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Chapter 301: Additional income

Miracle Commerce instantly turned into a large company with power in Imperial City.

In these few days since the theaters appeared, there were many movie fans that appeared in Imperial City.  But Miracle Commerce did not just achieve breakthroughs in business, they had also made many internal breakthroughs.  

The largest pleasant surprise was Chen Bingyu’s breakthrough!

Even Chu Tian did not think that Chen Bingyu would break through this quickly!


This meant that Chu Tian had a bodyguard comparable to the Southern Summer Eight Marquises.  Adding in the eighteen Divine Blood Yin Corpses, the amount of people that could move against Chu Tian could be counted by his fingers.

In order to celebrate this large matter, Chu Tian personally hosted a celebration for Chen Bingyu.

Meng Qingwu was sitting in her office as sunlight shined in from the window, illuminating that beautiful body covered in a white robe.  With hair neatly tied back, a beautiful face that contained no flaws, and a noble temperament and style, even the harshest eyes could not find a single flaw with this woman.

She was simply the reincarnation of a perfect goddess.

Meng Qingwu was the person truly in charge of the company and couldn’t be as free as Chu Tian.  She was looking over their recent finances and statistics, planning out her next moves to develop the company.

Recently they spent a lot of money to make theaters and various other accommodations, spending at least two-three hundred million gold coins.

But, Miracle Commerce’s financial situation was still very relaxed!

Whether it was the talismans, pills, canned food, or common goods, they were all growing at a rapid pace.  Even Miracle Broadcasting and QIlin Hall all had increased revenue.

The services Miracle Commerce provided, other than the loss from the theaters, they were all growing at a rapid pace.  They far exceeded their cost each month and was the reason why Miracle Commerce could develop so quickly.

Meng Qingwu was a very discrete and meticulous woman.

Although Miracle Commerce was very rich, Meng Qingwu was not satisfied with this situation.  The several hundred million gold coins they had stockpiled was all her ammunition. How to use this money to earn more benefits, that was Meng Qingwu’s responsibility and also her way of showing off her worth.

Chu Tian was so powerful and if she didn’t show a similar display, how could she feel relieved sitting in the vice chairman position?

Meng Qingwu was always filled with gratitude towards Chu Tian.

If there was no Chu Tian, not to mention today’s glory, she would have found it hard to maintain her position in South Sky City.

Chu Tian had helped promote these two sisters.  Meng Qingwu could only work hard to repay him, otherwise what else could she do?  Could she repay him with her body! Pei, pei, what was she thinking!

Meng Qingwu considered it a bit and then thought of a large plan.  She prepared to split the reserves into three parts and began to write up her plan.

The first sum of money was to be invested into the research department to continue improving Miracle Commerce’s technology.

The second sum of money was to be used for expansion.  Other than the movie theaters, they would recruit talented people from the citizens to expand the retainer organization, the “Chu Sect”.  This was to have more talents and experts in Miracle Commerce.

The third sum of money was to be invested in strength.  Meng Qingwu would use Miracle Commerce’s channels to collect heaven and earth treasures from all over the kingdom.  Especially items with the power of the stars to be used in cultivating Miracle Commerce’s high level cultivation technique, the Starlight Immortal Body.

Meng Qingwu thought over the details before sending out the plan.

Meng Qingwu then looked over some more documents and sent further information to each department.  The income from Miracle Radio’s advertising was being managed by Meng Qingwu as well and Meng Yingying was in charge of Miracle Commerce Canned Food.  The most surprising thing to Meng Qingwu was that a shocking matter happened to the Qilin Hall managed by Nangong Yun.

The prince was publicly announcing he was joining Qilin Hall?

This Dongfang Haoran was a very open minded person.  He had just been heavily injured a few days ago, but not only did he not want revenge, he even joined their dojo to improve himself.  Amongst the younger generation of the big families, there were few people like Dongfang Haoran.

This was a chance!

Meng Qingwu used this chance to create hype.

Dongfang Haoran’s position was not low and if he joined Qilin Hall, this was a good chance for Miracle Commerce.  They could bring him in through Qilin Hall and absorb him into the company.

Could Qilin Hall fail to keep Dongfang Haoran?

This was not a problem at all!

Qilin Hall’s knowledge was personally organized by Chu Tian.  For a martial arts maniac like Dongfang Haoran, once he had a taste, he would be addicted like taking drugs.  Wasn’t it the same as with Chen Bingyu?

Dongfang Haoran joining Qilin Hall created a buzz and then there was also the matter of the royal family working on a movie with Miracle Commerce.  At that time, people will be speculating the relation between the royal clan and Miracle Commerce.

This was a large advantage to Miracle Commerce!

Speaking of the movie in collaboration with the Southern Summer King, Meng Yingying had already led her group to prepare filming it.  The materials required all came from the national treasury, so this was a business that had no downsides.

Meng Qingwu was not satisfied with this.

