to come in before the temple was opened.  Also, she had come in with the others at the same time.

Could it be……

The only ones who could have entered before were Leng Jun and the War Hounds expert.

The head venerate being released meant that the War Hounds expert had failed and Leng Jue was still inside the temple.  Although she didn’t know what happened, the person that was the most suspicious, wouldn’t it be the unnoticed Leng Jue?

Nuo Luo sniffed the air, “There are three people’s scent at least.”

“Damn!”  Wang Tu said through gritted teeth, “There were people who took advantage of us fighting to secretly loot this place!  This is simply unforgivable!”

Shi Xin shouted with a sinister face, “Leng Jue, I know you’re here.  Scram out here for me now!”

There was not a single sound in and out of the hall.

The scarlet blood head venerate was a bit surprised.  The person who had looted the scarlet blood temple was actually the person that had awakened him?  If it was like this, he would still be in the palace.

Mind’s Eye!

The scarlet blood head venerate used his Mind’s Eye to look around.

In the end, what made the scarlet blood head venerate surprised was the fact that brat had disappeared without a trace!

“Shadow Cloak!”

“It’s the Shadow Cloak!”

“He has stolen the Shadow Cloak!  Everything here was done by him!”

The head venerate naturally flew into a rage.  With the scarlet blood temple being looted like this, they had lost several billions in Southern Summer gold coins.  Those high grade soul weapons, top grade soul weapons, those Sacred Medicines and Pills, those top grade materials, which one wasn’t a precious item!

This was the starting resource to rebuilt the Heavenly Demon Cult!

“Shi Xin!”  The head venerate sent out a slap and Shi Xin was slammed into the wall.  She had already been injured, but this made her injuries even more serious.  However, with the head venerate attacking her, she did not dare to block it, “Look at what you have done!”

Old woman Shi Xin spat out several mouthfuls of blood and kneeled on the floor, “Sir head venerate, spare me.  I have a method of finding him!”

After saying this.

She took out a scroll.

“If you don’t come out, then I will destroy your spirit!”

The scarlet blood temple was silent without a single sound being made.  When old woman Shi Xin saw this, she could only steel her heart as she released her spirit energy and crushed the spirit contract scroll.

There was no change at all.

Old woman Shi Xin was stunned once again.

What was happening here?  She could tell with the contract scroll that Leng Jue was looking at them.  He was even sneaking around, hiding himself with the Shadow Cloak!

Wang Tu, Zuo Yan, and Nuo Luo saw this and grew even more indignant.

Wang Tu coldly said, “Since the scarlet blood temple’s treasures have been taken, it is not worth going all out.  I’m leaving!”

“I had the same idea!”

Zuo Yan was aggrieved over the Flowing Flame Palanquin.  He had lost quite a bit during this treasure hunt.

In the current scarlet blood temple, although there were large amounts of cultivation techniques and materials, the high quality goods had already been picked out.  The ones remaining were valuable, but for people of their status, it was not worth them fighting all out against the scarlet blood head venerate.

“Want to leave?”

“Can you even leave!”

The scarlet blood head venerate’s rage head reached a peak.  He raised the blood chalice high up and thick spirit energy surged forward like waves in the sea.  The walls of the temple was shattered as the three of them were pushed outside.

“Old villain, since you won’t stop, I’ll fight you to the end!”

Wang Tu roared out and the Dual Winged Poison Dragon fell in holding the scarlet blood token in its claw.  It passed through the blood red barrier and swung its poisonous barbed tail to attack.


The head venerate’s source spirit sent out a palm and grabbed the Dual Winged Poison Dragon’s tail.  The Dual Winged Poison Dragon was shocked and spat out poison flames, which was no use when it hit the head venerate, being blocked by the source spirit that enveloped him. 

The head venerate gave a roar.  The Dual Winged Poison Dragon was slammed to the floor and red energy was released from the blood chalice.  It instilled itself into the arm of the skeleton and formed a red spear around it that stabbed into the Dual Winged Poison Dragon.


Wang Tu shouted with red eyes.

