MT Chapter 297


Chapter 297: Prince

Dongfang Haoran was the prince the Dongfang Family had the highest regards for, growing up with a silver spoon since he was young and destiny had given him outstanding talents.  Even compared to Chu Xinghe, he was not inferior. With the Dongfang Family’s large background, Dongfang Haoran was one of the people receiving focused training.

Dongfang Haoran was only a few years older than Chu Xinghe, but his cultivation base far surpassed his, reaching the 9th Awakened Soul Layer!

Being so young and having this kind of power, it made those seniors who reached this level at seventy-eighty years old feel ashamed!  With the Dongfang Family’s full support, it was hard to estimate how far he would grow. It was certain that he would reach the True Spirit Realm and become the one supporting the next Dongfang Family generation!

Dongfang Haoran was not only an outstanding talent, the people of Imperial City all knew he was a cultivation maniac!


“I am Chu Tian.”

Chu Tian did not care who the other side was!

Meng Qingwu knew how strong the prince was and was afraid Chu Tian would anger him with his large mouth, so she took the initiative to say, “We did not know of the prince’s arrival and did not prepare a reception.  We hope you are not offended and ask you to come in.”

“You don’t have the qualification to speak to me.”  Dongfang Haoran coldly spoke to Meng Qingwu. His eagle like eyes were staring at Chu Tian, “I can’t understand, how did Chu Xinghe lose to someone like you?”

Meng Qingwu revealed a slightly awkward expression.

Coming in contact with many people, especially those arrogant young masters, they all had different expressions in front of her.  No matter what status those people had, in front of Meng Qingwu, they all revealed a look of greed her.

Only this Dongfang Haoran completely ignored Meng Qingwu.  It was like Meng Qingwu was made of wood and did not have any attraction on him at all.

Dongfang Haoran softly said, “Since you can defeat Chu Xinghe, it means you’re not an ordinary person.  Why do you focus your attention on this kind of place, wasting your natural talent, doing all these meaningless things!”


His manner was too forceful!

Chu Tian looked at the straightforward prince in front of him.  He saw a serious face without any other expressions, looking at Chu Tian with a gaze of disdain and companionship.

Dongfang Haoran already knew of Central State’s Chu Xinghe and he felt that Chu Xinghe’s talent was not inferior to his.  However, in comparison, he was four-five years older and his family was stronger, so his cultivation far surpassed Chu Xinghe’s.  If Chu Xinghe came to Imperial City in the future, he would surely be entrusted with a heavy responsibility and receive focused training, allowing Chu Xinghe to quickly catch up to him!

This had a large significance to Dongfang Haoran!

Other than the Wang Family’s Wang Tianlong, Dongfang Haoran could not find anyone who could match him in the same generation.  He had high hopes for Chu Xinghe, but who would have thought that Chu Xinghe would be defeated by this sudden upstart? How could Dongfang Haoran not be depressed after losing an anticipated enemy?

Dongfang Haoran did not like Chu Tian’s personality.

This fellow clearly had a very strong innate talent, but he started a company to make money.  He could have become a bright cultivator, but he chose to become a merchant catering to the masses.

“I say, your highness.”  Chu Tian felt very strange, “We have no grudges between us, so why are you causing trouble for this Chu?”

“I’m causing trouble to warn you that a cultivator should not head onto the wrong path.  Rather than living this way, you should let go of these useless things and make use of your talent and age.”

“This prince seems to be someone who doesn’t understand the real world!”  Chu Tian laughed coldly, “I want to ask, when the prince began your cultivation, how many precious pills and resources did the Dongfang Family give you?”

Dongfang Haoran still said in a straightforward manner, “What are you asking this for!”

“Do you think everyone lives in the royal family like you?  Do pills not cost money? Do resources not require money? Do cultivation techniques not require money?  You treat your family giving you everything is natural. Is everyone nurtured and protected by elders just like you?  Flowers that were grown in a greenhouse, they can only bloom bright in a vase. What qualifications do you have to mock the weeds grown in the wild?”

Dongfang Haoran’s face sunk.

This was the first time someone called him a flower grown in a greenhouse.

Dongfang Haoran gave a cold laugh, “Do you think I don’t know about you?”

Chu Tian shrugged, “I did not say this.  If the prince thinks this, then it’s not wrong.”

Meng Qingwu felt her brows jump up.

This is bad, the prince was clearly someone with a brain made of muscles and now was being provoked by Chu Tian, it would be strange if he wasn’t angry.

“Good, very good.  The reputation of the Dongfang Family cannot be easily insulted.”  Dongfang Haoran’s eyes revealed a look of anger, “Since you’ve said this, you should think about the consequences!”

“This is Miracle Commerce’s headquarters!”  Meng Qingwu anxiously said, “Is the prince thinking of bullying the weak with your strength?”

“No, I want to issue a fair challenge.”  Dongfang Haoran coldly said, “I will suppress my cultivation to the same level to fight with you.  I want to see how strong a weed grown in a crevice is! Of course, you can choose not to accept, I will not make it hard for a coward!”

