MT Chapter 288


Chapter 288: Arriving in Imperial City

The head venerate had activated the temple’s self destruct mechanism!

The scarlet blood temple’s center position released the fluctuations of a strong source energy array, creating a strong attraction power that was making the temple’s center region curve down first.  Massive fissures formed all around as the building began to collapse. The ground quickly shattered as large amounts of bog were released from the ground.

This not simply resting.

This was complete destruction!


The Scarlet Swamp was incited by this wild and strong attractive force that would first destroy the scarlet blood temple.  Then it would pull it into the depths of the swamp, burying the rubble several hundred meters in the dark swamp.

There would no longer be a scarlet blood temple.

The treasures of the scarlet blood temple would forever be buried in the ground.

Nangong Yun shouted in a voice of disbelief, “What kind of trap is this?  Why can’t I move at all!”

The pulling force coming from the temple was even stronger than one could imagine.  It was like a magnet holding onto an iron sheet, with each step being as hard as carrying over ten thousand pounds.  Even Chen Bingyu found it hard to take a step forward.

Hong, hong, hong!

The situation became even worse!

Crack appeared on the barrier as the entire barrier began to shrink, creating a strong pressure.  It was like everything within the barrier would be pressed down into a meat patty.

Two different forms of pressure was released at the same time.

It was impossible for the three of them to escape the scarlet blood temple.

“Ha, ha, ha!”

“Die, die, be buried with the scarlet blood branch!”

The scarlet blood head venerate released a wild laugh.  He allowed himself to be crushed as he fell down the center of the hall, being swallowed by the endless swamp.

“Fuck!”  Nangong Yun suddenly swore, “This old demon wants us to die with him!”

Nothing that was said now was of any help.  The scarlet blood temple was quickly collapsing, and the three of them could not escape, so they would die without a doubt.  The little fox could teleport out, but it couldn’t bring anyone else with him. It anxiously turned around, but it couldn’t think of a single solution.

Would they really die like this?

Nangong Yun and Chen Bingyu had a deep helpless feeling!

“Charge out, don’t look back!”  In this great crisis, Chu Tian suddenly shouted, “Immediately leave!”

You think this old lady doesn’t want to leave?

I can’t move at all!

Most of the scarlet blood temple had already collapsed, being swallowed by the scarlet swamp, like a vortex in the sea.  It was quickly churning as parts of the temple were swirling around the vortex, like they were being swallowed by the endless depths.

No other way!

Chu Tian suddenly put his palms together!

The might of an ancient god was suddenly released from his body.

Chu Tian’s aura underwent a large change, no longer being lazy and scattered, but rather becoming like an aloof king’s, a spiritual god that looked over all living beings.  His eyes changed colours, one being silver and the other white, with seven pupils spinning within, finally overlapping with each other. It was like a seven coloured flower, strange and mysterious.

Chu Tian closed his left silver eye and only opened his right white eye, releasing a light from it.

A strength that could not be described with words was released in all directions.

It made the collapsing temple stop and the suppressive force disappeared without a trace.

Nangong Yun and Chen Bingyu were shocked.

What kind of power was this?


A line of blood fell from Chu Tian’s eye as he jumped out while gritting his teeth.  The three of them charged at the barrier at the same time.

When Chu Tian landed, his eyes returned to normal.  His face had turned as pale as paper as he fell to the ground, losing consciousness.

Nangong Yun quickly held him, “Hey, what’s wrong with you!”

“His power is very strong, but it also has a strict limit.”  Chen Bingyu’s said with a serious expression, “He should have lost consciousness.  We need to leave here first!”


Nangong Yun carried Chu Tian as the two of them quickly left the swamp.

The little fox followed behind them.  Before they went far, it suddenly found a giant beast on the ground.  It was covered in wounds and had already been killed. It was the super level demon beast of the Scarlet Swamp, the Dragon Lizard Beast!

The little fox quickly came to a stop and spat out a soul puppet onto its hand.  It shook it at the Dragon Lizard Beast’s corpse a few times and a purple thing gathered by the corpse was collected by the little puppet.

The puppet turned into the appearance of a miniature Dragon Lizard Beast.

The little fox grinned and nodded in satisfaction before swallowing the soul puppet.  It teleported a few times and caught up to the other three, leaving the Scarlet Swamp.

Nangong Yun and Chen Bingyu did not know what Chu Tian used to stop the temple’s collapse.  In reality, the method Chu Tian used far surpassed their imaginations. Chu Tian had used an ability to freeze the space around them, causing the collapse to stop, allowing the three of them to escape.

This ability to control space was an ability possessed by Spiritual Gods!

Because of this, Chu Tian had consumed a lot of energy.  With strength in the Awakened Soul Realm, he could not support this strong ability, so he fainted.

The two girls first put Chu Tian in a safe position in Scarlet Swamp Town.

Chu Tian remained unconscious for a whole three days before slowly awakening.  He heaved a sigh of relief, “I guess I’m still alive!”

“Boss is finally awake!  Your power back then was truly overwhelming!”  Nangong Yun looked at Chu Tian with a gaze of worship, “You saved our lives!  We really need to properly thank you!”

