MT Chapter 298


Chapter 298: Flame Demon Transformation!

The Weapon Transformation Source Spirit of the Dongfang Family was a rare and special source spirit.  It did not have a set shape and could turn into various armours, weapons, etc. This also meant that the soldiers of the Dongfang Family could adapt to any situation in battle.

Spears, swords, and sabers, they could all be used flexibly.  Although the amplification could not compare to simple sword and saber cultivation, it was very flexible, so it was very hard to deal with.

When Dongfang Haoran was faced with Nangong Yun’s wild attacks, he turned his source spirit into a defensive form.  He had also cultivated a high class shield skill that could form an energy layer over his defenses, reflecting the strength back to hurt his enemies.

A defensive technique that could reflect like this was a high class cultivation technique.


A soldier’s defense was the lowest, it would be when they were launching a full force attack.  If this attack were blocked and a portion of it were reflected, it would be able to achieve unexpected results.

The Starlight Immortal was this kind of cultivation technique.

However, the Starlight Immortal Body’s reflection skill had a limit that was increased with the cultivation technique.  At the current stage, other than Meng Yingying using her “Mirror Source Spirit’s” amplification and her special item’s amplification, she could not reflect as much as Dongfang Haoran’s move.

Nangong Yun’s hammers slamming down was like slamming into her own body.

This rebound strength was over 80%, so it was a very terrifying defensive skill.

Dongfang Haoran did not stop and used this chance to launch a counterattack, taking down Nangong Yun in one fell swoop.  However, Dongfang Haoran was not much better off. Nangong Yun’s fierce strike had actually shattered the shield formed from his Weapon Transformation Source Spirit and a part of the energy had entered his body, causing damage to him.

This woman was very strong.

If she had the same strength as Chu Xinghe and had enough training, she would have become a very powerful rival for Dongfang Haoran.

Dongfang Haoran was filled with excitement.

He was filled with joy seeing prey.  When he met an opponent, he would want to fight them.

Nangong Yun was an opponent worth anticipating, he hoped that she would become stronger!

With a “cheng” sound.

That aloof white clothed youth took out a cold as ice treasure sword from his back.  He walked out from behind the women, moving towards Dongfang Haoran as straight as a javelin.

“Do you want to rest first before fighting?”

Dongfang Haoran disdainfully said, “This kind of battle does not count for anything to me, why do we need to waste time?”

Meng Qingwu quickly pulled Nangong Yun who was about to explode back.  Dongfang Haoran’s personality did make people hate him a bit, but he was generally very honest.  Just based on the few moves that Nangong Yun used, Dongfang Haoran certainly was not affected that much.

Dongfang Haoran’s real cultivation was in the 9th Awakened Soul Layer, if he used all his strength, it didn’t matter whether it was Chu Tian or Nangong Yun, they wouldn’t even be able to block one-two moves.  Although Dongfang Haoran suppressed his cultivation, his base was still there. The amount of spirit energy he had was something Chu Tian and Nangong Yun could not compare to.

“Then this little one will accompany the prince to play a bit!”  Chu Tian stretched his neck and arms, “I haven’t fought anyone since coming to the Imperial City.  After suppressing myself for half a month, I have a craving to fight!”

“Only a fight of two-three moves will not satisfy you.”


Chu Tian was disinclined to keep speaking, instantly using his sword art to disappear.  Several streaks of flaming sword glow was released, so fast that it could not be differentiated from which one was sent out first.

“Good sword art!”

Dongfang Haoran was quite shocked.  This sword art was not only powerful, it gave the enemy no time to prepare, instantly sending out a strong attack to assassinate the enemy.  The most commendable part was that this sword art did not just contain great strength, it also had high endurance, being able to send a storm of attacks, wearing down the enemy’s defenses.

Dongfang Haoran had no hesitation.  He had faced all kinds of fights and developed a kind of instinct.  Large amounts of his source spirit were released and the purple energy formed around his body, creating a firm set of armour.

Dang!  Dang!

Chu Tian sent two continuous slashes, creating several sword marks, but it did not break the armour.  It was impossible for this attack to break Dongfang Haoran’s reflective cultivation technique.