“Who dares to challenge boss!”

Before Chu Tian could speak, a reprimanding voice came from the distance.

Two people quickly came out, it was no one else but Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun.  Nangong Yun had two exaggerated giant hammers in her hands, looking like a rogue.

“If you want to challenge our boss, then first defeat me!”

“You are Nangong Yun?” Dongfang Haoran had already forgotten about coming to find Chu Tian.  Once he heard the word fight, he was strangely excited, “I heard that you have some skills, I hope you don’t disappoint me!”  

Nangong Yun looked over for confirmation, and Chu Tian nodded to show his support.

“Then have a taste of how strong your grandmother is!”  Nangong Yun jumped out. With her second step, the ground was smashed to pieces and she shot out at full speed, “First have a taste of my hammer!”

Such quick and explosive power!

Such strong destructive might!

Dongfang Haoran had already suppressed his cultivation base to the same level, but did not dare be negligent in this situation.  A purple energy was released from his body and condensed within his hands.


Nangong Yun’s heavy hammer slammed down.

The purple energy in Dongfang Haoran’s hands condensed into a giant hammer, completely made of energy that instantly blocked Nangong Yun’s hammer strike.  The burning heat melted the ground around them.

The two hammers clashed again!

Another explosive sound rang out.

A large part of the ground was shattered and they both took several steps back.

Nangong Yun suffered a greater loss, but Nangong Yun had the Diamond Body Starlight Immortal Body, so she charged forward without any hesitation.

Dongfang Haoran’s face sunk.

Nangong Yun did not have any reputation in Imperial City, but she had this kind of strength?

Although Dongfang Haoran had suppressed his cultivation, he was confident in fighting people of the same level.  Even if he was skipping levels, it was not certain he would lose. Nangong Yun had a low position in the Nangong Family, so her attainment in «Burning the Heavens Art» should not be high.  Dongfang Haoran was the exact opposite, having a high position in the Dongfang Clan, so his «Grand Spirit Art» had already reached the perfection realm.

They were equal?

Although Dongfang Haoran’s attack was stronger, Nangong Yun had cultivated a protection cultivation technique, so neither side had received any substantial damage.

“Your strength is considered alright.”  Dongfang Haoran coldly said, “But it’s only so-so!”

Nangong Yun was filled with anger, wildly slamming down with her giant hammers.  Dongfang Haoran was very quick as the purple hammer turned into spear, swiftly moving to Nangong Yun’s side.  That spear was like a venomous snake as it coldly sent a bite forward.

“If you have skills, then don’t dodge!”

The flames around the giant hammer turned into golden flames.  This flame was not the same as before and when Nangong Yun turned, it transformed into an image of a golden phoenix.

“Watch my Falling Phoenix Strikes!”

Under Nangong Yun’s full strength, the golden phoenix fell like a meteor.

This was the flame of the divine phoenix, Nangong Yun had improved in the «Great Nirvana Scripture»!

Dongfang Haoran understood just how strong these golden flames were and that they could not be easily blocked.  The spear bounced off the ground and he quickly retreated.

“Hundred Birds Rising Sun!”

The Golden Phoenix landed and turned into a hundred golden little birds, all attacking at Dongfang Haoran.

“Grand Spirit come from the east!”

Dongfang Haoran swung his spear and it flew from his hand, turning into purple clouds in midair and blocking the golden birds.  At this time, a person burst through the purple clouds raising two giant hammers high up. There were flame birds that flew over, condensing into flames at the head of the hammer.

In just a short period of time.

Nangong Yun’s hammer turned into hammers of flames!

“This old lady does not believe I can’t beat you to death!”

When Nangong Yun was about to attack, Chu Tian noticed something, “Stop!”

Purple light was released from Dongfang Haoran’s body, enveloping his body and forming an armour.  In the blink of an eye, Dongfang Haoran released an imposing aura with a shield in his left hand and a sword in his right hand.

Was this the Dongfang Family’s source spirit?

It actually had a body transformation effect!

When the giant hammer fell down, it slammed into the shield and shattered it to pieces, but a part of the energy was reflected back onto Nangong Yun.  That energy sent Nangong Yun flying and Dongfang Haoran’s sword also came out at the same time, hitting Nangong Yun in the air.

“This is bad!”

Meng Yingying and Meng Qingwu’s faces fell, preparing to go save her.

In the end, Nangong Yun’s body was covered in golden flames as she fell to the ground like a phoenix, setting the surrounding area on fire.  When she stood up, her wound was strangely burning. Especially where she had been stabbed by the sword, it continuously released golden flames.

What was even stranger was that the wound was quickly healing!

Dongfang Haoran was completely shocked.  What kind of cultivation technique is this, how could it be this strong?

“I was too careless!”

“Let’s go again!”

Nangong Yun knit her brows because she had consumed most of her spirit energy.  The «Great Nirvana Scripture» was not only for fighting. It could also be used to heal oneself, but it consumed a lot of spirit energy.

“Alright, Nangong, you can come back now.”

Chu Tian personally came forward, “I’ll play with you next.”

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