The blood red spear pierced the Dual Winged Poison Dragon, stabbing it into the ground.  The Dual Winged Poison Dragon gave a cry of struggle as the blood poison quickly passed through its body, creating red dots along its skin before it finally turned into a pool of blood.

The head venerate erupted with energy once again.

The spear in the skeleton’s hand changed into a giant bow and arrow, instantly aiming at Zuo Yan preparing to run.  The Flowing Flame Palanquin was already cracked and if he suffered another heavy blow now, it would not be able avoid having a large hole being created in it.

Zuo Yan had no choice but to jump out, escaping the Flowing Flame Palanquin, avoiding being killed by the arrow.  The scarlet blood head venerate’s strength already surpassed normal peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer Cultivators and now he had the Soul Contracting blood chalice, this was not something an Awakened Soul Cultivator could block.

Nuo Luo did not have a good relation with the Southern Summer people, so why would he save them?  He immediately put away his dual blades and escaped outside.

The head venerate pointed in the air.

A powerful array was released and spirit energy erupted as the arrow was shot at Nuo Luo.  When Nuo Luo was about to escape the temple, the arrow pierced his spirit energy protection and entered his body.  Nuo Luo spat out a mouthful of blood, but he did not stop and accelerated, escaping the scarlet blood temple in one fell swoop.

Wang Tu saw the Dual Winged Poison Dragon slowly stop struggling as it turned into a pool of blood.  He knew that his mount could not be saved, so he gritted his teeth as he pulled out a talisman and slapped it to the floor.

With an explosive sound.

A thick layer of soil rose from the ground of the first floor.


Wang Tu and Zuo Yan jumped off in retreat.

The head venerate sent out a large blade, directly cutting the earth barrier apart.  When he prepared to chase after the two of them, his body suddenly swayed and almost fell from the air.


He had used too much spirit energy!

The scarlet blood head venerate had just awakened and was in a weakened state right now, so a period of going all out had drained most of his spirit energy.  Although the blood chalice was in hand and his strength could quickly recover, the several seconds it left the other party gave them the chance to escape.

Wang Tu and Zuo Yan quickly ran off.

Old woman Shi Xin had a sunken face, feeling very disturbed.  This time, the scarlet blood branch had lost a lot and she had a huge responsibility for this.  She never would have imagined that boy would actually be a spy!

But, where was he hiding right now?

Why was the spirit contract no use?

“Are you looking for us?”

A familiar voice entered old woman Shi Xin’s ears and her expression instantly underwent a great change.  But what followed was a dense amount of light bullets that fell against old woman Shi Xin’s body.

“Bastard!  I’ll kill you!”

Old woman Shi Xin was hit by many bullets and her protective spirit energy dimmed significantly.  When she raised her hand to attack, a cold aura came from her left and a palm slapped the back of her head.


Old woman Shi Xin’s head exploded, turning into countless ice crystals falling onto the ground.

The illustrious Heavenly Demon Cult leader actually died being filled with hate like this.


The head venerate noticed them, but because his spirit energy was dried up, he could not stop them in time.  Old woman Shi Xin was killed in front of him and he could only let out a roar of rage!

Chu Tian walked over with Nangong Yun by his side.  Chen Bingyu charged forward revealing a stance of preparing to fight.

“One of the Heavenly Demon Cult’s prestigious members was actually killed by little people like you.”  The scarlet blood head venerate’s face turned extremely dark, “But you do really think you can fight this venerate?  Wishful thinking!”

“First don’t say things like that.  If I didn’t have any assurance, how could I have possibly let you out?”

Chu Tian looked at the little fox and the little fox suddenly sucked in.  The overflowing energy of the blood chalice was sucked away and was swallowed by the little fox.

“What?!”  The head venerate’s expression fell, “What kind of spirit beast is this, it can strip the chalice of its power!”

“First don’t be surprised that quickly!  Little fox, now it’s up to you!”

The little fox spat out a soul puppet and it revealed a look of pain in its sparkling eyes.  This was the final summon of the Hell Fire Demon.

Green light soared into the air.

An incomparably giant burning man appeared in front of the scarlet blood head venerate!

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