MT Chapter 296


Chapter 296: Complete success

When the lights in the theater lit up again, everyone was full of excitement.  That plot had been too splendid and that super intense visual stimulus, those dry plays could not compare to it at all.

No matter whose mind or sense it was, everyone had experienced an unprecedented baptism!

After watching the story, everyone felt very satisfied as if they had personally gone on this terrifying adventure.  They also felt a bit empty because they had not had enough yet.

“It ended like this?”


“I haven’t seen enough yet!”

“Did the brave hero and princess live together in the end?”

“This is a movie?  It truly is too satisfying!”

“The Wang Family is so hateful.  I will break ties with the Wang Family!”

“That’s right.  There is also the Nangong Family…..”

“Pei!  Shut up.  Do you not want your life anymore!”


How could these spiritually impoverished people have experienced this kind of beautiful entertainment before?  It was like a drug, they would not be able to stop once they had a taste!

These movies would also have a slight influence on people.  For example, the main character was based off of Chu Tian and he was portrayed as a determined, strong, and responsible soldier.  Now that the true Chu Tian was standing in front of them, people couldn’t help but compare him to the main character in the movie, so their view of him was a lot better.

In the same way, Wang Tu and Zuo Yan, though they weren’t the final enemy in the movie, they were portrayed as selfish and insensitive.  They had even attacked the main character several times. This filled people with rage and several people couldn’t help but swear at them.  There were even a few who did so in a not so soft voice.

Everyone was deeply infatuated with the theater!

They began to worry.

What if they couldn’t see movies anymore?  After all, a movie required a high investment and it seemed like it was impossible to recover this in profits in a short period of time.

Chu Tian wore a faint smile as he walked onto the stage to talk to everyone, “Various guests, the show has already ended.  I wonder, is everyone satisfied with this show?”

“Chu Tian is too handsome!”  A beautiful aristocrat girl called out, “You are now my idol!”

A young master then shouted, “Are you making more movies?  Just this one is not satisfy me! I want see more of the princess!”

“If you’re willing to continue, this old man is willing to help!”  A white bearded old man stood up and said, “I will invest ten million gold coins!”

“I will invest five million!”

“I will also invest……”

The enthusiasm these people had surpassed Chu Tian’s expectations.  It was the result Chu Tian wanted to see. Chu Tian used a speaker to say, “Everyone, there’s no need to be anxious.  Miracle Commerce is a company with a sense of responsibility. Since we’ve decided to start this project, of course we will continue and do it well.  So, there is no need to worry. We will continue making movies to satisfy the entertainment needs of the Southern Summer Country citizens!”


“You really are a good man!”

The aristocrats were very satisfied with Chu Tian’s answers and were full of praise towards Chu Tian.  They finally bid farewell to the Southern Summer King with satisfied hearts and left.

The Southern Summer King looked pensive, “What do you three think?”

“Miracle Commerce grasping this technique, I’m afraid they now possess a terrifying method of generating revenue.  From the current situation, the ticket price of twenty gold coins each time is not much, but everyone has forgotten a single question.  With Miracle Commerce’s ambition, would they promote this only in Imperial City? If they were to build one or two theaters in the Main Cities of the eight states, their profit would increase by four or five times immediately.  If they were to build one in each city…..” The Refined Ruler said this and then looked at the source energy canned food in front of him, “Not to mention the other expenses in the theater. The profit that comes from this would be hard to imagine.”

The Calm Martial Ruler gave a light appraisal, “This image storing technique has prospects, it can be used for more than just entertainment.”

“You’re right.”  The Refined Ruler said in a sinister voice, “Chu Tian uses the movies to brainwash people, molding a glorious figure for himself and painting people that have grudges against him black.  Today he targeted the Wang Family and the Nangong Family’s minister, tomorrow he might even target us, or he might finally even target the Southern Summer King…..”

The Calm Martial Ruler revealed a frown, “I’m not talking about this.”

“But, he really does have this ability!”  The Refined Ruler said this and did not continue, “Burning Sun Ruler, what do you think?”

The Refined Ruler was thinking.

The Burning Sun Ruler must be filled with rage at this moment.

With his violent temper, how could he endure this kind of thing?

“Eh…..”  Who would have thought that the Burning Sun Ruler would be in a daze.  He reacted after a while and said two words in a row, “Good, good. Not bad, these movies are quite interesting.  Even this old man was a bit fascinated watching them.”

The Refined Ruler looked at him, “Did you not see that Chu Tian used this chance to insult your Nangong Family?”

“Zuo Yan does not represent my Nangong Family.”  The Burning Sun Ruler became very magnanimous at this moment, “These movies has its originality.  This ruler also thinks it should be promoted.”

“Humph!  The Southern Summer Country’s north side is being oppressed by the War Hounds Tribe, how could the people think about entertainment?”  The Refined Ruler was feeling very dissatisfied, “Once these movies spread, my Southern Summer Country’s citizens will be enraptured by this and will pursue a life of entertainment.  If this continues, the country will become weak and how will we stop the War Hounds Tribe?”

“The Refined Ruler is wrong on this.”  The Calm Martial Ruler spoke out, “If these movies are used correctly, they will not instill aspirations toward a life of pleasure, but rather implant bravery and loyalty to one’s countries in our citizens.”

“Don’t quarrel.”  The Southern Summer King impatiently said, “No matter what, the story is good.  Since it appeared, it has value in existing. However, there must be a bottom line.  This king will be implementing a set of rules that will not allow them to discredit any real life people or families.”

The Refined Ruler could not understand what the Southern Summer King was thinking.

The king did not hate Chu Tian, but with the current Chu Tian’s influence, was he going to watch him grow like this?  Was he going to remain indifferent to this? This was not like the Southern Summer King’s personality.

