MT Chapter 295


Chapter 295: Begin broadcasting

Miracle Commerce had established a total of four theaters with each theater having ten showing rooms and each showing room could hold four-five hundred people.  Since they were beginning the broadcasts, they had to prepare everything.

First was the issue of price.

Miracle Commerce gave full sincerity and chairman Chu Tian had said that the theaters would become an even more popular entertainment venue than the brothels.  It would cater to men, women, young, and old, as well it would be something everyone thought highly of.

Therefore, the price of a ticket was only twenty gold coins and it cost as low as one hundred gold coins just to reserve a seat!


Everyone simply did not dare believe this!

Was Miracle Commerce running a charity?  This was simply too incredible!

Just a bit of singing and parts of plays in the Imperial City could not be bought with just this price!

Was this bit of money considered money to the aristocrats of Imperial City?

It wasn’t enough to give to beggars!

This price was something middle and lower class citizens could afford.  This first movie in history had an investment of two hundred million gold coins, how could they recover this?  Looking at it from the present situation, it was an impossible to achieve task!

When Miracle Commerce gave another announcement, the people realized that they had been shocked too early.

The movie showings would only be for a certain time.

Miracle Commerce would prepare setting up transfer image mirrors in their restaurants, or in the square and other public areas.  This also mean that after an initial showing period, Miracle Commerce would be carrying out public broadcasts. Even the citizens of the lowest class would be able to enjoy the beauty of the theater!

What did Miracle Commerce want to do?

Did they really have too much money to burn?!

This kind of thankless job did not conform to the personality of a merchant.

Of course people had their own speculations.  Some people thought that Miracle Commerce wasn’t trying to earn money with these movies.  Each theater would have canned food for sale which would have a higher price compared to outside and they would try to earn back their money through these sales.

There were also some people that said that Miracle Commerce was not trying to make money at all.  This was just promotion for their image transferring technology, increasing Miracle Commerce’s influence in Imperial City with the male and female leads as the main attraction.  They would cause a large stir once their fame had been spread and Miracle Commerce would become famous!

There was a variety of opinions that all made sense.  The movie hadn’t been shown yet, but it had attracted the attention of all the Imperial City citizens.

The first day tickets were being sold, the theater was filled with a sea of people.  The over twenty thousand seats were sold in an instant and second hand tickets were being sold for four-five times the normal price.  With the auction sales for reserved seats, it earned at least several tens of thousands of gold coins.

Calculating this, each showing would generate around a million gold coins and if they had eight-nine shows per day, wouldn’t that be around ten million gold coins per day?  If it continued like this for a long time, they would theoretically be able to recoup their loses, but this was an impossible matter.

First, twenty thousand people a day, six hundred thousand people per month, what kind of concept was that?  There were only a handful of people that went to plays in Imperial City, after all, the forms of entertainment in this era was very simple.  There was no development of art, so plays were very monotonous and could not attract many people.

With Miracle Commerce’s large scale promotions, it would be incredible to have a full house for one-two days.  Wanting to continue that for a month was impossible and even if it did happen, they had a limited time for sold broadcasts, so it locked the upper limit of their earnings.

No matter what perspective this was looked at from, this was a business that lost money!

Was it driving supplementary expenses?  Were they using money to win the audience?  Or was there another reason?

Everyone was curious and paid even more attention to the theaters!

What were they planning with this!

“This is bad, this is a bad matter!”  Meng Yingying ran in like she was on fire.  Her white and tender cheeks revealed a cute blush, “The royal palace has already reserved our largest theater!”

Chu Tian was stunned hearing this, “What happened?”

“I just received the royal proclamation the royal palace sent.”  Meng Yingying gave the royal proclamation to Chu Tian to let him look at it, “The Southern Summer King will personally come watch the movie and wants to book all the seats for a show for ten times the price, but we have already sold the tickets!”

Nangong Yun was filled with anger, “The Southern Summer King wants to book a theater for himself, this is too overbearing!”

“The Southern Summer King has also invited several concubines, the Three Rulers, and various core members from large families to watch the show together.  There are several hundred people like this and they are all high class aristocrats!”

Reservation with ten times the price?

This seemed like a lot, but it didn’t count for anything!

Miracle Commerce’s largest theater could hold over eight hundred people and a normal ticket only cost twenty gold, so what did ten times the price count for?  Would Miracle Commerce be lacking in money?”

“Everyone, there’s no need to worry.  This is a good thing.” Meng Qingwu was not feeling troubled and instead said with a pleasantly surprised voice, “These aristocrats are all filthy rich, if one of them books a theater, another one will book one another day and there will be no end.  The Southern Summer King has invited all of them to his reservation, so this will eliminate the possibility of this happening. We need to prepare in the future to stop this from happening. Another point is that the Southern Summer King is personally coming for a show, this is a very good advertisement for us!”

She was right.