This fellow was arrogant, but he had the qualification to be so.

Since Chu Tian arrived in this era, this was the strongest defense he had ever seen.  It was not even inferior to the Starlight Immortal Body’s Diamond Body. Even if Dongfang Haoran only had this strong defense and his other aspects were ordinary, he would still be invincible among masters of the same level!

“Just so-so!”

Dongfang Haoran’s source spirit released energy again and this energy gathered in his hands, finally turning into a magnificent wide bladed saber.  It was formed purely of energy, but the saber’s blade was like purple crystal, releasing an unending amount of flames on the blade’s edge.

Releasing the Mind’s Eye!

Locking onto his position!

The purple blade released a fierce storm of attacks, with the saber qi slashing out horizontally at Chu Tian.  Because Chu Tian had been locked onto by Dongfang Haoran’s divine sense, no matter how Chu Tian dodged, the attack would still land on him.

The Meng sisters and Nangong Yun’s faces changed a bit.

Dongfang Haoran did not use his full strength, but the strength used in this attack was enough that geniuses of the same level would find it hard to defend against it.

When Chu Tian was faced with this attack, he was very calm, not avoiding it or defending against it.  He released his sword source spirit and the Netherworld Sword in his hand received the power of the Demon God’s Sword, increasing its strength by ten times.  A sword qi soared into the air and Netherworld Flames condensed around him, as he prepared to release a Raging Flame Slash!

With a single slash sent out.

The saber qi was completely shattered!

That purple crystal blade formed from his source spirit also shattered.

Dongfang Haoran was forced back several steps.  Although a large part of the fragmented saber qi landed on Chu Tian, with Chu Tian’s defenses, it caused him no damage at all.

Dongfang Haoran never thought Chu Tian’s sword art would be this sharp.  This person being able to defeat Chu Xinghe was not an accident.

Actually, Dongfang Haoran had made a mistake with this matter.  Chu Tian had defeated Chu Xinghe, but there was a very important piece of news he did not know about.

That was that Chu Tian had not just defeated Chu Xinghe, he had done so with a lower cultivation.  It was not as simple as defeating him, but rather crushing him! In a situation where there was a difference in cultivation, Chu Tian could still defeat Chu Xinghe.  If they had the same amount of spirit energy, how could Chu Xinghe have the qualification to go against Chu Tian?

Dongfang Haoran did not know this, so he issued this kind of challenge.  He thought that defeating Chu Tian at the same level would be equal to defeating Chu Xinghe!

“The prince can’t hold on already?”  Chu Tian began to laugh, “I didn’t even have time to display my stronger attacks!”

Dongfang Haoran saw a giant sword mark on the armour formed from his source spirit.  There was also blue, white flames burning on the sword mark, and his source spirit armour was not restoring itself.  That flame was rather slowly swallowing up even more areas.

The Dongfang Family’s Weapon Transformation Source Spirit had a special characteristic where the energy of the source spirit would constantly change.  If there was a focus on defense, their attack would become weaker and if there was a focus on attack, their defense would become weaker. Because of this, when Dongfang Haoran transformed his spirit energy into armour, his defense was comparable to the Starlight Immortal Body, even winning against it.  When Dongfang Haoran used a part of his armour to form the blade, his defense was a bit weaker.

This change between defense and attack which could be changed at will was the Dongfang Family’s greatest strength, but also their limit.

Dongfang Haoran felt a bit of surprise.

The Dongfang Family’s source spirit’s specialty was not a secret, but Dongfang Haoran was clearer on the strength of his source spirit compared to anyone else.  If Chu Tian used a bit more strength, he could have seized this opportunity and beaten Dongfang Haoran in one fell swoop.

“If you have skills then display them!”  Dongfang Haoran released his attack and prepared to defend, silently standing there, “I want to see how you destroy my defenses!”

“Alright, I’ll do as you wish!”

The Netherworld Sword released the sharp cries of ghosts, like ten thousand ghosts calling out in grief.  It filled the entire Miracle Commerce headquarters and made everyone feel restless as illusions formed from their fear.

