MT Chapter 294


Chapter 294: Production complete

Chu Tian caused a stir the moment he came to Imperial City.  First he beat the Wang Family’s little young master, he then went against the Burning Sun Ruler, and then he brought the great scholar’s group to expel the Nangong Family members on the street!

After causing the stir in Imperial City, nothing had happened to Chu Tian and he enjoyed peaceful days.  Miracle Commerce was not implicated either and was now planning this “theater” project which was also very noisy.

Everyone could understand something.

Chu Tian’s strength was not small!


Even though he offended the Wang Family and the Burning Sun Ruler, he was still passing his days without being affected.

However, Chu Tian did not draw in hate everyday.  After the fierce display on the first day, many days had passed and he had spent most of that time in closed door cultivation.

He had eaten several hundred pills in the scarlet blood temple and still had not digested them even now.  With this large backlog of energy stored in his body, it would cause problems in the long run.

As well.

This era’s pill refinement technology was too crude, so there were many harmful impurities in the pills themselves.  Chu Tian did not wish to encounter any side effects, so he refined and neutralized all the pills to reduce these side effects.

These several hundred pills were enough to improve Chu Tian’s cultivation.

Chu Tian still had over a thousand pills in his gourd which was enough for him to use for two months.  It would allow Chu Tian to enter the True Soul Realm!

In the little fox’s small stomach, there were also over ten thousand pills.  Chu Tian could trick some out and the reserves were enough for the Meng sisters, Nangong, Feng Caidie, Yun Yao, and even Yun Xiao, these core members to use during their time in the Illustrious Soul Realm!

This seemed exaggerated, but it wasn’t at all!

How could the resources for restarting one of the ten main branches of the Heavenly Demon Cult, the scarlet blood branch be small?

This was an illustrious warring kingdom, even if it was a branch, they still had over five hundred thousand members.  The twenty-thirty branch lords were all experts of the Eight Marquises’ level. It could be said that the scarlet blood branch in its peak was already much stronger than the current Southern Summer Country!

If the resource left behind by this super power to restart themselves could not train several True Soul Realm experts, how could they possibly discuss rising again?

Only what gave Chu Tian a headache was that the little fox was smarter than a person, how could he be easy to trick?  This fellow was like a stingy miser!

Chu Tian used various methods to trick it to no avail.  In the end, he could only use the promise of paying interest to have it reluctantly take out a small part of its collection and “lend” it to its master.

Chu Tian was filled with rage.  Damn, I am your master! You’re actually making your master pay loans and you even dare act so arrogantly, the behaviour of this pet was really too bad!

Isn’t the pet the property of the master?

Borrow?  Borrow your head!  If it wasn’t for the fact that you had many more resources in your stomach and I can’t fall out with you now, I would slap your butt right now!

Like this.

Chu Tian passed a safe half month in Imperial City.

Closing up all day and focusing on cultivating, trying to breakthrough.

Chu Tian’s cultivation rate was very noticeable.  Half a month was not long, but he made two breakthroughs, reaching the 6th Awakened Soul Layer!

Nangong Yun had also reached the 6th Awakened Soul Layer!

Meng Qingwu and Meng Yingying were a bit slower, but they were still experts at the peak 5th Awakened Soul Layer.

What was strange to Chu Tian was that when he obtained the blood chalice, the corpse refining progressed ten miles a day.  The eighteen Divine Blood Yin Corpses continued refining the divine blood to become stronger, with strength that ever surpassed Chu Tian.  They broke through the 7th Awakened Soul Layer to reach around the peak 7th Awakened Soul Layer.

This meant that Miracle Commerce had eighteen strong True Soul Realm guards!

Chu Tian couldn’t help sighing at the strength of Spiritual Gods.  When he refined the corpses, he only used one-two drops of massively diluted divine blood and even refined the eighteen Yin Corpses simultaneously.  With the refined Yin Corpses, not even a few drops of blood had been used yet. The effects gained was truly a pleasant surprise!

Of course, a large reason to this was the blood chalice.

The blood chalice produced true blood which was used to moisten the Yin Corpses, allowing them to gain this large amount of strength in a short period of time.  But the strength of the blood chalice was limited and could not produce an infinite amount of true blood for the Yin Corpses. After the last refining session, the blood chalice’s true blood had been used up.

It was not hard for the blood chalice to produce more true blood.  He just had to buy large amounts of high grade demon beast blood and give it to the blood chalice, producing more true blood.

This cycle would take a minimum of half a month and at most a month, so it could not be rushed.  But with the Yin Corpses’ current strength, it was enough for Miracle Commerce to use.

For eighteen loyal and powerful guards like this, no matter where one was in the Southern Summer Country, they would be able to form a power that other powers could not look down on.

While Chu Tian was busy examining the Yin Corpses.

“Chu Tian, are you there?”  Meng Yingying charged in like she was on fire, “Good news, our product «Scarlet Blood War» is already finished!”


It was done already?

Chu Tian thought it would take at least one-two months, but it was finished in half a month.

“We invested so much and bought materials very quickly.  With enough material support, of course it would be quick!  Elder sister is holding an internal showing, do you want to see it?”

“Nonsense, of course I do!”

Chu Tian attached a large importance to this “movie” project.

Not to mention the fact that this was several days of work for Yingying.  In order to create this story, she hired over a hundred people and worked on the plot and filming every day.  With this kind of blood, sweat, and tears, how could he not support her?

Meng Qingwu had established a personal theater in their headquarters.

This was Miracle Commerce’s dedicated theater.

The entire space could seat five hundred people and there was a giant mirror in front of them.  Naturally this was not a normal mirror, but rather a transfer image mirror made by Miracle Commerce that could transfer images.