This the so called celebrity effect.  If the king came to watch, how could others not come?

If the Southern Summer King liked the movie, this was a very big advertisement for Miracle Commerce.

Chu Tian nodded, “It seems like we need to improve the system.  Someone wants to book a theater for only ten times the price? From now on, if anyone wants to book a theater, they need to pay two hundred times the price at least!  Aren’t the aristocrats rich? We’ll let them spend enough!”

This matter caused a bit of trouble.  The tickets sold to those people were taken back and their hearts were filled with complaints.  However, Miracle Commerce had refunded them several times the money and the other side was also the Southern Summer King, so they could not say anything.

The first showing was about to begin!

Miracle Commerce sent large amounts of guards to ensure that everyone went into the theater in an orderly fashion.

At this time, the Southern Summer King led a group of people to the theater.  These people were all invited by the Southern Summer King and each one was an important character, making up almost half of the Imperial City’s upper class.

These characters also brought their family, coming to a total of three-four hundred people, half filling the theater.  Chu Tian looked several times, but he did not find any members of the Wang Family.

The Wang Family was still considered smart.

The Wang Family knew that this film would insinuate them, so it would be strange if they weren’t embarrassed to death if they were present.  That would simply be bringing shame upon themselves!

The Burning Sun Monarch, Nangong Yan actually came.  He was after all one of the Three Rulers, how could he retreat?  He wanted to see what kind of play Chu Tian had made.

Chu Tian led several members of Miracle Commerce to offer his greeting.

When the Southern Summer King saw Chu Tian, his manner was very calm.  He was neither warm or cold as he softly said, “Miracle Commerce’s inventions have brought benefits to me kingdom, I hope that you will focus more on practical inventions instead of this kind of entertainment, understood?”


I never asked you to come.

You came and even spoke in a lecturing tone!

“You’re right, you’re right.”  Chu Tian could only give a laugh, “I ask my king to be seated!”

The Southern Summer King sat in the reserved seats.

The Calm Martial Ruler, the Burning Sun Ruler, and the Refined Ruler went with him.

The broadcast was not controlled by Chu Tian, but rather the Magnetic Sound Towers and Magnetic Image Towers in Miracle Commerce’s headquarters.  It was just like the radio, broadcasting sound and images into the various theaters and show rooms, so everything was synchronized.

Not long after this group of old masters had sat down.

That twenty meter tall and forty meter wide large mirror immediately lit up with light.  The movie began to play and everyone was attracted by the beauty of the screen. When the battlefield scene filled with tens of thousands of people was shown, the scene seemed so real and shocking to the audience.

The Southern Summer King and the Three Rulers were all stunned.

How did they make this?

It is so lifelike, it is hard to imagine!

The other people also had the same feeling.  This feeling was just too satisfying.

From inside this small theater, they saw beautiful scenes and grand spectacles, giving them a panoramic view of everything.  They really could stay at home and still have the feeling of an incredible adventure, or even experience a world completely made from one’s imagination.  When the story unfolded in front of them, the audience was fascinated and shocked, feeling worry for the leads of the story.

This invention was just too great!

As for what kind of plot this was, it was very pedantic, it could not even compare to the most abused scraps.  However, they did not have the time to compare this because the intense storyline had already caught everyone’s attention.

This was something Meng Yingying’s team of over a hundred people had made, paying close attention to every detail.  Whether it was adventure, the battles, love, or suspense, they were all designed to attract people’s attention. It had also portrayed the three themes of tyrannism, greed, and shamelessness.

The faint love between the male and female lead made many people fondly recall their first love.

When the female lead had been caught by the demon, everyone felt their hearts being pierced by a blade.

“Pa, pa, pa!”

There were several cups that fell in the theater.

Many people’s teeth itched.  They wanted to personally charge forward and slash the scarlet blood demon to pieces.

The series of soul shocking adventures and him going undercover made the audience feel a strong worry.

In the end.

When the Scarlet Blood Sect leader was at the door’s of death, he mobilized a destruction trap and threw the male and female leads in.  He in the end was buried in the bottomless swamp.

When this scene was shown, there were a few emotional girls that broke out in tears.

When everyone thought the male lead would die, there was a treasure on the male lead’s body that allowed them to escape.  In the end, the male lead lived with the princess in seclusion, living a happy and peaceful life.

This was a truly dried out story in Chu Tian’s eyes.

But for the people of this era, it filled them with suspense.  When the final image was shown, everyone stood up to give an applause.  The Southern Summer King was also slightly shocked. This story was too great, this theater was sure to be popular!

Don’t look at Chu Tian not making money right now.

If this item was promoted and a theater was built in every city, what about then?  It would surely generate a large profit!

The Southern Summer King’s eyes flashed a few times.

When thinking of the influence the theater had, a light went off in the Southern Summer King’s head as he suddenly thought of an idea!

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