“This king will make a decision after considering it.  You three rulers can head back first.” The Southern Summer King sent off the Three Rulers and then said to his guards, “Have Gaoran come to the palace to see me!”

“Ah?”  This guard said in a shocked voice, “The prince is in closed door cultivation!”

“Closed door, closed door, only knowing how to cultivate.  His brain has gone rotten from cultivating, what use does a high cultivation have?  The Calm Martial Ruler has a higher cultivation than this king, but didn’t this king become the king in the end?”  The Southern Summer King was a bit dissatisfied, “Have him come out!”


The Southern Summer King softly stroked his beard while his eyes were filled with thoughts.

After the first showing ended, the people in the four theaters were filled with joy.  When they left the theater, the entire Imperial City was seething with excitement. This type of fire quickly spread, affecting all of the people in Imperial City.  People were very curious and they all liked following trends.

Especially after the news spread that the Southern Summer King had led the Three Rulers and other peak characters to watch a show at Miracle Commerce.  This celebrity effect caused a stir, like a flame falling into a barrel of oil!

The Southern Summer King even said it was good after watching, so how could it be bad?

The Three Rulers had all come together to watch it, so would you not watch it?

Miracle Commerce’s broadcast station sent out the news and caused a stir among the citizens.  Now tickets were even hard to obtain with the auctions for reserved seats reaching speculations of several tens of thousands of gold coins!

The theater closed its doors late at night.

In a single day, there was not a single empty seat.

At night, Miracle Commerce held an urgent meeting.  Meng Yingying read out today’s reports with a smile that almost made her mouth turn crooked, “The tickets we sold today reached five-six hundred gold coins and there were over two million spent on consumption inside the theaters.  The total sales for a single day were at least two and half million gold coins. My god, this is over ten times my estimates!”

“The king reserved a theater for ten times the price and brought all the aristocrats, consuming products in large quantities, so of course it is higher than normal.”  Meng Qingwu did not care about this small profit. Now that Miracle Commerce had abundant funds, she was not anxious to recoup their losses, “There are not enough theaters right now, I’m waiting for when we have more.  We need to build many more of them right now!”

Chu Tian expressed his support.

Actually it wasn’t important how much money was made.  The most important thing was that Chu Tian wanted to see what kind of effect this method of entertainment would have on the Southern Summer Country after it was popularized.

“How about this, we’ll manufacture some special souvenirs!”  Chu Tian thought about it and said, “We’ll put the video disk, magnetic sound plate, phonograph, and light image mirror into a single package, made specially for showing movies.”  Chu Tian closed his eyes and thought it over for a few seconds, “We’ll call this item a video player!”

The video disk recovered the image and the light image mirror referred to the mirror that played those images.

Chu Tian wanted to make an item that could play back sounds like the phonograph but also had the ability to play images.  This equipment just required one to put in the video disk and the magnetic sound plate, and they would be able to watch a broadcast like normal.

With how popular «Scarlet Blood War» was, there were many aristocrats who didn’t get enough, so they would surely buy one to take home with them.  Smart merchants would buy them and ship them to far off cities, helping Miracle Commerce expand their influence!

This would also be a large source of income for the movie theaters!

After they confirmed their ideas, they immediately told Gu Qianqiu, letting the research team develop one immediately.  The four technologies were all very well understood, so it was fine to combine them together. With Imperial City research institute’s capabilities, this was not a hard thing to do!

“Chairman, there is someone outside asking for you!”

“Who is it?”

“I don’t know, but that person came with the king’s token.  It might be someone the Southern Summer King sent.”

“Southern Summer King’s people?  Then let them come in!”

Chu Tian was very busy and did not meet with normal people.  Since this was someone sent by the Southern Summer King, he had to give the Southern Summer King some face.

A person wearing a black cloak came in.  When he saw Chu Tian, he took off the cloak, revealing a chiseled, resolute face.  His eyes shined like stars and he had a dignified appearance, with slightly dark skin that was bronze in colour.  He had a small beard that wasn’t well trimmed at the side. He looked very young, being around twenty seven-twenty eight years old.

“You are his excellency Chu Tian?”  The black robed youth looked at Chu Tian, “I am Dongfang Haoran!”

“You are Dongfang Haoran?”

Everyone else was shocked.

Chu Tian did not know any Dongfang Haoran, but since he was surnamed Dongfang, he was certainly from the Dongfang Family.  Was this Dongfang Haoran famous in the Dongfang Family?

Actually Chu Tian did not know that Dongfang Haoran was not famous, but rather very infamous.  He was a prince and was the son the Southern Summer King had the highest regards of, with the highest possibility of inheriting the throne.  Other than that, Dongfang Haoran had a strong innate talent, reaching the 9th Awakened Soul Layer before he was thirty.

This Dongfang Haoran and the Wang Family big young master were considered the twin prides of Imperial City!

This nickname was no different from the Central State’s Four Young Masters and also explained these two people’s position in the Imperial City’s younger generation.  No one thought that Dongfang Haoran would personally come here. What was he here to do?

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    1. No one thought that Dongfang Haoran would personally come here. What was he here to do?

      “I find this film technology of yours quite interesting. There’s just one problem – the main character sometimes acts in a way that makes me wonder if he has a potato for a brain. Could you make your next film in such a way that I don’t develop cancer from watching a male lead who is as arrogant as his skull is empty? Thank you, it would be much appreciated.”

      Chu Tian was very smart and, facing this sound advice, made the most rational decision possibl-

      “Thank you, but this father does not need your opinion on how to run my business. Now would you see yourself out before this father has to act.”

      Chu Tian was very smart – after all, he knew he had plot on his side.

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