MT Chapter 287


Chapter 287: Dying together

The scarlet blood head venerate was not a simple person.

Since he had released him, he would take care of him, this was Chu Tian’s principle.

Otherwise, the scarlet blood head venerate would develop his strength in the Southern Summer Country and become a large hidden danger.  Countless Southern Summer citizens will be implicated and it would be hard to guarantee that Miracle Commerce wouldn’t be affected.

If he didn’t cut the roots, they would cause endless trouble in the future!



Chu Tian gave an order.

The little fox jumped onto the Hell Fire Demon’s head.  Under the order of the little fox, the Hell Fire Demon charged at the scarlet blood head venerate.

Chu Tian wasn’t confident for no reason.

The scarlet blood head venerate was stronger than the Hell Fire Demon by a bit, but with the little fox there to suppress it, not only could it weaken the scarlet blood head venerate’s demonic cultivation technique, it could also stop the scarlet blood head venerate from healing with the blood chalice.

While the scarlet blood head venerate was at his weakest.

It was the best time to take him out!

Chen Bingyu did not need to make her move, her job was to protect Chu Tian and Nangong Yun because while they were fighting, it was hard to guarantee that the scarlet blood head venerate would not try to take the firewood from beneath the pot by attacking Chu Tian.

Chen Bingyu naturally was not the head venerate’s match.

But she could still block one or two attacks.  After all, Chen Bingyu practiced the Starlight Immortal Body, so her strength was still very strong.

Dong, dong, dong!

The Hell Fire Demon charged at the head venerate, sending a giant flaming fist at him.

The head venerate’s little body was floating in the air, surrounded by the red skeleton.  The skeleton also raised a fist and sent it out at the oncoming Hell Fire Demon.

A giant explosion!

The Hell Fire Demon’s dark green flames and the blood red skeleton’s blood energy collided with each other, emitting a sound like water and fire mixing together.  The head venerate’s blood power had a strong corrosive strength, so it had a very strong advantage when fighting against normal cultivators.


The Hell Fire Demon was an elemental life form and did not have a flesh and blood form!

The head venerate’s power was restrained against the Hell Fire Demon, and also, the green abyss flame could melt the blood energy.  So from this point, the Hell Fire Demon’s power could restrain the scarlet blood head venerate.

Both sides were pushed back a step.

The little fox urged the Hell Fire Demon to attack again and the scarlet blood head venerate refused to fall back as he condensed a long, giant spear, stabbing once again at the Hell Fire Demon.

The Hell Fire Demon had no fear as it condensed flames around its right fist, slamming it at the skeleton.  At this time, the little fox stood up to breathe in and when the long spear in the blood skeleton’s hand stabbed at the Hell Fire Demon, it forcefully pulled away apart by an external force and the condensed weapon fell apart.

The scarlet blood head venerate could feel that his demonic cultivation technique had weakened by 30%.


What was happening here?

This unprecedented spirit beast had an ability that surpassed his imagination.  It was the strongest restraining force against demonic cultivators!

The little fox could easily break through any demonic cultivation techniques and its method was not that difficult.  It was just pulling the wood from under the fire, directly pulling away the enemy’s power!

The scarlet blood head venerate wanted to move back, but reacted too late.

The Hell Fire Demon sent out another powerful fist that slammed into the scarlet blood head venerate’s body.  A giant hole was created in the blood skeleton and the wild power landed on the scarlet blood head venerate, making him feel like he was being torn apart.  Spitting out a mouthful of blood, he was sent flying dozens of meters away.

Nangong Yun loudly shouted, “Little fox!  Good move! Beat that devil to death!”

The little fox complacently waved its tail as it quickly urged the Hell Fire Demon forward, raising its large foot to step on the scarlet blood head venerate.  The scarlet blood head venerate raised both his hands, but the immense pressure hit like a mountain, making the scarlet blood head venerate feel powerless.

This monster was too strong!

If this were to continue, the situation would be bad!

The scarlet blood head venerate was pushed back several steps by the Hell Fire Demon.  The scarlet blood head venerate stimulated the blood chalice, trying to use the blood chalice to recover his spirit energy.

How could the little fox give him that chance?

It would all be taken by this fox!

The little fox forcefully sucked in.

The energy of the blood chalice was all drawn away by this little fellow.  It even smacked its lips a few times like it was enjoying the taste!

The scarlet blood head venerate almost went crazy with anger!

How could these weak little people force him into this kind of situation?

If he was in his peak, these kinds of small characters would not even enter his eyes.


The scarlet blood head venerate created four-five blood arrows with a wave of his hand, but this time it wasn’t aimed at the Hell Fire Demon, but rather all aimed at Chu Tian.  Faced with this attack, Chen Bingyu had long made preparations, creating three clear ice walls at the same time.

The arrows broke one ice wall after the other.

Finally, when the arrows appeared in front of them, most of the energy had been dispersed and Chen Bingyu shattered them with a single palm.  The scarlet blood head venerate was being chased by the Hell Fire Demon and had his cultivation technique suppressed by the little fox, he did not have time to gather his strength.

Chen Bingyu was not the same, she had been making preparations to defend the whole time.

A quick attack against a defense that had been silently waiting, it was hard for this sneak attack to succeed.

The scarlet blood head venerate was becoming weaker and weaker, he could tell that this situation was bad.  If this continued, he would eventually die. He no longer fought the Hell Fire Demon and turned around to charge towards the barrier.

You want to run?

The scarlet blood line’s head venerate of the ten great Heavenly Demon Cult branches was actually running away from a few Southern Summer small kingdom people.  If this were known by the Heavenly Demon Cult founder, he would spit out blood from his rage. However, how could Chu Tian let the scarlet blood head venerate escape?  Wasn’t this leaving trouble for the future!