“Then how are you prepared to thank me?”  Chu Tian weakly looked at her, “Could it be with your body?”

Nangong Yun patted her firm chest, “If you don’t mind, I won’t mind either.  Since we’re already a family, we can’t let good things go to outsiders.”

“Ke, ke!”  Chu Tian coughed a few times before waving his hand and saying, “My stomach is a bit hungry, so go and get something for me to eat.”

Chu Tian ate several level two cans of food and quickly recovered his strength.

Although his head was still filled with pain, it would be fine with three-five days of rest.  Chu Tian never imagined just using it for one-two seconds would make him faint like this.

He was currently just too weak!

Nangong Yun and Chen Bingyu saw that Chu Tian was not willing to speak, so they did not keep asking.  After all, everyone had their privacy. Most powerful cultivators had their own trump cards and it wasn’t suitable to ask people about this.

“We were stalled by the Heavenly Demon Cult by an entire day.”  Nangong Yun said in a slightly worried voice, “Will the Southern Summer King punish us for this?”

“The royal proclamation said to head to Imperial City as soon as possible, it didn’t mention a time we had to be in Imperial City by.  I’m not worried, so why are you worried?” After Chu Tian ate and drank his filll, he recovered his energy. He curled his finger at the little fox, “Immediately take out the chalice for me.”

The little fox loathed spitting out the blood chalice.

This was a precious Soul Contracting Item.  Now that the scarlet blood head venerate was dead, the spirit contract on the soul chalice had also disappeared.  What made it hard on Chu Tian was that when he reached a hand for the blood chalice, he immediately felt a strong energy welling up from inside.  Chu Tian’s hand instantly turned red, like he had just placed it inside blood.

That burning sensation was like he had poured acid over his hand.

Chu Tian revealed a frown, “I really can’t use it.”

Nangong Yun and Chen Bingyu both gave it a try and had the same result.  The three of them did not have a suitable attribute or cultivation technique for the blood chalice, so they had no way of communicating with the weapon spirit.

“If this thing is useless, then haven’t we wasted this trip!”

“You can’t say it has no use!”

Chu Tian put on a pair of gloves and took the blood chalice into the next room.  There were eighteen barrels inside the room and the Yin Corpses had been refining inside for several days now.

Chu Tian poured that red liquid inside the blood chalice into the large barrels, consuming around half of it. Blood red stripes instantly formed on the Yin Corpses’ bodies as a power quickly grew within them.

The blood chalice could condense true blood.

Chu Tian had divine blood in his hands right now.

These two combined together could refine a group of powerful Divine Blood Yin Corpses!

Although they could not use the blood chalice’s battle strength, this blood chalice was very suitable to being used as a tool for refining the Yin Corpses.

The three of them stayed for another five days in Scarlet Swamp Town.

Chu Tian continued adding true blood into the corpse refining barrels.  The strength of these Divine Blood Yin Corpses suddenly rose, reaching the peak 6th Awakened Soul Layer.

Not bad!

This speed was satisfying!

Chu Tian decided to prepare some more diluted divine blood when he reached Imperial City, at that time refining all eighteen Divine Blood Yin Corpses to the True Soul Realm.

True Soul Realm experts!

That would be a very strong defense!

With eighteen True Soul Realm Yin Corpses by his side, there were only a few people in the Imperial City who could deal with Chu Tian!

Chu Tian continued travelling north, moving day and night without stopping.  He finally reached the center of the Imperial Region, also arriving in the largest city of the Southern Summer Country – Imperial City!

The young miss had entered Imperial City half a month ago.

He wondered what the situation in Imperial City was like now.

When Chu Tian arrived in the magnificent Imperial City, he saw that the streets were filled with electrical light posts and that several Miracle Commerce restaurants lined the street.  There was a large advertisement over ten meters tall in front of them with a young girl holding a can of food. There were also some pictures drawn on it, as well as some slogans.

“Wa, isn’t this Yingying?”  Nangong Yun looked at the massive advertisement, “This isn’t Yingying’s style, hanging a picture this high up!”

There were many speakers on the Imperial City street and a few pedestrians holding Magnetic Recording Machine.  This scene was not that different compared to Central State City. Chu Tian couldn’t help being secretly surprised, the young miss truly did work fast.  This achievement that he had seen so far was already enough to satisfy Chu Tian.

When the three of them were walking along the street, the pedestrians suddenly gave a cry of shock.

“Everyone quickly look!”

“It’s members of the Wang Family!”

The Imperial City citizens began to holler as a row of luxurious beast carts came forward, passing by them on the spacious road.  There were many treasure boxes in the beast carts, giving off a rich appearance.

A citizen asked out of curiosity, “Where are they going?”

“Of course it’s to Miracle Commerce!”

“Today is Miracle Commerce’s vice chairman, Meng Qingwu’s birthday!”

“Is that true?  It’s actually miss Meng Qingwu’s birthday!”

Everyone seemed to be very familiar with Meng Qingwu.  It must be in this short month, Meng Qingwu had already spread her reputation across Imperial City.  But what made Chu Tian curious was that even he did not know Meng Qingwu’s birthday, so how did these fools know?

He would follow and see!

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