Miracle Commerce’s few core members were sitting inside the theater at this time.  When they saw Chu Tian come in, Nangong Yun impatiently stood up, “Boss, why are you coming just now?  We were waiting for you, don’t you know that?”

“Sorry, sorry!”  Chu Tian gave a laugh, “Can we start now?”

Meng Qingwu signalled with her hand and a staff member took out a crystal brick.  This was built with highly condensed Hidden Image Stone and could store large amounts of moving images, so it stored the entire movie.  Meng Qingwu named it “Video Disk”!

“Let’s begin!”

There was a small Magnetic Image Tower in front of the Miracle Commerce staff member and they put the “Video Disk” inside the source energy array.  The source energy array was automatically activated and did not need to be controlled, so when the Video Disk was placed in the array, the large mirror placed in midair began to release light.

“It appeared, it appeared!”

The girl excitedly shouted out.

Even the usually calm Meng Qingwu could not hide the pride showing on her face.

An image appeared on the large mirror and what appeared first was an eagle’s eye, one that no one had ever seen from a close distance before.  That eye was very sharp and deep, reflecting the land beneath it. The image then quickly moved away from the eye.

This was a scene of an eagle diving towards the ground!

An eagle’s cry rang out, coming from the speakers all around them.  It was sharp and clear, creating a sense of surrounding the viewers, filling the viewers with a deep shock!

This dubbing was very well done.  It was made in a Magnetic Sound Disk before hand and was broadcast through the speakers.  As long as it was synchronized with the image, normal people could not see any flaws.

When the eagle soared down, it created a strong visual impact as it soared over the beautiful landscape, finally falling down towards an old castle.  This was an old and solemn castle, that created a desolate and ancient feeling. There were several tens of thousands of cultivators lined up who were clearly the cultivators of the sect.

A low and deep voice began to narrate.

“Three hundred years ago, there was an evil demonic cult that arose in the kingdom called the Scarlet Blood Sect.  They were cruel, overbearing, and tyrannical, killing people like weeds. In order to cultivate their demonic cultivation techniques, they disregarded the lives of all living beings…..”

The image then changed.

There were countless demonic cultivators constructing a blood pond, collecting blood essences while their victims gave pitiful screams.  This was a scene that a person couldn’t help being moved by.

“Finally, with the Scarlet Blood Sect’s evil conduct, they incited the public’s indignation and attracted…..”  The image turned into a battle with sounds of fighting coming from the speakers. There were several tens of thousands of cultivators on the battlefield, “After a tragic decisive battle, the Scarlet Blood Sect’s leader’s power had been eliminated, the evil demonic cultivators of the kingdom went into hiding.  However, had they been truly exterminated? No one knew that when the Scarlet Blood Sect was about to be destroyed, the leader left a fortune that anyone would go wild over, in order to prepare for the revival of the Scarlet Blood Sect…..”

This was foreshadowing.

The story had not started yet, but there was already suspense.

This story was based on Chu Tian’s adventure in eliminating the scarlet blood temple.

But to make the story unique and to increase the theatrical effects, there had been many changes made.

The scarlet blood branch was a branch of the Heavenly Demon Cult, but now it was an independent sect.  Chu Tian had turned into a wandering sword cultivator and Meng Yingying was made into a princess. The male and female leads fell in love by accident and they met many difficulties because of the difference in status.

The scarlet blood demon’s revival required the sacrifice of one thousand young girls.

In the end, they had accidentally kidnapped the princess.

The male lead had entered the Scarlet Swamp by himself and embarked on an old fashioned plot to save the princess.  There were a few real events that were referenced, for example, Chu Tian going to the Scarlet Blood Sect undercover.  However, many parts were changed for dramatic effect, but it interweaved with the real story perfectly.

One thing word mentioning was.

Meng Yingying had added Wang Tu, Zuo Yan, and the War Hounds Tribe into the story!

Of course, Chu Tian had requested to defame them, so she had viciously smeared their reputations.  Wang Tu and Zuo Yan had come looking for the treasure and in order to take the scarlet blood treasure, they hesitated for nothing and forsaked their country.  They did not hesitate to use citizens as bait and had even colluded with the War Hounds Tribe.

The outcome of the story was very perfect.

After the male lead had defeated the Scarlet Blood Sect leader, he lived happily with the princess in seclusion.

Chu Tian stood up and gave a strong applause, “Good, very good.  I never thought that Miracle Commerce’s first piece would be this splendid!  It far surpassed my expectations!”

This was not just a compliment or comfort.

This «Scarlet Blood War» was indeed very splendid!

The entire work was one hundred minutes long, being filled with adventure, love, treasure hunts, responsibility, and honour……The parts of the story weaved with each other and was perfect.  One had to have a solid foundation to create this kind of work and what was hard to imagine was that Meng Yingying was the director.

Other than that, the entire film was filled with soft advertisements for Miracle Commerce’s products.

Such as the electric light, the phonograph, the source energy pot, Miracle Commerce’s canned food, and etc.  This was a very powerful advertising method!

Meng Yingying said with a proud expression, “Of course, don’t you look at who the director is?  I invited a famous Imperial City play writer as a director and had everyone assist him in producing this film!”

No wonder!

“This is an impeccable piece of work.”  Meng Qingwu said, “I think it is time to put it into the theaters and let the Imperial City citizens witness it themselves.”

“What should be the price for the tickets?”

“I think twenty gold coins will be enough!”

Chu Tian was stunned.  This cheap? There was close to two hundred million gold coins invested into this piece of work!  But Chu Tian did not care that much because he didn’t care about making money.

Meng Qingwu said with a confident expression, “Relax.  Not only will we not lose money this time, we have a chance to earn a huge profit!”

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