The little fox’s form flashed as it turned into a mass of ash gray smoke, very quickly appearing in front of the head venerate.


The scarlet blood head venerate’s expression changed, he had indeed underestimated this spirit beast too much.  Because the little fox had suddenly appeared, the scarlet blood head venerate was not certain what skills the little fox had.  He quickly decelerated and the Hell Fire Demon caught up, slamming a fist into the head venerate’s back.

The head venerate was sent flying again.

The little fox seized this chance to jump out, grabbing at the head venerate’s blood chalice.  When the little fox grabbed the blood chalice, a large amount of strange ancient runes appeared on the chalice and the scarlet blood head venerate could feel his contract with the blood chalice disappearing.


The head venerate wanted to send out a palm to slap it to death.


The little fox disappeared into a mass of gray fog.

What stunned the head venerate was that the blood chalice had disappeared with the little fox!

The most important sacred object of the scarlet blood branch, while in the head venerate’s hands, had been stolen by a little fox!

This was like a ruthless slap across the head venerate’s face.

This made the head venerate lose all his reasoning,  his seven orifices began to release flood as his blood red hair floated in the sky and blood flames was released from his body.

Chu Tian was stunned, “He’s burning his essence blood, preparing to make a desperation strike.  Be careful!”

The scarlet blood head venerate did not hesitate to use the forbidden technique of burning his essence blood to instantly receive an explosive might.

This cultivation technique’s side effect was tremendous.  When the fight was over, his cultivation base would drop by a large portion.  So, unless both sides were to perish together, no one would use this kind of move.

He didn’t care about such a thing now!

Even if his cultivation base was greatly decreased, he had to kill these people!

It could be imagined just how much hate the scarlet blood head venerate had for Chu Tian’s group.

The little fox chose to move back, controlling the Hell Fire Demon to take a step back.  It was releasing large amounts of green abyss flame to attack from a distance to slow him down, while the little fox was going all out to suck in the energy around the head venerate.

This was strange.

Why was this fellow’s power so strong?

The little fox sucked in wave after wave, making the little fox incredibly busy.

The head venerate gave a roar and released his source spirit once again.  Red light was released in all directions.

The blood skeleton released this time was completely different from before.  There was thick layer of blood around the blood skeleton and it had two incredibly large axes in its hand, with an aura that was several times bigger compared to before.

Chu Tian revealed a faint look of shock.

This aura had surpassed the Awakened Soul Realm, reaching the third cultivation realm, the “True Spirit” level.  This was no longer a level skipping fight, but rather a realm skipping fight. If it were just a level skipping fight, they had a chance to win, but they had no chance of winning a realm skipping fight.

The little fox forcefully sucked in several times.

The blood skeleton’s armour was weakened by several portions and the axe in its hands also became much smaller.  The scarlet blood head venerate charged forward at this time with a large axe swooping down. The little fox quickly used the Hell Fire Demon to block this.

Too fast!

The axe fell on the Hell Fire Demon’s shoulder and chopped off its left arm.

The little fox used all his strength to suck in, causing the armour on the blood skeleton to shatter and the axe in its hands to dim by quite a bit.  However, the scarlet blood head venerate had already raising the axe, sweeping it out horizontally. The half moon blade glow swept across the Hell Fire Demon, cutting the Hell Fire Demon into two pieces.

The Hell Fire Demon instantly fell down.

The little fox suddenly had it detonate.

Almost in an instant, the Hell Fire Demon exploded, releasing all of its strength.  They only saw the green flames soar into the sky, slamming into the scarlet blood temple barrier, causing the entire scarlet blood temple to fiercely shake.

Chu Tian’s group of three was even sent flying by the shockwaves.

The little fox retreated from the center of the explosion in a sorry state.  Its fine white fur actually had traces of injuries on it. It had clearly underestimated the head venerate’s strength, but the head venerate had also underestimated its strength.  This explosion from the Hell Fire Demon was sure to heavily injure that fellow.

Nangong Yun quickly asked, “Is he dead?”

Chen Bingyu released her Mind’s Eye and found a scarlet outline in the flames.  She instantly knit her brows together, “He’s not dead yet!”

The scarlet blood head venerate was covered in green flames as he slowly walked out from within.  The blood skeleton source spirit had already been completely melted, but the Hell Fire Demon had been defeated!

Nangong Yun was shocked, “It’s over, how could he be this strong!  We’re dead for sure!”

“That isn’t certain!”

Chu Tian was not anxious at all.

The scarlet blood head venerate was already at his limit.

The little fox had sucked in again and the source spirit completely collapsed.  Chen Bingyu shot out like an arrow, holding out both hands to send out a palm attack.  The blue and white ice power filled the area, covering the ground with a layer of frost.


The instant this palm hit the scarlet blood head venerate, the ice spirit energy condensed into a crystal, forming an ice spike that pierced into the head venerate’s chest and stabbing him into a pillar of the main hall.

Nangong Yun patted her chest, “This old lady was scared.  So he spent all his energy in the end.”

“You should have died several hundred years ago.”  Chu Tian looked at him and said, “Do you have any last words?”

“Do you think you’ve won?”  The scarlet blood head venerate never thought he would lose to this group of small characters.  His face was filled with rage and unwillingness as he angrily roared, “Even if this venerate dies, you will be buried with me!”

As soon as his voice fell.

The entire temple began to shake as it began to sink.

“This is bad!”  Chu Tian felt a strong attraction coming from below his feet, as if gravity had been increased by several dozen times, “The scarlet blood temple is about to sink into the swamp, quickly leave!”

The scarlet blood head venerate gave a sharp laugh, “Leave?  No one is leaving, you will stay here to accompany me!”

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