This time he was using the third Netherworld Sword Art slash – Netherworld Ghost Slash!

This move used the power of the weapon spirit to send a dual layered attack, which was also Netherworld’s strongest move.  But each move had two sides to it and after using this “Netherworld Ghost Slash”, it would use all of Netherworld’s weapon spirit power.  So after this move was used, the Netherworld Sword would be weakened for a period of time and its future battle strength would be affected.

It could either not be used or it could used for a certain kill!

Meng Qingwu could see something and said in a serious voice, “This move will determine the fight!”

Dongfang Haoran could feel the strong energy being released by Chu Tian and could sense just how terrifying it was.  He immediately released his source spirit and formed an incomparably large purple shield.

“It’s this move again!”  Nangong Yun had just suffered from this, so how could she not recognize it, “This is not good, with how strong boss’ attack is, it’ll become even stronger after it is reflected.  This fellow wants to just defend and reflect boss’ attack to defeat boss!”

Wasn’t Chu Tian a smart person?

How could he not see through such obvious intentions?

Chu Tian was still using all his strength, no holding anything back.  What was he thinking here?

Dongfang Haoran was also very curious and could not help being expectant and interested, “Come!  Let me see your strongest move!”

“As you wish!”  Chu Tian’s body was burning as he crashed down like a meteor, “Netherworld Ghost Slash!”

When the Netherworld Sword slashed out, the air was distorted by the powerful energy.

A jet black sword glow slammed into the shield.


A powerful energy was reflected by the shield and attacked the other side.  Finally, the shield was forced down by the powerful sword strike and began to shatter into pieces, causing the terrifying power to pass through the shield, falling onto Dongfang Haoran.  It made Dongfang Haoran spit out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying, crashing into the distance like a kite with its strings cut.

This Dongfang Haoran truly did have a brain made of wood.

He did not use his full strength at this time and allowed the sword qi to inflict serious injuries on him!

However, most of the Netherworld Ghost Slash’s power was reflected.  When Chu Tian smashed the shield, was he also blown to pieces?


The girls called out in surprise.

Dongfang Haoran had a streak of blood flowing from his lips, but he also had a look of disbelief.

Was Chu Tian a maniac?  Did he want both side to perish with this attack?  This was just an ordinary competition, so did he need to go all out like this?

But the following scene made everyone stunned once again.  Once Chu Tian was exploded, his flesh did not fly everywhere, rather he had turned into a large amount of flames.  Those flames gathered together and it formed a tall flame demon.

This was the weapon spirit – Netherworld!

While Chu Tian was cultivating the Netherworld Flame Sword, he had also continuously made changes to it, even being able to independently summon the  weapon spirit. When he used the “Netherworld Ghost Slash”, there were fundamental differences from the first time!

With the original «Netherworld Flame Sword», this slash overdrew on the Netherworld Sword’s strength.  Once this power was exhausted, the Netherworld Sword would become weak.

After Chu Tian changed it, he released the weapon spirit with all its strength, letting the weapon spirit hold the Netherworld Sword to release the Netherworld Ghost Slash.  The weapon spirit could also recycle most of the energy to allow itself to have a real form outside of the sword.

The strength was mostly rebounded onto the Netherworld Flame Demon and this flame demon was had a spiritual body, so its power could not hurt it.  This rebounded energy was useless against Netherworld, rather it took all the energy it released and made it a part of itself.

“What cultivation technique is this……”

Dongfang Haoran was completely shocked.

“It’s too early to be surprised!”  Chu Tian put his hands together, “Netherworld, use the Flame Demon Transformation!”

“Understood, master!”

Netherworld suddenly surrounded Chu Tian and the two of them became one, forming an incomparably tall demon.  An evil aura filled the entire Miracle Commerce headquarters. This strength almost made Dongfang Haoran collapse.

This already far exceeded the Illustrious Soul Realm!

“Prince, you were right!”  Chu Tian transformed into the incomparably large flame demon and looked down on Dongfang Haoran, “A fight that ends in two-three hits, truly cannot let me enjoy myself!”

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