At this time, a voice came from outside, “The Flame Rose Commerce’s chairman Han is here for a meeting!”

Finally here?

Meng Qingwu’s lips curled into a smile.

The Flame Rose Commerce was an Imperial City company that mainly focused on producing weapons and armours.  It was them that mainly provided the equipment for the Storm Cavalry, with a profit of several billions per year.  They were a truly large company.

When Meng Qingwu arrived in the meeting hall, she saw the Flame Rose Commerce’s chairman.

She was a forty year old woman with fair skin and a plump body, looking to be a young girl at about twenty eight.  Because she was surnamed Han, everyone called her Madame Han.

“For Madame Han to come personally, this is truly a rare guest!”  Meng Qingwu personally poured a cup of elven green tea.

Madame Han looked over Meng Qingwu and then gave a heartfelt sigh as he praised, “Young miss Meng even more beautiful than I imagined, you truly are young and promising.  Your performance in the two months you’ve been in Imperial City is truly shocking.”

“What is Madame Han saying?  With Flame Rose Commerce’s fifty years of history, how could Miracle Commerce be considered big in front of you!”

“The old and decayed cannot compare to the promising youths!”

Meng Qingwu did not beat around the bush and directly asked, “Madame Han is too polite, your trip here is for…..”

“I have a beneficial plan, I wonder if little sister Qingwu is interested.”

“You might as well say it.”

“I personally watched the movie today and found that the movie’s charm cannot be compared by anything, it will surely be a hit in Imperial City and the Southern Summer Country.  I think that with the high value of these movies, why not fully develop it? I have an idea. In the next movie, most of the leads should wear the colours of my Flame Rose Commerce and have some symbols shown here and there……”

Meng Qingwu knit her brows like she was in an awkward position.

“Be assured, we won’t interfere with the creative process.  The warriors and soldiers in the story all need equipment, right?”  Madame Han raised her chip by saying, “As long as you use our Han Family’s weapons and armours, we will give a production fee of twenty million!”

Meng Qingwu suddenly smiled, “Madame Han, although this is not difficult, this fee of twenty million is too little.”

Twenty million was not enough?

Madame Han stared at her, “It’s just adding in a few armours and weapons with a mark on them, this should be as easy as flipping your hand.”

“Although it’s like this, this will have an advertising effect on your company.  Since Madame Han has thought of this, the other businessmen will also think of this sooner or later.  Do you think just twenty million is competitive enough?”

“How much do you want?”

“At least a hundred million!”

Madame Fu was shocked!

This truly was the lion opening its mouth!

Twenty million was already quite a bit, but Meng Qingwu actually said one hundred million.  Just adding a few logos in for half the price of producing the movie, this was earning money too easily!

“One hundred million is too much!”  Madame Han revealed a bitter look, “This is a new product and we don’t know what effects it will have.  If we give this high of a price and there is no effect, we would suffer a large loss. At most we can do fifty million, not a bit more.”

Meng Qingwu calmly said with a smile, “Actually, I was prepared to call a meeting and talk to other businesses that want to cooperate.  Miracle Commerce is planning to construct theaters in other cities and this will have a strong advertising effect, so I’m sure many other people will be interested.  If Madame Han feels the price is too high, naturally someone else will pay for it.”

Madame Han wanted to cry but had no tears, “Eighty million?  This is already the limit!”

Meng Qingwu took a sip of tea and calmly said, “I can give you a bit of secret information.  Miracle Commerce will cooperated with the Southern Summer King to create a movie about the rise and fall of the kingdom, there will be a battle of thousands of soldiers.  Moreover, these movies will be collected by the Southern Summer King and could be established as a masterpiece in the Southern Summer Country, so do you think one hundred million is too expensive?  I should tell Madame Han that this is just the current price. As more theaters are built and it gains more influence, the price will also change.”

“I respect the younger generation!”  Madame Han finally gave up, “One hundred million then.  You better fully display our equipment, it would be best if you gave an introduction and praised it.”

“No problem!”

The two women reached an agreement and immediately signed the contract.

Meng Qingwu revealed faint smile.  This «Great Summer Beacon» had not even been made yet and they received one hundred million from Flame Rose Commerce, as well as the production fee from the king.  There was also the price of admission that came later on. This was earning money too easily!

Not long after Madame Han left.

Many other merchants came to look for meetings.

Some wanted to cooperate and some wanted to enter the movies.  From implanting logos, to advertisements, to roles in the movie, to even custom stories, everything was proposed.

Meng Qingwu was right, there was no need for Miracle Commerce to make a lot of money from admission tickets.

From the potential that could be seen, these movies had not even been made and they had already earned two-three hundred million gold coins in fees!  Who dared to say movies did not earn money? Not only could it earn money, it was a beast in earning money!

Meng Qingwu was filled with expectations towards movies in the future.

Because not long from now, most of the main cities in the Southern Summer Country would have theaters.  That would be the time for Miracle Commerce to be drowned in wealth.

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