MT Chapter 299


Chapter 299: Severely wounded prince

When Dongfang Haoran and Chu Tian were fighting, the Southern Summer King was inside the palace with anxious ministers, currently discussing the redeployment issue with the battle troops.

He was feeling assured in his son.

Dongfang Haoran had a simple minded personality, but he could reach the 9th Awakened Soul Layer at the age of twenty seven, being the only person in the Southern Summer Country that could compare to Wang Tianlong.  If he could take this chance to teach Chu Tian a lesson, that would be the best ending.

Who didn’t know Dongfang Haoran’s personality?


The Calm Martial Ruler and the great scholar could say nothing.

The Calm Martial Ruler reported to the Southern Summer King, “The War Hound Plains has been strange lately.”

This news was already known two-three days ago, so the Southern Summer King did not mind it at all.  He was more focused on the matter of Chu Tian, so he casually asked, “After fighting for all these years, when have they ever been normal?”

The Calm Martial Ruler replied, “Amongst the War Hound Plains tribes, there has been a Hell Song Tribe that has a lot of influence in the War Hound Plains, so this ruler has always paid attention to them.  However, in these last few months, all of this ruler’s informants have gone missing. Doesn’t this seem strange at all?!”

The Refined Ruler said in a voice filled with slight contempt, “The War Hounds Tribe has strong reconnaissance skills, so it isn’t strange to lose a few scouts.  My people are frequently in contact with the members of the Hell Song Tribe, secretly contacting a few middle level members to engage in secret trades. If something special does happen, naturally I will receive some news of it.  The Calm Martial Ruler is thinking too much.”

“Although losing a few troops isn’t strange, losing all of them at once is indeed strange!  The news from your channels are based on profits, so it’s unclear whether they are real or not.  It could also be fake information they are giving us.” The Calm Martial Ruler asked the Southern Summer King, “This monarch is willing to lead a reconnaissance team into the War Hound Plains.”

“The War Hound Plains has very strong internal friction and the Calm Martial Ruler has a strong effect on them.  If he enters the War Hound Plains, it might cause them to work together, creating danger for the Southern Summer Country, so we’ll let them keep fighting each other!  On the Southern Summer Country line, the Battle Dragon Army is the closest. We should let them head in and not allow the Calm Martial Ruler personally make a move.”

This was correct.

The Calm Martial Ruler’s status was very sensitive, so it might cause the War Hounds Tribe to be vigilant.

The other people had not given any opinion before a royal knight quickly came in, “Your majesty, this is bad, there has been an accident at Miracle Commerce.  His highness the prince has begun fighting with Chu Tian!!”

“Fight?”  The Southern Summer King revealed a joking expression, but he quickly hid it and spoke in a surprised voice, “How did the two of them begin fighting?  What are the damages?”

This royal knight had a strange expression as he said, “The damages are not light, it cannot be healed in a short period of time.  I’m afraid…..”

“Alright, it’s fine if no one died.  Youths are very compulsive and will fight if they don’t agree, isn’t this a normal thing?  The Southern Summer Country is one that focuses on martial arts, otherwise how could we have fought the War Hounds Tribe for all these years?”  The Southern Summer King did not seem to care, but his heart was secretly laughing, “You can leave now. This king will take care of this matter later.”

This is what happens when one is too famous!

This time he had used Haoran to give a little warning.  If he did not become smarter in the future, then it wouldn’t be as simple as a little warning.

The royal knight had a face filled with shock, “But your majesty, will it be finished with this?”

“Does this king need to act to mediate a fight between juniors?”  The Southern Summer King gave a cold laugh, “What a joke! The ones defeated were not strong enough, so why did they fight?  Everyone knows of Dongfang Haoran’s personality. Although he is obsessed with martial arts, he would not force anyone to duel with him.  Since it is a fair duel, then they should consider the fact they might be injured!”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay.

Dongfang Haoran’s personality was well known in Imperial City.

This fellow was addicted to martial arts, finding people to fight everyday.  Although he was like this, his personality was not bad and he did not force anyone to fight him.  Since Dongfang Haoran fought with Chu Tian, Chu Tian must have agreed to the fight.

The customs of the Southern Summer Country stated that during duels, injuries were up to the heavens and no one was allowed to interfere.

That royal knight’s expression became even stranger, “Although it is like this, I ask your majesty to prepare a doctor as soon as possible, otherwise…..”

The Southern Summer King impatiently waved his hand, “Miracle Commerce has money, why does this king have to prepare anything.  Let them settle it themselves.”

The royal knight’s eyes opened wide, “Your majesty is wrong, the one heavily injured is his highness, the prince!”


The Southern Summer King crushed the rail of his throne.  His eyes turned into circles as he roared out, “What did you say?  Haoran was injured? How could that be!”

The royal knight quickly kneeled down, “The prince ran to Miracle Commerce to challenge Chu Tian and during their fight, he was beaten down by Chu Tian, suffering heavy injuries.  It was also seen by many people. If your majesty does not go soon, the prince will be in danger!”

“Dirty thing!”

The Southern Summer King’s hair almost stood up.  How could this be? His important son was actually heavily injured in front of many people by Chu Tian.  Once this matter spread, the royal family’s face would be thrown to the ground!

“Chu Tian, this…..”

“My king, please calm your anger.”  He only said half of what he wanted to say before Gu Qianqiu stood up with a forced smile, “My Southern Summer Country is based on martial arts.  During a fair duel, injuries are up to the heavens, so you can’t vent your anger on Chu Tian just because he injured the prince.”

Zhao Pu seriously said, “This subordinate supports this, I ask the king to maintain his image!”

The Southern Summer King’s face was filled with anger from shame, but it was hard for him to back down.  He had just said these words and if he went against them, where would his face as a king go? If this was spread to the citizens tomorrow, there would be people dissatisfied with his conduct.  He could only suck it up for now. Now that matters had reached this point, he could do nothing. He could not punish Chu Tian, so he could only save his reputation.

“What are you two thinking?  This king is not blaming Chu Tian.  Haoran has acted very arrogant over these years, so this lesson is a good thing for him.  Not only am I not punishing him, I want to thank Chu Tian! We’ll end today’s discussions here.”  The Southern Summer King waved his hand, “Prepare the cart, I want to take a trip to Miracle Commerce!”

The Southern Summer King rode the beast cart quickly to Miracle Commerce’s headquarters.

Dongfang Haoran was not considered injured, but when he saw Chu Tian’s Flame Demon Transformation, Dongfang Haoran was not satisfied in losing, so he raised his cultivation to the 7th Awakened Soul Layer, using strength in the True Soul Realm to fight Chu Tian.

He did not believe it.

Could Chu Tian skip levels to fight people?

This was not a normal step.  The difference between the 6th and 7th Awakened Soul Layer was a large step!

What made Dongfang Haoran feel despair was that after the Flame Demon Transformation was displayed, Chu Tian’s battle strength reached the True Soul Realm, but he still easily defeated Dongfang Haoran!

Dongfang Haoran had natural talent since he was young.

It had always been him skipping levels to fight enemies, when had he ever experienced this kind of fight?  The person who beat him was the same Chu Tian that he had scolded!

Dongfang Haoran did not believe it.

Chu Tian was really this strong?

Dongfang Haoran dragged his injure body up and fought with Chu Tian again.  He was in the 8th Awakened Soul Layer this time and could finally fight evenly with Chu Tian.


At this time.

From some place in Miracle Commerce’s headquarters, a cold current quickly soared into the sky and a black figure fell down from the sky.  It was no one else but Chu Tian’s bodyguard – Chen Bingyu!

Chen Bingyu had entered closed door cultivation since she came to Imperial City.

This time she had a sudden breakthrough and her strength increased to the next level.  From her aura, she had reached the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer! Chen Bingyu’s cultivation had actually caught up to the experts of the Southern Summer Eight Marquises level!

Dongfang Haoran almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Chen Bingyu’s age was also around thirty years old!

This woman who was around the same age and did not have as many resources as him had actually reached the peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer?  How could Dongfang Haoran not feel depressed?

“Who’s causing trouble here!”

“Aunt Chen, it’s him!”

Chen Bingyu released a storm of snowflakes, instantly shattering Dongfang Haoran’s armour, sending him flying once again.  Dongfang Haoran did not stand up this time and on his arrogant face was actually a look filled with despair.

This group of people were too abnormal.

From Nangong Yun, to Chu Tian, to Chen Bingyu, not a single one of them was normal!

Chu Tian’s strength was close to being exhausted and he released the Flame Demon Transformation.  With a smile, he looked at Dongfang Haoran, “How does the prince feel?”

“It is my loss!”  Dongfang Haoran struggled to stand up, “But, don’t be too proud.  I will take this loss back.”

Chu Tian gave a laugh, “Then I’ll be waiting!”

A voice came from the door at this time, “The Southern Summer King is here!”

The Meng sisters, Chen Bingyu, the Miracle Commerce Staff, and the group of people here to watch the fun all revealed shocked expressions.  They all kneeled down and loudly shouted, “We greet the king!”

A man wearing the royal robes walked through the crowd, entering Miracle Commerce with a calm expression.

First he saw the heavily injured Dongfang Haoran and his face sunk, “I had you come here to do something and how did you do it?  Did you even listen to this king’s words?”

Dongfang Haoran quickly lowered his head, “Your son knows his wrongs!”

But then he said, “This duel was initiated by your son and I am convinced of my loss.  I ask father not to blame Chu Tian.”

“Why aren’t you leaving yet!”  The Southern Summer King glared at him, letting his servants support the heavily injured Dongfang Haoran out.  Then he took a deep look at Chu Tian, “Scholar Chu is truly powerful. In all these years, this king has not seen anyone of the younger generation who can make Haoran suffer a loss.”

This was not just a compliment.

He truly did hold Chu Tian in high esteem.

This person was not just a genius, his natural battle strength was also hard to imagine.  It was hard to think what he would become when he matured!

Chu Tian gave a laugh, “The Southern Summer King overpraises me, it was the prince that allowed this little one to win.”

“Since you know this, why did you heavily injure him?”

“The prince is so strong and has an explosive temper, so this little one did not dare hold back and accidentally injured him!”  Chu Tian helplessly gave a shrug, “Since the Southern Summer King has graced my home, I ask you to come in. This one will pay for one’s crimes with some wine.”

The Southern Summer King also knew.

This matter could not be a reason to deal with Chu Tian and he did have a matter to cooperate with Chu Tian on, so he could only suffer this loss for now, “Alright, then this king will have see what’s different about Miracle Commerce’s wine.”

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